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Chapter 105 parting

Chapter 105 Parting

“Lao Duan, it's not your business, so don't get involved in this! “ said the soldier Xiao Zhang who knitted his brow. Originally the other party only had three dark warriors, from Lao Duan’s word, he could sense that this guy was trying to help him.

Soldier Zhang had already made up his mind, he wanted to fire the warning shot calling for help. However, if He really fired the shot, then the reward would be split between even more people, his share would be reduced. He didn’t want to do it, but it was better than having nothing.

“inspector Zhang, please may I have a word with you, privately,” said Duan Danian,  he said it respectfully, but his hands were dragging the solder Zhang to the back of a truck which was used as a barrier.

It took them about 10 minutes to finally come back.

Duan Danian gave Chu Yunsheng an “okay” sign while he was following the inspector Zhang back to the crowd. It made Chu Yunsheng puzzled what he was doing.

“Chu? Mr. Chu right? If you are worried about the safety of the tiger, I'll ask someone to guide you to general command headquarter's species management department, you can take it there yourself.” inspector Zhang said it quickly and vaguely, not many people caught exactly what he said. He then whispered in the security guard’s ear behind him and signalled Chu Yun
sheng to hurry up passing the checkpoint.

Chu Yunsheng didn't really trust those guy, one was the bandit who was trying to rob him before. The other one was trying to take tiger away from him. Who knows what they were trying to do. So he just stood there not moving and hurry up restoring his energy. He only trusted himself.

“Next!” inspector Zhang went back the table, he sat down and shouted loudly. He had already stopped looking at Chu Yunsheng and carried on his routine check. It was like he did not mind whatever Chu Yunsheng was doing, things were already over now.

Chu Yunsheng still stood there not moving until he finally restored his energy. Zhao Shanhe and Huang Renkuan both got their documents already. So three of them followed the soldier that Inspector Zhang assigned to them together to the checkpoint and get into the city they had been dreaming every day.

The inspector Zhang’s man only led them for a short distance, the soldier then returned to the checkpoint after the leader of the bandit gave him a cigarette. Now it only left Chu Yunsheng them three and the bandits.

Chu Yunsheng laughed at himself, it seemed like he was a little bit overreacted.

“Brother Chu, let me introduce myself again, my name is Duan Danian, from wu city,  I'm sorry that I did a stupid thing to offend you earlier, please don't keep that in mind!”  said Duan Danian before Chu Yunsheng had a chance to asked him why he wanted to help.

“Since we didn't have any fight, I already forget about it. Anyway, I have to thank you for what you did earlier, you helped me, but I don't like to owe people. What you gave to Inspector Zhang, I'll give you double in return.” Chu Yunsheng said it straight away. He did not believe this guy suddenly discovered his morality, this guy must have other plans. Since Chu Yunsheng himself just came to this city, he didn't know anything about this city, so it was better not to involve in any of this guy's business.

“No.'s my apology, just some small things, brother Chu please don't keep that in mind.” Duan Danian waved his hand and said.

“bo bo boss… we gave .. Gave inspector Zhang a pack ...pack of very expensive cigarette.” said the skinny stammer.

“You fucking idiot. shut the fuck up!” Duan Danian was enraged by his complaint, he pushed the skinny stammer over and said:” brother Chu, my man is a dumb fuck, he was always saying some stupid shit…..”

Chu Yunsheng smiled, he knew what this guy was doing.  what they did was trying to tell him indirectly that they paid a heavy price for this favour. Not only him, everyone else including Zhao Shanhe could tell what they really meant by that.

But there was one thing Chu Yunsheng did not understand. Comparing the cigarette with food, one was purely for pleasure, the other was a necessity. Why was the cigarette expensive?

But he didn't ask them, who knows what Jin Ling had become, how bad the situation inside the city…. Food.. Security… etc…  maybe the military had enough food for everyone, but no matter what the answer was, he wanted to find out by himself.

Since Duan Danian insisted it was an apology,  he did not want to stay here any longer. He already got into the city now, what he needed to do next was hurry up going to city north where his aunt's house was. He was so scared that the auntie’s house would be empty, and he wouldn't be able to find his auntie.

“since you insisted, I'll call you Lao Duan, I have other things to do, I hope we will see each other again soon. “ said Chu Yunsheng.

“Chu, I promised Chui Yuquan that I'll wait for them, and I believe that they still have a chance, a chance to survive in this world! I know you probably have heard a lot thank you from me and others, but thank you!” said Zhao Shanhe, he had a big bright smile on his face.

“Brother Chu…. “ Duan Danian finally got a chance to talk, but just when he said this, he was immediately interrupted by Huang Renkuan:” Xiao Zhao, don't worry about Lao Chui’s group, I'll take them with me. I don't believe that they won't acknowledge my 20 years of hard work for the government,”

Of course, Chu Yunsheng knew that Huang Renkuan was doing it for other purposes, but at least those people had someone to look after them, it was not a bad thing.

"Please say goodbye to Lao Chui, Meng Meng and other people for me, I need to leave now.” Chu Yunsheng put the tiger on the ground, adjusted his clothes and shoelaces.

The agreement he had with Lao Chui was to escort them to Jin Ling city, he not only fulfilled his agreement but also contributed a lot to the group,  whether it was the meat worm he gave to them or the milk powder, or saving the little girl Meng Meng… killing the golden shelled monster, he did a lot more than he should have.  He had already told them one day he would leave, so now, it's the time.

After saying goodbye to Zhao ShanHe and Huang Renkuan, Chu Yunsheng took out Jin Ling city's map he had prepared long time ago and headed to the city north.

There were many stickers On the walls on both side of the city entrance. Each sticker had a wish written on it.

…….."lao gong(husband in Chinese )…. We are here already, our daughter is still alive, but where are you?....”

…….."son. Are you still alive…. I shouldn't have forced you to study in Shen Cheng city……

……"lao po(wife in Chinese) where are you…....

……… dad….. I and sister are already here, but she is injured…. I'm so scared….. Where are you… … … …

… …



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    Then killing the army and government slowly