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Chapter 79 hostile

Chapter 79 hostile
“team-up” when Chu Yunsheng heard this from the skinny old man, he almost laughed, those people even had the audacity to say this. He said sarcastically. “a group of unreliable people, you even have the audacity to suggest a cooperation? "

Everyone fell into silence when they heard Chu Yunsheng’s sarcastic words. Only the skinny old man’s eyelids were twitching a little bit. He gave Chu Yunsheng a hollow laugh and said. “we were forced to make a decision, we have no choice, even Du Qishan also run away. So we have to follow them.”

It pissed off Chu Yunsheng, even more, when he mentioned Du Qishan. This bastard not only broke his promise but also asked the professors to make up a lie, it made everyone believed that even after the fog walls were destroyed, they would still need to wait for the professors to find the final exit!!

The reason why everyone including Chu Yunsheng believed those professors was that they produced the map one after another, they also found the way to destroy the fog wall, and they indeed destroyed the fog wall!

Chu Yunsheng wished that he could catch Du Qishan and stabbed him death to vent his anger. He suspected that he probably was not the only one having this kind of thought!

But he had already lost them, and he did not know when he could get out of here, So all he could do was cursing them and hoping that they would be killed by Insects!

Chu Yunsheng ignored the old man. He did not trust them at all. He did not even want to talk to them, he just stayed aside thinking how to escape secretly.

The old man saw Chu Yunsheng did not respond to him and his face was filled with contempt, So he did not carry on saying anything, he just walked to the side and sat on the ground.

Chu Yunsheng did not see Ding Yan and Yao Xiang. He did not know if they were still alive or not. But then he thought about how smart Ding Yan was, so he was not that worried. They might have already escaped the city with the commander Du.

The building was constantly shaking from time to time, they could see the debris falling onto the ground, and the dust flying in the air. It seemed like the building could collapse at any time.

The atmosphere in the room was getting weirder and weirder. Since Chu Yunsheng did not want to team up with them. That meant whoever got out of this building first would become the bait.

But no one wanted to become a cannon fodder, everyone was trying to stay behind. Only the last person got out of the building would have the opportunity to run away while the flame monster was busy attacking other.

Chu Yunsheng tried to stay focus and not moving, he wanted to see who would be the first person that could not handle the pressure.
Even if the floor collapsed, he had armor to protect him, so he was not scared. However, in the other group, some people could only stop a few bullets. So when the building collapsed, the several concrete floors would definitely injure them or might even kill them.

Suddenly a cracking sound appeared! While everyone was still in a panic, The building finally opened up a huge crack, and it was getting bigger and bigger!

The old man couldn't sit quietly any longer, he asked a female awakened warrior to send some food over.

Chu Yunsheng was highly on alert, he immediately stood up and pointed Qian Bi sword at her and told her not to get any closer.

The girl smiled and raised her hands to show the food she brought, she said sincerely. “brother Chu, we sincerely want to team up with you, this is all our food,  it's a gesture of goodwill.”

“You don't deserve my trust, forget about the team up. I don't need your food, take it away!” said Chu Yunsheng, he didn't even look at that food.

The girl pressed her lips together very hard, she begged in a heart-wrenching voice. " Brother Chu, only you can help us, please, I'm begging you…”

Chu Yunsheng didn't respond, he just stood there with his sword!

He did not know why whenever he encountered some dangerous situations, he would quickly calm down. It was the same this time as well. His mind was very clear at the moment, he knew that the number of people would be able to get out of here would be less than 2 digits!
It would be either they die or he dies!

Chu Yunsheng knew that she was acting, so he ignored her.

The girl gave him a hollow smile then turned around. Just when Chu Yunsheng thought that she was going to leave, and when he was about to put down the sword. He suddenly felt Yuan Qi was stirred up in the area where the girl was.

‘Does she want to attack me?’ Chu Yunsheng immediately lifted the sword and stabbed forward!

The girl immediately turned around. As the food fell off from her hands, a burning dagger was revealed. It was underneath the food for the whole time.

She charged towards Chu Yunsheng with other people. “brothers, kill him, take his armor and sword. We can use them to withstand the monster's attack!” The skinny old man shouted.

Before he finished his sentence, Chu Yunsheng already took a life away! Chu Yunsheng's sword could even break the red-shelled insect’s shell, let alone this girl whose ability happened to be more useful in attacking rather than defending. The girl still grasped the dagger tightly even after her head fell to the ground. But unfortunately, she chose the wrong people to team up with.

Chu Yunsheng kicked the girl's body away, he used the dead body to block all the attack. The girl's body was instantly smashed into pieces by all kinds of fire elemental and ice elemental energies!

Chu Yunsheng still did not know why those people would suddenly want to attack him. It did not make sense at all!

However, he forgot that since the beginning he only used his ability when he wore the armor and equipped with the sword, so to other people his ability come from his armor and sword.

The skinny old man's objective was very simple. They would die if they got out of this building first,  they would be severely injured or even killed if they decided to stay in this building. Even if they did survive from the attack, they probably already wasted too much time, then they would probably be killed by the swarm. Since no matter what they choose they are going to die anyway, why not just take this man's equipment and leave this place as soon as possible!

To them, even though Chu Yunsheng was strong. But compared to the flame monster they still had a chance.

If they had Chu Yunsheng’s equipment, they believed that the chance of escaping from the building was much bigger!

That was why the skinny old man asked the girl to attempt to assassinate Chu Yunsheng first, if she did not succeed, they would all attack Chu Yunsheng at the same time.

But they didn't expect Chu Yunsheng was way more powerful. Not only did he noticed the girl’s attack, but also with just one sword lunge, he easily killed that girl!

But since they already started doing it, so there was no way back!

The skinny old man was shouting while attacking Chu Yunsheng. “Mr. Chu, we know that you are strong, but even if we can't kill you, you will be injured. At that time, you can't get out of here either! As long as you give us the armor and the sword, our man will lure the monster away, and we will all live!"

Chu Yunsheng snorted. “go fuck yourself!"

He instantly jumped up and sliced the ceiling above, he wanted the break the ceiling!

The skinny old man was startled, he immediately shouted. “brothers, he already fought with 6 flame monsters continuously, he must be exhausted right now. Don't be scared. Now is the best time to kill him!”

Just when he finished the sentence, the old man also cast out his ability, immediately a cloud of icy storm flew towards Chu Yunsheng!

Chu Yunsheng's sword was very sharp, with the help of Yuan Qi, it easily destroyed the concrete ceiling. His main enemy was not those people but the flame monster outside this building. That was why he avoided using his energy to attack them, but instead, he tried to destroy the building’s infrastructure from inside to speed up its collapsing process while dodging everyone else's attack.


The whole floor couldn't support its weight any longer, it finally fell down!

Chu Yunsheng spun the sword upwards while trying to make a hole for himself. But others who did not have the abilities defend themselves were all buried underneath. He could even hear the horrible screams when those people were hit by the concrete!