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chapter 91 is the porridge tasty?

chapter 91 is the porridge tasty?
“Let's go through the radiation zone, the bomb just detonated there. It's definitely fewer insects in that direction than other areas. It is the safest way!” the bald guy Li Yue adjusted his glasses and said.

“no! ordinary people can't go through the radiation zone, it's too dangerous for them, even they can get out of radiation zone alive, they will suffer for the rest of their lives.” Zhao ShanHe rejected his suggestion.

“They will die much quicker If they encountered the swarm!” Li Yue insisted.

“How about let’s just move along the radiation zone, you can have the benefit of both sides!” said Huang RenKuan who was a state official during the age of light, his official rank was quite high at that time.
Li Yue twitched his lips, if it was still in the age of light, he would probably fawn over Huang Renkuan. but now was different. However, if they could get to Jin Ling city alive, with this guy's ability and the contacts he had during the age of light. He would definitely be useful to those big men over there.
“Xiao Tian, why don’t you talk about your opinions.” Li Yue poked Tian WeiDai who was wearing the military uniform taking a nap on the side.
“Ah?” Tian Weidai was startled,   he did not seem to listen to what they were saying. At first, he looked at Li Yue, then he looked at Huang Renkuan, it took him a while to say: "I,......I will follow chief Huang’s instruction.”

Huang Renkuan was very happy with Tian Daiwei’s response. His face was filled with the smile.

“That’s it, move along the radiation zone, but we have to be careful, don’t get too close to the edge, I'll take the lead!” Zhao Shanhe tapped his leg and made the decision."

Li Yue's resentment started to grow, but he did not have a choice. the chef did not talk, “witch” was busy preaching her believe, and Chu Yunsheng was new to the group, he didn’t plan to ask him.

Even he did ask him,  Zhao Shanhe, Huang Renkuan and Tian Weidai they were all having the same opinions, they had more numbers than him.

“Short-sighted! You all gonna die when we encountered the swarm!” Li Yue was complaining secretly. but Chu Yunsheng heard it all.

However, Chu Yunsheng did not say a single word or planned to suggest anything from the beginning.
When He followed this group to inspect the nuclear explosion zone, he found out that probably because of Tian Di Yuan Qi the radiation pollution did not spread out after the explosion. Instead, the radiation was enclosed in a hemisphere area centered on the nuclear explosion by Yuan Qi or a type of dark energies.  The boundary was very clear, the outside of boundary and inside of boundary were two kinds of color and two kinds of worlds.

When he got inside the boundary in person, energy shield immediately activated and tried to block all the radiation attack. But when he got out it vanished.

Chu Yunsheng was not surprised, changes of Tian Gui, the disappearance of the sun, the Insects…. He had seen so many strange things!

The reason why Li Yue suggested to cross radiation zone was that it was less than 150km from where they were to Jin Ling city, during the age of light, it was roughly two hour's journey by car.

So Crossing the radiation zone was the quickest way to get to Jin Ling city. However, if they walked along the radiation zone, they were going to spend another few days to get to Jin Ling city.

Chu Yunsheng got off the car while holding the little one, it was the time for the meal. The food was the porridge made of biscuit, snacks and some pieces of sausages, it was quite similar to the one he had in Dong Shen university.

Even just this kind of food, those who hired them still asked 3 men to “protect” the food. It attracted a lot of kids to follow the three men to the place where the awakenings warriors were staying,  those kids could not move their eyes away from the food at a single second.

“why is it even less !? I still had a half pieces of beef yesterday in the meal, but now there is only a few minced meats, is this how you are going to treat us? Ask your group leader Lao Chui to come here, this is not what we agreed on!” Huang Renkuan wasn't satisfied with the meal at all, his face was filled with anger as if he was the only one received unfair treatment.

However, his hand’s did not slow down slightly. He raised his head and quickly poured the porridge into his mouth. Probably he drank it too fast, he was choked by it. But because He did not want to cough it out, it made his face turn red, after a while, he finally swallowed everything in.

“Chief Huang is right, when they hired us, they promised we will have enough food, and there will be meat in every meal. But now, they are using this to treat us. A bunch of ungrateful pieces of shit! ” Li Yue rolled his eye couldn’t agree more.

One of Three men who sent the meal over seemed to be very angry about LI Yue’s complaint, his faces turned red from holding the anger back. It seemed like they wanted to confront them, but he was held back by their group members.

“What are you staring at! Punk, if you piss me off, I'll kill you! ” Li Yue emptied his bowl and pushed the bowl back to the young man. The young man was pushed over and fall to the ground. The blood slowly appeared on the edge of his lips.

“Yu Quan, are you ok?” his group member immediately help him to stand up and asked him.

“You got some fucking serious balls! What the fuck you staring at! I am gonna teach you a lesson!” Li Yue did not have a good mood since Zhao Shanhe refused his suggestion. Now it was triggered by this young hothead.  The fire instantly wrapped around Li Yue’s fists and about to hit this young man.

“Wu Zi, stand away!” the young man whose name was Yu Quan pushed his group member away!

