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Chapter 78 destroy the fog walls

Chapter 78 destroy the fog walls
Chapter 78 destroy the fog walls

"Commander, are we really going to do this?" The staff officer Tao said hesitantly.

“Do we have other choices? Lao Tao, we can't rely on those people. We can't kill the flame monster either! So we have to give him up!” the commander Du sighed.

“But the Capt. Ban…" he seemed to be very concerned.

"It's not his position to make any decisions. The only important thing is to protect those scientists!” the commander Du interrupted him.


The Flame monster was highly on alert, it noticed Chu Yunsheng straight away before Chu Yunsheng even approached the middle of the giant plant. It instantly dived down at him like a fighter jet.

Chu Yunsheng turned around immediately. No matter what happened next, his plan was to save as much energy as possible. Behind him, the flame monster was non-stop chasing him.

Ban Shijun and other people seized the opportunity and immediately climbed up the rattan.

Since the last three encounters with the flame monster, now he was even more experience than before. He no longer ran away in a straight line. Sometimes he could use the rattans or buildings to his advantages.

Chu Yunsheng was stalling for time. A second passed; two seconds passed... Finally, those awakened warriors reached the top and started to destroy the core.


After A loud explosion.

The last fog core finally exploded, the whole ground was shaking violently like there was an earthquake!

The crowd burst into cheers!

The fog walls seemed to lose its energy and started to slowly dissipate until it completely disappeared. The unknown strange liquid in some of the giant plant's transparent roots started to flow rapidly.

Even Chu Yunsheng who was still busy running could feel its powerful and tenacious vitality.

The professors have studied this kind of plant before, they suspected that the giant plants in Kun city were all connected together, and they had an incredible life energy and healing ability. Once the fog cores were all destroyed, if they couldn't escape the city on time, those plants would be able to heal the fog cores, then everything would be back to its original state.

Chu Yunsheng also saw the fog walls disappeared, he immediately led flame monster to go around a giant red rattan.

He was going back to them!

The cheerful crowd saw the monster returned and quickly headed towards them, they instantly became silent.

Chu Yunsheng had already withstood the flame monster's attack almost 10 times. His back armor was already melted in half.  He didn't want to attack the flame monster because he was scared that the attack would provoke the flame monster and it would lock on him.  So he just kept running. Luckily the energy shield could still protect his body.

They only paused less than a second, then Ban Shijun shouted. "brothers, ready to engage, let's kill this monster!”

However, all the awakened warriors behind him had already run away within a split second, no one wanted to fight this monster!

"Captain!  Quick, let's go, it's the commander’s order!” two military awakened warriors immediately dragged him and jumped off the rattan.

Ban Shijun was struggling while he was being dragged down by two other soldiers, his face was filled with shame. “how could we do this, how could we… It's our Comrades… Is it really the right thing to do?…”

Even Chu Yunsheng had expected that this would happen, it still pissed him off a lot.

‘Since you broke your words, then don't blame me for being vicious.’

Chu Yunsheng did not slow down at all, his feet kicked on a rattan and leaped towards the group that was nearest to him.

“Fuck! There are so many people, why are you following me?” a fire elemental warrior cursed when he saw Chu Yunsheng was running towards him, he instantly doubled his speed.

Unfortunately compared to the flame monster and Chu Yunsheng, his speed was just like a man who was walking slowly. The fire elemental warrior only felt a light flashed by. Until he realized what happened, it was already too late. The blistering fire swept over the ground and swallowed him. His head was burned to ashes before he even had a chance to scream!

The flame monster was only slow down a little bit, but it was already enough for Chu Yunsheng to pass several people, he did not dare to turn around, he just kept running forward!

The flame monster became excited after several horrible shrieks. It started to flying around rapidly and recklessly!

At this moment, Chu Yunsheng finally caught up with the main awakened warrior's force. "he is doing it on purpose, everyone spread out!" a man shouted after he saw Chu Yunsheng along with several horrible shrieks.

Chu Yunsheng sneered secretly. ‘I am indeed doing it on purpose, now let's see who runs faster!’

People with faster speed would try to outrun others, but people who were running slower only hoped that the flame monster would chase other people not them.

Whoever got locked on by the flame monster, just considered themselves unlucky!

Chu Yunsheng took a sharp turn, but he still maintained his speed. He did not have a specific direction, wherever had more people, he would run towards that place.

The horrible shrieks arose one after the other, the flame monster dived into the crowd like the Grim Reaper, people started to die rapidly. The screams caused by burning fire was even more horrifying than other screams!

The Fog walls had already disappeared, but there wasn't any exit like what the professors said. It was just a lie that Du Qishan gave to them to keep them in one place.

It was a trap, a fucking lie!

The military tanks and infantry fighting vehicles which carried all the scientists had already driven out and headed towards the western suburb of Kun city quickly.

Chu Yunsheng finally got rid of flame monster’s chase. He immediately started to run and headed towards outside city.

However, it wasn't long until he noticed that there was another group of people running back to him in panic.

Chu Yunsheng dazed for a second, then he saw another flame monster coming towards them.

One at the front, one at the back, he was blocked in the middle.

He looked around, and immediately rushed into a building on his right-hand side. No matter what happened, he needed to get through this first, then sought another opportunity to run.

The people who were running back saw another flame monster was killing another group at the end of the street, they all stopped, and shortly after, they all started to follow Chu Yunsheng.

But the building wasn’t safe. When Chu Yunsheng was about to get out through the window at the back of the building, he instantly noticed that the second flame monster seemed to have locked on them. It was wheeling in the sky above the building. Once he got out, it would most likely dive down at him, even if he could get away with the first attack, he still did not want to be chased by this monster!

The Flame monster was big. So it could not get into the building for the time being. It made Chu Yunsheng feel slightly relieved. But it was not long until the monster started to use its ability to attack the building. Everyone could hear the scary cracking sounds arose inside the building.

Chu Yunsheng forced himself to calm down, especially during this time, he could not afford to panic.

He looked around and noticed that the group of awakened warriors that followed him into the building were the first batch of recruit. It was led by the skinny old man who was questioning Chu Yunsheng’s ability from the beginning. They did not seem to lose anyone. In fact, their group became even bigger, it seemed like they had a dozen people now.


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