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Chapter 98 casualties

Chapter 98 casualties
The door was opened and everyone got off the bus, the monsters had finally been killed.

A dozen of people had died, all their bodies were sucked dry and became mummies.

Lao Chui numbly asked people to lay all the bodies in a row, the families of the dead people were on their knees next to the bodies with their blank faces. their tears were already dried.

The Chef had died, no one had the ability to save him. The witch who was the only one able to save him was still in the coma. The ancient book had the talisman which could be used for healing, but Chu Yunsheng didn't know how to make it.

Chu Yunsheng had never talked to the chef before, the chef was always alone and never spoke a word, no one knew where he came from, and what was his story. all they knew was he was a chef, and they were in the same boat heading towards the same destination. However, he got off too early, he would never arrive the destination.

“bury them!” Chu Yunsheng got off the bus roof, the little trigger immediately jumped into him. Chu Yunsheng noticed that the little tiger was getting heavier than before. He could barely lift it up.

“ah?” Lao Chui raised his head, his eyes were blank and emotionless. he was lost.

“bury them all!” Chu Yunsheng sighed. Seeing the chef's  body slowly getting cold, he thought of Jiang Ye who he met in the Dong Shen university’s escort team, that was the first person who had died while fighting the monster together with him. The reason why he wanted to bury the chef was the same as when he wanted to bury Jiang Ye.

“can't …. Can't dig without…without a shovel”  Lao Chui said like a robot, Chu Yunsheng couldn't feel his emotions.

“Use this!” Chu Yunsheng drew the sword and stabbed on the ground.

Eventually, Lao Chui took few people with him to move the body. Apart from the 5 awakening warriors, there were around 8 ordinary people were injured.

Everyone was depressed, no one was talking.

When the only doctor in the group came out of the bus while holding the baby, everyone was staring at the newborn.

“this kid shouldn't have come to this world. he will suffer!”

“It's sin….. A god's sin!”

“It's a fate! the most unfortunate one!”


“Lao Chui, the baby's mom couldn't produce any milk because of hunger. you need to find another way to feed the baby! Otherwise, the baby won't survive long. “ Said the doctor.

“way? Where do I find it ?! “ Lao Chui couldn't stop his body from shaking, but he still took over the baby from the doctor. While he stood next to a pile of bodies, he burst into tears:“ it’s his fate, he shouldn’t have come to this world, it’s fate!” said Lao Chui while sobbing.

“Wa~~!” baby was crying out loud, no one knew if it was because of hunger, cold or maybe he was crying over his fate.

“The god is not giving us a chance, they won’t let us live!!!” Lao Chui raised his head shouted while facing the endless dark sky.

His mournful and blood-chilling scream reverberated in the cold sky for a very long time.

They suffered a heavy loss in this fight, even Chu Yunsheng also had a minor injury. All other awakenings warriors lost their abilities to fight, some even still in the coma.

“Doctor Li, could you come here for a second!” Chu Yunsheng had checked Zhao Shanhe and other people’s injuries. if they just relied on their bodies to recover themselves, then they wouldn’t be able to recover anytime soon. But at this place and this time, it simply did not allow them to stop and recover themselves slowly. The ground was covered with monster’s bodies, who knew if the blood smell would attract more monster or not.

“Mr. Chu, I will do my best to handle those wounded, but without the drug, there is not much I can do!” Doctor Li knew what Chu Yunsheng was thinking, however, without the supply, he couldn't do anything.

“Don’t worry about the drug, tell me what kind of drug will help them get better sooner, we need to leave here as soon as possible!” inside Chu Yunsheng’s storage talisman there were a lot of medicines he gathered from the hospitals in Kun city and Shen Cheng city. but he did not know anything about the medicine. so he needed the doctor LI to tell him what exactly he wants.

“Huh?” doctor Li was dazed for a second, they were in the middle of nowhere, they could not even see a village, let alone the hospital, where was he going to get drugs?

Chu Yunsheng was the strongest awakening warrior amongst those 7 people. so even he doubts about Chu Yunsheng could get drugs, but he still did not dare to say it out. instead, he told him a list of drugs.

