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Chapter 134 Jin Ling City Is Surrounded

Chapter 134 Jin Ling City Is Surrounded
Suddenly they heard a wailing of sirens arose above the city. At the beginning, it was just blurry sound, then it became louder and louder until it became a high pitched ear piercing sound.

The people at the checking point had already lost their order. Other people who had not arrived at the checking point were all blocked at the first and second line of defence.

“ Thank….you, Mr.chu! “ Zhou Tingyun was panting, she was finally able to keep her back straight after a long and exhausting running. It almost consumed all her energies. Because She hadn't been eating for almost two days now.

“Are you alright?” Chu Yunsheng had already deactivated the armour, he was startled when he saw her face was as pale as a dead person.

“Xiao Zhou, …...Xiao Zhou……… it was because of us, she has not eaten for days, it's our fault! Our fault!” professor tang’s wife gave out a long sigh.

Chu Yunsheng was dazed for a second. no wonder why back in Dong Shen university she wanted to loot the food factory with them so badly. It was because she wanted to give those two old people something to eat. At that time, he mistook her for a greedy person, now he knew he was wrong.

Wait! Food factory? A Woman? A white dress, the intense frost? Chu Yunsheng suddenly remembered the women he saw at the food factory, it was her!?

Same person or they just look the same!

The words she said? And the cloaked man, who are they? Chu Yunsheng started to associated all those people together.

“Auntie Sun, don't say it. You see! we are here, we here! Everything will get better!” said Zhou Tingyun. But the swarm behind her made her words sound so ridiculous.

“Do you have any relatives in Jin Ling? Or any place to stay?” Chu Yunsheng stopped thinking about the cloaked man and the woman in the white dress. Since he didn't have a clue, he didn't want to waste time thinking about it. What important right now was the symbols.

“No, we don't have any.” Zhou Tingyun shook her head, then she said with full of hope:” But we still have the government right?”

“Wait until you see the refugees inside the city, then you will understand why they don't have the time for you.” Chu Yunsheng shook his head. “if you don't have anywhere to go at the moment, come to the west district, I just happened to have a spare place.” Chu Yunsheng suggested.

“Ah!? Really ?”Zhou Tingyun didn't expect Chu Yunsheng would say this, she almost didn't believe what she heard. Chu Yunsheng had already helped her once, she didn't expect Chu Yunsheng to help her again.

“I also need some help from professor Tang, I'll provide you food, we may go through this hard period together,” Chu Yunsheng nodded his head.

“Mr.chu, thank you very much!  Thank you!” Zhou Tingyun replied with emotions. to them, food was very precious, because they had not eaten for days.

“Tingyun?....” Lin Junchi’s face was twitching.

“Brother Lin, she hooked up with someone better than you, she will not remember us.” Liu Meng said sarcastically.

“No, it’s not, brother Lin, thank you for helping me all the way to here, I will never forget it! It just..... I need to take care the lecturer and his wife…..” Zhou Tingyun pressed her lips very hard.

“That’s alright, Tingyun you may go with him.” Lin Junchi forced himself to smile at them, then he faced Chu Yunsheng and said with a strange expression on his face:”Hello Mr. Chu, I hope you can take good care of Tingyun!”

Chu Yunsheng looked at him and confused, what was wrong with this guy, what did he think I am going to do to her?

But Chu Yunsheng didn't want have an argument over this trivial problem. He patted the little tiger’s head and turned around.

Lin Junchi was dazed for a second, then his face turned red, he was angry because this guy obviously ignored him.

“There is nothing to be proud of, brother Lin, let's go!” Liu Meng tried to pull him away but she failed.

At the same time, three vehicles drove past and stoop next to them, it was Lu Yu and Yao Xiang’s group.

“Brother Chu, we got a problem, the insect’s number has increased rapidly!” Yao Xiang said sternly, it was very unusual for him to show a stern face.

“Any injuries?” Chu Yunsheng nodded his head and asked.

“not yet, Lu Yu sensed something was wrong, so we pulled out in time.” Yao Xiang shook his head.

“As long as there weren't any casualties…. We will talk in detail when we get back!” Chu Yunsheng then pointed at lecturer Tang and his wife and said:” get some brothers to move them to the cars! Let's go!” the weak old couple couldn't walk anymore, Chu Yunsheng had to ask his men to help them to get to the cars.

Immediately there were some low ranking dark warriors came to hold up the old couple as he was saying. Their badges were flickering under the military searchlights.

Liu Meng didn't dare to say anything anymore. No matter how a slow-react person she could be, she still realized this armoured guy was their leader, he was not a person she could mess with!

Lin Junchi’s face turned white, this time it was him who pulled Liu Meng away.

Only after Chu Yunsheng got into the city, did he realized the situation was worse than he expected. The troops which were originally supposed to get the break were all marching towards the second defence line in the wailing of sirens. The sound of footsteps was steady and heavy, the air in the city was tense and uptight, It made everyone feel that there was a great war coming.

When Chu Yunsheng went around the city and arrived in the west district,  what he saw made his heart sank, the swarm not only just appeared in the east district. Outside the West district’s defence line, there was a swarm as large as the one outside East District, and they appeared much more early.

Jin Ling was surrounded! this was his first reaction.


Meanwhile, inside the city, the rumour started to spread:


North district was under the attack!

The gigantic monsters emerged from Yangtze river!

East district’s defence line collapsed!

The first master died in the battle!

The police force had already begun to shoot and kill those people who were causing the chaos, a large number of district area’s management staff were holding speakers to call the crowds to stay calm, to have faith in GCH, have faith in GRD, have faith in DWH  and believe that Jin Ling City will never fall!

Chu Yunsheng's cars were raided by the refugees who thought they were carrying the food, again and again. No one knew what caused them to suddenly become this crazy. At the end, Chu Yunsheng had no choice but asked a fire warrior to stand on the top of the car and constantly firing the gun to warn the refugees who were approaching their cars.

When he finally broke out the massive refugee crowd and arrived at his office building, he noticed that the situation here was as bad as the outside. He could constantly hear the screaming and roaring in the darkness, some were caused by desperation, some were caused by other people… some…..…..

Luckily the building was secured by Lu Guolong’s ability. Ding Yan, other 5 dark warriors and some young and strong of dark warrior's relatives were patrolling on the top of the walls. Some of them were holding the guns and some were holding the fire torches.

Apart from Chu Yunsheng's men, Zhou Tingyun and her lectures were still in the shock. they could not believe the city they had been dreaming of, the city that kept them survived this far looked like this. How was it different than the city they came from.

“Finally you back! Mr.Chu, Zhu Lingdie came by earlier!” Ding Yan was finally relieved when he saw everyone came back.

“Why did she come here?” said Chu Yunsheng.

“ she brought a news, < the act of the second dark warrior recruitment > has approved during the highest meeting in the GCH. Now they are passing the relevant document to DWH, soon, they will enforce the act and start to recruit all the dark warrior! ”  Ding Yan said sternly.

“what does she want?” Chu Yunsheng asked directly, he doesn't think she just came here to tell them the news, she must want something.

“she wants us to join the same division with her. According to her intel, all the dark warriors will be spread into the existing divisions and assist the troops in defending the front line, it is compulsory this time!” said Ding Yan, there was actually more detailed information, but he didn't have time to sit down with Chu Yunsheng and explain it to him.

“if we all left, what about our family? It's a mess outside, what happens if they break in?” Duan Danian was very concerned.

“I think, the troops will soon start to suppress this mess, if they wanted to recruit the dark warrior, they had to solve this problem first. Otherwise, it will be even more chaotic!” said Ding Yan, he didn't even raise his head.

Suddenly the sound of gunfire arose in a distance as if it was trying to prove what Ding Yan said.

“Zhu Lingdie also disclosed a classified information to us, the chief of the general commander was sent to the central hospital today, and the new chief commander was promoted from the army. he is a tough, decisive and ruthless person.” Ding Yan sneered.

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Chapter 133 the way of deciphering the symbol?

Chapter 133 the way of deciphering the symbol?
What human being’s descendants? The woman was saying it too fast and her pronunciation was also very strange. Chu Yunsheng was also extremely anxious, so he didn't hear it clearly.

But that monster seemed to be controlled by her.

Chu Yunsheng was finally relieved when the monster and the woman left. The pressure he got from the monster was the same as when he was facing the flame bird.

Sky Track had returned, thousands of laws would become one. The situation was getting more and more complicated. But Chu Yunsheng still didn't know what was going on and what he needed to do. He felt something was coming and the time was limited. He had to decipher the symbols as soon as possible. The senior practitioner must have written down something.

“You are Chu? Mr. Chu?” Zhou Tingyun asked cautiously.

Although the colour of the armour had changed slightly, the shape of the armour still looked very like the one in her memory. Especially that sword, Mr.Chu was the only person she could think of.

Chu Yunsheng nodded his head. He suppressed the panic caused by the woman in the white dress and asked:” only you left, where is the rest?”

“They probably have already arrived at Jin Ling, I fell behind the team and lost during the chaotic escape.”Zhou Tingyun was upset.

“But you are still alive. Nothing is better than that, Jin Ling is not far from here. You will need to hurry up.” Chu Yunsheng smiled. This girl who used to be bullied by Qian Deduo was very lucky. It was definitely not easy for her to get to this far.

“Your girl……. Your friend is still alive, right? She should be. After you left, Qian Deduo gave one of his seats to her. But then I was lost, so I don't know what happened later on. If there aren't any accidents, they should arrive Jin Ling by now.” said Zhou Tingyun.

“My friend?” Chu Yunsheng was dazed for a second, then he suddenly remembered Lin Shuiyao who he already forgot about.

“Yes, Qian Deduo told me that your friend was a very famous celebrity,” said Zhou Tingyun while trying to tie her messy hair up. Because of hunger, she looked extremely weak.

Qian Deduo this person was very nosy, he was almost like Xiaohai. But things had passed and they were not in the same boat now. So, whatever happened to them, didn't really matter to him now.

