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Chapter 102 - Golden-Shelled Insect

Chapter 102 - Golden-Shelled Insect
The waves of quake clusters came from the ground below, one after another. The frequency started to increase and became rapid. Chu Yu Sheng had already determined that it was caused by the golden-shelled monster. He could feel that it was digging towards the defence line.

Once it came out of the ground, its fire attack could sweep away everything on the ground.

Not only was Chu Yu Sheng’s group was running for their lives, all the refugees flocked towards the first defence line. No one wanted to be the last one.


With a loud bang, a giant insect’s head as big as a bus broke out of the ground. Its golden shell was shining a bright golden light in the military’s searchlight.

This was the second time Chu Yu Sheng had seen a live golden shell insect in such close proximity. Half of its body was still underneath the ground.  No one knew how big this monster was, but just its giant head was more than enough to intimidate them. Its mouth was covered with palpus. There was also a pair of big mandibles on each side of its mouth. The mandibles were covered with dirt and they were constantly opening and closing. Just by looking at  it, Chu Yu Sheng could feel that its mandibles had a tremendous amount of bite force.

The golden-shelled monster spat a line of fire at the defence tower when it had surfaced out of the ground. The people on the ground quick seized the opportunity to run away.

The heavy machine guns and rocket launchers on the top of the defence tower had already started firing at the golden-shelled monster.

Chu Yu Sheng was surprised that he could feel Yuan Qi fire elements from those ammunitions. Although it was not strong, it already had enough firepower to damage the monster’s energy shield.

Then, one after another, golden-shelled monsters dug their way out of the ground. They even brought up some larva-like long transparent worms with them. Those transparent worms crawled their way down from the golden-shelled monster’s body and quickly moved towards the refugees.

Chu Yu Sheng swung the sword and quickly killed the one worm that was crawling towards him. He looked around. Lao Chui’s group just passed the first defence line.

But they did not run very far as the ground started to shake once again. A giant golden-shelled monster’s head came out of the ground behind Lao Chui’s group!

Few people were knocked over by the quake, they were trampled to death by the monster’s giant front leg before they even had a chance to get up.

The appearance of golden-shelled monster split Lao Chui’s group into two parts, almost a third of people were on the other side. They were surrounded by the worms.

“Run, quick! Don’t turn around, they are dead!” Chu Yu Sheng shouted once again.

“No! Please let me go, my daughter is over there!” a woman screamed, Zhao Shanhe was holding her from behind tightly.

“I’ll go!” Zhao Shanhe shouted. He pushed the woman to the other side. “Yu Quan, watch her. Don't let her go back! It'll be suicide!”

Zhao Shanhe had not fully recovered yet, and he also did not have much energy left. He did not run far before he was surrounded by the worms. Soon, few worms crawled up to him and tightly wrapped his body.

If he were not injured, or if he had sufficient energy, he wouldn't have any problem dealing with those worms. But now, whenever he killed one, another would crawl onto him. The speed of at which he was killing the worms was much slower than the speed of the worms crawling onto him.

Chu Yu Sheng cursed after he saw what happened. He quickly charged towards Zhao Shanhe and used his sword to free him from the worms’ encirclement. He picked him up by the collar and shouted, “Are you crazy?! You can't save them!”

Just when he finished, the woman broke free from Chu Yu Quan’s restraint. She was running towards the other side and was constantly shouting, “Meng, Meng! Don't be scared, Mom is here!”

Chu Yu Sheng was dazed for a second. He finally saw who this woman was. He quickly turned around and tried to look for the little girl.

The girl was in the group that was surrounded by the worms behind the golden-shelled monster. The number of people around her was decreasing quickly. If it wasn't that Tian Wei Dai was next to her, she would probably already be dead.

Zhao Shanhe’s eyes were red. He still wanted to charge towards the monster to save them. But he could not wrench away Chu Yu Sheng’s hands.

“Fuck it! I’ll go!” Chu Yu Sheng hadn't cursed this much for a while, and this time he lost it. He pushed away Zhao Shanhe and used his sword to make his way to the little girl.

Chu Yu Sheng thought as long as he didn’t directly fight with the golden-shelled monster, he would be able to save one or two people. With the ability he had right now, he could not save all of them.

When he finally jumped over the golden-shelled monster and got to Tian Wei Dai, he noticed that Tian Wei Dai could barely stand up. He swayed left and right constantly. It was clear that he was on the verge of collapsing,.

“Go!” said Chu Yu Sheng. He picked up the little girl and pushed her into Tian Wei Dai’s arm. Then he picked up Tian Wei Dai before leaving.

“Mr. Chu, please take me with you!” said Li Yue who came out of nowhere. There was a worm still crawling on his body, but he ignored it and rushed towards Chu Yu Sheng, begging in panic.

Chu Yu Sheng couldn't take three people with him. If it weren’t for the fact that little girl was just a kid, he couldn't even take two people with him.

Moreover, maybe because Chu Yu Sheng killed too many worms, all others worms started to move towards them. Even the golden-shelled monster stopped attacking the defence tower and turned its giant head around to face Chu Yu Sheng.

In that split second, Chu Yu Sheng gritted his teeth then pushed away Li Yue who was clinging onto him. He immediately jumped up and killed few worms which also jumped to try to stop them.

He stepped on the dead worm's body and quickly ran behind the first line of defence.

The golden-shelled monster was very angry. It turned its head around as Chu Yu Sheng ran past him. Its mouthparts was constantly moving and making the grunting sounds. It seemed that it was gathering energy.

Chu Yu Sheng was still in its attack range. He wouldn't be able to run away in time. He had to stop it first!

Sword Fighting Technique - Ward Off Thousands Army.

The Six Sword Qi immediately shot towards the monster’s mouth. Since he completed the first two Yuan Tian sub-stages, he could slightly control the direction of where the Sword Qi travelled to.

He could also split the Sword Qi or combine the Six Sword Qi if he wanted to.

It wasn’t until now that Chu Yun Sheng had gained a little bit of insight into the true power of Senior’s sword fighting techniques.

What he needed right now was the most powerful single point of attack. He needed to destroy the monster’s mouthparts. It would be the best if he could temporarily disable the monster’s ability to spit fire!

Under Chu Yun Sheng’s control, the Six Sword Qi merged and formed a fan-shaped beam that shot straight into golden-shelled monster’s mouth in a split second.

The golden-shelled monster sensed the danger. It instantly closed its big mandibles and attempted to block the Sword Qi. It was forced to hold back its fire attack.

Chu Yun Sheng’s Sword Qi was filled with powerful Ben Ti Yuan Qi, It instantly broke the golden-shelled monster’s mandibles and destroyed its mouthparts.

The golden-shelled monster screamed in pain. It could not hold the fire anymore, the fire instantly burst out from its mouth and hit the Sword Qi. The power of the Sword Qi was reduced after it hit the monster’s mouth. So the monster’s fire attack instantly dissipated the Sword Qi.

Chu Yun Sheng held Tian Wei Dai who was also holding the little girl. He could barely dodge the monster’s fire attack while carrying two people’s weights with him. Once he dodged the first fire attack, he immediately unleashed the Sword Qi a second time!

This time, the golden-shelled monster could not gather its energy in time. Its mouthpart was completely destroyed by the Sword Qi.
The golden-shelled monster’s defence was much stronger than the red and green-shelled insect. Its fire attack was not much weaker than the flame bird. Its only weakness was its mouthpart. The rest of its body was covered by shell. Regular bullets and fire weapons could not damage it at all.

Chu Yun Sheng was lucky because he had taken the opportunity when the monster was charging up its fire attack so that his sword beam could be controlled. Therefore, the monster could not dodge it at all.

Once the monster’s mouthpart was destroyed, Chu Yun Sheng immediately unleashed the Sword Qi for the last time.

Six Sword Qi formed into two light beams, and were shot inside the monster's broken mouthparts under Chu Yun Sheng’s careful control. After the Sword Qi went inside the monster’s stomach, it started shredding all of the monster's internal organs.

Golden-shelled monster screamed in pain once again. This time it was even louder —  it made all the worms around it all stop attacking for a second.

The pain inside its stomach caused it to roll around on the ground. Soon, cracks appeared on the skin under its belly. The red liquid was first leaking slowly from the cracks and then burst out because of its violent struggle. The ground was spread with red liquid.

“Boom!” It was caused by the monster’s head as it crashed onto the ground.

Chu Yun Sheng had wasted his energy and finally killed it. But he did not expect that, after the monster was killed that all the worms would suddenly become crazy. Their attacks quickly became much more powerful and fast. Within a moment, Li Yue and the others were covered by them. Then they all charged towards Chu Yun Sheng.

All of this happened at the same time.

“Whoosh~~~~~~~~~~~!”  The military flares were fired behind the second line of defense.

“Get down~~~!!!!!!!” a soldier shouted, “Artillery fire! Get down! ”

Chu Yun Sheng and Tian Wei Dai were both depleted of energy. He did not have time to use the absorption Yuan Fu to restore his energy. The worms were still chasing them. Everyone else could get down, but not them. Once they got down on the ground, they would be covered with worms. So he just kept running!

