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Chapter 80 struggle

 Chapter 80 struggle

The building wasn't tall, it was only three stories high. third floor and second floor were almost melted by the by the female monster's fire attack.

When the ceiling collapsed, Chu Yunsheng jumped up and managed to drill a hole to get away without any injury. However, he was also exposed to the flame monster.

When he was still in the mid-air, he unleashed a small amount of Yuan Qi upwards, the recoil of sword pushed him down instantly. When he fell on the ground, he immediately picked up a person who just had crawled out of debris and threw the person towards the flame monster.

When the flame monster spread its wing, it could reach five meters long it was just like a giant bird in flame. Chu Yunsheng had encountered the flame monster so many times, but he had never seen its actual body. he could only see the blazing flame surrounds the monster every time.

Its speed was also extremely fast. If without the help fog wall, he could never get rid of its chase.

Professor Sun used to joke around by saying that since this monster like to eat meat worms, and it could fly, so maybe we could call it the flame bird.

But Chu Yunsheng did not really care about this, nor did he care about the skinny old man. He turned around and ran away without any hesitation.

In order to slow down the flame bird as much as possible, when he ran past several people who just crawled out of the debris. He grabbed another two and threw them towards the flame bird!

The flame bird was wheeling at top of the building. The debris was slowly melted by the fire from its wings.
Chu Yunsheng could hear everyone's screams, but he didn't see anyone except himself managed to get out of the building. It struck fear into his heart and made him run even faster.

He could see the giant plants on his both side quickly going back words as he was desperately trying to run as fast as he could. The whole world had become silent, He could only hear his own heavy breath!

However, two minutes later, he realised that even him also couldn't get away as well!

He was hit by a fireball. Because he didn't pay attention what was happening behind his back. So the sudden hit knocked him over and made him tumbling on the ground.

After all, he still could not run away from this monster!

The Flame monster's another hobbit was to absorb other creatures energy, so to this monster, Chu Yunsheng's nutrition level was very high. That was why it kept chasing him.

He instantly jumped up and turned around to use the sword fighting technique. Six bright beams of sword Qi came out of sword and shot towards the flame bird.

Chu Yunsheng decided not to run anymore. he couldn't run away before, it was even more impossible now! Instead of running away when obviously there was no chance of escaping. why not fight back!

6 sword Qi only slowed down the flame monster. But because of this, he had enough time to take out glacier talisman and use it!

The Flame monster blocked 6 sword Qi, and once again flew towards Chu Yunsheng. On the way, it also cast another fireball.  there was no time for Chu Yunsheng to block the fireball right now, he threw out the glacier talisman while risk himself being hit by the fireball,  a 10 meters high glacier was instantly formed and wrapped flame bird inside. The monster lost its ability to stay in the air. It was instantly smashed onto the ground.

then several huge crack sounds rang out. One after another, each one of them contained so much power that even made the ground shake.

If the military was here, they could use the heavy weapon to blast the glacier into pieces. They could work together to kill this monster!

But Commander Du this bastard had already run away.

Now Chu Yunsheng could only rely on himself, he immediately unleashed another “ward off thousands army”, 6 sword Qi once again hit the flame monster when the monster just broke out of the ice. At the same time, Chu Yunsheng already has second glacier talisman on his hand.

His plan was to use rest of glacier talisman with his sword fighting technique on this monster, he was hoping that all those attacks would injure the monster!

The flame monster was furious, it was probably the first time it had encountered such strong resistance on earth.  It made a loud scream when tearing apart the last sword Qi, and furiously charged towards Chu Yunsheng. On the way, it was constantly flapping its wing to cast out several huge fireballs.  Chu Yunsheng was hit and flew backwards with his sword!

Even with the help of combat armour and energy shield, he could barely stand up. His throat was very dry because of dehydration caused by the fireballs.

Chu Yunsheng immediately cast second glacier talisman, it instantly froze the monster again!

When he shots out 6 sword Qi the third times, he noticed that it was not easy for the flame monster to deal with his attack anymore! The third sword attack even pushed the monster backwards!

Chu Yunsheng was so excited when he saw it. He immediately cast third glacier talisman. The monster screamed in pain and once again it was frozen and fell to the ground!

Suddenly Chu Yunsheng spat out blood, he was already exhausted. but he still forced him to cast forth sword fighting technique!

When he shot out sword Qi, the flame monster also escaped from the ice and threw many fireballs towards him. This time he was smashed onto a truck, the slightly blue flame finally started to burn his armour and slowly spread across his body armour.

The armour was heavily damaged now, and the energy shield was on the verge of collapsing. Chu Yunsheng's mouth was full of blood. he did not have time to put out the fire. The fire on his armour wasn't the ordinary fire, he couldn't use the ordinary method to put it out.

He only got last one glacier talisman, if he couldn't injure it then he would accept his fate to die here!

He jumped on top of the truck, ready to cast out the last round attack.

the Flame bird’s situation wasn't any better than Chu Yunsheng. Every time when it was hit by the sword Qi, the blue ripples' swallowing ability would start to take effect. It slowly took away its energy bit by bit.

Chu Yunsheng once again cast the glacier talisman before the monster could even clear all the sword Qi!

Bang! …….boom!

After the glacier exploded, the flame monster fell on the ground once again. Chu Yunsheng’s has consumed Yuan Qi to his limit, he could not use the sword fighting technique again, he could not even unleash the frost arrow. He could use the absorption Talisman to recover this Yuan Qi, but he did not have time to do that. because the flame bird could get up at any time!

Chu Yunsheng gritted his teeth, he risked his life and charged towards the flame monster. He used his sword to constantly hack the flame monster’s phantom body.

The monster’s blistering fire burned Qian Bi sword to an extremely high temperature, Chu Yunsheng almost could not hold the sword.

Every Time when Chu Yunsheng hit the monster, The blue ripples inside sword would glow a bright blue light, it swallowed up the flames monster's pure fire energy like a vampire sucking the blood!

Just when Chu Yunsheng thought the monster was heavily injured and he had it under the control. The flame monster once again spread its wing, flew up into the sky. The heat waves caused by the wings knocked Chu Yunsheng over and tumbled back to the truck again.
Chu Yunsheng heart sunk, he did not have any energy to continue the fight!

Suddenly he remembered that he still had one talisman, the one he had not used. it was the monster seal talisman, which he originally decided to use it later.

There was a meat worm still sealed inside talisman, although he just used his Yuan Qi to heal this meat worm less than two hours and the meat worm was a lot weaker than the flame bird.

Also, he was not sure if he injured the flame monster or not. but because he did not have other choices, so he cast out the monster seal talisman anyway.

The talisman projected a strange pattern in the mid-air, a small white meat worm appeared on the talisman and it became bigger and bigger until it fell on the ground.

Chu Yunsheng gave the order to the meat worm straight away. It instantly opened its both mouth, aimed at the direction where the flame monster was flying and started to suck the air.