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Chapter 88 nuclear explosion

Chapter 88 nuclear explosion
Chu Yunsheng's monster seal talisman could also use to seal all kinds of animals. But the animals would lose their souls, their emotions. Even he could completely control them, they would be just like a robot, a walking dead.

The Little one had a soul, although it was just like other animals. but as long as it’s alive, it had an ability to feel happy, angry, brave, and fear. It would be just like its mom, it had a strong feeling towards its keeper and protect its keeper using its own life.

At least, the little one did not need Chu Yunsheng's Yuan Qi to feed it.

Chu Yunsheng tried to collect the insect’s bodies on the road to make a brand new combat armour, unfortunately, he didn't find many.

Base on his recent study of the ancient book, he found out that level two combat armour talisman had three grades:

The initial grade is called Yi Pin armour which was the one Chu Yunsheng made when he was at Yuan Tan stage one. It had a relatively low defence, although it could increase the physical strength. but it was not a lot compared to other stages.

When Chu Yunsheng reached Yuan Tian stage two he was able to use Ben Ti Yuan Qi(1) to refine the armour to the second grade which was called Er Pin armour. It was similar to the one Chu Yunsheng made in the fog city.

However, at that time Chu Yunsheng was in a hurry, he didn't collect enough shells to refine the combat armour. So Er Pin combat armour was not complete, otherwise, the armour wouldn't break that easily.

The last grade which was San Pin Armour only available when he reached the peak of Yuan Tian stage two. Because it would require having his Ben Ti Yuan Qi to be strong enough to refine the strongest armour in Yuan Tian stage two.

Of course, if the raw materials were different, the quality and the power of combat armour were also different. however, the only material he had right now was the red shells and some green shells.

Chu Yunsheng made himself an initial grade armour: Yi Pin armour from the shells he had. He tied the box which had the little tiger onto his chest, then carry on walking towards the Jin Ling city.

He had been walking for a very long time, from information that he could barely see on a broken billboard on the side of the road, he estimated that he was probably near the Xi Cheng city.

Insect started to appear more frequently, the number also started to rapidly increase. Every time when he tried to go around, but he was still forced to retreat.

Chu Yunsheng was scared that if he stayed too long he would encounter the long leg monster again. There was a lake to his south, so he had to head towards north. He prepared to take a long route along the Yangtze river to get to Jin Ling city.

Because of this, it delayed him for another few days. The Little one was twice as bigger now. it couldn't hide in the box anymore.

When Chu Yunsheng fully recovered, the little one couldn't catch up his speed. So Chu Yunsheng had to hold it under his left armpit while his right hand was holding the sword.

when the sky went completely dark, they would usually find a place to hide, when the hazy shimmer appeared, they would be back on the road. the Insects did not care if there was a light or not, they were ruthless and they did not seem to be scared of anything.

Luckily the little one was very well behaved. After it saw the insect’s terrifying killings a few times, it became very quiet at night.

The little tiger had a habit to sleep during the day and stay active during the night. even if it did not learn anything from its mother. But this habit probably already exist in its gene.

So everytime when Chu Yunsheng was asleep, the little one would try its best to watch out for him. It had a very good hearing ability, maybe because of the wind element.  it would notice the insect when they were still very far away from them.

Every Time when the little one noticed the enemy, it would lick Chu Yunsheng's face try to wake him up. Then Chu Yunsheng would pick it up, then based on the situation, he would decide if he needed to run away or fight back.

One human, one tiger, they had been going through every terrifying night by cuddling each other in the endless dark night.

Chu Yunsheng lost his night vision goggles, so he tried to avoid having contact with even just a few red shelled insects.

The Insects had their own way of communicating with each other. if he encountered them and if he couldn't see anything during a fight, they would have a chance to send out a signal, then he might end up being surrounded by a large group of insects. He might even end up running into the insect’s hive.

That's why he would rather hide in the cold dark night with the little one than walking in the dark.

Luckily they both had energy shield talisman’s protection, their scents were blocked from spreading out, as long as they did not make any sound. The chance of insects finding them was very low.

When the hazy shimmer once again appeared in the sky, Chu Yunsheng took the “sleepyhead” which was the little one back on the road of escaping once again. Since Yu Xiaohai was taken away by the Green shelled insect, he never had a good sleep like what he had now.

...................A few days later. .......................

In order to avoid having contact with a large group of insect’s nearby, Chu Yunsheng spent a long time and finally found an alternative route to get to the city Cheng. However, the insect still did not seem to reduce any. The instinct told Chu Yunsheng that there must be a terrifying amount of insects in the west.

On a windy night, when the sky was as dark as usual,  Chu Yunsheng took the little one was about to hide in a civilian house. Suddenly He saw the first mushroom cloud in his life appeared on the horizon in the far west.

In that moment, the whole world seemed to be lit up by the explosion. then It was replaced by a rolling flame that quickly spread out from the distant horizon. In the centre, a huge smoke/fire hemisphere shot straight into the sky, and finally became the death symbol - a mushroom cloud!

“Nuclear bomb!!!!” Chu Yunsheng’s mind went blank.

A powerful shockwave that enough to destroy everything quickly spread out from the centre of the mushroom cloud. It caused the ground to shake and the mountains to move. it was destroying everything that was on its way!

The shockwave also brought a tremendous amount of dust and stones with it, it was coming towards Chu Yunsheng.

Chu Yunsheng instantly came back from the shock, he immediately turned around, picked up the little one and started to run back. He was running as fast as he could!


Ben Ti (body) Yuan Qi is converted from Tian Di(Heaven and Earth) Yuan Qi.


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