Chu Yunsheng could not remember so many strange drug names, so he asked the doctor Li to pick a few most important ones and repeat them back to Chu Yunsheng.

“Save the witch first, let me go to get the drugs!” Chu Yunsheng patted the doctor Li’s shoulder and said.

Although Chu Yunsheng did not like the witch. but her strange ability could help the doctor Li to speed up the group's recovery.

Doctor Li didn't know where Chu Yunsheng was going to drugs, but he did not dare to ask, So he just went back to the group and checked what he could do with witch’s injuries. Luckily, the dead monsters' bodies were still glowing the strange light. so he could check the wound, otherwise, they could not do anything.

But when Chu Yunsheng went around the bus. what he saw next made his blood boil.  Chu Yunsheng saw Lao Chui's both eyes were red and his hands were trembling, the baby was on top of a pile of the bodies in the hole they dug on earlier, he slowly raised the sword and was about to stab down!

“Have you lost your mind!!!” Chu Yunsheng shouted, he wanted to rush towards to save the baby, but he could not run because of exhaustion.

Seeing the newborn was about to die under his sword, Chu Yunsheng’s heart sunk!

“Roar!...........” suddenly a shadow dashed out from Chu Yunsheng’s side. In a split second, the roar which contained wind element slowly form a blurry tiger head and smashed onto Lao Chui, he was instantly knocked over.

The sword fell on the ground one meter away from them, Chu Yunsheng immediately walked over and picked up the sword. He glared at Lao Chui who was still lying on the ground.

“Don’t kill my baby!  please ! I'm begging you!” said the newborn’s mom who was crying and begging. No one knew when she crawled out the bus, her cloth did not even tie up properly. She was then immediately stopped by other people. But she still reached her hands out and opened her palm tired to grab the kid.

“Are you crazy!” Chu Yunsheng pointed the sword at Lao Chui and said coldly.

Lao Chui slowly sat up, his face was covered with the tear, he mumbled:”he shouldn't have come to this world,  the world without milk, food but only filled with the insects. Instead of dying because of starvation or gets eaten by the insect, why not end his misery life early.”

“Why the fuck don’t you kill yourself!” Chu Yunsheng cursed, he pointed at the place where Zhao Shanhe and other awakening warriors were resting and said:”in order to save your lives, the chef died; witch is still in the coma; Zhao, Tian, Li they all had severe injuries. Why do you think they end up like this, Did you think they did it just so you can kill the kid?”

“Mr. Chu, do you think I want this? This kid’s father is my nephew. This kid is my grandnephew, it’s my own blood!” Lao Chui raised his head and cried. his eyes were hollow.

“You awakening people don’t know ordinary people’s pain, we are living in fear and panic every day, we were forced to see our families died one after another, but we couldn't do anything. hunger, cold, desperation, and waiting to die. Living like this is worse than death! God is not letting us live, he is not giving us a chance!”

Chu Yunsheng was dazed for a second, the word he was about to say could not come out of his mouth anymore.

“Uncle, are you crazy, that is brother Yu Qing’s son!” Chui YuQuan tumbled all the way to here from the place where Zhao ShanHe was staying. His fingers clutched on Lao Chui’s shoulders and kept shaking him:”we still have brother Chu, and brother Zhao, we still have monster’s meat, we could cook the meat soup for the baby, we still have hope. aren't you the one told me do not give up, why you are giving up now! ah!!!!!!!”

“Uncle….. Uncle… is useless….useless!” Lao Chui kept mumbling quietly as if he was condemning himself, or maybe he was completely lost.

“He lost his mind already. He is no longer suitable to be your group’s leader, Yu Quan, from now on, you take over!” Chu Yunsheng sheathed the sword and said with the irresistible tone.

The kid’s mom was still on her knees constantly kowtowing. from the sound caused by her head hitting the floor, everyone knew she was kowtowing very hard. “I’m begging you, please… I'm begging you…..” said nervously the kid’s mom,

“Chui Yuquan, you follow me!” Chu Yunsheng said coldly, he walked over and lifted up the baby’s mom whose body was still trembling and walked to the other side of the bus.