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Chapter 101 outside Jin ling city

Chapter 101 outside Jin ling city

Duan Da Nian was hesitant — what he was doing involved a lot of risks. He went outside the city only when there was a hazy shimmer in the sky, and he would return to the city before the sky would get completely dark.

The thing he was scared of the most were monsters. Although this place was very close to the city, the monsters didn’t really care about their location.

Then the other thing he was scared of was the group they were robbing as they had powerful awakenings. Once those people start to fight back, he would suffer huge losses. It really wasn’t worth it to fight against those people.

“Boss, we need to leave quickly, I'll tell you in detail when we get back.” Sun Qian clenched Duan Da Nian’s arm and urged him to make a decision. Chu Yun Sheng's armour and sword skill had had a huge impact on him back in Kun City, not to mention that this guy never hesitated to kill people. Sun Qian didn’t want to risk his own life to test this guy's temper.

“Hey… hey!... Sun..  you… coward... Coward. B-Bo.. oss... don't... listen to... him... We got… ten… Brothers….. How co… come … we… can not not... Kill him!!” said the skinny stammer. Ever since Sun Qian joined his group, the stammer’s position in the bandit group was gradually declined, so he didn't like this guy at all.

While Duan Da Nian was hesitating to make a decision, one of his guys who was on lookout suddenly shouted, “Boss, the troops are here!”

“Retreat!” Duan Da Nian immediately made a decision. The people in the military did not like others causing troubles, especially this type of activity as it was robbery. Their punishment would be very heavy. So Duan Da Nian don't want to be caught by them. “You guys are lucky this time! Otherwise. Huh!” he snorted, pretending that it was because of the troops, not because of the fact that he was scared of Chu Yun Sheng.

Sun Qian’s face was twitching when he heard what Duan Da Nian had said. Duan Da Nian should be the one who felt lucky, since those people had never seen this guy fight before. No matter how he tried to convince them, they still would not believe him. Maybe it's time to quit this group, I don't know if the thirteenth master is still recruiting people. Sun Qian thought secretly.

Zhao Shan He sighed with relief, he was finally at ease after seeing the bandits retreat. Although there were six awakenings in his group, everyone more or less had some injuries.

But he was surprised that a person in the bandit group knew of Chu Yun Sheng. With just a few words, everyone could feel that the person was scared of Chu Yun Sheng.

Huang Ren Kuan on the other hand felt so bummed out. Why was the name of a government official was less useful than Chu Yun Sheng's name!

“I did not expect for you have such high reputation. It even scared that bandit away.” Li Yue had a weird expression on his face. Just now, he was about to betray this group and join the other side. Before, he relied on Zhao Shan He to help him to get to Jin Ling City, but now he was almost there, so he was no longer concerned about that. He did not want to be killed by those bandits just because of some stupid reason. So the best option for him was to join them. But he didn't expect those bandits, who were not scared of killing people, to be scared of Chu Yun Sheng.

Chu Yun Sheng took back the sword and didn't answer him. “We need to hurry up. It is getting darker now.” Chu Yun Sheng knitted his brow and tapped Chui Yu Quan’s shoulder as he was still shocked and was not able to react.

Chu Yun Sheng didn't know why he was very anxious. This place was very close to Jin Ling City. Why were there bandits killing and robbing people? Did it mean that Jin Ling City’s situation was not very good? He didn't know if the government could still control the city or not.

What about Aunty’s situation? Since the telecommunications had broken down, he lost contact with them. Before the Dark Age had begun, he tried to explain everything to Aunty, but not only did they argued so many times, Aunty and his friend also tried to destroy the ancient book and sent him to see the psychiatrist. If it wasn't that something had happened to his uncle, making her return to Jin Ling City, Chu Yun Sheng probably would have lost the book already.

Chu Yun Sheng found himself regretting the decision he made many times. Why he didn’t arrive in Jin Ling city earlier, or why he didn’t prepare everything in Jin Ling City instead of Shen Cheng City.

But alas, he was not a god, and the ancient book didn't tell him that Jin Ling City would be safe. Originally, he thought the government would protect Shen Cheng City, as it was one of the most important cities in the country in the East Coast. He even tried to convince his aunt to move over. He didn't expect it to be the complete opposite.

Although he did see military action, it did show that the government tried to do their best to protect the city. However, there were too many monsters! They couldn't defeat them.

No one knew that the outcome would be that bad, and that the monsters would be that strong.

Now, he was almost there. But he was not at ease at all. Instead, he was even more scared. He was scared of losing his family.

Dozens of military tanks roared past them. Huang Ren Kuan learned his lesson this time; he didn't try to use his job title to stop the tanks. There were probably many other state officials in Jin Ling City, using his job title would be useless right now.

Finally, the Jin ling City's first defence line appeared in sight. The defence line was made by metal wire and a lot of broken cars. The ground was covered with artillery craters, monster bodies, and human bodies. Some areas were still ablaze, And they could see the soldiers screaming in pain. It seemed like they just had a fierce fight.

There were some newly built concrete cylindrical defence towers, and they were spread across the ground about one kilometer away from each other. Many of them had been destroyed. Chu Yun Sheng could vaguely see the military organizing the soldiers to repair them.

At the same time, the hazy shimmer in the sky was slowing disappearing. All the refugees came from everywhere around the country to increase their pace to pass the first defence line.

The military had a division specially assigned to guide those people on going around the barriers to head towards the second line of defence.

When Chu Yun Sheng’s group approached the first line of defence, they suddenly felt the ground move violently! Chu Yun Sheng was startled. With this magnitude, if it wasn't the earthquake, then it left only one possibility. It couldn't possibly be the golden shelled monster!

The quake began to become more and more violent. Lao Chui and others were stunned and stopped moving. Chu Yun Sheng immediately shouted: “Run! Quick, run!.......”

His shout immediately woke up everyone, and they all started to push forward. The group was in disarray. 

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Chapter 100 bandit

Chapter 100 bandit
Duan Danian was a 183cm tall fat man. Although there was a shortage of food for a short period of time, his shape did not seem to lose a bit. He was originally from Southern Wan province, Wu city. Since the dark age began, he escaped from the city and came to Jin Ling. On the way, he had unexpectedly awakened his ability and made a bunch of friends.

He had his glorious time when he just came to Jin Ling, he did not need to do a lot of stuff himself, he did not even need to go out of the city to risk his life. However since a guy called “13th master” came to Jin Ling with one of his associate who was very good at fighting a few days ago, his life becomes less easy than before. They had gathered a group of people inside the city to fight this man's group, but eventually, he still lost. he even lost two of his men in the fight.

And the most detestable thing was, this guy even had the relationships with both the military and government. A few underground awakening organisations were also secretly supporting his man.  Duan Danian didn't have anyone to help him, nor did he had somewhere to complain to. He had no other choice but to see his territory was taken away by this man.

After spending a whole afternoon thinking, he eventually decided to become a bandit and robbing people in the green dragon mountain.

Speaking of Green Dragon Mountain, it was really a good place. the Shen Ling highway just at the bottom of the mountains. It was a road a lot of people used to escape from different cities in the east to Jin Ling city.  The north and the south of highway were the endless mountain range.  That was why the majority of people used the highway. it was also the reason why Duan Danian chose this place to rob people.

If he needed to survive then he would need to gather a lot of food, the government did provide him with some ways to exchange food. But those tasks were very risky, so he did not go for those options. But robbing those refugees was much easier.

“Bo… bob… boss, people…. People!” said a skinny man with a pronounced stutter who was also holding the binoculars.

“Huh!? How many people? “ said Duan Danian, he took his hand out from inside a woman’s cloth who was sitting on his lap. But his mind was thinking about the girl who he caught yesterday. The girl was roughly 18 years old, white skin, very cute, the only thing he did not like is the girl was too emaciated.

“Three, three, four, five… five .. six.. Sixty!” the skinny guy stuttered.

“Fucking off, you stupid fuck!” Duan Danian kicked away the skinny man and grabbed the binoculars. “Good! Good! Old, weak, women and kids, looked at them can’t even walk properly. They even have people moving the fucking stretcher. Easy. definitely an easy target. Brothers get your weapons, it is the show time! ” said Duan Danian after he saw what kind of people in the group.


The mountains were seemingly close but actually, they were very far away. This was how Chu Yunsheng’s group felt now.

Since Huang Renkuan knew Jin Ling city was near, he became more and more energetic, his steps became stronger and quicker. Those people at back could not even catch up with his pace.

A few The helicopters flew over their head once again and flew towards Jin Ling, it seemed like the helicopters they saw before, but Huang Renkuan did not shout or curse them this time. He just secretly happy about they seemed to have lost one of their helicopters.

“We are almost there! Everyone Keep it up! we will definitely able to get into the city before the night comes!” Zhao Shanhe did not care about his injuries. he was constantly shouting in the group trying to encourage the group.

