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Chapter 102 - Golden-Shelled Insect

Chapter 102 - Golden-Shelled Insect
The waves of quake clusters came from the ground below, one after another. The frequency started to increase and became rapid. Chu Yu Sheng had already determined that it was caused by the golden-shelled monster. He could feel that it was digging towards the defence line.

Once it came out of the ground, its fire attack could sweep away everything on the ground.

Not only was Chu Yu Sheng’s group was running for their lives, all the refugees flocked towards the first defence line. No one wanted to be the last one.


With a loud bang, a giant insect’s head as big as a bus broke out of the ground. Its golden shell was shining a bright golden light in the military’s searchlight.

This was the second time Chu Yu Sheng had seen a live golden shell insect in such close proximity. Half of its body was still underneath the ground.  No one knew how big this monster was, but just its giant head was more than enough to intimidate them. Its mouth was covered with palpus. There was also a pair of big mandibles on each side of its mouth. The mandibles were covered with dirt and they were constantly opening and closing. Just by looking at  it, Chu Yu Sheng could feel that its mandibles had a tremendous amount of bite force.

The golden-shelled monster spat a line of fire at the defence tower when it had surfaced out of the ground. The people on the ground quick seized the opportunity to run away.

The heavy machine guns and rocket launchers on the top of the defence tower had already started firing at the golden-shelled monster.

Chu Yu Sheng was surprised that he could feel Yuan Qi fire elements from those ammunitions. Although it was not strong, it already had enough firepower to damage the monster’s energy shield.

Then, one after another, golden-shelled monsters dug their way out of the ground. They even brought up some larva-like long transparent worms with them. Those transparent worms crawled their way down from the golden-shelled monster’s body and quickly moved towards the refugees.

Chu Yu Sheng swung the sword and quickly killed the one worm that was crawling towards him. He looked around. Lao Chui’s group just passed the first defence line.

But they did not run very far as the ground started to shake once again. A giant golden-shelled monster’s head came out of the ground behind Lao Chui’s group!

Few people were knocked over by the quake, they were trampled to death by the monster’s giant front leg before they even had a chance to get up.

The appearance of golden-shelled monster split Lao Chui’s group into two parts, almost a third of people were on the other side. They were surrounded by the worms.

“Run, quick! Don’t turn around, they are dead!” Chu Yu Sheng shouted once again.

“No! Please let me go, my daughter is over there!” a woman screamed, Zhao Shanhe was holding her from behind tightly.

“I’ll go!” Zhao Shanhe shouted. He pushed the woman to the other side. “Yu Quan, watch her. Don't let her go back! It'll be suicide!”

Zhao Shanhe had not fully recovered yet, and he also did not have much energy left. He did not run far before he was surrounded by the worms. Soon, few worms crawled up to him and tightly wrapped his body.

If he were not injured, or if he had sufficient energy, he wouldn't have any problem dealing with those worms. But now, whenever he killed one, another would crawl onto him. The speed of at which he was killing the worms was much slower than the speed of the worms crawling onto him.

Chu Yu Sheng cursed after he saw what happened. He quickly charged towards Zhao Shanhe and used his sword to free him from the worms’ encirclement. He picked him up by the collar and shouted, “Are you crazy?! You can't save them!”

Just when he finished, the woman broke free from Chu Yu Quan’s restraint. She was running towards the other side and was constantly shouting, “Meng, Meng! Don't be scared, Mom is here!”

Chu Yu Sheng was dazed for a second. He finally saw who this woman was. He quickly turned around and tried to look for the little girl.

The girl was in the group that was surrounded by the worms behind the golden-shelled monster. The number of people around her was decreasing quickly. If it wasn't that Tian Wei Dai was next to her, she would probably already be dead.

Zhao Shanhe’s eyes were red. He still wanted to charge towards the monster to save them. But he could not wrench away Chu Yu Sheng’s hands.

“Fuck it! I’ll go!” Chu Yu Sheng hadn't cursed this much for a while, and this time he lost it. He pushed away Zhao Shanhe and used his sword to make his way to the little girl.

Chu Yu Sheng thought as long as he didn’t directly fight with the golden-shelled monster, he would be able to save one or two people. With the ability he had right now, he could not save all of them.

When he finally jumped over the golden-shelled monster and got to Tian Wei Dai, he noticed that Tian Wei Dai could barely stand up. He swayed left and right constantly. It was clear that he was on the verge of collapsing,.

“Go!” said Chu Yu Sheng. He picked up the little girl and pushed her into Tian Wei Dai’s arm. Then he picked up Tian Wei Dai before leaving.

