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Chapter 99 Finally, we are almost there

Chapter 99 Finally, we are almost there

Behind the bus, Chu Yunsheng gave the baby back to his mom. The mother immediately held the baby in her arm tightly, she was scared that someone was going to take the baby away from her again.

Chu Yunsheng took out a tin of milk powder, He gave it Chui YuQuan and said sternly:” This is for the baby, you keep it for them, don't let others take it.”

Comparing to the other people inside the group, Chui Yuquan was much more reliable, although he was a little bit impetuous. he even offended Li Yue without having thought it through properly. But he was the one willing to stand up for others.

“Brother Chu!?” Chui Yuquan was shocked. Chu Yunsheng and other awakenings might not know what did the milk powder mean to the ordinary people. But he did.

Also, Chui Yuquan didn't know how Chu Yunsheng took out the milk powder. it was unlike other food they found from the building's debris, the tin of milk powder was brand new.

“don't ask anything, this is all I could do for you. You have too many people, you still need to rely on the government. Go…. Arrange people to prepare the meal, after they are fed, we need to leave as soon as possible. Also, we are not far from Jin Ling city now!” Chu Yunsheng interrupted him, he had helped them more than enough. He didn’t want to reveal too many secrets to them.

“Bother chu…..” Chui Yuquan pressed his lips together very hard. He hesitated, But when he saw Chu Yunsheng showed a slight unpleasant expression, he quickly explained:” I don't want to know anything about the milk powder. Brother Chu, could you please teach me how to become an awakening. Brother Zhao showed me many ways, but I still couldn't succeed. You are the strongest awakening in our group and the strongest awakening I have ever seen, can you please teach me?”

When Chu Yunsheng was fighting with the monsters, He and Wu Zi were watching, When they saw Chu Yunsheng was casting both fire and ice abilities they were stunned, They admired him, they wanted to become an awakening like him.

Chu Yunsheng didn't expect his question was this. If professor Sun was here, then he would probably be able to explain something to them. But Chu Yunsheng didn't know anything about the awakenings, so he couldn't help them.

“I can't help you, because, I also don't know many things about the awakenings.” Chu Yunsheng shook his head.

“is there any way at all?” Chui Yuquan didn't seem to give up.

Chu Yunsheng still shook his head, but when he saw Chui Yuquan’ eyes slowly lost their lustre he couldn't help but said:” there are a lot of scientists are doing this kind of research at Jin Ling city, they might have a way. but At the moment, don't think too much about it. the most important thing right now is to organise this group, get everyone to Jin Ling city alive and get them there as soon as possible, And it is your responsibility now.”

Chui Yuquan nodded his head and said firmly:” I won't give up, no matter what!”

After he left, Chu Yunsheng took some time to look for the drugs that doctor Li needed.

Burying the dead, making the food, taking care of people who were injured, everyone seemed to be very busy at the moment.

Doctor Li quickly used the drug to treat the people who had severe injuries. The witch had already woken up. but She was very stubborn. She tried to heal her believers before she even fully recovers herself. Only after she healed her believers did she carry on heal Zhao Shanhe and other people.

In the meantime, Chu Yunsheng was tearing the red-shelled insect’s meat to feed the little tiger. It was already very hungry.

“uncle, this is for you.” said the little girl.

Chu Yunsheng had already known this girl was called Meng Meng. her father died from protecting her and her mother from red shelled insect’s attack.

Meng Meng’s emaciated little hands were holding the meat soup. She was standing in front of Chu Yunsheng, But Chu Yunsheng already had some food. he was not hungry at all, So he took over the soup and kept it aside.

The little girl was upset to see Chu Yunsheng didn't seem to like the soup. then she was attracted by the little tiger. she wanted to pet the tiger, but she didn't dare to.

“Uncle, it looks like a tiger, I've seen tigers at the zoo, but they were bigger, this big” little girl was trying to use her hands to describe how big the tiger was.

Chu Yunsheng smiled, he took out a chocolate bar and gave to the little girl:” it is a tiger, a little tiger.”

“Chocolate!” the little girl was pleasantly surprised:” is it for me?” she asked.

Chu Yunsheng nodded his head and gently touched her head:” don't tell anyone!” he jokingly said.

“Okay!” the little girl nodded her head very hard:”but, can I tell my mom?”

