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Chapter 87 humans are still resisting

Chapter 87 humans are still resisting
Eventually, he still left the place. He picked up the walking stick and Qian Bi sword, took the stuffed toy and carried on limping on the highway towards Jin ling city.

Even if Jin Ling city had fallen, he still needed to see the debris. If humans had really fallen, there was no point for him to be alive.

Also, his aunt was still there, even if she was really dead, he wanted to see her body.

With the help of the walking stick, Chu Yunsheng limped alone on the highway that was covered with bodies. He already stopped reciting the incantations,  he was simply walking on the highway like a robot with the mind completely blank.

He didn't understand why people would easily give up their life to commit a suicide before, but now he knew.

His watch was already broken, he didn't know how long he had walked. But the sky still had a hazy light that meant the day was still not over yet.

The number of bodies started to reduce. So the space on the road became wider.

However, he wasn't careful enough when he walked down the highway. He slipped over on a puddle of blood and tumbled down and road. His head hit a dead tree and instantly started to bleed. But he didn't faint this time. Because he heard the insect's screech. The nervous feeling instantly woke him up.

He immediately stood up and gazed afar. Finally, he saw a live human being!!!

The person was being attacked by three red shelled insects.

‘Uh? no…’ Chu Yunsheng wiped off the blood in his eyes, looked one more time. It was two! And the other one was a tiger!

Strangely, the tiger was helping the man to fight the red-shelled Insects!

Since the dark age began, apart from some small domestic pets, Chu Yunsheng had never seen a large animal. This was the first time he saw the “king of animals”(1.) fighting in the wild in person.

The tiger was surrounded by the golden light and it was constantly roaring at the red-shelled insect, every time it roared, it seemed to fire a projectile breath from its mouth.

The man who was fighting together with it was a fire elemental warrior. Je was using his bare hands to fight the red-shelled insects.

Three other red shelled insects had already died next to them.

When Chu Yunsheng noticed them, he was still very far from them. Only until when he took out the bow and arrows, did he noticed that the man and the tiger were heavily injured, they were bleeding a lot.

He hated Insects. it was them destroyed his world; his hopes and everything else that existed in this world. The vicious desire of killing those monsters instantly surged up within him.

----Kill! ----KIll! ----Kill!----

Chu Yunsheng did not have much Yuan Qi left, but he still started to infuse Yuan Qi and aimed the arrow at one red shelled insect.

 "die!" He shouted loudly.

The frost arrow instantly shot out and froze a red-shelled insect be before his voice had faded out.

Then the fire warrior threw a punch to smash the frozen insect into pieces.

At the same time, the other insect went mad instantly. It ignored the tiger’s breath attack, and despite its claw was broken by the tiger breath, It still charged towards the fire warrior and used its sharp leg to stab the back of fire warrior's head.

The fire elemental warrior's defence was very weak, if he was hit, he would definitely die.

The Insect's speed was very fast, even Chu Yunsheng tried to remind the man, it was still too late. When Chu Yunsheng thought that he was dead for sure, what he saw next, he probably would never be able to forget in his life.

The tiger roared and jumped towards the man, it used its body to block the deadly attack.

The tiger's neck was pierced through by the red-shelled insect’s sharp leg. The golden light that surrounded it instantly became brighter. Despite the blood constantly bursting out from its neck, it bit off the insect’s sharp leg and then tightly bit on insect’s head.

The fire warrior was shocked, he instantly threw his fire fist and constantly smashed the insect red shell’s body until the insect’s shell was broken and its sticky blood came out.

The Insect died.

The tiger also died.

The Fire Warrior was a 40 years old man. He was tightly hugging the tiger and wept aloud.

Chu Yunsheng stood aside silently and watched him cry.

After a while, the fire warrior slowly stopped crying. He tried to stand up, but he immediately collapsed onto the ground. Only now did Chu Yunsheng noticed that there was a hole in this right chest.

He helped the man to sit up.

The man gave him a wry smile. "brother, I don't know who you are, but thank you."

Chu Yunsheng shook his head, he wanted to kill the insect because he hated the insects.