But Li Yue’s fists did not fall on that young man’s body. It was blocked by Zhao Shanhe, both of them were fire warriors, two fire fists smashed together, it instantly exploded, the blazing fire was spread all over their body.

“Zhao Shanhe, mind your own business!” Li Yue was furious, but he did not carry on the attack. He knew Zhao Shanhe was not an easy target.

“Boss Li, do you think, Yu Quan could survive your punch!?” Zhao Shanhe did not back off.

“Those people will never learn, they don’t know how to behave, if they died, it means they deserve it!” Li Yue spat on the floor and said.

Suddenly a roughly 40 years old middle-aged man hurriedly ran towards them, it was their group leader Lao Chui, just when he stopped, he instantly slapped Yu Quan’s face very hard and scolded:” can you stop making any troubles, can you just listen to us for once.......... Can you …. ”    his body was shaking but his slap did not stop. ”

A continuous 7 -8 slaps,  solid and heavy. The young man’s face was swollen up and his hair was all scattered around.
The other guy whose name was Wu Zi immediately hold Lao Chui back: "Uncle, please stop, please, I'm begging you!”

Lao Chui Panted: "you stand aside, don’t stop me.”

Suddenly Yu Quan stood up and pushed away Wu Zi, he burst into tears and shouted loudly: "Uncle, go on, beat me to death! We have not eaten for two days, we have been trying to save everything we got to feed those guys. I don’t have any problem, but Sister Qin, she is pregnant…… and they are still not happy with the meal? ah!!!?......  ”

Lao Chui’s hand stopped in the air, he could not carry on. In the end, the palm landed own his own face, it was loud and clear.

“Boss Li, you are a big man, Yu Qian just a kid, he does know anything, please forgive him, I apologize to you ” Lao Chui was begging him.

“Boss Li, I think just let bygones be bygones. after all, we are in the same group!” Huang Renkuan said in weird and enigmatic tones.

Originally Li Yue was about to let it go since Lao Chui was begging so hard, and his attitude was so sincere. But then he was instantly enraged by Huang Renkuan’s word. How dare Huang Renkuan asked him to stop complaining like he was the one who started all this fuss,

“Oh….. since chief Huang asked, for the sake of him, I'll let it go this time! But, Lao Chui, Chief Huang complained about the food is getting worse, and this is not a good sign.  Originally I don’t want to complain it at all, but since Chief Huang complained about it..... Do have anything to say to him? ” Li Yue smirked and then shifted the topic back to Huang Renkuan. What he said was true, Huang Renkuan indeed said those words, so he had to admit it.

“Er… er… Chief Huang, Boss Li,  food…..” Lao Chui mumbled and he did not know what to say.

“I don't have any problem, I am skinny, so I do not eat a lot, but Chief Huang could not bear the hardship. So you two can talk about it, I need a break after the meal. Please excuse me…..” he waved his hand to interrupt Lao Chui and slowly and casually got on the car.

Huang Renkuan was trying to pretend he was a good man, but now Li Yue said he did not mind the food was getting less. if he was going to demand more food. It was going to make him look bad. And it was going to destroy all the image he just built up.

“Lao Chui, if you don't have enough food, why don't you say it early, we are in the same boat, we can figure out a way to find more food!.” Huang Renkuan “sternly” criticised.

He was a timid man, he would lose his courage when facing the insect. That's why he got separate from the military escort team when they were breaking through the insect's encirclement. After he awakened, he felt that if he could get to Jin Ling city alive, he would definitely be put in an important position by his Superiors.

But the number of officials escaped to Jin Ling city was definitely more than he could imagine. If he wanted to succeed, he definitely needed to do something more than just be an awakening. That was the reason why he stayed in this group. As long as he was able to take them to Jin Ling city alive. Then his reputation would raise. He would become a hero!

“Chief Huang, you....... you really…. Really…….. Thank you!” Lao Chui didn't know what to say.

Because of food shortage, the tremendous stress even made his hair turn white.

Zhao Shanhe seized the opportunity and immediately dragged Huang Renkuan to discuss how to find the new food supply with Lao Chui. Zhao Shanhe didn't finish his porridge, he only drank half, and left half for those kids.

A storm of conflict came out of nowhere. luckily, it didn't last long.

When Li Yue threw the punch, Chu Yunsheng had already started to harness Ben Ti Yuan Qi inside his body. He wanted to save this young man. it was really not worth to kill a man just because of this silly thing. But he didn't expect Zhao Shanhe would come forward first. So he just stood aside watch how the thing went.

Earlier, everyone was gathering around to see what was going on, now they all speared out to do they own things. Only the kids were left behind, they all tried to snatch the empty bowl and used their little tongues to lick whatever remained inside the bowl.

Chu Yunsheng did not touch the one he received. The body’s transformation in Yuan Tian stage two was not only required a lot of Yuan Qi, but it also required a lot of food energy, it was a lot more than just this bowl of porridge could provide.

When he picked up the bowl, He heard an emaciated 5-6 years old little girl said: "Uncle, is the porridge tasty?” the girl's voice was filled with a mixture of timid and hope.