Chu Yunsheng didn't answer her question, he said:” go back to your mom, uncle has some stuff to do.”

The Little girl was scared Chu Yunsheng would suddenly become angry like last time, so she quickly hid the chocolate inside the pocket she thought was the safest, she also gently patted the pocket a few times to make sure the chocolate was there:” thank you, uncle! I have hidden the chocolate, I will eat it when i am most ..most ...most.. hungry!” the little girl said carefully.

Chu Yunsheng smiled,:” go. “ he said.

With the help of meat soup, little girl slowly recovered her strength, she was hopping away like a little bunny, It reminded Chu Yunsheng's own childhood.

Chu Yunsheng gave the meat soup to Tian Weidai whose body now was warped around by the bandage. His back was totally ruined, some bones were exposed outside. If it wasn't witch's special ability. He would not be able to make it.

Tian Weidai wasn't tall, and he didn't seem to grow any beard like Chu Yunsheng and other people did.  he was skinny but he ate a lot.

He was embarrassed when Chu Yunsheng gave him the meat soup. But he still couldn't resist the hunger. The one he had wasn't enough for him.

Chui Yuquan strictly controlled the size of each soup they gave out. However, he still secretly doubled the portions they gave to the awakening warrior. He totally understood his uncle Lao Chui’s difficulty now. Those warriors were too important to them.

“Mr. Chu, thank you!” Zhao Shanhe’s injury wasn't any better than others, but he still insisted on staying to the last second until he got knocked off the bus roof. If it wasn't his strong will, he would've probably died like the chef who was now lying in the hole they dug.

When doctor Li and witch prepared to heal him first. He endured the pain and insisted them to save Tian Weidai first.

“Mr. Chu. If it wasn't you, we won't be alive today!” Zhao Shanhe said slowly and stopped from time to time. It seemed like he still suffered from the pain.  His voice was very weak:” you have the ability to escape, but you didn't do it. Thank you for not abandoning us!”

Chu Yunsheng stopped him:” You should thank the chef, he gave his life away. Compare to him, At least, I'm still alive.”

His words made everyone felt sad. Even Huang Renkuan surprisingly didn't come out to try to say something to increase his reputation. he just sat there and sighed.

“we need to leave here as soon as possible after we done with the meal. if there were more monsters attracted by the smell, then we will be dead for sure.” said Chu Yunsheng, he didn't want to carry on with the topic, so he deliberately changed the topic and told them to speed up.

“Yeah, that's right, let us go now, ask Lao Chui to group up the rest of people.” Zhao Shanhe knitted his eyebrows and struggled to stand up.

“Forgot to tell you, Lao Chui had a mental breakdown, he is not stable at the moment, I have asked Chui Yuquan to look after the group.” said Chu Yunsheng while he was helping the Tian Weidai to stand up.

Zhao Shanhe and other people gasped in shock, but they didn't say anything. it was pretty common to see people having mental breakdown these days, but they still didn't expect Lao Chui would be the one.

Buses were broken, they couldn't repair it. So the remaining journey they had to travel by foot.

Chui Yuquan grouped up the rest of people who could still walk. With Chu Yunsheng's help, they made a stretcher for the baby's mom Qin SaoZi(1) who was still weak after she gave the birth.

Huang Renkuan was forced to take a lead. apart from Chu Yunsheng, he was the only one who just had a minor injury and the only one who still had an ability to fight.

Chu Yunsheng stayed at the end of the group to prevent any monsters might be going after them.

Of course, he got other plans as well, which was to use those green fluorescent monster's bodies to make absorption talisman, although their energy might be very weak. but it was better than nothing.

He waited until everyone left and stored all the bodies in storage talisman.

The hazy shimmer once again appeared in the sky. It shed the dim light on the ground. the mountains at a distance were not high, in the dim light, it looked like the ancient monster quietly lying on the ground.

“look! after those mountains, we will arrive at Jin Ling city!” Zhao Shanhe raised his hand and shouted.

Finally, we are almost there! The hope was like the fire started to spread amongst the group, everyone was excited!

1. Sao Zi: Sao Zi in China means sister in law. but it can also be used to describe a married woman who is slightly older than typically used in a situation where you want to show your friendliness and hospitality.

finally, we are almost the end of this volume


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