“I still have things to do, I need to leave first. If you need my help, go to the west district.” Chu Yunsheng smiled, he picked up the sword and about to leave. He still needed to find a golden shell, and there weren't many insects from here to Jin Ling. So, they should be safe, especially he and the little tiger had already wiped out most of them earlier.

“Tingyun these two old men are too slow. I am not going to take them with me anymore. The whole team was slowed down by them!” a young man dressed in black, knitted his brows and said.

“Brother Lin, we had an agreement, also we are almost there. It's just after this mountains!” Zhou Tingyun was not happy about the man’s complaint. This old couple was Dong Shen University’s lecturers. In the age of light, Zhou Tingyun’s family was very poor, so she received a lot of help from this couple. That was also the reason why she fell behind the escort team.

“Yes, we did have an agreement, but the situation is different now, the old man’s legs were injured, he couldn't even walk. Everyone was exhausted, no one is able to carry him. It was because him we were trapped by the insects! We are indeed near Jin Ling, but it doesn't mean that we can stop being careful! We simply can't afford another mistake!” Lin Junchi firmly said.

He didn't want to offend her. In fact, he liked her, but it didn't mean that he was going to change his mind. When the armoured man appeared, he had a glimmer of hope, because Zhou Tingyun seemed to be familiar with the man. But he did not expect that the armoured man would just simply say a few words with her and then leave.

No one was sure that the journey later would be safe. They had already got this far. It would be too damn shame to die when they were just outside the city.

That was why he had a discussion with other awakenings about whether if they need to abandon those old and injured people to speed up their pace.

“Brother Lin, please! If we encounter the insect again, I'll fight them first. Oh... right, They are the professors at Dong Shen university. They are very important to the government………” said Zhou Tingyun, but her reason was not really convincing.

She was interrupted by another girl:” Zhou Tingyun! Do you think you can fool us, he just a useless literature lecturer, even your university had decided to leave him behind. Do you think the government will give a shit? Brother Lin has already helped you out so many times. Stop pretending! Stop trying to use them over and over!”

“You! I…...”Zhou Tingyun wanted to argue, but she did not know what to say.

“Liu Meng, keep your mouth shut! ” Lin Junchi said coldly:” Tingyun, it's everyone’s decision, I hope you will understand!”

Just when he finished, they suddenly saw a red figure running towards them. It was so fast that it even raised a cloud of dust behind the red figure. The red figure was Chu Yunsheng, when he ran past the crowd, he suddenly stopped:”why you guys are still here! Run! Quick! There are many insects just right behind us!!!! run!...”

Chu Yunsheng did not get very far after he left the crowd. He then discovered a golden shell which had just crawled out of the ground. Originally he wanted to sneak attack the golden shell, but he did not expect that more and more insects started to appear. Golden shells, green shells, red shells, he even felt there were something huge hidden in the dark behind the insects,

He quickly killed a few red shells that were approaching him and started to run back. He could not deal with this kind of swarm!

“Look, flying insect!!!!” some people screamed while pointed at the distant sky.

The sound of green shells' screeching was getting louder and clear.

The crowd started to panic.

“Xiao Zhou (Zhou Tingyun), hurry up and leave! Just leave us here. We are too old, and we don't have many days left. You need to go!” urged the old man whose legs were injured.

“Tingyun! Let’s go, now! Otherwise, it would be too late!”Lin Junchi shouted. Rest of people did not even care about them anymore. They just turned around and started to run.

Lin Junchi gritted his teeth and dragged Zhou Tingyun way.

“Let me go!!!!” Zhou Tingyun suddenly shouted and struggled. She ran towards the old couple and dragged them up, “I am not going to leave you behind!” she said resolutely.

Chu Yunsheng thought that this couple was Zhou Tingyun’s parents and he understood that how difficult it was to see family members died in front of them. So considering they were on the same team before, he wanted to help her out. He instantly picked up the skinny couple, one person under each arm and said sternly:”follow me!”

The old couple were skinny, so they weren’t heavy. To Chu Yunsheng it was not difficult to take them with him while running.

The Little Tiger had already started to run behind Chu Yunsheng.

Zhou Tingyun was dazed for a second, then she immediately started running.

Chu Yunsheng’s speed was too fast, and he was much stronger than Zhou Tingyun. Even Chu Yunsheng was carrying two men, Zhou Tingyun still could not even keep up with his pace.

Chu Yunsheng was worried that they would lose the direction, so he had to stopped once in a while to wait for them.

The strange thing was, the swarm did not seem to want to push forward, they stopped moving right after they passed the green dragon mountain. Chu Yunsheng did not know why, but he did not have time to think too much about it.

Only when they finally arrived at the first line of defence, did Chu Yunsheng finally had a chance to ask who those two old people were. After he heard that the old man was a linguistics professor specialized in grammatology, it instantly attracted Chu Yunsheng’s attention.

His symbols deciphering progress was not going very well. He was not a linguistic specialist, so it was very hard to him to understand anything, even he had the relevant documents. He felt that the 500 words he learned from the book had reached his limited. He needed someone else to help him.

Nowadays, all kinds of dangers started to emerge around Jin Ling. But the cultivation method he had, reached a dead end.

This man had brought an idea to him, there must be some more people who were specialized in the linguistic study, and because of their study was not really useful now, they must have been ignored by the government.

He could ask Ding Yan to gather those people in secret, and then he could split the incantations into symbols and distribute those symbols to different people to study them. Then, after they deciphered the symbols, he would just need to gather that information and combine them again. It would be much easier for him to understand.

In that way, the deciphering progress would be much quicker. At least, it would be much quicker than just one person studying it. He would also have more spare time to focus on practising his cultivation.


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Chapter 132 red-shelled insect’s natural enemy

Chapter 132 red-shelled insect’s natural enemy
Originally Chu Yunsheng Planned to sort out some cultivation methods from the ancient book for Lu Yu and Yao Xiang. But since last night, he realized that if he was not careful, the cultivation method he gave out not only would not help them but also it might cause someone else's death.

On the second day, Chu Yunsheng took the little tiger and went out the city right after Yao Xiang’s group. Ding Yan and rest of 5 dark warriors were staying behind to guard the office building.

The Little Tiger was his lookout, with its help, Chu Yunsheng could easily avoid having contact with the large swarm. Where he was staying right now was the place where he met Duan Danian the first time. It was the place where Duan Danian tried to rob him.

This place was surrounded by the hill, so even the swarm noticed him, he would be able to get away easily.

Monster seal talisman was powerful, but it also consumed a lot of Yuan Qi, it consumed Yuan Qi three times more than a glacier talisman

A level three offensive talisman such as glacier talisman would consume him 15 units of Yuan Qi, With his second sub stage’s ability, he was only able to store 60 units of Yuan Qi at maximum. So monster seal talisman which consumed 45 units of y
Yuan Qi was still a luxury stuff to him.

It was not really worth it If he just uses it to seal a red shell,

Sometimes, things could not simply be measured by the number. For example, Chu Yunsheng's sword fighting techniques, each time it would consume him 10 units of Yuan Qi, the power was almost the same as a level three offensive talisman, But the advantage of a level three talisman was that it could be stored for later use.

Same thing applied to the master seal talisman, as long as the monster didn't die, he would be able to use it repeatedly. The injured monster could be healed by infusing the Yuan Qi inside the talisman to feed it. the monster would slowly recover by itself.

So every option had its advantages, he would need to decide which option would be more suitable base on the situation he was facing.

Originally he stole a lot of Yuan Qi, however, He gradually used almost half of them. Now he had only 4 level two absorption talismans left. The level three absorption talismans was already empty.

At the moment, his plan was to try to absorb monster's Yuan Qi and use monster's Yuan Qi to kill more monsters.

Although one red shell could only provide him two units of Yuan Qi which was not a lot, it was still better than nothing. In order to preserve as much of energy as possible, he wore the combat armour and fight the red shell in close range most of the time.

He didn't dare to go out of green dragoon mountain's mountain range, because he didn't know what was beyond the mountain range. He still remembered the flame monster and gigantic leg monsters. There could be even more monsters that were powerful than the red shell.

He made a monster seal talisman when he killed 30 red shells,  he also froze one red shell and tortured it almost to death then seal it.

Because he didn't dare to fight with a large swarm, he spent 6 hours only sealed two red shells. He really wanted to seal a golden shell, only the golden shell could be used to surprise the enemy during the attack!

However, within 6 hours, he didn't encounter any single one of them.

At 14:00 Chu Yunsheng and the little tiger was taking the break at a mountain col. Although he was not exhausted, 6 hours of killing still hax a little bit impact on his body.

It wasn't long after the little tiger was fed, the little tiger started to show sign of danger. Chu Yunsheng instinctively thought it was a large swarm coming by, so he immediately hid into the cave he had dug earlier.

But soon, he was surprised to hear the human screams.  He knitted his brows and crawled to the higher ground. He used the night vision goggles Ding Yan gave to him and looked at the direction where the scream came from.

Through the night vision goggles, all he saw just green figures. the shimmery light in the sky wasn't bright enough, so he couldn't see them clearly. All he saw was a group of around 30 red shells were attacking a group of around 20 humans.

Then screams were made by them.

He didn't need to think, those people must have been the refugees from the other cities, and they could survive this long, it meant that most of them were the awakenings. If they were the ordinary people, they would have been dead on the way here already.

Through the night vision goggles, Chu Yunsheng Could tell there must have been at least 8 dark warriors, of course, they had not entered Jin Ling, it seemed to be inappropriate to call them dark warriors.

Chu Yunsheng Could tell that they were exhausted, it didn't seem like they could hold much longer. Chu Yunsheng used the goggles to glance over areas, he didn't seem to find any other red shells.  then He made up his mind quickly and said to the little tiger:” go!”

He was a cautious man, but it didn't mean that he would watch those people die. As long as he was sure that he could win, and even if he couldn't win, if he would be able to run away,  he would still try to save other people.

It could be a tough task to kill 30 red shells, but Chu Yunsheng believed that with 8 dark warriors, he was still able to do it.