People in Lao Chui’s group were still very weak, the meat that Chu Yunsheng provided only helped them to solve the hunger problem, not their physical strength. They had been walking for 5-6 Km now, everyone was puffing and blowing.

Chu Yunsheng still walked at the end of the group, this place was very close to Jin Ling city, they started to see more and more red-shelled insect’s bodies, although the monster’s energies were completely dissipated. as long as the shell still there, he could use them to make the armour.

He estimated the bodies he collected is definitely enough to make an Er Pin armour.(refer chapter 88, or DBA wiki)

In terms of those green fluorescent monsters bodies, he had already used level three absorption talisman to absorb all the energy from them. As he expected, those monsters' energies were even weaker than the red-eye monsters, one green monster's energy just filled up less than ⅙ of one Yuan Qi unit space on the absorption talisman.

The absorption talisman Chu Yunsheng used to use was the level two absorption talisman, after he reached Yuan Tian stage two, he had a decent amount of low-level absorption talisman, so he took some time to make a level three absorption talisman.

Level three talisman could be repeatedly used as long as the talisman’s body/core wasn't damaged.

Because he was in a hurry with his journey, and also because a single green fluorescent monster did not provide much Yuan Qi. it took him quite a while to absorb all the green monster's energy from the storage talisman.  Eventually, he filled up one level three absorption talisman with 18 water patterns. Level three absorption talisman could absorb a lot more energy than a level two absorption talisman.

When he reached the mountain pass,  Chu Yunsheng was shocked to see a dead golden shell insect's body, it was laying on the ground surrounded by many big artillery craters. Presumably, it was killed by the massive artillery strike.

He didn't have time to study it. he just quickly stored the body in one of storage talisman, original he had three storage talisman, one for food water and other necessity. One for monsters bodies. And the last one for the backup.  This golden shell monster was very big and special, so he decided to individually store it.

All of Sudden, he heard Huang RenKuan screamed, it startled Chu Yunsheng. They had not encountered any others monsters since the last one. He thought it was the monster, so he immediately rushed towards the front.

“ how dare you! I am working for the government!” cursed Huang RenKuan to a group of people suddenly attacked him. He spat out blood and could barely stand up.

“Who are you trying to scare, ha...ha..., hey! look at the body next to you, he was probably a mayor!” Duan Danian laughed out loud, he didn't expect there were awakenings in this group, this guy also claimed that he worked for the government. But he wasn't scared, there were too many people work for the government in the city. Even if he did kill them, no one would find out he did it.

“bo… bo…. Boss, stop wasting time talking to th… th.. Them. Just killed… killed… killed them!” stuttered the skinny guy.

Duan Danian glanced at them:” leave all the food, I'll let you go. Otherwise, don't blame me for being ruthless!”

To him, those people were already dead. He did not know how many people he had killed recently. but he didn't care anymore.

“Oh, so what are you going to do.” said Chu Yunsheng who just arrived. he pulled Zhao Shanhe back and whispered to him:” if we start the fight, you take care of everyone, leave the fight to me.”

“ You motherfucker…..., brothers……..” even though Duan Danian didn't see clearly how exactly Chu Yunsheng appeared in front of the group. But since he had a dozen of awakenings subordinates, he was sure that this guy was dead meat. However just when he was about to give an order, one of his men suddenly stopped him.

“Boss, don't mess with this guy. I think it would be better just let it go.”

Duan Danian squinted his eye to take a close look at the person who stopped him. It was a fire warrior who just joined his group recently. His name is Sun Qian, he was quite strong compared to the other people in the group.

“Your friend?” said Duan Danian with a long face, he wasn't happy about this guy stopped him, but because of this man's ability, he couldn't do anything.

“Boss, I can tell you, even if all of us fight him together, he could still easily kill us all using just one hand!”  Sun Qian was a short guy, he could not reach Duan Danian’s ear, so he tried to say it as quiet as possible.

Duan Danian gasped in surprise, although he didn't quite believe what he said. but he knew this guy wasn't a big talker, so he hesitated.

Chu Yunsheng's five senses were very sensitive, he could clearly hear their conversation. It was definitely the best solution if they are not going to start the fight. But if they really wanted the fight, even if he could kill them all, Lao Chui’s group definitely would lose a few people’s lives as well.

If it was just him alone, then he would definitely kill those bandits without a second thought.

Chu Yunsheng held the sword, the sword was pointed at the ground, it was the standard posture for getting ready for the fight. once the enemy started to move, he would immediately swing the sword try to kill as many people as possible.

“Mr. Chu, it was totally a misunderstanding, a misunderstanding, we are going to leave now!” Sun Qian said immediately when he saw Chu Yunsheng was doing his sword fight posture. He was smiling and said with a respect and cautious tone, he tried to calm the things down and not to offend Chu Yunsheng any further.

“you know me?” said Chu Yunsheng, he was surprised. Originally he thought this guy could tell his strength by looking at his running speed. But apparently, he knew more than that.

“Everyone knows Mr.Chu’s powerful sword skill at Kun city. I was one of the recruited awakenings.” Sun Qian nervously explained, Duan Danian didn't know how powerful this man was, but he knew. This man could even withstand flame bird's attack, this man could kill a meat worm in one sword strike. How could he afford to offend this man?

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Chapter 99 Finally, we are almost there

Chapter 99 Finally, we are almost there

Behind the bus, Chu Yunsheng gave the baby back to his mom. The mother immediately held the baby in her arm tightly, she was scared that someone was going to take the baby away from her again.

Chu Yunsheng took out a tin of milk powder, He gave it Chui YuQuan and said sternly:” This is for the baby, you keep it for them, don't let others take it.”

Comparing to the other people inside the group, Chui Yuquan was much more reliable, although he was a little bit impetuous. he even offended Li Yue without having thought it through properly. But he was the one willing to stand up for others.

“Brother Chu!?” Chui Yuquan was shocked. Chu Yunsheng and other awakenings might not know what did the milk powder mean to the ordinary people. But he did.

Also, Chui Yuquan didn't know how Chu Yunsheng took out the milk powder. it was unlike other food they found from the building's debris, the tin of milk powder was brand new.

“don't ask anything, this is all I could do for you. You have too many people, you still need to rely on the government. Go…. Arrange people to prepare the meal, after they are fed, we need to leave as soon as possible. Also, we are not far from Jin Ling city now!” Chu Yunsheng interrupted him, he had helped them more than enough. He didn’t want to reveal too many secrets to them.

“Bother chu…..” Chui Yuquan pressed his lips together very hard. He hesitated, But when he saw Chu Yunsheng showed a slight unpleasant expression, he quickly explained:” I don't want to know anything about the milk powder. Brother Chu, could you please teach me how to become an awakening. Brother Zhao showed me many ways, but I still couldn't succeed. You are the strongest awakening in our group and the strongest awakening I have ever seen, can you please teach me?”

When Chu Yunsheng was fighting with the monsters, He and Wu Zi were watching, When they saw Chu Yunsheng was casting both fire and ice abilities they were stunned, They admired him, they wanted to become an awakening like him.

Chu Yunsheng didn't expect his question was this. If professor Sun was here, then he would probably be able to explain something to them. But Chu Yunsheng didn't know anything about the awakenings, so he couldn't help them.

“I can't help you, because, I also don't know many things about the awakenings.” Chu Yunsheng shook his head.

“is there any way at all?” Chui Yuquan didn't seem to give up.

Chu Yunsheng still shook his head, but when he saw Chui Yuquan’ eyes slowly lost their lustre he couldn't help but said:” there are a lot of scientists are doing this kind of research at Jin Ling city, they might have a way. but At the moment, don't think too much about it. the most important thing right now is to organise this group, get everyone to Jin Ling city alive and get them there as soon as possible, And it is your responsibility now.”

Chui Yuquan nodded his head and said firmly:” I won't give up, no matter what!”

After he left, Chu Yunsheng took some time to look for the drugs that doctor Li needed.

Burying the dead, making the food, taking care of people who were injured, everyone seemed to be very busy at the moment.

Doctor Li quickly used the drug to treat the people who had severe injuries. The witch had already woken up. but She was very stubborn. She tried to heal her believers before she even fully recovers herself. Only after she healed her believers did she carry on heal Zhao Shanhe and other people.

In the meantime, Chu Yunsheng was tearing the red-shelled insect’s meat to feed the little tiger. It was already very hungry.

“uncle, this is for you.” said the little girl.

Chu Yunsheng had already known this girl was called Meng Meng. her father died from protecting her and her mother from red shelled insect’s attack.

Meng Meng’s emaciated little hands were holding the meat soup. She was standing in front of Chu Yunsheng, But Chu Yunsheng already had some food. he was not hungry at all, So he took over the soup and kept it aside.

The little girl was upset to see Chu Yunsheng didn't seem to like the soup. then she was attracted by the little tiger. she wanted to pet the tiger, but she didn't dare to.

“Uncle, it looks like a tiger, I've seen tigers at the zoo, but they were bigger, this big” little girl was trying to use her hands to describe how big the tiger was.