“Mr. Chu, please take me with you!” said Li Yue who came out of nowhere. There was a worm still crawling on his body, but he ignored it and rushed towards Chu Yu Sheng, begging in panic.

Chu Yu Sheng couldn't take three people with him. If it weren’t for the fact that little girl was just a kid, he couldn't even take two people with him.

Moreover, maybe because Chu Yu Sheng killed too many worms, all others worms started to move towards them. Even the golden-shelled monster stopped attacking the defence tower and turned its giant head around to face Chu Yu Sheng.

In that split second, Chu Yu Sheng gritted his teeth then pushed away Li Yue who was clinging onto him. He immediately jumped up and killed few worms which also jumped to try to stop them.

He stepped on the dead worm's body and quickly ran behind the first line of defence.

The golden-shelled monster was very angry. It turned its head around as Chu Yu Sheng ran past him. Its mouthparts was constantly moving and making the grunting sounds. It seemed that it was gathering energy.

Chu Yu Sheng was still in its attack range. He wouldn't be able to run away in time. He had to stop it first!

Sword Fighting Technique - Ward Off Thousands Army.

The Six Sword Qi immediately shot towards the monster’s mouth. Since he completed the first two Yuan Tian sub-stages, he could slightly control the direction of where the Sword Qi travelled to.

He could also split the Sword Qi or combine the Six Sword Qi if he wanted to.

It wasn’t until now that Chu Yun Sheng had gained a little bit of insight into the true power of Senior’s sword fighting techniques.

What he needed right now was the most powerful single point of attack. He needed to destroy the monster’s mouthparts. It would be the best if he could temporarily disable the monster’s ability to spit fire!

Under Chu Yun Sheng’s control, the Six Sword Qi merged and formed a fan-shaped beam that shot straight into golden-shelled monster’s mouth in a split second.

The golden-shelled monster sensed the danger. It instantly closed its big mandibles and attempted to block the Sword Qi. It was forced to hold back its fire attack.

Chu Yun Sheng’s Sword Qi was filled with powerful Ben Ti Yuan Qi, It instantly broke the golden-shelled monster’s mandibles and destroyed its mouthparts.

The golden-shelled monster screamed in pain. It could not hold the fire anymore, the fire instantly burst out from its mouth and hit the Sword Qi. The power of the Sword Qi was reduced after it hit the monster’s mouth. So the monster’s fire attack instantly dissipated the Sword Qi.

Chu Yun Sheng held Tian Wei Dai who was also holding the little girl. He could barely dodge the monster’s fire attack while carrying two people’s weights with him. Once he dodged the first fire attack, he immediately unleashed the Sword Qi a second time!

This time, the golden-shelled monster could not gather its energy in time. Its mouthpart was completely destroyed by the Sword Qi.
The golden-shelled monster’s defence was much stronger than the red and green-shelled insect. Its fire attack was not much weaker than the flame bird. Its only weakness was its mouthpart. The rest of its body was covered by shell. Regular bullets and fire weapons could not damage it at all.

Chu Yun Sheng was lucky because he had taken the opportunity when the monster was charging up its fire attack so that his sword beam could be controlled. Therefore, the monster could not dodge it at all.

Once the monster’s mouthpart was destroyed, Chu Yun Sheng immediately unleashed the Sword Qi for the last time.

Six Sword Qi formed into two light beams, and were shot inside the monster's broken mouthparts under Chu Yun Sheng’s careful control. After the Sword Qi went inside the monster’s stomach, it started shredding all of the monster's internal organs.

Golden-shelled monster screamed in pain once again. This time it was even louder —  it made all the worms around it all stop attacking for a second.

The pain inside its stomach caused it to roll around on the ground. Soon, cracks appeared on the skin under its belly. The red liquid was first leaking slowly from the cracks and then burst out because of its violent struggle. The ground was spread with red liquid.

“Boom!” It was caused by the monster’s head as it crashed onto the ground.

Chu Yun Sheng had wasted his energy and finally killed it. But he did not expect that, after the monster was killed that all the worms would suddenly become crazy. Their attacks quickly became much more powerful and fast. Within a moment, Li Yue and the others were covered by them. Then they all charged towards Chu Yun Sheng.

All of this happened at the same time.

“Whoosh~~~~~~~~~~~!”  The military flares were fired behind the second line of defense.

“Get down~~~!!!!!!!” a soldier shouted, “Artillery fire! Get down! ”

Chu Yun Sheng and Tian Wei Dai were both depleted of energy. He did not have time to use the absorption Yuan Fu to restore his energy. The worms were still chasing them. Everyone else could get down, but not them. Once they got down on the ground, they would be covered with worms. So he just kept running!

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