After Chu Yunsheng got close, he noticed that there was someone in the group he was familiar with. She was Zhou Tingyun, the girl who was on the same escort team with him and Qian Deduo back when he was helping the Dong Shen university!

Red shell’s reaction was very fast, but Chu Yunsheng’s speed was even faster after he wore the combat armour, within a split second he hacked the sword deep into a red shell’s body, the red shell only had a chance to turn around and then it was cut into the half.

Chu Yunsheng did not stop there, he jumped up and pulled the sword back, once again he used the sword chop form to kill a second red shell which charged towards him!.

Then he swung the sword horizontally to use the Sword Slice Form to slice the red shell’s claw which was attacking from his right, the little tiger immediately jumped up used its claws which were filled with the metal element to ripped the insect’s head and bit on its head.

Chu Yunsheng and the little tiger’s sneak attack instantly killed three red shells, at first it shocked everyone on the scene, then everyone was excited and invigorated!

Although Chu Yunsheng Was wearing the combat armour, and no one knew who he was, but he was killing the insects, that meant he was with them.

Only Zhou Tingyun suddenly felt his combat armour was so familiar.

When Chu Yunsheng was just about to attack the rest of red shells, the situation suddenly changed.

More than 20 red shells suddenly stopped the attack for a second, then they scattered and ran away in panic.

They scattered and ran away in panic!!

Chu Yunsheng was sure that he was not hallucinating, he had seen the red shell retreated before, but he had never seen a group of red shells ran away in different directions in such panicky way.

He did not think it was him that scared those insects away, it must be some other reasons.

The little tiger was as confused as him!


When facing the unknown, Chu Yunsheng’s first thought was to run!

At the same time, a strange monster was running towards him at an incredible speed from the direction which Chu Yunsheng was about to run to,  the monster had a huge head and a long tail, its body was a dozen times bigger than the red shell, and it was running on its two feet.

Once it approached a red shell, its head instantly split into two parts, several tentacles shot out from its head and wrapped the insect which attempted to escape, then it lifted the insect and pulled it back to its “mouth”. after a few cracking sounds, it spat out a red shell on the ground!

It did not seem to be interested in the humans, although its tentacles could completely wrap around everyone here, none of its tentacles was shooting towards a single human.

Within a few minutes, it had already “ate” 6 red shells!

Chu Yunsheng picked up the little tiger,  he did not dare to run away. This monster’s speed was not slower than him, it also had many tentacles which could easily catch the little tiger and him. Since it was not interested in any human,  so he just slowly moved backwards. Once the strange monster started to attack him, he would immediately use all his strength to unleash the sword fighting techniques!

However, the strange thing happened once again, after the monster ate all the red shells that did not run away in time, all its tentacles quickly shrunk back to its heads, then the two parts of the head slowly merged until there were not any gaps between them, as if the head did not split into half earlier!

Only when the monster turned around and was about to leave, did Chu Yunsheng noticed that there was a woman who dressed in white standing on the back of the monster, the woman was surrounded with fierce frost. and Chu Yunsheng felt like he had seen her somewhere before.

“How pathetic! The only descendant of the human being!” said the woman dressed in white, she then left with quickly the monster. It was so inexplicable that Chu Yunsheng didn't even know if she was mocking them or she was just lamenting.


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chapter 131 Dangerous breakthrough

Chapter 131 Dangerous breakthrough
Once Chu YunSheng reached the second stage of Rong Yuan Body, Chu YunSheng would be able to unleash 12 sword Qi, he would have enough Yuan Qi to support him kill a golden shell then retreat.

The journey of cultivation was tedious, difficult and boring, it required a great willpower. It was not as easy as what they mentioned in the xianxia novel.

After a long period of accumulation and precipitation, now, it was the crucial moment for him to break through the barrier. He harnessed the Ben Ti Yuan Qi inside the body to speed up the transformation process.

Time slowly passed, the sound of artillery bombardment had also stopped. All the noises seemed to have stopped and the city went back to silent.

However, what happened inside Chu YunSheng's body was completely opposite. Every single cell, every single nerve, was filled with violent and chaotic Ben Ti Yuan Qi. He seemed to have a sign of losing control.

What happened!

Chu YunSheng was shocked, something went wrong!

The transformation had become destruction!  the cells started to swell and rupture one after another and the rupture speed was getting faster and faster!

Chu YunSheng tried to suppress the panic. It was the crucial moment, he could not afford to panic!

Once all the cells ruptured, he wouldn't become a disabled person, he would be dead!

Chu YunSheng had experienced so many dangerous situations. He knew clearly that at this moment the panic would only increase the cells rupture speed. What he needed was a calm and clear mind.

The senior practitioner’s cultivation incantation could not be wrong, Yuan Tian stage two was not a high cultivation stage, the senior practitioner also said that the incantations had been tested for thousands of times, there should not have been any error.  The senior practitioner also did not specifically remind anyone needed to be careful when reached Yuan Tian stage two. All he said was to follow the incantations and do it steps by steps!

If the cultivation incantation was not wrong, then I must have misunderstood the meaning of the incantation’s symbols! Chu YunSheng immediately thought of the second possibility.

The symbols were very hard to understand, most of the time he just guessed it, there was no way he could be sure that what he understood was completely correct.

The cultivation method in Yuan Tian stage one was relatively easy, so there wasn't any obvious sign. When making a talisman, if he understood the description wrong, the talisman just simply wouldn't work. But stage two’s body’s transformation was completely different, each sub-stage built upon the previous one,  if there was the slightest mistake at the first sub-stage, it would become a disaster at the final stage!

What he experienced right now was similar to that kind of disaster, he had to find out where went wrong! he needed to stop the cells from rupturing and go back to correct cultivation method.

At the second sub-stage, Every part of the body was undergoing the transformation process at the same time. The Ben Ti Yuan Qi was distributed equally around the body. when the second sub-stage was completed, every part of the body would be able to store much more Ben Ti Yuan Qi than before.

Chu YunSheng guessed that the problem might go wrong here.  the second sub-stage still had not completed yet, the cells inside the body still remained at the first sub-stage,  but Ben Ti Yuan Qi had already started to gather and flow into the cell, that was why it caused the cell to rupture.

Since he found the possible cause of the problem, what he needed to do now was trying to move the Ben Ti Yuan Qi outside his body first. Otherwise, if he continuously letting Ben Ti Yuan Qi moving around inside his body recklessly, then he would not be far from dead.

He immediately started to harness Yuan Qi as he thought.

All the talisman which had been cast onto his body were separated from his body and floated in the air.

Even the sword and all other stuff on the roof were all lifted by the force in the air.

The Little Tiger had already sensed Chu YunSheng’s difference, it was growling anxiously on the side. As time slowly passed, Chu YunSheng started to extract more and more Yuan Qi, even the little tiger was also lifted up by the invisible force, no matter how it struggled, it was still slowly spinning around Chu YunSheng in the mid-air with other stuff on the roof.

The Yuan Qi that was extracted out of the body would only stay outside for a short period of time, if he could not complete transformation of second sub-stage on time, once Yuan Qi went back inside his body, it would instantly destroy all his cells!

Chu YunSheng did not have much time left,  he did not know how long exactly, it might be 1 minute, it might be just 30 seconds.

However, he could not be distracted by the time, he needed to stay focused. He needed to re-analyze the incantations and test it again and again and again. There was no time for him to take out the book and to see the note he took. He just blindly trying and trying.

The First try …..failed.

The second try …… failed again…


Failure after failure!

The Yuan Qi outside the body started to slowly flow back to his body, Chu YunSheng’s heart sunk. He could not hold it much longer. he started to panic. His hands started to tremble!

He was dying, but he still did not give up. He gritted his teeth and did the last try. All he thought was, he did his best, now just let faith decide if he could live or not!

All the Yuan Qi and talismans had gone back to his body, all the floating objects had fallen on the ground. Everything had gone back to normal as if nothing had happened on the roof.


Chu Han was anxiously looking at his nephew who was still unconsciously lying on the bed. She was scared. The same thing happened to Jing Yi before, She could no longer bear if the same thing happened to Chu YunSheng again.

Since Chu YunSheng came to Jin Ling, her family’s living condition changed dramatically. From the small and dirty shanty to this building, from eating congee once in three days to eating the fresh vegetables once in a while. she knew that only those people at the top of three major quarters were entitled to what they were having right now.

She knew that that was all because of his nephew Chu YunSheng, he risked his life for them. However, if she could choose, she would rather go back to living in the small and dirty shanty in exchange for Chu YunSheng’s life.

To her, nothing was more important than Chu YunSheng’s life!

“Mom, did Ge wake up?” Jing Tian came into the room while holding the food, Chu YunSheng had been in the coma for 1 day now. Yesterday, the little tiger suddenly ran downstairs from the roof, it bit Jing Tian’s cloth and dragged her to the roof, then she discovered that Chu YunSheng was laying on the floor unconsciously. She was almost scared to death at that moment.

Luckily, she found out that Chu YunSheng still had a pulse, so she immediately called her mom, then they both moved Chu YunSheng downstairs. He had been in the coma since.

“I need to find witch!” Ding Yan said calmly, he was the only person knew what happened apart from Chu Han’s family. When he came upstairs, he immediately told Chu Han’s family member to not to mention this to anyone.

Originally he decided to wait for Chu YunSheng to wake up. However, it had been a day now, Chu YunSheng still did not have any sign of waking up. Ding Yan could no longer sit there and wait. Right now, probably only the witch who had special healing ability would be able to wake up Chu YunSheng!

Just when he about to walked out of the room, Chu YunSheng suddenly opened his eye, what he saw first was a big monster's head, then his face was licked by the monster’s tongue. He instinctively jumped up and wanted to draw the sword, but he could not find his sword.

Then he slowly realized it was the little tiger. He suddenly laughed it out.

The Little Tiger just an animal, it did not know Chu YunSheng was in the coma. so no matter how Chu Han tried to move it away from Chu YunSheng, it still did not give up licking Chu YunSheng’s face. Because in its world, The only way to wake up Chu YunSheng was to lick his face. However, this time, no matter how many times it licked, Chu YunSheng just would not wake up. At the end, Chu Han’s had no choice but constantly cleaned little tiger’s saliva on Chu YunSheng's face.