Chu Yunsheng smiled, he took out a chocolate bar and gave to the little girl:” it is a tiger, a little tiger.”

“Chocolate!” the little girl was pleasantly surprised:” is it for me?” she asked.

Chu Yunsheng nodded his head and gently touched her head:” don't tell anyone!” he jokingly said.

“Okay!” the little girl nodded her head very hard:”but, can I tell my mom?”

Chu Yunsheng didn't answer her question, he said:” go back to your mom, uncle has some stuff to do.”

The Little girl was scared Chu Yunsheng would suddenly become angry like last time, so she quickly hid the chocolate inside the pocket she thought was the safest, she also gently patted the pocket a few times to make sure the chocolate was there:” thank you, uncle! I have hidden the chocolate, I will eat it when i am most ..most ...most.. hungry!” the little girl said carefully.

Chu Yunsheng smiled,:” go. “ he said.

With the help of meat soup, little girl slowly recovered her strength, she was hopping away like a little bunny, It reminded Chu Yunsheng's own childhood.

Chu Yunsheng gave the meat soup to Tian Weidai whose body now was warped around by the bandage. His back was totally ruined, some bones were exposed outside. If it wasn't witch's special ability. He would not be able to make it.

Tian Weidai wasn't tall, and he didn't seem to grow any beard like Chu Yunsheng and other people did.  he was skinny but he ate a lot.

He was embarrassed when Chu Yunsheng gave him the meat soup. But he still couldn't resist the hunger. The one he had wasn't enough for him.

Chui Yuquan strictly controlled the size of each soup they gave out. However, he still secretly doubled the portions they gave to the awakening warrior. He totally understood his uncle Lao Chui’s difficulty now. Those warriors were too important to them.

“Mr. Chu, thank you!” Zhao Shanhe’s injury wasn't any better than others, but he still insisted on staying to the last second until he got knocked off the bus roof. If it wasn't his strong will, he would've probably died like the chef who was now lying in the hole they dug.

When doctor Li and witch prepared to heal him first. He endured the pain and insisted them to save Tian Weidai first.

“Mr. Chu. If it wasn't you, we won't be alive today!” Zhao Shanhe said slowly and stopped from time to time. It seemed like he still suffered from the pain.  His voice was very weak:” you have the ability to escape, but you didn't do it. Thank you for not abandoning us!”

Chu Yunsheng stopped him:” You should thank the chef, he gave his life away. Compare to him, At least, I'm still alive.”

His words made everyone felt sad. Even Huang Renkuan surprisingly didn't come out to try to say something to increase his reputation. he just sat there and sighed.

“we need to leave here as soon as possible after we done with the meal. if there were more monsters attracted by the smell, then we will be dead for sure.” said Chu Yunsheng, he didn't want to carry on with the topic, so he deliberately changed the topic and told them to speed up.

“Yeah, that's right, let us go now, ask Lao Chui to group up the rest of people.” Zhao Shanhe knitted his eyebrows and struggled to stand up.

“Forgot to tell you, Lao Chui had a mental breakdown, he is not stable at the moment, I have asked Chui Yuquan to look after the group.” said Chu Yunsheng while he was helping the Tian Weidai to stand up.

Zhao Shanhe and other people gasped in shock, but they didn't say anything. it was pretty common to see people having mental breakdown these days, but they still didn't expect Lao Chui would be the one.

Buses were broken, they couldn't repair it. So the remaining journey they had to travel by foot.

Chui Yuquan grouped up the rest of people who could still walk. With Chu Yunsheng's help, they made a stretcher for the baby's mom Qin SaoZi(1) who was still weak after she gave the birth.

Huang Renkuan was forced to take a lead. apart from Chu Yunsheng, he was the only one who just had a minor injury and the only one who still had an ability to fight.

Chu Yunsheng stayed at the end of the group to prevent any monsters might be going after them.

Of course, he got other plans as well, which was to use those green fluorescent monster's bodies to make absorption talisman, although their energy might be very weak. but it was better than nothing.

He waited until everyone left and stored all the bodies in storage talisman.

The hazy shimmer once again appeared in the sky. It shed the dim light on the ground. the mountains at a distance were not high, in the dim light, it looked like the ancient monster quietly lying on the ground.

“look! after those mountains, we will arrive at Jin Ling city!” Zhao Shanhe raised his hand and shouted.

Finally, we are almost there! The hope was like the fire started to spread amongst the group, everyone was excited!

1. Sao Zi: Sao Zi in China means sister in law. but it can also be used to describe a married woman who is slightly older than typically used in a situation where you want to show your friendliness and hospitality.

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Chapter 98 casualties

Chapter 98 casualties
The door was opened and everyone got off the bus, the monsters had finally been killed.

A dozen of people had died, all their bodies were sucked dry and became mummies.

Lao Chui numbly asked people to lay all the bodies in a row, the families of the dead people were on their knees next to the bodies with their blank faces. their tears were already dried.

The Chef had died, no one had the ability to save him. The witch who was the only one able to save him was still in the coma. The ancient book had the talisman which could be used for healing, but Chu Yunsheng didn't know how to make it.

Chu Yunsheng had never talked to the chef before, the chef was always alone and never spoke a word, no one knew where he came from, and what was his story. all they knew was he was a chef, and they were in the same boat heading towards the same destination. However, he got off too early, he would never arrive the destination.

“bury them!” Chu Yunsheng got off the bus roof, the little trigger immediately jumped into him. Chu Yunsheng noticed that the little tiger was getting heavier than before. He could barely lift it up.

“ah?” Lao Chui raised his head, his eyes were blank and emotionless. he was lost.

“bury them all!” Chu Yunsheng sighed. Seeing the chef's  body slowly getting cold, he thought of Jiang Ye who he met in the Dong Shen university’s escort team, that was the first person who had died while fighting the monster together with him. The reason why he wanted to bury the chef was the same as when he wanted to bury Jiang Ye.

“can't …. Can't dig without…without a shovel”  Lao Chui said like a robot, Chu Yunsheng couldn't feel his emotions.

“Use this!” Chu Yunsheng drew the sword and stabbed on the ground.

Eventually, Lao Chui took few people with him to move the body. Apart from the 5 awakening warriors, there were around 8 ordinary people were injured.

Everyone was depressed, no one was talking.

When the only doctor in the group came out of the bus while holding the baby, everyone was staring at the newborn.

“this kid shouldn't have come to this world. he will suffer!”

“It's sin….. A god's sin!”

“It's a fate! the most unfortunate one!”


“Lao Chui, the baby's mom couldn't produce any milk because of hunger. you need to find another way to feed the baby! Otherwise, the baby won't survive long. “ Said the doctor.

“way? Where do I find it ?! “ Lao Chui couldn't stop his body from shaking, but he still took over the baby from the doctor. While he stood next to a pile of bodies, he burst into tears:“ it’s his fate, he shouldn’t have come to this world, it’s fate!” said Lao Chui while sobbing.

“Wa~~!” baby was crying out loud, no one knew if it was because of hunger, cold or maybe he was crying over his fate.

“The god is not giving us a chance, they won’t let us live!!!” Lao Chui raised his head shouted while facing the endless dark sky.

His mournful and blood-chilling scream reverberated in the cold sky for a very long time.

They suffered a heavy loss in this fight, even Chu Yunsheng also had a minor injury. All other awakenings warriors lost their abilities to fight, some even still in the coma.

“Doctor Li, could you come here for a second!” Chu Yunsheng had checked Zhao Shanhe and other people’s injuries. if they just relied on their bodies to recover themselves, then they wouldn’t be able to recover anytime soon. But at this place and this time, it simply did not allow them to stop and recover themselves slowly. The ground was covered with monster’s bodies, who knew if the blood smell would attract more monster or not.

“Mr. Chu, I will do my best to handle those wounded, but without the drug, there is not much I can do!” Doctor Li knew what Chu Yunsheng was thinking, however, without the supply, he couldn't do anything.

“Don’t worry about the drug, tell me what kind of drug will help them get better sooner, we need to leave here as soon as possible!” inside Chu Yunsheng’s storage talisman there were a lot of medicines he gathered from the hospitals in Kun city and Shen Cheng city. but he did not know anything about the medicine. so he needed the doctor LI to tell him what exactly he wants.

“Huh?” doctor Li was dazed for a second, they were in the middle of nowhere, they could not even see a village, let alone the hospital, where was he going to get drugs?

Chu Yunsheng was the strongest awakening warrior amongst those 7 people. so even he doubts about Chu Yunsheng could get drugs, but he still did not dare to say it out. instead, he told him a list of drugs.

Chu Yunsheng could not remember so many strange drug names, so he asked the doctor Li to pick a few most important ones and repeat them back to Chu Yunsheng.

“Save the witch first, let me go to get the drugs!” Chu Yunsheng patted the doctor Li’s shoulder and said.

Although Chu Yunsheng did not like the witch. but her strange ability could help the doctor Li to speed up the group's recovery.

