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Chapter 86 Sahā World

Chapter 86 Sahā World
They were not far from Chu Yunsheng, the powerful shockwave smashed all windows. The village’s house wasn't built of concrete. It wasn't solid enough to withstand the shock wave. Within a few second the building collapsed onto the ground.

Chu Yunsheng got nowhere to run, he was injured and exhausted, he even started to lose his consciousness. He was knocked out by the shockwave and buried by the building that collapsed on top of him.

All he felt was complete darkness, and he suddenly felt the pains appeared everywhere on his body. Then he couldn't remember anything at all.

In the building debris. No one knew how long it had passed. Chu Yunsheng seemed to see his mother was preparing the dish he liked the most in the kitchen, and his father was watching the boring tv program on the sofa. It was the scene that he used to see every time when he returned home in his childhood. It didn't change at all, his father even said exactly the same words that he would say every time:"Oh, you back, are you hungry? you Mom had prepared the soup for you already. Go wash your hand first."

The sad memories instantly made him burst into tears, he rushed towards his Mom and embraced her from behind. He wanted to tell her all the panic, anxiety, loneliness and the most important how much he misses her.

He wanted to tell her a lot of things, but at the end, all he could say:"”mom….. I miss you!”

Then the scene suddenly changed, an overloaded truck suddenly appeared along with an ear-piercing breaking sound and crashing sound…….

When he opened his eye again, what he saw was two stone-cold bodies and another him was on his knee wailing:” Mom!  Dad……”

That moment, he experienced the pain once again, the pain was deep inside his heart as if his heart was torn apart!

Chu Yunsheng woke up in panic, he was shouting until he realised it was just a dream.

It was pitch black and freezing, it was completely silent as if he was in the hell.

Did I die? The first thought came to Chu Yunsheng’s mind.

But then the acute pain in his left leg instantly reminded him what happened.

“probably the house collapsed, I am buried underneath it”. What happened before he lost his consciousness flashed back in his mind.

Chu Yunsheng tried to move the floor on the top of his body, but after several attempts, he still couldn't move it.

He groped around, luckily Qian Bi sword was still next to him. He used the Qian Bi sword to slowly cut off the floor piece by piece while enduring the terrible pain.

A hazy shimmer cast on to him through the gaps between broken floor, he suspected that it was probably the daytime during the age of light.

He crawled out of the debris and checked how bad the injury is. His head was wounded, it was still bleeding; his chest was heavily hit, probably had few broken bones. he couldn't feel anything in his left leg, he didn't know if it was broken or not.

Energy shield talisman was completely gone now, otherwise, he wouldn't be injured like this.

Luckily he was still alive, Chu Yunsheng told himself.

He took out the medicines and bandages that he stored in the storage talisman, he used the bandage to wrap the wounded area without knowing how to properly wrap it. he didn't know if Yuan Qi could prevent the infections or not, so he took several antibiotics as well.

It was dead silent in the area, insects had already disappeared. He didn't know how long he had lost his consciousness, but at this moment, he felt extremely hungry.

Chu Yunsheng sat on the ground and leant against a broken wall. He just ate some simple food.

With the food slowly converted into his body energy, he slowly recovered his strength. His vision started to become clear. With the help of hazy shimmer, he saw the world that was covered with the dead bodies!

His fingers trembled, the cigarette he had just lit up was dropped on the ground. He crawled to the top of the collapsed house gazed afar. He was stunned.

Bodies, bodies, endless bodies spread to the horizon! It was the world of dead bodies!

As if Human had died out, it just left him sat on top of debris in this world!

His body shook uncontrollably, he felt cold, freezing cold.

His mind was filled with an unprecedented panic attack.

: someone must be alive, Jin Ling city definitely still exists, no way they all died, no way! ……” he mumbled again and again. He forced himself to believe it.

He made himself a walking stick out of a broken furniture he found in the debris. Then slowly stumbled past bodies after bodies and slowly headed towards Jin Ling city.

He tried to get rid off the thoughts about the human extinction in his mind by repeatedly reciting cultivation incantations.

After a short walk, he took out the ancient book to study few healing incantations. He started to test them one by one even though he didn't know if it's useful or not.

Chu Yunsheng didn't know how exactly Yuan Qi was healing his injured muscles, broken bones and nerves. All he could feel was Yuan Qi slowly stopped transforming his body and merged into those injured areas. Then The pain slowly stopped.

