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Chapter 77 who is the cannon fodder

Chapter 77 who is the cannon fodder
Location: Fog city section two, the ground floor of a shopping mall.

This was the gathering point everyone had decided before the mission started.

Ban Shijun and other people were anxiously sitting on the ground, no one knew if Chu Yunsheng was alive or not, but everyone was talking about it.

“let's go Capt. Ban, we've been waiting for 20 minutes now, I don't think he is still alive!”

“Yeah, no one can survive the flame monster's attack, look what happen to Lao Wang and other two people, they all got burned into ashes!”

"if he is still alive, he should be back by now.” the man let out a long sigh then carried on saying. “didn't expect that he is the same as us. Just one flame monster, just one. It's over now, it's over!”

“I told you he would not make it, I told you!”

“what a shame, what a shame!”

“insects are coming, we all gonna die here...”

“It's our fate, we have survived this long, it's enough now...”



Everyone was mumbling about something, and almost everyone thought Chu Yunsheng was dead. No one knew what they were going to do next. Chu Yunsheng was the strongest guy in their group, and even him was dead, who else could deal with the flame monster?

Yao Xiang was sitting in a corner, his heart sank deeper as time ticked away. Amongst those people, He was the one who knew Chu Yunsheng's strength the best and he was the most anxious one. Because even him also was not sure if Chu Yunsheng was still alive or not.

Suddenly, the mall’s entrance was kicked open, it was the awakened warrior who was supposed to guard the outside for everyone. He stumbled into the mall and shouted with excitement. “he is back, he is still alive, still alive!”

The crowd instantly exploded.

"He is back!? "

Ban Shijun dragged the man and almost shouted at him.  “Chu Yunsheng is alive!?”

When the man about to answer him, Yao Xiang lost his composure and shouted. “Brother Chu!”

A man who was wearing a red armor and lifting a long sword appeared at the entrance.

It was Chu Yunsheng!

‘He really survived.’ This was their first thought.

Then when everyone surrounded him, they were shocked to find that his strange armor didn't damage at all. There wasn't even a slight crack. How was that even possible.

Yao Xiang smiled. “Brother Chu, you are really awesome!”

Chu Yunsheng patted his shoulder and said to Ban Shijun. “Capt. Ban, we are running out of time, let's go!”

“Mr.Chu, are you injured? Do you need any break?” Ban Shijun said sternly.

Chu Yunsheng shook his head. “I'm ok, let's go!”

Someone suddenly burst out in the group. “fucking hell, are you serious! Not even injured?  You have my respect brother!”

“huh? Didn't you just said that he wouldn't make it.” said a man who was standing next to him.

Another big guy also said. “even if he says that he could beat two flame monsters now, I'll still believe him, this is the man of impossible!”


Chu Yunsheng didn't say anything to them, he lifted the sword again, turned around and ran into the fog.

He had one hour and thirty minutes left, but he still had 5 fog cores need to be destroyed!

Luckily in section 2 and 9, they didn't encounter any flame monster. until when they got to section 8, they disturbed another one. Chu Yunsheng had gained experiences from the last encounter. This time he controlled his pace while running. He used two glacier talismans to slow down the flame monster so he could make it to the fog wall and escaped from monster’s chase.

Because this time everything went so well, so he didn't spend much time to recover himself. He appeared at the meeting point in section 6 less than 15 minutes.

But the extreme physical activity made him very exhausted. He already had several cigarettes, but it still didn't help at all.

Most of the awakened warriors had already changed their opinions about Chu Yunsheng, they admired him from the bottom of their heart now.

The first time, he might be lucky. But he was still able to escape without any injuries the second time, then, without a doubt, it was absolutely because of his strength!

The desire to survive burst out from everyone’s mind. Everyone was filled with energy and hope as if the victory was in sight.

However, only Chu Yunsheng knew that only the last core was the most dangerous one!

If the last core was destroyed, the fog walls would disappear. It meant that if they encountered the flame monster, they would have nowhere to hide. Everyone would have to fight the flame monster together. It was either kill or be killed!

They were very anxious while destroying section 6’s fog core, luckily there wasn’t any flame monster. However, when everyone arrived the last section which was section 4, they were all stunned!

Section 4 was the section which Chu Yunsheng killed the thug Jiang and his group. The meeting point also happened to be the club where he had been before.

Everyone was hiding in the club. Through the windows and the fog outside the club, they could vaguely see the flame monster's shadow that was cast on the fog above their heads. It was wheeling in the sky for a very long time, and it didn't seem to want to leave at all.

The commander Du had confirmed that in the sky above the last fog core, there was indeed a flame monster!

Chu Yunsheng’s last hope was destroyed by the news. Originally he decided that once the last fog core was destroyed,  even if the noise attracted the flame monster, he would just give up distracting the monster. Instead,  He would escape this city with Ding Yan and Yao Xiang and let fate decide who would be the unlucky one that would be chased by the flame monster.

But now, the situation had changed, the monster was already there. He needed to lure it away first, otherwise, the rest of awakened warriors couldn't destroy the core. But what if he lured the flame monster away and they did destroy the core, then he would have nowhere to hide. The monster would definitely lock on to him, and at that time, how could he get away with the monster's chase?

Chu Yunsheng did not know what to do. He couldn't think of any ideas that would make it became a win-win situation.

He knew from deep inside his heart that no one cared about his life. Once the fog wall was destroyed, everyone would run for their lives. No one would help him, even the commander Du. Because his first priority was to protect those scientists and regroup with the military division first.

They only had less than 30 minutes now. There was no time for him to hesitate any longer, he needed to make a decision now!

If the insect’s main force came here, he might be able to survive for some time, but eventually, he would still be dead.

He did not know how many of them exactly. But he knew for sure it was a number that he could not deal on his own! Even with the help of fog walls and the red-eyed monsters, they probably still could not withstand swarm’s attack!  He knew this since the day he saw the artilleries attack, when he was on the Dong Shen university’s truck.

Everything was very clear now. Everyone knew what Chu Yunsheng was worried about. So everyone including the commander Du promised that they would not abandon him.

But their credibility was Zero!

He sneered and finally made up his mind. “if they are going to run away, then don’t blame me for leading flame monster to them! At that time, let me see if they are still going to run away!” he thought.

Chu Yunsheng trusted his own speed, he had enough time to lead the flame monster to other people and use them as cannon fodders. He definitely would be able to run away!

Chu Yunsheng checked his equipment.

9 glacier talismans, he had used five of them. He did not have enough time to make more. Higher level talismans usually took more time to make them.

So he now had: 4 glacier talismans, 7 full-patterned absorption talisman, combat armor, sword, energy shield, gun,  bow, and some corrosive liquids. Those were all the equipment he had now.

A moment later, the commander Du gave the order, then, all the awakened warriors started to move out anxiously. Before they moved out, Chu Yunsheng told Ding Yan not to stay with a large group of people, if everyone was going to abandon him, don’t try to help him as well, just run as fast as he could with Yao Xiang.

Because those people would be his cannon fodders!


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