Doctor Li didn't know where Chu Yunsheng was going to drugs, but he did not dare to ask, So he just went back to the group and checked what he could do with witch’s injuries. Luckily, the dead monsters' bodies were still glowing the strange light. so he could check the wound, otherwise, they could not do anything.

But when Chu Yunsheng went around the bus. what he saw next made his blood boil.  Chu Yunsheng saw Lao Chui's both eyes were red and his hands were trembling, the baby was on top of a pile of the bodies in the hole they dug on earlier, he slowly raised the sword and was about to stab down!

“Have you lost your mind!!!” Chu Yunsheng shouted, he wanted to rush towards to save the baby, but he could not run because of exhaustion.

Seeing the newborn was about to die under his sword, Chu Yunsheng’s heart sunk!

“Roar!...........” suddenly a shadow dashed out from Chu Yunsheng’s side. In a split second, the roar which contained wind element slowly form a blurry tiger head and smashed onto Lao Chui, he was instantly knocked over.

The sword fell on the ground one meter away from them, Chu Yunsheng immediately walked over and picked up the sword. He glared at Lao Chui who was still lying on the ground.

“Don’t kill my baby!  please ! I'm begging you!” said the newborn’s mom who was crying and begging. No one knew when she crawled out the bus, her cloth did not even tie up properly. She was then immediately stopped by other people. But she still reached her hands out and opened her palm tired to grab the kid.

“Are you crazy!” Chu Yunsheng pointed the sword at Lao Chui and said coldly.

Lao Chui slowly sat up, his face was covered with the tear, he mumbled:”he shouldn't have come to this world,  the world without milk, food but only filled with the insects. Instead of dying because of starvation or gets eaten by the insect, why not end his misery life early.”

“Why the fuck don’t you kill yourself!” Chu Yunsheng cursed, he pointed at the place where Zhao Shanhe and other awakening warriors were resting and said:”in order to save your lives, the chef died; witch is still in the coma; Zhao, Tian, Li they all had severe injuries. Why do you think they end up like this, Did you think they did it just so you can kill the kid?”

“Mr. Chu, do you think I want this? This kid’s father is my nephew. This kid is my grandnephew, it’s my own blood!” Lao Chui raised his head and cried. his eyes were hollow.

“You awakening people don’t know ordinary people’s pain, we are living in fear and panic every day, we were forced to see our families died one after another, but we couldn't do anything. hunger, cold, desperation, and waiting to die. Living like this is worse than death! God is not letting us live, he is not giving us a chance!”

Chu Yunsheng was dazed for a second, the word he was about to say could not come out of his mouth anymore.

“Uncle, are you crazy, that is brother Yu Qing’s son!” Chui YuQuan tumbled all the way to here from the place where Zhao ShanHe was staying. His fingers clutched on Lao Chui’s shoulders and kept shaking him:”we still have brother Chu, and brother Zhao, we still have monster’s meat, we could cook the meat soup for the baby, we still have hope. aren't you the one told me do not give up, why you are giving up now! ah!!!!!!!”

“Uncle….. Uncle… is useless….useless!” Lao Chui kept mumbling quietly as if he was condemning himself, or maybe he was completely lost.

“He lost his mind already. He is no longer suitable to be your group’s leader, Yu Quan, from now on, you take over!” Chu Yunsheng sheathed the sword and said with the irresistible tone.

The kid’s mom was still on her knees constantly kowtowing. from the sound caused by her head hitting the floor, everyone knew she was kowtowing very hard. “I’m begging you, please… I'm begging you…..” said nervously the kid’s mom,

“Chui Yuquan, you follow me!” Chu Yunsheng said coldly, he walked over and lifted up the baby’s mom whose body was still trembling and walked to the other side of the bus.

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chapter 97 Death and Newborn

chapter 97 Death and Newborn
“let Li Yue get inside the bus!” said Chu Yunsheng when he returned to the roof. Li Yue had already stopped bleeding, he was healed by the witch. But his face was still pale. He couldn't help much on the roof. It was much better for him to stay inside the bus doing some defence stuff.

Once the buses were stopped, the attack started to become more aggressive. the Monster's speed was extremely fast,  soon they surrounded two buses.

Apart from Huang Renkuan in the first bus and Li Yue at the second bus, everyone else was gathered together once again.  No matter what kind of secret plans they had in their mind before,  for now, they had to work together to defeat those monsters. Otherwise, they would die.

The Monsters had already changed their attack method. They were forming rows after rows to constantly spitting the liquid at them.  From this Chu Yunsheng could tell that those monsters were not stupid at all.

Soon there were holes and dents slowly appear everywhere on the bus roof.  luckily that liquid wasn't as corrosive as red shelled insect's liquid. Otherwise, they would be dead already.

Chu Yunsheng had seen how those monster killed a person before, he had seen the whole scene completely. Those monster used their sharp mouthparts to pierce through a human body to inject the poisonous liquid inside the human body. when the poisonous liquid melted all the organs inside the human body, it would then suck it dry.

the stuffed monster had retreated and flown away. However, those had not suck anything became even more aggressive.

As of this moment, apart from Chu Yunsheng was not injured, everyone else more or less had wound on them. There was a huge wound on Zhao Shanhe’s shoulder, chef's stomach was almost sliced open, Tian Weidai’s back was heavily burned by the poison liquid, even the witch had an injury as well. Her foot was stuck on to the bus roof by a dead monster's sharp mouthpart.

There were at least one hundred monsters bodies scattered around the bus, but the number of monster flying above their head didn't seem to reduce any!

Chu Yunsheng reloaded his last clip, he still had his emotion under the control. Even though it was just few month in the dark, but he had experienced so many dangerous situations, each time he survived he gained more control of his emotions.

Tian Weidai was the first one used up his energy. the deep wound at his back had revealed his bones. Zhao Shanhe was also on the verge of collapsing, he was the strongest amongst those six people, but he was also the one fought the hardest.


“Push, I can see the head!”

Death and newborn all happened in the same place, same time in the dark.

The Witch was finally passed out on the roof of the bus, Chu Yunsheng kicked her and Tian Weidai into the hole on the bus roof. They instantly fell inside the bus.

The Chef and Zhao Shanhe were still struggling, but the fire and the ice energy they cast out became very weak. The Chef’s injury became worse, every time when he cast the ice blades, his stomach wound would be torn open, all the organ was like it could be fall out at any time!

Only Chu Yunsheng stood on the top of the bus without any injury, but only he knew that he only had ¼ of Yuan Qi left. If he carried on like this, he would be eventually exhausted with Yuan Qi as well.

Zhao Shanhe and other people were first surprised to see what Chu Yunsheng could do, then they were puzzled, and then they were shocked until they could not even believe what they saw, but in the end, Chu Yunsheng became their only hope.

The Monsters seemed to have lost their patience. they had stopped spitting the poisonous liquid and started to shirk the encirclement. The chef was stabbed several holes in his body by the monsters and laid on the roof, no one knew if he was still alive or not.

Chu Yunsheng had finished his bullets, he put back the gun and drew the sword. He immediately used his sword fighting technique.

Six sword Qi instantly burst out from the blade! It blasted the first wave of dozens of green monsters into pieces when they flew towards them!

The six word Qi didn't stop there, it was still ascending until it reached the monster's crowd. Sword Qi swept over the monster’s crowd like a storm, it made the monsters lost their pace and stopped attacking.

Zhao Shanhe gasped in shock, he tried to recall if this man was the man he recruited. A fire warrior that used a pistol, a man had a strange little tiger as a pet, a man that gave them meat worm and a man seemed to have unlimited energy….. All sort of images merged together, but he still did not know the answer.

“get the chef inside!” Chu Yunsheng said sternly, just one wave it had consumed half of his remaining Yuan Qi.

“No! I can still fight!” Zhao Shanhe was surprising stubborn. The monsters were scared of Chu Yunsheng's sword attack, they immediately flew higher and started to spit poisonous liquid again.

Zhao Shanhe ripped off his cloth and wrapped his wound around while enduring the pain.

Chu Yunsheng respected him, this man could fight for someone he barely knew. This was something Chu Yunsheng could never do unless his auntie's family was on the bus.

What Chu Yunsheng did was more than enough to fulfil his duty. with his speed right now, he could easily get away from those monster's chase.  but whenever he saw the kids couldn't stop their tiny bodies from trembling underneath the seat, he just couldn't do it. Especially the little girl who he gave the porridge to, She was staring at Chu Yunsheng and her eye was filled with panic and anxiety. Chu Yunsheng was even scared to have eye contact with her.

Since Zhao Shanhe wasn't scared of dying, Chu Yunsheng did not want to waste time on talking, he took out the bow, started to use Yuan Qi to form the frost arrow.


“Push, it's almost there! Almost! The head is out !”  the doctor was shouting inside the bus. Chu Yunsheng’s energy was rapidly decreasing and the number of the monsters also seemed to have reduced a lot.

The poisonous liquid couldn't hurt Chu Yunsheng. those monsters gradually forget about the powerful sword attack Chu Yunsheng unleashed, they quickly dive down once again. this time the pushed was even crazier.

