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Chapter 75 save the old officials?

An illustration of how dark energy/yuan qi  was caught by the body 
Commander Du did not have a second thought, he replied immediately:” I won't change my mind.  my order is to protect those scientists, not your officials. I have two hours left to destroy the fog cores, we don't even have enough man.  So stop thinking about it!”

The glasses official was enraged:” Du Qishan, how could you just let your Superiors die! if we get to Jin ling city, I'll definitely complain to your general.”

Du QiShan sneered at him:"do whatever you like, now don't block the way!  Capt. Ban, why are you not moving, did you not hear what I said!”

"Yes, sir!" Ban Shijun immediately replied, when he was about to push the police forces away from the door. The glasses official suddenly shouted:” Wait!”

Then he walked towards Chu Yunsheng and pointed at them said loudly:”Du Qishan you are a soldier, but they are not. Most of those people are from Kun city, now I am going to recruit them, so please do not interfere.”
Commander Du shook his head said sarcastically:”Go ahead, let me see how many people are going to join you!”

He did not even get to finish his sentence. A man suddenly rushed towards the glasses official and kicked him over. That man spat on him:” recruit, recruit, Fcuk you Recruit, you even have the nerve to mention that we are from this city. when the insects appeared, you guys ran away the fastest! now you even dare to ask us to save those borers, go to hell! ”
There were some people also shouted at back:”well said, this bastard deserved it, wasted our fucking time for this nonsense!”

The glasses official staggered to his feet, his fingers were trembling and pointed at the awakening warrior: ” how dare you beat the state official!”
The burly man who kicked over the official glared at him:”So what, look at yourself, do you even look like a government official?  The military was trying as hard as their can to find a method to destroy the fog wall. But not single one of you try to organise the regular civilian to retreat with the army, all you can think of is official this and official that. I am tired of you bootlickers”

The glasses official adjusted his broken fame and pointed the burly man, his body could not stop shaking:”you ,  you, you …...”

Commander Du looked at his watch, they were running out of time. he waved his hand,  the soldiers started to equip himself with the metal helmet and automatic rifle. Those officials and police forces instantly lost their courage to stop them. After all,  compared to the army their weapons were useless, let alone more than a hundred of awakening warriors were with them.

All of this had nothing to do with Chu Yunsheng. But he still respected the way of Commander Du dealing with this matter. If commander Du wanted to save those people, he would be the first one to stand out against the decision.

They only had two hours left. Saving those people? You have to be joking!
Chu Yunsheng did not say a single word, he held the sword followed Ban ShiJun and other people into the vast fog.

Since the dark age began, he always had a well-adjusted mentality. When he just entered this fog city, the creepy scene did not affect his mentality, he was still able to concentrate on watching out for the dangers in his surroundings. Even during the time he was trying to break through Yuan Tian stage two’s barrier, when his body was so fragile that it almost collapsed, he still kept his emotions under the control.

The new sequence that professor had laid out was 5-3-1-7-2-9-8-6-4,so they were now heading towards the section 5.

Chu Yunsheng had seen a fog core a few times from far away. it was on the top of a giant plant, the ellipsoid-shaped green fog core was roughly ten meters long in diameter, it looked like a rugby and it appeared to have some mini green lightning flashed inside the green fog core from time to time.

Chu Yunsheng was now standing at the middle part of a giant plant right below the fog core in sections 5, apart from one meat worm which was quickly killed by those awakening warriors, there wasn’t any sign of flame monster here.  He gave the soldier a signal, the soldiers who were carrying the RPG immediately fired the rockets. The rockets flew straight towards the fog core.


The rocket exploded near the fog core, the shock wave pushed giant leaves aside. but the fog core only shook a little bit and some of the green fog leaked out, it was not destroyed.

Everyone was nervously looking around. if there aren't any flame monsters, they would immediately rush towards the giant plant and destroy the fog core.

10 second, 20 seconds, 30 seconds!

No sign of any danger. Chu Yunsheng waved his hand, Ban ShiJun and other awakening warriors immediately started to climb up.

Chu Yunsheng did not need to attack the fog core, because he needed to remain on his highest state of alert to watch out the flame monster which might appear at any time, he also needed to deal with any accident might occur during the attack.

This attack involved almost 100 people,  the scene was very spectacular!

All kinds of fire and ice element attack looked like it was straight out of  Hollywood science fiction movie.
Apart from those awakening warriors, a few soldiers with strong physical strength had also climbed up to plant and started to install the explosive.

The whole fog core was destroyed less than 2 minutes!

Of course, it was just temporary, if they could not destroy the rest of 8 cores in time, they would appear again!

With the noise they caused, they did not attract flame monster, instead, it attracted a lot of meat worms and red-eye monsters.

But with the sheer number of people they had, they killed almost all the monster they had encountered.  It was a lucky day for Chu Yunsheng. since he was assigned to be a rearguard, he could store all the bodies inside storage talisman,

First was section 5, then 3 then 1, they did not encounter a single one of flame monster. the mission was going so smooth at the moment,

Chu Yunsheng was lucky enough to seal one dying meat worm while he was guarding the rear. It was now being healed by the talisman.

When they reached the section 7, they did the same thing as what they did in other sections, however when they about to move to next section, a trace of flame appeared in the fog above their head. its speed was so fast as if it was penetrating the time and space when it dived down. Chu Yunsheng did not even have time to react, it instantly brought three awakening warriors lives with it.

The fire was spread all over their bodies. It was not long until all three warriors were burned to ashes, and their energies were absorbed by the flame monster!

This monster even had the same ability as absorption talisman, it could even absorb other creature’s energy, the only differences were the absorption talisman couldn’t absorb energy from a live creature, but this monster could!

Ban ShiJun and all other people immediately jumped off the plant and started to escape to the fog wall. they left the battlefield to Chu Yunsheng.