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Chapter 89 the channel is expanding

Chapter 89 the channel is expanding
The first wave arrived was the thermal radiation, just within a split second, it set everything on its way on fire.
Chu Yunsheng was far away from the centre of the nuclear explosion. However, When the thermal radiation arrived at the civilian house he stayed before, its power didn't seem to reduce any. Luckily those thermal radiations were blocked by the energy shield talisman, otherwise, not only the intense heat would cause him a severe injury, just light itself would make him blind.

but it was not over yet, the real threat was the shockwave. Even he was still far away from the centre of the explosion, but it didn't take too long for the shock wave to reach the house. Chu Yunsheng only got a chance to run to a nearest dry ditch and quickly thrown himself Into the ditch. He also made sure that the little one was underneath him and it was fully covered by his body.

The shockwave brought a tremendous amount of dust swept through the ground. The brand new combat armour barely withstood the first shock wave’s impact then the armour was shattered into pieces.

At the same time, Chu Yunsheng had to gather all the Yuan Qi inside his body to support the energy shield running.

When the powerful shockwave was finally over. Chu Yunsheng also lost his consciousness.


After a long time, he was wakened by low-pitched roars.

He still maintained at the face down position and his back was covered with dirt. However, it was completely empty underneath him. It struck fear into his heart. He was trying to get up, but he suddenly felt a terrible burning pain in his back. He felt like all the bones inside his body were broken!

He forced himself to sit up while enduring the pain. Then he noticed that the sky already had a hazy shimmer, and it seemed to become dimmer.  it meant that Chu Yunsheng at least lost his consciousness for more than 20 hours.

Soon he noticed where the little tiger was, he sat on the higher ground and facing the other side. There were dozens of dead mice next to it. The low pitch roars were made by the little one.

Chu Yunsheng gathered all his strength to crawl up to the higher ground. What he saw next made him feel a chill down to his spine!

In front of him was not the insects which probably the worst thing could happen. It was a crowd of mice! There were definitely more than hundreds of them!

Some of them were chewing a dead body not far from Chu Yunsheng. but rest of them which could not squeeze themselves into the crowd to chew the body all squeak at little tiger!

A Few of them even attempt to attack the little one, but they all quickly killed by the little one.

However, it seemed like it was just a tentative attack. They were slowly gathering together and preparing for a massive attack!

Chu Yunsheng did not understand it, the mice should be scared of a larger animal, why were they not afraid now!

he was also shocked, if he didn't wake up early, just little tiger itself defiantly wouldn't be able to deal with this many mice.

He instantly thought of an idea, which was to use the corrosive liquid he still had. Once he threw it out, the liquid would be spread wide out and kill lots of them.

Of course, if he had enough Yuan Qi, he could also use sword technique to kill those mice. But because he didn't have enough, so he had to use liquid instead.

He still had some of those liquid bags with him. Original he planned to use all of them When he was in fog city. However when he reaches Yuan Tian stage two. He no longer needed them to kill the meat worm.

Since the dark age began, from many people and monsters he countered. Chu Yunsheng had already understood that no matter how dangerous it was. He needed to make a decision quickly. Otherwise, he might end up dead!

He took out the liquid and immediately shouted:" Hu Zai, come back!”

In the recent observations, Chu Yunsheng noticed that the little one was very smart, he didn't know why exactly but he suspected it had something to do with the awakening.

Little Tiger heard his voice, instantly turned around. He could see the visible happiness appeared on little one’s face. It quickly jumped back and wanted to use its face to rub Chu Yunsheng’s face. But then it noticed Chu Yunsheng was holding something. as if it understood what Chu Yunsheng was going to do, it slowly jumped aside.

The crowd of mice squeaked at them then quickly swarmed toward Chu Yunsheng!

Chu Yunsheng was furious: insects are powerful, I can't do anything to them. But you little pieces of shit dare to think about eating me, die you all!

Two bags of liquid were immediately poured into the mice crowd. The sizzling sound that made by the liquid when it touched the mice constantly appeared.