“Yun Sheng, you are awake!” Chu Han broke into tears.

“Ge, you finally awake, you scared the hell out of us,” said Jing Tian and Jing Yi.

“I am ok, just something went wrong with my ability, I am sorry to make you all worried. oh right, how long was I in the coma.” Chu YunSheng felt hungry, so he guessed that he lost his consciousness for a quite long time. He was still scared to this moment. It was lucky that the last try saved his life! The coma was nothing but his body’s self-protection mechanism. After he reached the second sub-stage, the Yuan Qi started to heal all the broken cells rapidly until now, so he just fully recovered.

He did not have any big problem now, all he felt was just a little bit hungry.

“Almost a day, you are ok. that’s great!” Ding Yan was finally relieved.

Chu YunSheng nodded his head, he felt so hungry right now. He did not even mind other people were watching, he just sat there eating the food while talking to them.

Originally he planned to hunt the red shell outside city alone today. but he did not expect the cultivation method went wrong last night. Luckily he survived.

But Chu YunSheng did not dare to guess the indications anymore, he was lucky this time, but luck was not something that happens all the time. Next time if he had the same problem, he could be dead.

He had to understand incantation's every symbol before he used it, otherwise, the cultivation would only become more and more dangerous.

Apart from this, when he was going outside the city tomorrow, he would need to seal some red shells, it would be the best if he could encounter an individual golden shell.  With his ability right now, seal one golden shell wasn't impossible to him.

He needed something that would surprise the enemy during the attack, seal monster talisman was of the options.

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chapter 130 gather loyalty

chapter 130 gather loyalty 
“Brother Chu, just say it, even if I don't get the broadsword, I'll still get it done perfectly!” Yao Xiang didn't take the sword. When he saw Chu Yunsheng's stern face, he knew that Chu Yunsheng was serious.

In a sense, Yao Xiang and Ding Yan were saved by Chu Yunsheng twice,  The first time was when attacking the tentacle monsters, the second time was at the fog city, So he was willing to help Chu Yunsheng without any reward.

“The sword is for you, so just take it. We will talk about the thing I need you to do later.” Chu Yunsheng nodded his head. He knew that Yao Xiang wasn't a greedy man. So he trusted him.

Yao Xiang didn't refuse this time. He happily took the sword.

“Lu Yu, I'm glad that you came to this far, from now on,  we are brothers, try this bow!” in the past two days, he had prepared two weapons, one was the broadsword, the other one was this bow.

The bow was made of insects shell. because of red shell contained the fire element attribute, and Lu Yu had ice element, So Chu Yunsheng spent a lot of time to remove the fire element attribute out during the refining process.

The bowstring was made of red-eye monster’s tendons. It had pure ice element attribute which was suitable for the ice dark warrior.

He also made a batch special arrows. Those arrows were made of green fluorescent monster’s mouthparts. They had the ice element attributes the same as the bowstring. Their mouthparts were very sharp. The arrows that made of those mouthparts were in very good quality.

He had tested this bow before, its power and the penetration ability was much better than the one he got from the club in the fog city.

Lu Yu’s ability was not just the ice ability, he had also awakened wind ability as well. He was one of those rare dark warriors who was awakened twice. According to Ding Yan, his second awakening happened back in the fog city. It was right after his mother and wife died. Presumably, the terrible shock he had had something to do with it.

Chu Yunsheng did not know how to make the wind element attributes weapon, the only weapon he had and might be able to help Lu Yu was the frost arrow, and the reason why he needed to make those two weapons was that he needed them to lead the team to kill the red shells, and kill as many of red shells as possible.

Not only he needed those shells to upgrade his armour, and prepare the backup combat armour in case of the incident like the flame bird or the nuclear explosion.

But also he needed to arm his own force as well. In a long-term, his force would be able to help him to withstand the insect’s push, in the short term he needed to be prepared for the conflict between him and Zeng Xingrui and the ice king. It would be great if there would not be any fight. But if there was one, he did not want to stall the fight very long. He wanted to end it as quickly as possible.

He was planning to hunt red shell alone. He wanted to seal some of the red-shelled insects for the future use as well.

He also needed to observe Lu Yu, although Ding Yan said Lu Yu was trustworthy, Chu Yunsheng still wasn't sure. He needed to see for himself. The reason why he gave Li Yu the bow right now was to show his sincerity. Trust could not be built in the short time. But he needed to make the first step.


The sound of an arrow piercing through the air interrupted chu Yunsheng’s thoughts.

Lu Yu fired the arrow silently. He perfectly utilized two type of energy. The arrow was filled with ice energy and pushed out by the wind energy. When it flew past the broken cars, instead of putting the fire out it made it even bigger.  The arrow itself was shot into the gap between the walls. It instantly froze the gap that Yao Xiang broke earlier.

“thank you!” said Lu Yu. His reply was very direct and simple.

Chu Yunsheng nodded his head, then he saw Duan Da Nian was gazing at Chu Yunsheng, his eyes full of longing.

Chu Yunsheng just gave out two powerful weapons, especially the broadsword. He was green with envy that Yao Xiang could get the weapon. But Chu Yunsheng still didn't give him anything. Two days was not a lot of time,  it was barely enough for Chu Yunsheng to make two weapons.

Also although Duan Danian helped Chu Yunsheng a lot. however, what he did was for others purposes.

“brothers, I believed you all understand how powerful those weapons are! I don't need to waste time explaining to you guys here. You all know what to do. As long as we stay together, be loyal to each other. You will get one as well. If anyone of you leaks out any information. Then our relationship will be over!” Ding Yan raised his voice and said sternly.

What Ding Yan threatened was not just those people, it also included their family members as well. Most the dark warrior's families were allocated to the office building. The method of holding the families as the hostages was not invented by Ding Yan, most of the clans also did the same thing to restrain their people. If they were royal, then their family members would be treated nicely. If they betrayed them. Then It would become the tool of punishment.

“13th master, you can You can be rest assured that brothers will be loyal to you and Mr. Chu! ” said Ye Qisheng who was one of Ding Yan’s henchman.

“Yes, that’s right, I am also determined.” quickly said Duan Danian. He always felt like 13th master was saying those word specifically to him.

“13th master, everyone understands the rule…..”

“I’ll be the first one kill those who leaked the information…….”



“Everyone may leave now, tomorrow reassemble here at 8:00! We will move out together! ” Ding Yan waved his hand and signalled everyone to leave. Although some people were just saying those word just for the sake of saying it, loyalty could not be built in one day.

The group of people slowly dispersed, it only left Lu Guolong who was still trying to repairing and reinforcing the walls. His ability was not powerful, so all he could do now was to keep up doing his best to prove himself was useful. He had already lost his paradise. Now he moved here, he knew that he could not help Chu Yunsheng in the attack, but he could help Chu Yunsheng to build a strong and solid base. Apart from this walls that surrounded the office building, he also needed to reinforce the office building, So he might be busy for a while.

The office building has 10 floors, 9th floor and above was the forbidden zone. 9th floor belonged to Chu Yunsheng and his relatives. 10th floor was allocated to Chu Yunsheng, so he could refine armour, weapons and cultivate Yuan Qi. 8th floor belonged to Ding Yan, Yao Xiang, Lu Yu and also Qi Xuan’s son who was already got back by Ding Yan from the Bauhinia mountain, he had been hidden here since.

7th floor was used for meetings and 6th floor was for the food storage. From the fifth floor down to the basement were belongs to other dark warriors and their family members. Totally, there were around 100 people. Luckily they just got food from the granary depot, otherwise, the food supply for those people would be a big problem!

Chu Yunsheng was sitting on the roof alone, Qian Bi sword was stabbed on the ground next to him, the little tiger was also crouching next to him.

The sky was as dark as usual. There were only a few pinpricks of lights looming inside the city.

Chu Yunsheng felt difficult to breathe at the moment. because he was trying to reach the second sub-stage!

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Chapter 129 The insect’s world

Chapter 129 insect’s world
Chu Yunsheng didn't plan to do anything to him from the beginning, so he didn't really care if Fang Kui ran away or not. In terms of Zeng Xingrui, he'd better not to come to look for him. Otherwise, no matter who was behind him, he would still kill him.

Ding Yan had already asked people to inquire about the ice king and Zeng Xingrui’s locations. The information he got was that they went outside the city with the GCH’s troops several days ago, they were helping the troop to loot a national grade granary, So they wouldn't be back anytime soon.

What he was worried about the most wasn't those dark warriors or the mysteries cloak man, it was those insects outside the city.

If what he saw at the granary depot was really the insect's queen, it meant that they were ready to colonize the earth!

The channel of the sky track which was the mirror wall he saw was not just one out there. Just one horror city which was Shen Cheng city already had many of them, and probably right now the city had already become the insect's hive!

Once those queen insects adapted the earth, they would start mass breeding, the number of insects would definitely increase to an unimaginable amount. Sooner or later, they would start to push the defence line again.  At that time, imagine the sky was covered with green shell and ground was spread with the red shell, even below the ground was filled with the golden shell.

At that time, would Jin Ling city’s defence line still able to withstand the attack?  Probably he would need to start to escape once again. But would they be able to escape? Even they could escape, where could they go after they escaped from Jin Ling city.  he would no longer be alone, he would have his aunties family with him.  The journey of escape would be much more difficult than before.

Zhu Lingdie had already reported the information about the queen-like insect to the GCH. so he did not need to worry too much about it. However, with the situation slowly started to get worse, the GCH sooner or later would start to gather all the dark warriors once again. After all, once the defence line was broken, everyone would be dead.

Chu Yunsheng still hoped that Jin Ling city would be able to withstand the attack. This was probably the only city that still existed. Once it fell, the consequences would be unimaginable!