The fire warrior coughed a few times, and sat next to the dead tiger, he slowly stroked the tiger’s fur and sighed. “my wife and daughter died, now Hu Zai(tiger’s name) also died, there is nothing left for me in this world!”

He then took out two boxes and passed it to Chu Yunsheng. "brother, cough… cough…  I know that I will not make it, I am sorry to ask you for another favor. I used to be a zookeeper in Gu Su Zoo, cough…. cough ” he used his hands to draw a small circle in the air and said. “I raised Hu Zai when it was this big, it has been 10 years now…. cough … cough...”

Then he pointed one big box said. “this is its kid, it had it since before the dark age began, but I don’t know why… cough… cough, it’s been half years now, it just gave birth….. a few days ago…. Cough … cough…. Three of them… only one is alive now…..”

He then raised his head and begged Chu Yunsheng. “please, bring it to Jin Ling city and give it to the government… If you want, you can raise it as well... cough …. Cough... But ...Please, no matter how hungry you are… please do not eat it… ok? It is not an ordinary baby…. It has a special ability just like its mom…  it will be very strong and useful!  Cough.. cough...”

Chu Yunsheng took out the box and told him not to worry. He nodded his head  “you need to stay calm, I won't eat it, I promise! ”
He looked into Chu Yunsheng’s eyes and said. “Thank you. I believe you because you helped us, I believe you… take care of ….. ” the man died before Chu Yunsheng even got a chance to say anything!

Chu Yunsheng opened the box, the little tiger baby was still asleep as if what happened earlier had nothing to do with it.

As he picked it up from the box, the tiger baby was startled and yawned, its little paws were moving in the air but then went back to sleep again.

It is a new life, a life from Earth, a life that represented that no matter what happened to Earth, but life itself would continue to survive and to prosper in this dark blood age!

Looking at its tiny body, Chu Yunsheng felt something, his dying heart started to jump again as if a new plant’s bud started to grow on its dead heart.

"Life will never stop, life will go on!”

As long as new lives continued to grow on Earth. One day, humanity would expel the insects from home and rebuild the human civilization.

There was still a hope, and only by staying alive would keep the hope going!

He then put the tiny tiger back into the box and picked up another smaller box. On the cover of the box, it wrote: “beloved wife and daughter”

Chu Yunsheng sighed. “I'll bury you together with the tiger as well, I hope you all would be reunited in the heaven!”


After he buried the man’s whole family, Chu Yunsheng took the box that had a tiny tiger in it and started his journey again.

Feeding the little one became a problem for him for a while, because he did not know how to raise a tiger. Fortunately, the man kept a notebook in the box. It was more like an observation note.

Chu Yunsheng suspected that because of the strange ability the mother tiger had, the man wanted to note down as many details about the little tiger as possible.

The little tiger was growing very fast, it was definitely not normal compared to the tiger during the age of light.

According to the note, the mother tiger could eat red shelled insect’s meat. So the man suspected that after one month, the baby tiger would be able to eat the red-shelled insect’s meat as well.
It just happened to solve the thing that Chu Yunsheng was worried the most, which was that would there be enough food for the little one.

Since its food was the red-shelled insect’s meat, and Chu Yunsheng also happened to have piles of them inside the storage talisman, so It could eat as many as it like.

The little one made him feel the world wasn’t lifeless anymore.

Soon after he had come back on the road, he encountered red shelled insects several times. He suspected that he might be near the area that was crowded with red-shelled insects.

He was afraid that if he continued moving the same direction he might encounter more red-shelled insects. So he found a hidden place to restore his Yuan Qi for three days.

At the same time, his injured leg was also recovered from the injury. At least, he didn't need to use the walking stick anymore.

Before he was back on the road again, he made an energy shield for the little tiger and cast onto its head. The little one’s growing speed was beyond zookeeper's expectation. It had already opened its eyes. At the moment, Its favorite activity was to play with Chu Yunsheng’s hands.

What surprised Chu Yunsheng, even more, was that not only did it had the metal element which was the strongest defence element, but also it had a strange wind element which allowed it to control the wind. This was the first time he saw such element exist.

1. Tiger is considered as the king of all animals in China