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Chapter 95 Green Fluorescent Monster

Chapter 95 Green Fluorescent Monster
Breaking out of the encirclement was their only choice.

Chu Yunsheng dragged Zhao Shanhe and shouted:”break out from the south!”

Meanwhile, more and more Green Fluorescent lights started to appear in everywhere. It was slightly less in the south.

“south might be a trap! Red shelled insects often do things like this!” Li Yue was very concerned about heading south.

“not all monster has intelligence! Zhao Shanhe, let's go, quick, otherwise, it will be too late!” Chu Yunsheng immediately stopped Li Yue from questioning. Actually, he did not know if those monsters had the intelligence or not, but he knew that if they kept talking nonsense, not making a move, they would all die here!

“Ok, head south!” shouted Zhao Shanhe. he glanced at Chu Yunsheng and gritted his teeth, the fire instantly emerged from his body.

Lao Chui was hiding inside the car, he was so scared to come out. So Zhao Shanhe hit the car's door for a few times and told him to ask the driver to drive south.

They immediately decided to abandon the small van which was originally only for 7 awakenings, only leaving two buses, one and front, and one at back.

Chu Yunsheng and Tian Weidai were both on the bus at the front. They were both using a gun to cast their ability to prevent monster from approaching and to prevent their car's speed from slowing down because of monster’s attack

Zhao Shanhe and Li Yue both were a fire warrior, they could cast their fire ability everywhere to stop the monster from chasing them.

The Chef and Huang RenKuan were ice warrior, they could barely provide some defence and help a little bit with the attack. The Chef's ability was stronger, so he stayed at the back of the car to help Zhao Shanhe. Huang RenKuan was at the front to help Chu Yunsheng.

The last one was the witch, her ability was very strange, it was not an offensive ability or defensive ability. Her ability was able to heal all kinds of injuries. Chu Yunsheng had never seen this kind of ability before. He did not know what kind element it belonged to. But he felt that it might have something to do with the wood element which was mentioned in the book. That was also the reason why so many people had faith in her.

Protecting the back was much more stressful than the front. So the witch was asked to stay at the back. However, Chu Yunsheng still had Hu Zai to assist him. Although Hu Zai was still young. but its special ability could still help Chu Yunsheng a little bit.
Once the buses started to move, those green dots were startled and instantly moved towards two buses from all the directions. Although they could not see what they were, they could still hear the non-stop buzz sound in every direction,

Chu Yunsheng's heart sunk, flying green shelled insect was what he worried the most, because those monsters even dared to fight the flame bird. Original he didn't think they were the green shelled insects. because he had never seen a green shelled insect could glow.

But now, those buzz sound made him reconsider it again. This was definitely the sound made by insects when they were flapping their wings in high speed.  Only the flying insect was able to flap the wing like this.

Those green dot started to get closer and closer. Soon, everyone was able to see what they really were.

The monster was as big as a small wall mounted air conditioner, it had two long wings, the whole body was glowing in the green fluorescent light. Comparing to the green shelled insect, it was much smaller, it had three pairs of feet and it flew much lower than the green shelled insect.

Looking at those green fluorescent monsters were getting closer and closer, Chu Yunsheng's hand clenched on the gun tighter and tighter. Compared to the bow, his pistol aiming was much worse!

He was waiting for the monster to get closer, but Tian Weidai had already started shooting!

Tian Weidai’s aiming was much better than Chu Yunsheng. Two shot he fired hit one monster and instantly set it on fire. The monster was struggling to put out the fire, and soon it fell to the ground.

Two shots gave Chu Yunsheng a rough idea how strong those monsters were. Although he did not know about their attack method, at least its defence was much weaker than the green shelled insects.

Chu Yunsheng estimated that he could kill one just by one bullet. The problem was he had to hit it first.

Since he completed the first sub-stage of Yuan Tian stage two, his ability to control Ben Ti Yuan QI was greatly increased. not only that, the degree of compatibility between Ben Ti Yuan QI and talismans that cast on the weapon was also greatly increased.

At Yuan Tian stage one, he was only able to infuse the Yuan QI inside pistol or arrow. As for the power effect, he just let talisman handled by itself.

But now, he was able to distribute, harness and change Ben Ti Yuan Qi. By following the rules of incantations to control Yuan QI he was able to trigger a specific effect of incantations.  For instance what He needed right now was to enhance the fire bullets’  explosion ability and burning ability, rather than penetration ability

Of course, Chu Yunsheng couldn't do it perfectly. Because he was still at first sub-stage of Yuan Tian stage two.  He could barely change the basic effect.

As long as he understood more about the incantations and practised it until he familiarized the rules. Eventually, he would be able to unleash its full power.

Two of Three Green Fluorescent monsters were killed by Tian Weidai. The last one was shot down by Chu Yunsheng when its reached within 5 meters from Chu Yunsheng!

If Chu Yunsheng was impressed by Tian Weidai’s shooting skill. Then, Tian Weidai was impressed by Chu Yunsheng’s fire power.  Chu Yunsheng just fired one shot, it instantly blasted the monster into pieces, the monster didn't even have time to struggle.

However, the scary thing was not those monsters defence ability. It was the sheer number of them!

Three failed tentative attacks were followed by a massive amount of monster’s non-stop attack, the number of green lights almost lit up the entire battleground.

Chu Yunsheng forced himself to calm down. he was continuously firing the pistol. As he expected, he missed a lot. So he was even more treasuring his Yuan Qi. Eventually, he maintained the Yuan QI consumption to one bullet per fluorescent monster.  He did not have any more absorption talisman to support him, so he was paying attention to his Qi consumption at any time.

Those monsters were very smart, they know they couldn't break Chu Yunsheng and Tian Weidai’s defence, so few of them headed straight towards the bus’s windows. They were using their long and sharp proboscis to break the windows.

The green liquid which came out of those long proboscis instantly melted the glass windows. those monsters immediately flew inside the bus through the hole. People inside cars instantly started screaming!

“Chief Huang, get inside the bus, deal with those insects!” Chu Yunsheng kicked Huang Renkuan while stepping back. This timid state official did not do anything during the defence. The monsters were mainly killed by him, Tian Weidai, and some of the monsters were knocked away by Hu Zai’s tiger roar.

“I…. I….. I can’t do it?” Huang Renkuan said in the panic.

Just when he said this, there was a blood-curdling screaming came from inside the bus. A monster which became twice bigger than before dragged out a Shrivelled body from the bus. Its proboscis was still stabbed in that man’s chest. The man was sucked dry and became a Mummy.

“Quick!” Chu Yunsheng urged, he kicked Huang Renkuan twice this time. Those people inside the bus were just ordinary people, they could not kill those monster at all. Those people included the little girl who asked him if the rice porridge was tasty earlier.

Because Chu Yunsheng got distracted by Huang Renkuan, a few monsters instantly pushed forwards, if it wasn’t Tian Weidai fired the gun on time, he probably already got stabbed by those monster's long proboscis!

“I can’t do it, I really can’t do it. I have not even killed a chicken in my entire life!” he was so scared by the dried body that he almost fell off the top of the bus! “

“Get in or I'll kill you! ” Chu Yunsheng was enraged at him. “Bang” he fired a shot on to the roof of the bus. He tried his best to maximise the incantation’s burning ability and weakened its penetration ability. Soon the roof was melted a big hole, and Huang Renkuan was kicked off the roof by Chu Yunsheng. He fell into the hole.