However, they still got some time. Even if the breeding speed of insect was beyond the human's imagination. but They still needed some time to produce a massive army. Chu Yunsheng once again felt the time was pressing. He needed to make good use of time from now on. Whether he needed to use his power to defend the front line or use his power to run away. He needed to be fully prepared.

However, he was curious, there were already many insects out there, where did they get the food from to produce a large insect army?

Tentacle monster ate the human body, meat worm ate red eye monsters, all other monsters had their food source. But the insects only interested in the human brain. How did they survive?

He really wanted to go through the mirror wall to see the world on the other side. He wanted to see how exactly they survived.

According to the senior practitioner, this type of channel worked both ways. The insects were able to come to the earth through the channel, humans were also able to go through the channel to the insect’s world. The difference was the weaker the creatures were, the easier they could go through the channel. It would be very difficult for the powerful creatures to go through this type of channel.

This also became a problem, if they were weak, it would be useless for them to go to the other side. They might never be able to come back, let alone to explore the other side. But until they became stronger, they probably wouldn't be able to go through the mirror wall at all!

But for now, it was still too early to worry about this kind of problem. Chu Yunsheng didn't think he would ever need to go to the other side of the mirror wall. There might be 10 times more dangerous than the earth now.

“Yao Xiang try this sword.” Chu Yunsheng took out a crimson sword from his back. In the past two days, he used some insect’s legs which were left from refining the combat armour to make a tier one broadsword. Although it was less sharp than the Qian Bi sword, comparing to the metal sword made by the human, it was much better.

Although Chu Yunsheng enchanted the broadsword with fire damage effect. but he still was not sure that if Yao Xiang could use the broadsword to unleash the fire ring cut. The awakenings’ abilities were different, most of them did not require any weapon to unleash the power. For example Lu Yu, he did not need a weapon to control the wind power.

He would know if it works after Yao Xiang used it, so it was also an experiment.

“Brother Chu, what is this broadsword? It is as red as blood!” Yao Xiang was surprised to see the broadsword.

“Infuse your fire energy inside, try to unleash the fire ring cut!” Chu Yunsheng patted his shoulder and said.

Lu Yaming spent two days to get the office building done, now it became Chu Yunsheng’s base, there was an open car park next to the building, it had become their weapon test site.

They made a circle of fire torches in the car park and moved few broken cars, broken shells in the middle.

The broadsword Yao Xiang was holding was lighter than a steel sword, there were some strange symbols on the top of the blade. But Yao Xiang could not understand it, So he just followed Chu Yunsheng’s instruction to infuse the fire energy into the sword.

Instantly, the blazing fire burst out from the broadsword. Different to the Ben Ti Yuan Qi which did not contain any other element, the fire element revealed its true characteristics.

Yao Xiang was startled by the sudden change, luckily he had seen a lot of strange things since the dark age began, so he quickly adjusted his emotions and started to swing the sword.


A fire wave flew out from the tip of the broadsword after the sword was hacked down!

The broken cars were instantly lit up by the crescent-shaped fire shockwave. Even the few red shell insect’s shells were also instantly broken into half and caught on a fire.

The shock wave did not stop there, it carried on moving and moving until it reached the walls.


The sound was made by Lu Guolong who was reinforcing the concrete wall with his earth element quietly on the side. While he was unleashing his earth energy, he was disrupted by the shock wave, it caused the earth element to rush back to his body, resulted in he spat out blood.

“What…! Brother Chu?” Yao Xiang could not believe what he did. the flame on the blade gradually faded out after he stopped infusing his fire energy.

When he used his hand to unleash the fire shockwave, the power of the fire shockwave was two times less powerful than this one, And also when he swung the sword, he had never felt so easy and incisively to unleash the energy before!

“This sword is too powerful!” Yao Xiang was amazed by its power! He was a cultivation-holic. Seeing a weapon like this made him over the moon. He immediately jumped up and spun his body 360° to hack down the sword one more time.

A crescent-shaped fire shock wave slid through the ground and cut the broken cars which were still on fire in a half. The shock wave this time even made through the wall and made a huge hole in the wall.

Two sword hacks shocked all the dark warriors who were watching them testing the weapon. Apart from Ding Yan and Lu Yu, everyone gasped in surprise, especially those who had seen Yao Xiang’s fire ring cut before. They could not believe a crimson broadsword could double Yao Xiang’s power.

“Are you done or not! Why waste all my hard work! You kids give me a fucking break!.......” Lu Guolong ran over and cursed at them. He was working very hard to reinforce the wall, just when he got ⅓ of it done it was then broken by those kids. He was very pissed off, but when he saw the Chu Yunsheng he suddenly stopped swearing. He knew that he could curse everyone but not this young man!

Yao Xiang was very excited, he had never felt this good before, this sword seemed to be able to unleash his full power!

When he just about to infuse the energy once more time!

Chu Yunsheng stopped him. “You can stop now!” if he just let him carry on, then, all the wall around the office building would be destroyed by him.

He had already got the result, so there was no point to test it further.

The broadsword used insect’s legs as the raw material, it had fire element attributes. so it was suitable for the fire dark warrior, Plus Chu Yunsheng enchanted it with the additional fire damage,  The power was doubled!

“Brother Chu, this broadsword is amazing, I felt like it was part of me when I infuse the power.” Yao Xiang said with excitement.

Chu Yunsheng took over the broadsword. there was one last step he needed to do. He had tested that Yao Xiang could use the sword. now, he needed to seal the incantation, so that only Yao Xiang and he could use it.

“You want it?” Chu Yunsheng laughed, he suddenly wanted to tease him.

Yao Xiang really wanted it, but he felt embarrassed to ask for it, because he knew how important his broadsword was.

“Yes! Oh… no….” Yao Xiang was first nodded his head instinctively, then he immediately shook his head. He was torn by the internal conflict in his mind, it even made his forehead started to sweat.

“Is it possible to lend it to me for two days?” Yao Xiang suddenly thought an idea.

“No!” said Chu Yunsheng, he had already sealed the indications. He then passed the sword to Yao Xiang and said sternly: “you can have the sword, but I need you to do one thing, you need to get it done perfectly!”

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chapter 128 team up Once again

chapter 128 team up Once again.
“Today is the 9th day after he gave me this letter, Qi Xuan still hasn't come to look for me!” in the smoke, Ding Yan said with a cold tone voice, there seemed to be a trace sadness as well.

“You mean he is alive, but he is not the same person anymore!?” Chu Yunsheng plunged deep into the thought. He had the ancient book, so he knew more information than Ding Yan. The first thing he thought was that if this person was the great devil from outer space. Then he thought that the stuff he was looking for might be the ancient book?

Questions after questions flashed through his mind, but he did not have answers. It made him become even more anxious.

“Yes, a few days ago, I used Zhu Lingdie’s invitation as an excuse to speak to him. I indirectly asked him a few questions, but no reaction, no response from him. I'm sure that he is not Qi Xuan I know." Ding Yan seemed to be very calm when he said it.

“What do you mean?  Was he controlled by the cloaked man? or something happened to himself?” Chu Yunsheng knitted his brow. Although there were many strange things already happened, a person suddenly lost their “mind” still surprised Chu Yunsheng.

“I don't know, he looks like him, But he can't remember a lot of things. Especially, the way he looked at me…”Ding Yan shook his head, he couldn't tell how, but he was sure that the original Qi Xuan had died.

“Have you ever seen the cloaked man in person?” Chu Yunsheng asked. No matter what happens to Qi Xuan, cloak man was his real concerns.

“No!” then he suddenly stared at Chu Yunsheng:” sword Qi! cloak man uses sword Qi, brother Chu. to be honest, at the beginning, I almost thought he was you! You are the only person  I know, who can unleash the sword Qi.”

“Then, what changed your mind?” Chu Yunsheng seemed to have a slight smile on his face.

It was not surprising that Ding Yan suspected him, however, Chu Yunsheng thought his sword Qi was still far away from the being the real sword Qi which was mentioned in the ancient. But he also wasn't sure that if the cloak man’s sword Qi was the sword Qi book mentioned as well.

After all, different people have different understandings of some objects, some objects might look the same, or they might be called the same name, But actually,  they might be totally different.

“Qi Xuan said it very clear, the cloaked man is not our own kind, at least you are still a human!” Ding Yan smiled.

Chu Yunsheng put out the cigarette, and gradually calmed down, he threw out the thought of the cloaked man was the great devil. The senior practitioner warned repeatedly that devil was extremely powerful, the human could not compete with it at all. The cloaked man was only just somewhere above rank 5, if all the dark warriors in Jin Ling work together, they could easily kill him

In terms of cubic object, Chu Yunsheng wasn't sure if the man was looking for the book or not, but it didn't seem like it.

However, at this moment all the speculations were useless.

“It was because of the cloaked man, you wanted to kill Duan Danian?” Chu Yunsheng returned to where they started.

“That's right, you and the cloaked man both use sword Qi, although I don't know what secret you have, sooner or later, he will find you. If you are not powerful enough, you will become next Qi Xuan!” said Ding Yan.

“So, you intentionally forced him to join me?” Chu Yunsheng didn't think it was necessary. Lao Duan was a bandit, whichever the side benefit them more, they would join them.

“It's best for him to join us, otherwise, we are definitely going to kill him. A rank two dark warrior, it's not worth to risk it.” Ding Yan shook his head and carried on saying

:"Although many people have seen your sword Qi, not a lot of people know where you were, Even all the people that escaped from the fog city thought you were dead. But Duan Danian just saw it!

You don't need to worry about the witch, I've talked to her already, she still needed your help, so she wouldn't do anything to harm you. We also need her at the moment.

But this is just the precautions, not the most important thing.

Base on your power, you are at least at rank 4, plus the strange stuff you have. As long as we can expand our force quickly. Even the cloak man found you later, he won't be able to do anything to you.  Even Qi Xuan who just reach rank 4 bing class not long, the cloaked man still needed to try to negotiate with him first.”

Although Chu Yunsheng was a cautious person, he didn't think the cloaked man would come to look for him. Because There were so many powerful humans in Jin Ling city.