Zhao Shanhe was pushed off the roof with one of the monsters, Chu Yunsheng couldn't save him on time. himself was already surrounded by three monsters, and they were tightly attached to his body.

He was finally exhausted with Yuan Qi. So he had no other choice but took out the sword and use the sharp sword to slice each one of the monsters that attached to his body.

There were still 10 more!

Chu Yunsheng forced himself to stay focus, without Yuan Qi’s support, energy shield talisman would not last long, so he had to kill them all as soon as possible.

Little Tiger was exhausted as well, he was kicked off the roof by Chu Yunsheng and fell inside the bus, it was too dangerous for it to stay on top of the bus now, but Chu Yunsheng did not expect that no matter how many times he kicked the little tiger off the roof, it would still find a way to get back to the roof. Only until Chu Yunsheng shouted in anger, did it finally stay inside the bus.

8 monsters left, 7 monster left…. 6 …….

Chu Yunsheng was waving the sword and also doing the countdown at the same time.

Every time he was knocked over by the monsters’ dive, everyone inside the bus would hold their breath. Their hearts were struck with fear. Chu Yunsheng was the only one awakening warrior left standing, if he fell, then it was over.
Energy shield talisman finally collapsed. at the same time, Chu Yunsheng’s sword also pierced through one of last two monsters.  The last monster’s attack had also arrived at his left when he killed the other one.

Chu Yunsheng reached out his hand and grabbed the monster's mouthpart, the powerful impact and sharp mouthpart instantly made his hand bleed.

He could not stop it pushing forward, the sharp mouth still stabbed his left shoulder. but because he used all his strength to stop the monster, so it did not pierce through his left shoulder.

Chu Yunsheng shouted and swung the sword up to cut off the monster’s mouthpart.  The monster instantly lost its balance and fell on the roof of the bus with its wings still flapping at a high speed.

Chu Yunsheng lifted the sword, his face was twisted, he stabbed the monster more than dozen times as if he wanted to vent all the anger.

At this time, the sky was free of green lanterns, but the ground, the buses were covered in green.

Chu Yunsheng collapsed on the bus roof, he was exhausted.

He tried his best to look around. he did not know if the chef was still alive, but Zhao Shanhe had crawled out from the pile of monster’s bodies, he was bleeding a lot. the Witch had already lost her consciousness,  Tian Weidai was groaning in pain. Li Yue, Lao Chui, little girl, and all other people who were still alive were all staring at Chu Yunsheng.

“Wa…. ah! ...”  A loud crying resounded through the air.

“It’s a boy!” the doctor said loudly!

Chu Yunsheng’s lips moved….he smiled,  he took out a cigarette with his trembling hands. but no matter how he many time he tried, his trembling hands just could not light up the cigarette.

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Chapter 96 Melee

Chapter 96 Melee
Forcing Huang RenKuan to go inside the bus was really his last resort. he could not leave the bus’s roof to deal those monster inside the car. Tian Weidai could not defend the bus just by himself. Once he got inside the bus, Tian Weidai was definitely going to die, and once he died then everyone would be in danger.

The monster’s defence was not really strong, as long as Huang RenKuan calmed down, he was definitely able to deal with it. But Chu Yunsheng did not expect Huang Renkuan was that scared of monster!

When facing the insects, fear would only get yourself killed, only fight back would give you hope, this was the knowledge Chu Yunsheng learned from many combats with insects.

He kicked Huang RenKuan off the roof then tried to forget about him, he didn't want to ask him about the progress inside the bus because the situation just didn't allow him to be distracted. He quickly reloaded one clip killed two monsters which were about to flew inside the bus.

The situation on the second bus was even worse. Chu Yunsheng didn't need to turn around to see how many monsters were there. he had a rough idea just by hearing so many monsters hitting the glass and the bellowing that Zhao Shanhe made constantly.

Chu Yunsheng and Tian Weidai were forced to stay back to back by the monster’s attack. Hu Zai lay on its stomach next to them, it was using its roar to blow away the monster.

This was all it could do. unless it fought the monsters in close range, then it would rip them apart. But in the meantime, it could only use its wind element to blow the monster away.

Chu Yunsheng also noticed that Hu Zai also learned to use its claw to cast a claw shape shockwave, although it was not very effective.

Meanwhile, there were still around 20 monsters like green lanterns surrounded Chu Yunsheng and Tian Weidai.

Tian Weidai was already injured, if Chu Yunsheng didn't save him on time, he would be dead by now.

Chu Yunsheng’s strong defence and attack ability shocked Tian Weidai. Tian Weidai couldn't believe what he saw, Sometimes he was sure that the monster’s sharp mouthpart had stabbed Chu Yunsheng, but he didn't know why it couldn't pierce through Chu Yunsheng’s old grey coat.

He knew Chu Yunsheng was a fire warrior, but since the battle began, he never saw Chu Yunsheng used fire to defend himself.

However, it was not easy for Chu Yunsheng like what Tian Weidai imagined, the Yuan Qi inside level two energy shield talisman could not sustain attack for a long time, if the monsters kept spitting the green liquid  and use their sharp mouthparts to attack him, he didn't think energy shield would hold on much longer.

Also, he did not have many bullets left. Tian Weidai’s ammunition was only used for the rifle. So once he finished his bullets, then he had to use the bow instead, however comparing to the pistol the bow’s firing rate was extremely slow.

The bus suddenly stopped, Chu Yunsheng could vaguely hear some people crying. Although he did not get inside the bus to check, he suspected that Huang RenKuan was doing his job.

Luckily the driver was ok. Otherwise, if the car crashed, all the people inside would be either dead or injured, not to mention they would be killed by those monsters.

“I’m going to check the back!” Chu Yunsheng quickly killed few monsters, it greatly reduced Tian Weidai’s pressure. Now he was able to handle it on his own.

There were not any new monsters appear at the south,  the resistance at the front was almost eliminated. However the situation at back was still very bad, Zhao Shanhe and other three people were almost surrounded by a great amount of the green monsters.

Chu Yunsheng covered Tian Weidai so he could replace the clip. Then he jumped into the bus through the big hole. Just when he landed, he heard a man shouted in pain.

Chu Yunsheng took a close look, the man was Huang RenKuan, he landed on his leg.

Huang RenKuan’s face was twisted,  he was sitting on the floor, there were many ice pieces scattered around the area he was sitting, and a monster’s body was laying on the ground not far from him.

The monster was broken into pieces.

Lao Chui was trying to help Huang RenKuan to stand up, but his face was gloomy and a little bit distressed, it seemed like he was worried about something.

Chu Yunsheng did not see any other monster inside the bus, he glanced at the people who were alive on the bus, some people were weeping over their family member’s death in silence,  some people who were injured gritted their teeth scared to make any sound, Kids were hidden underneath the seats by their parents, but most of them they were peeking the outside in fear.

When he just about to get off the bus, he suddenly heard a scream: “ah!”

“Push!  Push more!” “don’t give up! Push! It's coming out!”


Chu Yunsheng was startled, at the back of the bus, there was a pregnant woman,   she was held down by several people, it was her who screamed in pain. her trousers were already removed, the only male Doctor in the Lao Chui’s group was currently grasped her both legs tightly.

She is giving birth at this time!

Chu Yunsheng suspected it was a premature birth, it was caused by the fear of the fight and chaos, or maybe she was bumped into something when the bus was speeded up, it might have caused her to deliver the baby early.

“Quick! Give her cloth to bite.” Lao Chui instantly stood up and said. Everyone was scared to make any sound because it might attract more monsters.

“Hum! …………...Hum!” the struggling screams immediately become quite groan.

Chu Yunsheng could not help them anything, there was more urgent thing needed him to do. After he checked the bus was completely safe, he immediately held the edge of the hole and went back on the roof again.

There were around three monsters left at the front, little one and Tian Weidai could deal with them easily, so Chu Yunsheng quickly rushed to the second bus.  he jumped off the bus while the bus was still running, then he immediately jumped up,  kicked on the edge of the windshield of the second bus and got on the roof of the second bus which was still running at a high speed.

The situation was very bad on the second bus. Zhao Shanhe and other three people had formed a circle, witch was in the middle. The monsters were constantly diving down at them, some even attached to their body did not leave. Zhao Shanhe and Li Yue constantly cast their fire power to knock the monsters away. The chef was covered with solid ice and cast sharp ice pieces around them. The sharp ice pieces were revolving around their little circle and slicing all the monsters.

All people were injured, among them, Li Yue’s injury was the most severe, his leg was pierced through by the insect, the wound led to constant bleeding, and blood was dripping from his trousers to the bus roof. Probably the monster had pierced through his arteries. He leant his body against other three people, he could barely stand up.  the witch who was at his back was using her strange ability to heal his injury.

“Bang! Bang ! bang!....” Chu Yunsheng fired several shots, cleared half of the monsters that attached to their bodies.
They were startled when they saw Chu Yunsheng. They thought that Chu Yunsheng had lost his bus, then when they noticed the monsters at the front were almost eliminated, they were shocked again. Within this short amount of time, he and Tian Weidai killed all the monsters?