He stumbled across the highway while reciting the healing incantation. The sky still had hazy shimmer but it did not seem to give anyone hope. The longer he walked the more dead bodies Chu Yunsheng discovered. men, women, kids, old people. the bodies blocked the highway he had to step on them in order to cross the highway. His legs were already covered with horrifying blood

He did not know how many bodies there were, he felt like as if all the people that escaped from Shen Cheng city had died here! The longer he stumbled on the highway, the more scared he was. He felt like he was in the hell walking on an endless road that made of dead bodies. It was dead silent, terrifying. He didn't even see any live insects!

He did not feel that he can hold it much longer. When he stood on a pile of the dead body his throat was moving, he finally broke down and shouted:” Anyone still alive? Anyone?  Still alive?......”

No one answered him, it was still dead silent.

All dead? They were all dead? Not even a scream?

He refused to believe it, he still shouted while stumbled on the highway:” anyone still alive? Anyone is still alive?”

A pile of the bodies after a pile of the bodies. It was freezing and quiet, they were like the outsiders watching him shouting but not answering him.


Chu Yunsheng's voice became quieter and quieter, he became more and more desperate.

Finally, he heard a weak noise came from a pile of the body inside a car.

His heart started to jump rapidly, he only had one thought, someone is still alive, someone is still alive!

He threw away the walking stick, used his fastest speed to run towards the car. It was a small Volkswagen car, there were a lot of incomplete bodies piled up on the car, the voice was right inside the car.

Chu Yunsheng quickly moved the dead bodies away, soon he discovered a hole on top of the car, he then used his power to open the car’s door by force. A gust of terrible corrosive liquid smell instantly came out from inside the car.

At First, he saw a woman, she was facing downwards and lying in the space between the back seat and the front seats. her two feet tightly stuck in the gaps next to the seat and her hands tightly grasped the handle below the seat. Her fingers were injured, the bones were broken and almost bent to an opposite direction, it only left few thin and long strip of skins that barely hold those fingers together to prevent them from falling apart.

Her back had several big holes, presumably, she was stabbed by the red-shelled insect’s leg for several times, she even lost her half skull. But she still held it there as if she was protecting something much more important than her life.

The sound just came from below her. Chu Yunsheng seemed to realise something, he immediately moved the body away, but she was stuck there. He had no choice but slice the entire car including her legs into a half. then he discovered that What she used her life to protect was a 4-5 years old little girl.

The little girl's hair was plaited and she was wearing a blue cotton coat, she was holding a stuffed toy and her face was as pale as a ghost, there was a huge hole in her stomach. She had died for a long time. The voice came from the stuffed toy which was covered with blood.

Chu Yunsheng was beside himself with the upset. He sat on the ground and leant against the car’s door. He could not even control his breath.
Suddenly the ground started to shake again like an earthquake!

“Is it the golden shell insect or other monsters?” Chu Yunsheng sneered then laughed out loud: come...come you those bastards, they all died, all died, I don't want to live either!

boom ………..boom…………. boom

The shockwave constantly came from a distance, and each time it would shake Chu Yunsheng and the car behind him.

Underneath the hazy shimmer, he saw a monster that could destroy everything on the earth appeared.

A gigantic long leg monster slowly appeared on the horizon, it was so big that he did not even know how to describe it. Each one of its legs was almost as tall as a thirty-storey high building. The shockwaves occurred every time when its leg hit the ground! And it made whole ground was shaking.

It appeared on the horizon and disappeared on the horizon. It did not notice Chu Yunsheng at all.

Chu Yunsheng lost his hope: this world is long gone! it is over!

He quietly took out the stuffed toy and sat on the hillside. He was staring at the endless bodies while unconsciously took out two brand new batteries and replaced the old one in the stuffed toy.

Suddenly The wind seemed to appear and it seemed to come from all directions and blew at Chu Yunsheng. it made his broken grey coat constantly making the flapping sounds.
Chu Yunsheng pressed a button on the stuffed toy,  an Innocent little girl's voice wafted through the air in this Saha World:

”Firefly, Firefly, fly slowly

Summer night, summer night, wind blowing slowly

A child who fears dark, please sleep tight

Let fireflies give you a light

Little glowing bodies in the night

Guide travellers at night to the right direction

In their short life, they glow all they might

Allowing the dark filled with hope

Firefly, Firefly, fly slowly

My heart, my heart, still chasing…………………...

----------------------------side note -----------------------

The song is included for those who are interested…...

Definition of sahā world [娑婆世界] (;  shaba-sekai): the world, which is full of suffering. Often translated as the world of endurance. Sahā means the earth; it derives from a root meaning “to bear” or “to endure.” For this reason, in the Chinese versions of Buddhist scriptures, sahā is rendered as endurance. In this context, the sahā world indicates a world in which people must endure suffering. It is also defined as an impure land

and I hope you could endure the suffering to carry on reading this book. XD......
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