In the future, they might have conflict, but in the meantime, the cloaked man was less dangerous than the insects outside the city.

Also, if his body was filled with Yuan Qi, and he had all the Yuan Fu he needed, It was not impossible to fight the cloaked man!

Ding Yan didn't know his real power, so his concerns weren't all wrong.

“Why do you want to help me?” Chu Yunsheng smiled.

“I said before, the world has changed, the rule has changed, I just want to stand by a powerful the human, not an inhuman side!” Ding Yan said it directly:” also, I am just a rank 2 dark warrior. Yao Xiang and Lu Yu were the foundations of my power, Yao Xiang was with you for a short period of time, he admires you the most,

And Lu Yu, I don't think he will return to the north district with me, he said that even though, he couldn't save his wife and mother in time, without your help, he probably would fall into the endless mental torture!

So, do you think I have other choices?”

“I hope that we will have a good time working together again!” Chu Yunsheng didn't mind to work with Ding Yan. It might not be a bad thing if he could form a clan in the west district. However, before he understood the entire book, he didn't want to reveal himself to everyone. So in the meantime, he would need Ding Yan to help him to do it.

When Chu Yunsheng and Ding Yan walked out of the dormitory, Duan Danian had already made up his mind.  Although He was surprised to know that Chu Yunsheng actually knew the 13th master. But joining him was much better than joining the 13 master, at least he was able to explain to his men. “Sigh,” my leader’s seat was now gone. He was upset.

When Chu Yunsheng returned to the house he bought, Lu Yaming finally woke up. he was knocked out by Ding Yan and lost his consciousness until everything settled.  He was scared into the cold sweat when he heard not a single Yue Jin’s man lived.

Lu Yaming was waiting inside the courtyard in panic for a while now. Even though no one was talking to him, but he was happy about it. It meant that Chu Yunsheng wouldn't punish him.

Until the hazy skimmer nearly disappeared from the sky, the leader of the killer Ding Yan finally talked to him. He wanted him to be a middleman, and they wanted to buy a 10-storey high office building near Chu Yunsheng's house.

Lu Yaming didn’t know why those powerful dark warriors would waste food to buy a building. With their ability, they could entirely use force to evict people out of the building. But he didn't dare to ask. He just simply followed the instructions.

There were around 30 dark warriors in total. Amongst them, only Yao Xiang reached rank 3, around 10 people rank 2 and rest of them were rank 1.

Comparing to the clan in the north district or the East district, Chu Yunsheng's group might not stand out. But in the west district, especially in this shanty town, it was a powerful clan.

Fang Kui was the first person who got the information. in fact, when Jing Tian was taken away, he had already received Lu Yaming’s help request. But he was afraid to mess with Yue Jin, not only because Yue Jin had a close relationship with Zeng XingRui who was working for the west district’s overlord ice king. But he was also a rank 2 Jia class dark warrior. That was why he refused to help.

However, a dramatic change just happened in a day, first, Yue Jin’s men were killed, then those people just stayed here, not leaving, he did not know why this place would attract those people? but he had to think a solution to get away.

He quickly made up his mind and decided to seek shelter from Zeng Xingrui, those people killed Zeng Xingrui’s man, sooner or later they would have a fight with him. He had already made one mistake before, he couldn't make one more mistake.  After a careful consideration, he still thought that the ice king’s force was much powerful, at least, they had many more rank 3 dark warriors!

Although he would lose his seat. but saving his life was much more important.

“Fang Kui ran away?” Chu Yunsheng was baffled, he never had a problem with this person before, he had never even met this person before.

“He sought shelter from Zeng Xingrui, he was scared that you are going to revenge him, ” said Ding Yan.

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Chapter 127 the man in a cloak

Chapter 127 the man in a cloak
The speed symbol instantly flashed a bright light, then its special ability was instantly activated, within a few second, Chu Yunsheng arrived at the third floor. He quickly kicked open the door and entered the room that imprisoned Jing Tian.

“don't move, don't do anything stupid!” said the dark warrior who put his left arm around Jing Tian’s neck and his right hand was holding a gun pointed at her head. He was nervously looking at the red crimson armour guy who suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

“Let her go, I'll let you live!” Chu Yunsheng said coldly. with his speed, he could try to save Jing Tian, but he still did not want to risk Jing Tian’s live.

“don't move! Don't get any closer, do you think I am going to believe you? Step back!” the dark warrior's face was twisted, in his world, there was no such thing exists.

Only when he had the hostage, then his safety would be assured,  he did not want to break out from the door which was blocked by Chu Yunsheng. He sensed extreme danger from this guy's sword.

So he gritted his teeth then broke the window and jumped off the building with the hostage from the third floor.

His plan seemed great, but he didn't know, just when he jumped off the window, two figures immediately jumped upwards.

One of them was Yao Xiang, he jumped up, stepped on the wall to increase his speed, then grabbed Jing Tian and kicked away the dark warrior.

Another one little tiger, it jumped straight up and used its wind element ability flew straight towards the dark warrior and tightly bite on its neck.

Chu Yunsheng also jumped off the window, three of them almost landed on the ground at the same time.

“Cough, cough! “ Jing Tian’s neck was strangled by the dark warrior earlier. Even she was finally free, but she still couldn't breathe easily.

Yao Xiang was a little bit shy. During the age of light, he was still a student, he also had an ordinary looking face, so he didn't have a girlfriend. Now he was holding a girl, and the girl was Chu Yunsheng's sister. when Jing Tian coughed, he subconsciously thought she was just trying to remind him that it was time to put her on the ground. So he immediately released her while his face and ears flushed with embarrassment.

Jing Tian had never seen Chu Yunsheng wore an armour before, so when she saw the armoured warrior walked towards her, she panicked.

Chu Yunsheng was so worried that he forgot to deactivate the armour, he quickly grabbed her hand and started to check if she was injured. After a while, he was finally relieved:"you made me so worried !”

“you? GeGe!?” she was surprised.

Chu Yunsheng was dazed for a second. the first thought came to his mind was Jing Tian’s head was hit when she was dragged off the window, then he realized he was still wearing the armour.

“Ge!” Jing Tian threw herself into Chu Yunsheng's arm, her body was still shivering.

“it's ok, it's ok.” Chu Yunsheng stroke her head trying to comfort her.

Yue Jin’s heart was as dead as the cold ashes, one sword attack, just one sword attack, 6 dead 4 injured! If it weren't that he dodged the attack in time,  that sword Qi already poked several holes in his body.

“I didn't touch her, I didn't touch her, If you don't believe me, you can ask her.” Yue Jin was heavily injured, although he dodged the sword attack. but he was surrounded by Ding Yan’s men.

How fucking stupid I am! Yue Jin regretted in silent.

He used to be very careful when doing things like this, but since he became associated with one of ice king's man Zeng Xingrui who was also a rank 3 dark warrior, he became more and more careless.

He didn't expect that his stupid desire would get himself killed today!

“Kill them all, don't leave a single person behind!” Ding Yan knitted his brows and said coldly.

Everyone responded and started to move immediately.

“don't you dare, I am ice king's man!” Yue Jin shouted in panic. Actually, he did not even have a chance to talk to ice king. However, at this time, what else he could do?

“Kill!” Ding Yan said sternly, even Duan Danian who stood near him, had a chill down to his spine when he heard it. When the 13th master took over his territory, he didn't slaughter his men, he just kicked him out of his territory.

“i…… fuck!!" Yue Jin saw they were determined to kill him, he instantly got up and broke out the encirclement in spite of injury and losing an arm.

Bang! bang! bang!

Chu Yunsheng fired three shots, two hit, and one missed, then Yue Jin collapsed on the ground, his body was still shaking and the dark blood slowly started to form a blood puddle on the ground from his body.

“Ye Qisheng, take some people with you, kill every single one of Yue Jin’s men. Don't let one person run away!” Ding Yan waved his hand to signal a rank two dark warrior to come out, he gave him the order immediately.

"including those people!" Ding Yan suddenly pointed at Duan Danian and said to Chu Yunsheng.

“what did you say? No! Lao Duan is here to help me!” Chu Yunsheng rejected, he even felt slightly annoyed by his actions, what's wrong with him? Why he suddenly became a bloodthirsty killer? In his memory, Ding Yan was always a calm and collected person.

“They have to die!” Ding Yan said it loudly as if he wanted Duan Danian to hear it.

Just when he finished, the tension in the Duan Danian’s group instantly exploded. They risked their lives to come here to rescue the girl. However, Not only they didn't say thank you, but they even wanted to kill them!

“Lao Ding, I know you two have an unpleasant past, but I owe him a lot, I always keep kindness and resentment clear from each other. so, no matter what happened between you two, I will not let you touch him. unless I died!” Chu Yunsheng pulled Jing Tian over and stood in front of Duan Danian.

The situation suddenly got complicated. But Duan Danian was deeply moved by Chu Yunsheng action.

“Brother Chu, brother Ding!? You two!?” Yao Xiang was surprised to see Ding Yan had a disagreement with Chu Yunsheng. he felt lost and did not know what to do.

“I can let them go, but they have to join us, otherwise, they have to die.” said Ding Yan with his stern face, he did not change his expression from the beginning.

“Lao Ding, I need to know why?” Chu Yunsheng reached his hand out to stop Duan Danian who was about to say something. He realized that it was not about the unpleasant past that simple, otherwise, Ding Yan would have already killed them already.

What Chu Yunsheng did earlier just tried to show Lao Duan that he was not an ungrateful man, he would not abandon them.

“Brother Chu, This is not a small matter! I need to talk to you privately, Yao Xiang is an honest man, so I did not tell him!"  Ding Yan’s expression slightly relaxed. :"Duan Danian, brother Chu was trying so hard to save you, so I give you some time to think, join us or died. think carefully!” he said again.

At the same time, the people who were searching the dormitory gradually came out of the building, all Yue Jin’s man was killed.

“Brother Chu let me have a word with you inside, privately. Yao Xiang will look after here, without your order, he won’t let them harm Duan Danian, so you don’t need to worry.” Ding Yan put back the gun and said.