The mice were moving very fast. but Chu Yunsheng wasn't slow either. He constantly took out the bags of liquid and threw into the Mice crowd. Whichever caught the liquid would either die instantly or stop attacking because of injury. Only a few of them which don't have any injury still carry on running toward Chu Yunsheng, but they were all blown back by little tiger’s roar.

Within a minutes, a half of the mice were dead!

Seeing the horrible death of their friends, rest of mice all got scared and stopped the attack. Eventually, only a few of them left and quickly disappeared in the hazy light.

Chu Yunsheng was not surprised to see so many mice. the insect was only interested in human and other larger animals. Small animals such as mice, they didn't even bother to look at them.

Moreover,  Insects and other monsters caused a huge impact on the earth's ecological balance. Mice's Natural enemies were either killed by the monsters or eaten by the human, plus their scary breeding speed, strong adaptability and they enjoy the dark. The dark age was almost heaven to them.
Nowadays, the brainless bodies could be found everywhere on the street. They all became mice’s food!

The abandoned city became their new home!

He had even seen mice were following the insect, they were eating the bodies that insect killed.

Chu Yunsheng had also seen some people tried to catch those mice and eat them. But whenever he thought of human meat inside the mice’s stomach, he would lose his appetite.

Finally, they dealt with the mice problem. Chu Yunsheng pet the little one. He had not eaten for almost a day. Luckily, the large animal such as tiger, their endurance was very strong, even though the little one was still very young, it could still endure the hunger for some time.

Chu Yunsheng fed it with some insect’s meat. After the little one had enough, its curiosity and playful characteristic started to show up. It was born at the time without sun. for the little one, this probably was how the world should have been.

It was using its paw to play the dead mice’s body, hopping back and forth. It didn't seem to get tired at all.

However, Chu Yunsheng did not have any good mood. His armour was broken by the shockwave once again and he was injured.

He sat on the dry ditch and started to harness the Yuan Qi inside his body. He was reciting the healing incantation to recover his injury.

He did not prepare to change to a better location. there were several reasons for it.
First, he couldn't move. second, he didn't know which area was safe. He lost his consciousness here for more than 24 hours and the only threat he saw was the mice. So it was quite a good place for him to recover his energy.

The only thing that Chu Yunsheng found very strange was, although he was far away from the centre of the nuclear explosion. but the Nuclear radiation, nuclear pollution should have arrived here by now. And this type of energy damage would be stopped by the energy shield talisman. However, energy shield did not seem to have any reaction at all as if the nuclear radiation didn't exist at all.

Apart from the physical wound, Chu Yunsheng did not feel uncomfortable anywhere in his body.  The little one was very energetic, even those mice did not seem to be affected by radiation.

He was not a scientist, there was no way he could find out why it was like that. But he did not feel annoyed. since the dark age began, there were so many things he could not figure it out. He was kind of used to it.

The Insects seemed to have disappeared. He could not find any one of them. Chu Yunsheng doubted the insects would be eliminated by one nuclear bomb. Even he could survive the explosion. Let alone those insects and their powerful energy shield.

Also, there was one thing he was worried the most. at the moment of nuclear explosion,  Chu Yunsheng could feel Yuan Qi was stirred up as if the Yuan Qi in the whole world was moving rapidly!

And according to the ancient book. After Tian Gui returned, if there was a massive violent Tian Di Yuan Qi (the world's energy)turbulence, it did not matter what caused it,  it would definitely cause the Channels and cracks between two worlds to expand. It meant that even more monsters would swarm into the human world.

 tip for reading this book.

Tian Gui this word in Chinese also does not make any sense,

all the descriptions of Tian Gui you have read in this novel are just how MC understands it.
this is very very very important.........

because it could be right and it could also be wrong........


  1. From what I understand, Tian Gui is the seal of heaven. In other words, his world was sealed against other energies or external dimensions, and when he was released, he allowed them to enter.

  2. and all this time, I thought Tian Gui was a demon or a fallen god.

  3. All this time i thought it was sort of energy that helping him absorb dark matters