Chu Yunsheng did not approach them straight away. He stood in the middle part of the bus using his gun constantly shooting the monsters. He had already wasted half of his Yuan Qi, and he didn't have many bullets left.
“Quick,! Chu, get into the bus, the monster got inside! Quick” Zhao Shanhe shouted.

The bus suddenly started to shake violently before Chu Yunsheng even had a chance to respond, the driver seemed to have lost control of the bus and started to change its direction aggressively and clumsily.

Chu Yunsheng immediately used the gun to open the hole on the bus and got inside. A green monster immediately rushed towards him before he landed the floor. Before He used the gun, the monster’s 3 pairs of hairy legs had already clung to him and used its sharp mouthparts to stab at Chu Yunsheng’s skull.

Chu Yunsheng immediately pointed his gun against the monster’s body while enduring the sharp pain. “Bang!” one shot, the monster exploded,  the green liquid mixed with human blood spread everywhere inside the bus.

There were still two more inside the bus, several people had died already!  The space inside the bus was very narrow, and there were too many people inside the bus, but monster’s speed was very fast, so Chu Yunsheng was scared to fire the shot.

He immediately rushed towards another monster. With the help of energy shield’s protection, he used the force to hold a monster down on the floor and fired another shot!
When he was about to do the same thing to the last monster, the first bus’s tire exploded and hit the utility pole on the side of the road.

The second bus’s driver was already injured, he could no longer control the bus, So the second bus rear-ended the first one and Both bus completely crashed!

Chui Yuquan used all his strength to press his body against the door to stop people from getting off the bus, some people already got off the bus, but they did not know, there were even more monsters outside, once they got off the bus, they were going to die definitely.

Only when Chu Yunsheng killed the last monster, did the situation inside the second bus finally calmed down.

at the same time, two buses were already crashed into each other, the pregnant woman's painful scream appeared in the dark once again, it seemed like she could not hold on the pain any longer.

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Chapter 95 Green Fluorescent Monster

Chapter 95 Green Fluorescent Monster
Breaking out of the encirclement was their only choice.

Chu Yunsheng dragged Zhao Shanhe and shouted:”break out from the south!”

Meanwhile, more and more Green Fluorescent lights started to appear in everywhere. It was slightly less in the south.

“south might be a trap! Red shelled insects often do things like this!” Li Yue was very concerned about heading south.

“not all monster has intelligence! Zhao Shanhe, let's go, quick, otherwise, it will be too late!” Chu Yunsheng immediately stopped Li Yue from questioning. Actually, he did not know if those monsters had the intelligence or not, but he knew that if they kept talking nonsense, not making a move, they would all die here!

“Ok, head south!” shouted Zhao Shanhe. he glanced at Chu Yunsheng and gritted his teeth, the fire instantly emerged from his body.

Lao Chui was hiding inside the car, he was so scared to come out. So Zhao Shanhe hit the car's door for a few times and told him to ask the driver to drive south.

They immediately decided to abandon the small van which was originally only for 7 awakenings, only leaving two buses, one and front, and one at back.

Chu Yunsheng and Tian Weidai were both on the bus at the front. They were both using a gun to cast their ability to prevent monster from approaching and to prevent their car's speed from slowing down because of monster’s attack

Zhao Shanhe and Li Yue both were a fire warrior, they could cast their fire ability everywhere to stop the monster from chasing them.

The Chef and Huang RenKuan were ice warrior, they could barely provide some defence and help a little bit with the attack. The Chef's ability was stronger, so he stayed at the back of the car to help Zhao Shanhe. Huang RenKuan was at the front to help Chu Yunsheng.

The last one was the witch, her ability was very strange, it was not an offensive ability or defensive ability. Her ability was able to heal all kinds of injuries. Chu Yunsheng had never seen this kind of ability before. He did not know what kind element it belonged to. But he felt that it might have something to do with the wood element which was mentioned in the book. That was also the reason why so many people had faith in her.

Protecting the back was much more stressful than the front. So the witch was asked to stay at the back. However, Chu Yunsheng still had Hu Zai to assist him. Although Hu Zai was still young. but its special ability could still help Chu Yunsheng a little bit.
Once the buses started to move, those green dots were startled and instantly moved towards two buses from all the directions. Although they could not see what they were, they could still hear the non-stop buzz sound in every direction,

Chu Yunsheng's heart sunk, flying green shelled insect was what he worried the most, because those monsters even dared to fight the flame bird. Original he didn't think they were the green shelled insects. because he had never seen a green shelled insect could glow.

But now, those buzz sound made him reconsider it again. This was definitely the sound made by insects when they were flapping their wings in high speed.  Only the flying insect was able to flap the wing like this.

Those green dot started to get closer and closer. Soon, everyone was able to see what they really were.

The monster was as big as a small wall mounted air conditioner, it had two long wings, the whole body was glowing in the green fluorescent light. Comparing to the green shelled insect, it was much smaller, it had three pairs of feet and it flew much lower than the green shelled insect.

Looking at those green fluorescent monsters were getting closer and closer, Chu Yunsheng's hand clenched on the gun tighter and tighter. Compared to the bow, his pistol aiming was much worse!

He was waiting for the monster to get closer, but Tian Weidai had already started shooting!

Tian Weidai’s aiming was much better than Chu Yunsheng. Two shot he fired hit one monster and instantly set it on fire. The monster was struggling to put out the fire, and soon it fell to the ground.

Two shots gave Chu Yunsheng a rough idea how strong those monsters were. Although he did not know about their attack method, at least its defence was much weaker than the green shelled insects.

Chu Yunsheng estimated that he could kill one just by one bullet. The problem was he had to hit it first.

Since he completed the first sub-stage of Yuan Tian stage two, his ability to control Ben Ti Yuan QI was greatly increased. not only that, the degree of compatibility between Ben Ti Yuan QI and talismans that cast on the weapon was also greatly increased.

At Yuan Tian stage one, he was only able to infuse the Yuan QI inside pistol or arrow. As for the power effect, he just let talisman handled by itself.

But now, he was able to distribute, harness and change Ben Ti Yuan Qi. By following the rules of incantations to control Yuan QI he was able to trigger a specific effect of incantations.  For instance what He needed right now was to enhance the fire bullets’  explosion ability and burning ability, rather than penetration ability

Of course, Chu Yunsheng couldn't do it perfectly. Because he was still at first sub-stage of Yuan Tian stage two.  He could barely change the basic effect.

As long as he understood more about the incantations and practised it until he familiarized the rules. Eventually, he would be able to unleash its full power.

Two of Three Green Fluorescent monsters were killed by Tian Weidai. The last one was shot down by Chu Yunsheng when its reached within 5 meters from Chu Yunsheng!

If Chu Yunsheng was impressed by Tian Weidai’s shooting skill. Then, Tian Weidai was impressed by Chu Yunsheng’s fire power.  Chu Yunsheng just fired one shot, it instantly blasted the monster into pieces, the monster didn't even have time to struggle.

However, the scary thing was not those monsters defence ability. It was the sheer number of them!

Three failed tentative attacks were followed by a massive amount of monster’s non-stop attack, the number of green lights almost lit up the entire battleground.

Chu Yunsheng forced himself to calm down. he was continuously firing the pistol. As he expected, he missed a lot. So he was even more treasuring his Yuan Qi. Eventually, he maintained the Yuan QI consumption to one bullet per fluorescent monster.  He did not have any more absorption talisman to support him, so he was paying attention to his Qi consumption at any time.

Those monsters were very smart, they know they couldn't break Chu Yunsheng and Tian Weidai’s defence, so few of them headed straight towards the bus’s windows. They were using their long and sharp proboscis to break the windows.

The green liquid which came out of those long proboscis instantly melted the glass windows. those monsters immediately flew inside the bus through the hole. People inside cars instantly started screaming!

“Chief Huang, get inside the bus, deal with those insects!” Chu Yunsheng kicked Huang Renkuan while stepping back. This timid state official did not do anything during the defence. The monsters were mainly killed by him, Tian Weidai, and some of the monsters were knocked away by Hu Zai’s tiger roar.

“I…. I….. I can’t do it?” Huang Renkuan said in the panic.

Just when he said this, there was a blood-curdling screaming came from inside the bus. A monster which became twice bigger than before dragged out a Shrivelled body from the bus. Its proboscis was still stabbed in that man’s chest. The man was sucked dry and became a Mummy.

“Quick!” Chu Yunsheng urged, he kicked Huang Renkuan twice this time. Those people inside the bus were just ordinary people, they could not kill those monster at all. Those people included the little girl who asked him if the rice porridge was tasty earlier.

Because Chu Yunsheng got distracted by Huang Renkuan, a few monsters instantly pushed forwards, if it wasn’t Tian Weidai fired the gun on time, he probably already got stabbed by those monster's long proboscis!