Chu Yunsheng nodded his head, then tried to comfort Jing tian who was getting nervous. Ding Yan was so serious, it must be something very important. It made Chu Yunsheng also became anxious.

The Little tiger wanted to follow Chu Yunsheng, but even the little tiger, Ding Yan still wouldn’t let it follow them.  It made Chu Yunsheng wondered what kind of big secretly he wanted to tell him.


At the top floor, In a corner room where all the windows and door were closed.

Ding Yan took out a cigarette and passed one to Chu Yunsheng, he took a long drag and his pupils started to shrink. “There were too many people on the way back from the granary depot. so, I could not tell you in detail. " said Ding Yan with a strangely calm voice. “The Fire King Qí Xuān, the most powerful man in the north district who was also my old best friend for many years. he had been looking after Lu Yu, Yao Xiang and me Since we came to Jin Ling. Around half month ago, a person in a cloak came to visit him...” he suddenly stopped there and then took out a piece of pace from deep inside his cloth. He passed the paper to Chu Yunsheng and said:”you take a look this first, this is his will, he secretly passed it to him, before he died.”

The Fire king died? Chu Yunsheng was shocked, why no one seemed to talk about it!

Chu Yunsheng opened the white paper. The letter he saw, looked like someone scribbled on a piece of waste paper.

“Brother 13, since the cloaked man came to visit, my body started to show strange signs. although the negotiation was not yet completed, I have a strange feeling that I don’t have much time left. I am very worried. because I could not find out what caused it. Yesterday, I hid my son in the Bauhinia mountain, if I don’t come back to you ask for this letter in three days, it means that I am dead, if you can still see me, that person is no longer me!

You must keep it in mind, must! must!!!

The Cloak man is very powerful,  he uses a sword, and he is able to unleash the sword Qi!  Even with my rank 4 dark warrior’s ability, I could not withstand his few attacks. I guess that the cloak man’s ability is above rank 5, you must keep it in mind, don't take revenge for me!

For we have been the best friend for years, please protect my son, protect my blood.

Also, I secretly got a piece of information saying that cloaked man was looking for a cubic object, I don’t know what it was exactly! But keep it in mind, the cloaked man is not our own kind, brother 13. Must be careful!!!!!

Qi Xuan

Chapter 126 Rage

chapter 126 rage
Zhu Lingdie was a little bit disappointed, but she did not up. after all, Chu Yunsheng didn't say no.

On the way back to Jin Ling, they didn't encounter any monsters. presumably, they were all gathered to protect that shell-less worm. Without any resistance, they didn't use much time to return back to the south district.

“I'm going to the west district with you first, I need to tell you something.” Ding Yan knew Chu Yunsheng was living in the shanty town now, so he ordered the truck to drive towards the west district.

All the drivers had been swapped to Ding Yan’s men. Originally Ding Yan had three trucks, plus Chu Yunsheng borrowed one from other small teams, and one witch lent to him, now they had 5 trucks in total.

The number of refugees in Jin Ling seemed to increase a lot, the streets were very crowded.  The cars were constantly moving in and out of the city to dump the bodies they collected on the street. Apparently, even the bodies could go missing sometimes, no one knew who took them.

Five trucks were running at their full speed, they didn't take long to arrive the west district. Chu Yunsheng was having trouble to think a place he could store the food. Although he could store them in the storage talisman. But he had to find a quiet place where no one else was able to see what he was doing first.

With Chu’s instructions they arrived at the house he bought.

When Chu pushed the door in, he suddenly felt something wasn't right. He was startled and then quickly walked into the living room.

“Saozi, don't panic, Lao Duan already brought his men to get her back, I have also sent someone to get the help from GRD, Xiao Tian will be fine. Don't worry!” it was Lu Yaming’s voice. “sigh! it's my fault, how am I going to explain this to Mr. Chu!?”

“what happened to Xiao Tian!” Chu Yunsheng walked in and asked anxiously. He just left only for a few days, he didn't expect something could happen to his family. Originally he thought Lu Yaming was a commissioner, he should have been able to take care of them, when he out of the city. Apparently, he was wrong.

“Yunsheng, you back! Quick! Xiao Tian was kidnapped!” Chu Han was so worried that her eyes turned red. She was on the verge of crying.

“Ge! It's Yue Jing that motherfucker! Mom won't let me go to get her! “ Jing Yi was leaning against the side of the bed. He couldn't even stand up properly!

“she is right, you can't go. They are all dark warriors. You will get yourself kill.  Mr.chu you are back, that's great, it's my fault, I'll apologize to you later, please save her first.” Lu Yaming quickly said. he was extremely nervous right now. He already saw Chu Yunsheng had changed his badge to a rank two dark warrior badge, what shocked him even more was that there was another group of dark warriors just behind him. There was even a rank 3 dark warrior! Lu Yaming didn't know how to react anymore.

It was unusually busy in the district today, there was a document need to be sent over to a nearby area in the same district, so he asked Jing Tian to do it. At that time he didn't think too much about it.  But when he got news about Jing Tian was taken away by Yue Jin who was a dark warrior in charge of that area, he was scared. This kind of things happened in Jin Ling quite often. No one knows how many girls were ruined by those people.

Luckily Duan Danian came by to look for Chu Yunsheng. When he heard the news, he immediately brought people with him to try to get her back. Lu Yaming was worried that Duan Danian’s rank which was lower than Yue Jin, might give him disadvantages, he might not be able to bring her back, So he also sent people to get help from GRD and GCH.

Just When he was trying to calm Chu Han down, Chu Yunsheng came back. He was both happy and worried at the same time. He was happy because now Jing tian was definitely going to be alright. But He was also worried Chu Yunsheng would punish him, especially when he saw that rank three dark warrior.

Speaking of Jing Tian, before Chu Yunsheng arrived at Jin Ling city, she always put dark ashes on her faces to make herself look as ugly as possible, but when Chu Yunsheng arrived, and she also got a job at the GCH, she stopped doing it anymore, after all, she was a girl, not a single woman would like to do that unless it was necessary. but she didn't expect that within just a few days, it could bring her to this kind of trouble.

“where is she! Take me there!” Chu Yunsheng was furious, Jing Yi had briefly told Chu Yunsheng what happened. He drew the sword, picked up Lu Yaming and started to walk outside. Lu Yaming could not stop this legs from constantly shaking. Yue Jin this motherfucker, there are so many people they can mess with, why the fuck he has to mess with this guy!  Lu Yaming cursed secretly.

“Lu Yu, you take a few brothers with you and stay here, rest of people follow me and brother Chu!” Ding Yan immediately gave out the command. They still needed to have people guard the food and the house.

Chu Yunsheng’s heart was torn with anxiety. If it were not that Lu Yaming couldn't bear with his speed, he’d probably already activate his armour and run at his full speed.


It was not the first time Yue Jin did this kind of business, he didn't even remember how many girls he had ruined in the past. However, as long as he didn't mess with those powerful people's relatives, what could those ordinary people possibly do to him

This was also the reason why he dared to forcibly take the girl away with him. The girl had a fairly good looking face, bright eyes, white teeth and smooth skin. When he saw the girl, he just couldn't move his eyes away from her anymore. Even though the girl struggled a lot, she also claimed that her brother was both dark warrior and a GRD’s researcher. But he didn't believe her.

In fact, he laughed when she said that, there were a few people who were both dark warrior and researcher, but not only they were very rare, they were also very old. How could they be her brother? So he immediately thought this girl was just saying something in a panic trying to scare him away. It was not the first time he heard this kind of excuse, so he instantly gave up the idea of sending someone to confirm what this girl said was true or not.  He thought it was just a waste of time, because The girl was clearly lying.

However, when he just about to have fun, a rank 2 Yi class dark warrior came to his place and asked him to release the girl.

Jin Yue was pissed off, he was rank 2 Jia class, who did this Yi class think he was?

“Fat guy, I am in a good mood today, but if you don’t fuck off, I will kill you!” Jin Yue’s skinny body was shaking while he shouted.

“Hey, fuckface Is your brain filled with semen. you can go to her area and ask around, who you are messing around with right now!?  You are going to get yourself killed! It is still not too late to let her go!” although Duan Danian did not really want to come out. but he had no choice. After all, he showed up at a wrong time, if he was not going to help her, once Chu Yunsheng came back, then their relationship would be over.

“Stop bragging about it, who are you trying to scare? ”Although Yue Jin mocked him. but deep inside, he started to have concerns. He started to think this man did not lie. especially his man just told him that before this guy, they were also a few batches of other people came to ask for her, although those people’s social status was not high. but their attitude was very strong. 

“It does not matter if you like it or not, I am going to take the girl away!” Duan Danian gritted his teeth. If I can get her out, then Chu Yunsheng will owe me a big time. then He has to help me get back my territory this time! Duan Danian thought!

Yue Jin’s base was originally a factory worker’s dormitory, there was an open space inside the wall, Duan Danian and his men were standing in the open space, and Yue Jin’s men were blocking the main building’s entrance.

When he just made up his mind, a group of people suddenly jumped over the fence, the first person was too fast, Duan Danian did not see it very clearly, but the people followed behind, he saw them every clearly, because those people he was very familiar with!

Fuck!!! 13th master, today really is not my day! Duan Danian instantly lost all his courage, he instinctively thought those people came to help Yue Jin.

“Hey fuck face, you win this time! Brothers let's go. ” Duan Danian’s fat hand pointed at Yue Jin said angrily. But he could not do anything, his men were already having trouble defeat Yue Jin’s group, let alone the 13th master’s men.

Yue Jin was even more confused, he was exactly just like Duan Danian, he thought those people came to help the fat man, but before he even said anything the fat man suddenly retreated. It made him baffled.

“Bo….. bo…. Boss.. is i….is…..!” the stammer used to be the scout when they were robbing people, so his eyesight was very good.  When he saw Chu Yunsheng, he immediately pulled back Duan Danian.

“What!” Duan Danian was very anxious, if they didn't leave now, they wouldn't be able to leave later!

