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Chapter 90 seven warriors

Chapter 90 seven warriors
Nowadays they were just fighting the insects, and they had already started to use the nuclear weapon. What if there was something worse than the insect? How were they going to fight back? Chu Yunsheng didn't know how to react anymore.

But nuclear explosion did not just bring worries to him. It also removed all the negative thought from his mind.  The military was able to launch the nuclear attack, it meant that the military force still exists! And they were trying to eliminate the large insect swarm near Jin Ling city!

Maybe he was worrying too much, the human civilisation had been existing on earth for thousands of years now. They had developed all kinds of massive destruction weapons. How could they be wiped out so easily?

Chu Yunsheng understood why would the military used the nuclear bomb. Apart from that, what else could they use to eliminate endless inserts swarm?

Other countries like the USA might have better weapons with less side effect. However, the global communication had already broken down. They couldn't get help from other countries.

But it didn't matter what kind of weapons they were using, it wouldn't solve the root of the problem. The channels and cracks between Tian Gui still existed and it was getting bigger every time when a country using the weapon of mass destruction. The number of insects would only be decreased for a short amount of time.

Those things should not be worried by him. It would only give him a headache. He was not a leader of any country. Just let those influential people at Jin Ling worried about the humanity's future. In the meantime, he needed to increase his own strength. The quicker the better. The first-grade armour couldn't even withstand nuclear explosion's shockwave!

Armour required a lot of insect’s shell as raw material, but he couldn't find any red shelled insects that were left alone or in a small number. They all stayed in the swarm, and the number of insects in the swarm would only make him lose all his courage.

When he was still in the fog city. Du Qishan helped him to collect a large amount of monster’s body. It made him reconsidering the benefit of working with other people. he had already thought of an idea when he was still in fog city. it was when he arrived at Jin Ling city, he planned to use weapons and armour to exchange for the material he needed.

Now, he was probably the only one person who could massively produce the equipment such as enchanted weapon, armour and energy shield. he might even produce absorption talisman to restore other's energy!

The awakenings were not always powerful. For instance, his friend Yu Xiaohai, without the enchanted weapon his ability couldn't even kill a small animal.

And according to the ancient book, if Chu Yunsheng found a suitable "Yuan QI Source", he could seal the source inside a weapon, then even the ordinary people would be able to use his weapon and armour! The only difference was the power level.

However, he didn't want to reveal them all at once. Any single one of those items would attract those big men’s great attention. From Du qishan's incident, he learned that those men couldn't be trusted.

Once Yuan fu was completed, Fu’s seal would remove all the traces only left strange symbols on fu’s body, and as far as he knew, the methods of making talisman and incantations only exist in the ancient book, So, as long as he kept the book in secret no one would be able to crack Yuan Fu, even those smart scientists.

Chu Yunsheng had thought about what he wanted to do when he arrived Jin ling city. As long as he could find a secure and secret channel to sell his equipment, then he could spend more time on Yuan Qi cultivation.

Yuan Tian stage two was much more difficult than stage one. The cultivation was not just simply waving the sword to drain Yuan Qi from the body and restored it. Everything he did in Yuan Tian stage one was to prepare for Yuan Tian stage two. It was just like kids learn the alphabets and Yuan Tian stage two was to use those alphabets to form a word and phrase. Or might even be a short sentence.

According to the ancient book, the ultimate goal of Yuan Tian stage two was to transform practitioner’s body until the body completely become Rong Yuan Ti! Once the body becomes Rong Yuan then he would be able to convert Tian Di Yuan Qi to Ben Ti Yuan Qi which was much more powerful and much more concentrated.

This was also why he could only unleash 6 sword Qi, because his Rong Yuan Ti was not complete yet.

The cultivation method of Yuan Tian stage two didn't require him to unleash and restore Yuan Qi repeatedly, He would need to find a quiet place to harness Yuan Qi while reciting the incantations to speed up the transformation.

When the hazy light once again appeared in the sky on the second day. A group of people appeared in his sight. They were covered with dirt and they looked dejected and depressed. When they saw Chu Yunsheng, they asked if Chu Yunsheng wanted to go to Jin Ling city together with them. This time Chu Yunsheng did not say no.

This group was very strange. before Chu Yunsheng joined them, Those ordinary people had already hire 6 other awakening warriors.

They were very lucky because the first awakening was hired by them was a warm-hearted person. his name was Zhao ShanHe and he was a fire warrior. since the dark age began, Chu Yunsheng had never seen such enthusiastic and optimistic person. this guy would always say that:"if the God is not going to save us, then we will save ourself!"

It was because of his protection that those people could keep their food, and strange enough, they also used that food to hire him and 5 other awakening warriors in exchange for protection.

what was even more strange was the rest of five awakenings. they were one timid official, a deserter who had awakened his ability when running away from the battlefield, a “witch” that constantly mumbling something, and a gloomy chef who always kept silent, and a bald  businessman.

Plus Chu Yunsheng, they had seven warriors!