“I can’t do it, I really can’t do it. I have not even killed a chicken in my entire life!” he was so scared by the dried body that he almost fell off the top of the bus! “

“Get in or I'll kill you! ” Chu Yunsheng was enraged at him. “Bang” he fired a shot on to the roof of the bus. He tried his best to maximise the incantation’s burning ability and weakened its penetration ability. Soon the roof was melted a big hole, and Huang Renkuan was kicked off the roof by Chu Yunsheng. He fell into the hole.

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Chapter 94 unknown monsters

Chapter 94 unknown monsters
Chu Yunsheng didn't care about what witch was doing. It was not his business either. Moreover, people were willing to believe, and the witch was happy to preach. So he couldn't do anything about it.

After Lao Chui’s group had the food, they became so energetic, there were even smiles on everyone’s face, and they also got the broken car fixed very soon. Human’s potentials were truly limitless. Desperation, hope could be changed just within a split second it was just like a magic.


In the silent night, the wind seemed to have stopped.

Chu Yunsheng had been practise his cultivation method for quite a while now. Yuan Tian stage two had 5 sub stages, he needed to complete those five sub-stages in order to fully transform his body. But now he just barely completed the first sub-stage. He didn't know how powerful he would be when he reached the second sub-stage. All he knew was more sub-stages he completed more powerful he would be.

In fact, not only just he knew this, the other awakening warriors also knew this as well. Apart from the “witch” who was mainly focusing on preaching, rest of five people were trying all kinds of method to increase their strength. This was their only way of surviving. God had given them the abilities, now it was down to themselves to find a way to increase the power of their individual ability.

All five people had different kinds of thoughts. since Chu Yunsheng solved the food crisis, Huang Renkuan once again changed his position to support Zhao Shanhe. Even the “witch” and Tian Weidai all turned their back on Li Yue, The chef was always quiet, so All of the sudden Li Yue was on his own.

Meanwhile, seeing Chu Yunsheng was still awake, Tian Weidai secretly approached Chu Yunsheng. He took out a crumpled cigarette box from deep inside his coat and borrowed the fire from Chu Yunsheng. He then took a deep drag. after that, he passed it to Chu Yunsheng. Chu Yunsheng shook his head, he didn't take it.

“brother Chu, do you think there is an afterlife?” said Tian Weidai.

“Maybe,” said Chu Yunsheng. Everyone would ask themselves this question some point in their lifetime. Chu Yunsheng had also thought about it before, but in the end, he still could not find the answer.

“my presents died when I was a kid, I became a soldier when I was 18,  our platoon leader was always looking after me, he treated me like his own brother.” said Tian Weidai, there was a gleam of light flashed in his empty eyes, but it quickly disappeared. He was dispirited:”when I was still defending Shen Cheng city, half the of the soldiers in our company had already died. but the headquarter still told us they had not yet evacuated the entire city, they wanted us to hold the defence line at all cost!

In Those days, not a single day without soldiers dying. I was a coward, I got scared. I tried to run away when the troops were in disarray. But I still got caught by the disciplinary patrol. The day after I was caught, all the deserters were asked to stand in a row in front of the whole regiment and wait for regiment Commander to execute us in person. It was the company commander who saved them. When he begged regiment commander to give the deserters another chance, the regiment commander was pointing the gun at his head. Only when he used his own life to guarantee that those deserters would redeem themselves by fighting the insects did the regiment commander let it go.”

Tian Weidai was like talking to himself, he did not check if Chu Yunsheng was still listening or not.

“That day, we were sent to the front line to fight the insect in order to redeem ourselves. Everyone lost their mind and clashed with the swarm. In the end, the swarm retreated, and I lived.

It was that night, I awakened, but it was too late to report my detail to the headquarter. Squad leader jokingly said that I was a lucky bastard, the whole company, just me awakened. He also said even though I had awakened, but I still needed to fight like a man, die with the comrades. Never ever retreat, even just one step!

The second day, swarm came back with more number, and even more strong push from both sky and ground. They were not scared of artillery fire at all. Our brothers died one after another.  in the end, We still couldn't hold the defence line. Squad leader and rest of our brothers tied the bombs to themselves, died with the insects…. I was supposed to die with them,  but I got scared again. I threw away the bomb… and hid underneath comrade's bodies….we said that we are going to be brothers in the next life…. We said….”

Tian Weidai’s voice became lower and lower until Chu Yunsheng couldn't hear it at all. Tian Weidai looked dull, he didn't have any reaction even the cigarette burnt his fingers.

When he talked about the soldiers who blew up themselves with the insect. Chu Yunsheng remembered the soldiers he saw at the village. how much courage do you need, in order to make that kind of decision?

Chu Yunsheng gradually understood what was torturing the soldier. The soldier hoped that there was an afterlife, so he could meet his comrades who were treating him like a family member again. But he was also scared that there was an afterlife. He was scared that his comrades would despise him.

That was why he often shouted “I'm not a deserter!” during sleep!

In fact, the timid Tian Weidai didn't tell anyone including Zhao Shanhe he was a deserter. But every time he woke up shouting those words. It wasn't long until everyone figured out he was a deserter.

The Cars were bumping up and down and slowly drove towards Jin Ling city. Drivers had already been changed. The driver at first shift was already exhausted, it was time for them to take a short break.

Tian Weidai fall asleep after he vented all the stress. Only Hu Zai(little tiger) was awake, it twitched its ears from time to time seemed to listen to something. Chu Yunsheng was in a state of trance, he didn't know how long he was like this.

Suddenly he felt that Hu Zai which was in his arm suddenly stretched his body tightly, it was restless. Chu Yunsheng was startled and instantly woke up.

Normally if Hu Zai detected the danger and if it didn't know where the danger came from, it would act like this. The mysterious wind element plus the animal's instinct made Hu Zai’s detection ability become very accurate.

“Stop the car!” Chu Yunsheng suddenly shouted. His shout was like a thunder rang out in the car.

“Stop the car!” Chu Yunsheng nervously stood up, he didn't care about everyone was sleeping. He shouted once again.

The car instantly stopped, two buses which were closely following behind them also stopped. Everyone started to become anxious after they woke up.

“what's going on?” Huang Renkuan immediately asked.

“Shut the engine! turn off the lights!” Chu Yunsheng didn't answer him, instead, he bent over and quickly approached the driver urged him.

:” what's happening?” said Zhao Shanhe when he opened the car’s door from outside. he was on the watch on top of the car earlier.

Chu Yunsheng took out the gun, and started to check the bullets, he said quietly:”There are monsters nearby!”

“What monster?” said Huang Renkuan, he was very worried.

“I don't know!” through the glasses windows, Chu Yunsheng was staring at dark outside the car. Two buses behind them also shut the engine and turned off the lights.

“Which direction?” Li Yue immediately asked.

“I don't know!” Chu Yunsheng still gave them the same answer, because he did not really know where the danger came from, also he had yet to feel Yuan Qi’s irregular fluctuations in the area.

“Then, how do you know, there are monsters nearby?”

“Xiao Chu, you are not joking right?” said Zhao Shanhe and Huang Renkuan, they almost responded at the same time.

Chu Yunsheng ignored their questions and started to harness the Yuan Qi inside his body. he was on the extremely high alert state and he was preparing himself for the worst.

Everyone was affected by his tense behaviour, they lowered breathing noise, stopped talking, and stared at outside through the windows.

After a while, nothing happened.

If it wasn’t that he knew Hu Zai’s instinct was very accurate, Chu Yunsheng would definitely doubt it as well.

“Mr. Chu, don’t you think, you are a little bit exaggerated? ” Li Yue’s said with a weird tone. He was not happy about Chu Yunsheng helping Zhao Shanhe to solve the food problem. However, he also got a share, so at that time, he couldn't say anything about him.

“Yes, it was very scary.” Huang Renkuan nodded his head and relaxed his body. He then leant back in the seat.
“Look, what is that!” Tian Weidai suddenly shouted from the back of the car.

Chu Yunsheng’s speed was very fast, in a split second, he rushed to the back of the car. It was completely dark inside the car,  no one could see anything. But everyone was still shocked because they could still feel the sharp wind caused by Chu Yunsheng’s high-speed movement.

There were three green light dots slowly appeared in the dark at right rear side of the car. They were swaying roughly two meters above the ground, but no one knew what that was.

“There are also some here!” Huang Renkuan’s voice was trembling in the dark.

“Chief Huang and witch protect the rear side of the bus, everyone, get ready for the battle.  “ Zhao Shanhe immediately assigned the task to them.

At the same time,  more and more green fluorescent light dots started to appear in the dark,  some of them were high above the ground, some of them stayed very close to the ground, And Chu Yunsheng’s group was completed surrounded by them!

Chu Yunsheng was always relying on Hu Zai’s instinct to detect the danger before it approached him. He often had enough time to switch off the light and find somewhere to hide before the red-shelled insects arrived. He then usually just waited until the monsters left.

However, those green fluorescent light monsters seemed to have much stronger detection ability, they had already surrounded them.

At this time, hiding became useless.