Stammer was trying so hard to say the words, but he still could not say it out,  it only caused his face turn red. At the end, he just pointed at Chu Yunsheng and asked Duan Danian to look by himself.

Duan Danian finally calmed down when he saw Chu Yunsheng.

“Who is Yue Jin? Where is my sister!” Chu Yunsheng threw away Lu Yaming and pointed the sword at the people at the door.

Although the fat man acted very strangely,  Yue Jin finally knew those people were still with Duan Danian. However before he even said anything, he heard a voice came from the upstairs near the windows:”Ge! I am here!”

Chu Yunsheng’s eyesight was also very good, he immediately noticed Jing Tian on the third floor when he raised his head. Jing Tian was tied up and she struggled towards the window, she shouted loudly. But there was a person immediately came to drag her away.

Then Chu Yunsheng heard cursing and hitting sound.

Chu Yunsheng’s face was as cold as ice, he thought Jing Tian’s life was at risk, so he immediately charged towards the building with the sword.

The entrance was blocked by a dozen of dark warriors, they did not have a sign to move away!

Yue Jin saw the person who charged towards him just a rank two dark warrior, so he cursed:”stupid fuck!”

Then his eye was blinded by the light!

It was the Chu Yunsheng’s most powerful attack sword fighting technique-- ward off thousands army!

Six sword Qi twined with each other and killed all the dark warriors that blocked the entrance, the entrance instantly burst out a fog of blood.

Chu Yunsheng did not have time to control the sword Qi, he immediately activated the armour and broke through the blood fog, rushed towards the third floor, left only the afterimage at back.

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chapter 125 insect's queen

chapter 125 insect's queen
The insects went completely crazy,  Chu Yunsheng had never seen them act like this before!  It seemed like they were agitated by something.

There was a trace of dim light slowly appeared in the sky. With the help of the light, they could see many insects' figures were storming towards the depot from the place as far as the eyes could see.

Regardless of the “mirror wall” was the space overlapping point as the ancient book mentioned or not, this place had become extremely dangerous now.

Chu Yunsheng jumped off the truck and fired few shots to kill the insects that had rushed into the depot, the ground was already spread with green liquid.

Lu Yu, Yao Xiang closely followed behind him. Those two people really lived up to their names. Yao Xiang’s fire ring cut seemed to become more powerful now. He opened his hand with fingers closed, then swung the arm horizontally. A crescent-shaped fire shock wave instantly burst out from his hand and shot towards the swarm, many insects were instantly knocked over.

Lu Yu was closely following behind, a gust of whirlwind twirled from the button of his feet, then it was getting bigger and bigger until it wrapped him around entirely. When Yao Xiang just threw his fire attack, Lu Yu immediately waved his hand, the violent whirlwind instantly moved towards Yao Xiang’s fire attack. The Wind increased the power of the fire attack and doubled its size!

The fire whirlwind swept through the ground and killed many insects, within just a moment, it made a big gap in the swarm.

While the first fire whirlwind was moving around to kill the red shell, the second whirlwind was cast out, different to the first one, the second whirlwind brought many pieces of ice cubes and freeze all the injured red shells into ice.

Chu Yunsheng was thinking, if he should get an automatic rifle and enchanted it with the fire element or not, It might be faster to kill the red shells than using the sword.

Then when three people just started their attack, Shen Shaoze and Zhu Lingdie’s men also arrived. with the help of everyone, they made a bloody way out of the gate.

Rest of rank one and rank 2 dark warriors were escorting the truck closely behind them.

Although there were many insects, the more insects Chu Yunsheng killed, the more strange he felt. those insects did not seem to want to fight them to death, especially those monsters which got behind them, not only they did not chase them, but they formed a thick wall to block the way to prevent them from going back!

It seemed like the “mirror” was very important to them, it was so important that they had to secure the area.

Chu Yunsheng reloaded a clip, the insects at the front were less crowded now, if they continued like this, they would be able to break out from here soon!

Luckily the green shelled insects that wheeling in the sky above the granary depots did not join the fight, the golden shelled insect below the ground also did not seem to be interested in them. Less than half hour, they were able to “breakout” then encirclement.

Especially at the end,  it was more like they were expelled from the depot.

“Look at this.” said Ding Yan who was on the top of a truck that was climbing up the hill. he passed the binoculars to Chu Yunsheng and pointed at the granary depot which was still on fire

Chu Yunsheng took over the binoculars and stood up. what he saw instantly gave him a chill down his spine. Because of the raging fire at the granary depot. He was able to see everything very clearly.

A long giant light red coloured worm was trying to crawl out from the “Mirror”. Because of its huge body, It seemed to be very difficult for it to move out, But still, it was still slowly moving out bit by bit.

All other insects around it seemed to screech anxiously, but not a single one dared to approach this long giant worm.

“Their queen?” Chu Yunsheng was surprised, he had never seen this kind of monster before, even professor Sun who was working with the military did not mention about this kind of monster before.

“It looks like it is very important to all the insects, otherwise, we won’t be able to get out so easily.” said Ding Yan.

Chu Yunsheng nodded his head, no wonder why golden shelled insects did not dig their way into the granary depot,  probably they were scared that they might injure this shell-less monster.

If it was really their queen, that meant that those monsters were planning to colonize the earth?

Chu Yunsheng started to shake uncontrollably.

The trucks climbed over the hill and quickly left the place. once that monster got out of the mirror, the insects probably would be at ease. At that time, they probably would start to chase them. so they could not afford to slow down.

“This is Lady Zhu, Zhu Lingdie, from the north district, a true heroine.” Ding Yan briefly introduced and also praised her a little bit.

When they escaped from the swarm, Zhu Lingdie intentionally approached Chu Yunsheng truck.

“Brother, how can I address you.” Zhu Lingdie’s lips rose in a tender half-smile.

“Chu Yunsheng” Chu Yunsheng kept his reply brief. when he was discussing the Jin Ling city’s situation with Ding Yan, this woman came out of nowhere. Although Zhu Lingdie was pretty, it had nothing to do with him. The only thing that Chu Yunsheng was curious was that it seemed like the chaotic world did not have much effect on her, everyone else looked like a mess, but she still looked very clean. If it wasn’t that they just had a fight, she did not look like a woman from the apocalyptic world at all.

“Ok then, brother Chu, please duo duo guan zhao (1).” Zhu Lingdie glanced at Chu Yunsheng’s rank two badge in secret and thought: this man must be at rank 3 Yi class or above!

Chu Yunsheng smiled, he didn't say anything. He wouldn’t easily promise anything because he did not think he had the ability to do so, so he kept silent.

“13th master, do you have any plan when we get back to Jin Ling” Zhu Lingdie did not feel embarrassed at all. She seemed to have experience in this kind of awkward silence.

After they escaped from the swarm, she had thought about how naive of her to think she could recruit those people. Even a blind person could tell her that the wind and the fire master and Ding Yan were now working together with this man. But she still needed to find out if they really plan to form a clan or not. If that was the case, she would need to prepare for the changes in advance.

“It's a chaotic world, anything can happen, it is too early to talk about the plan, we will see when we get back to the Jin Ling. ”Ding Yan smiled and replied ambiguously.

“My bad, but I think, we still have many chances to work together in the future.” she suddenly said with a stern face. She took over the type I dark energy gun from her man and look at Chu Yunsheng:”I don’t know if brother Chu knows this type of gun, GRD made less than 30 of them, it is very rare. I have got information saying that recently GRD is planning to build a machine that allows them to extract some kind of substances from the monster’s body, those substances are the key material for the bullets and the gun. Once they are successful, you can imagine that whoever has more monster's body, they will have more weapon and food.  ”

Also, GRD’s Defense armour casting research project has also reached the final stage, the main material is also the shell, I am currently wearing one, however, what I have is a failed prototype." She zipped down her down jacket to reveal a dark red armour she was wearing and said frankly:”GCH has already secretly requested the military to collect all the bodies, this is the top secret. I am risking it to tell you this information is because I hope that we could work together. ”

However, Zhu Lingdie knew that she was not the only one knew this secret, there were many senior officials in GRD and GCH. because of all kinds of reasons, they more or less told their families and friends some information about this. Her family also did the same thing. her family hoped that she could use this information to expand her clan and become even more powerful.

Although Zhu Lingdie’s clan was slightly better than other small clans. however, she still did not have ability organize a large scale activity outside the city, that was why she needed help from the 13th master.

“Let’s wait until we get to Jin Ling” Chu Yunsheng did not answer her straight away.

Zhu Lingdie’s information surprised Chu Yunsheng a little bit. But he was not surprised about the armour, Even the Urban management officer in fog city also knew how to use the shell as a shield, so as the General Research department, there was no way they couldn’t think of that? But Chu Yunsheng was still curious about how they achieved the casting process.

What surprised him was the type I dark energy gun, he just heard from Ding Yan saying that it was similar to the enchanted gun he had, but it was less powerful. However, Chu Yunsheng’s enchanted gun could only be used by the dark fire warrior. But type I energy gun could be used by anyone. Of course, if the dark warrior used the type I energy gun, it would be even more powerful.

He was amazed by the those researcher’s intelligence. Within this short amount of time, they were able to invent a new type of weapon. Although the ancient book also had a method to make a weapon that allows anyone to use it. but it was required to have a Yuan Qi energy core as an energy supplement.

The same thing applied to the type I dark energy gun, the energy within the gun could be consumed over time, they were required to be recharged within a certain period of time, the bullets they were using also required to have a certain amount of dark matters, otherwise, it wouldn't have any effect.

But Chu Yunsheng was still happy to hear that human now had weapons to counter-attack the insects.

If it were not that he was afraid to lose the ancient book, he would not refuse to help GRD to develop even more powerful weapons.


Qing duo duo guan zhao means Please look out for me as much as you can.
Though the literal translation seems like an unreasonable demand, it does not have the tone of demand in Chinese. It implies that I recognize that you are an influential person, having the ability and power to take care of me, and I need you to help me. It is a compliment on your ability. It is also a humble request (and can be almost grovelling if said in the right tone of voice)