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Chapter 106 Three major headquarters

Chapter 106 Three major headquarters
“Hello chief!” inspector Zhang instantly stood up with his hand at salute.

“Hello soldier, did you see any dark warrior with a long sword came to check in?” said Qin Min, he jumped off the military SUV and adjusted his uniform.

“No chief” inspector Zhang respond quickly. Although he did not know this officer. but this officer was wearing a high ranking epaulette. so he wouldn't treat him with a slight neglect.

“Let me have a look at the dark warriors register you had!”Qin Min knitted his brows, he went to the battlefield earlier. other than soldiers and medics, he did not see other dark warriors.

:”huh? How come? There is only one checkpoint in this area.” Qin Min puzzled, but he did not plan to ask other soldiers, the division commander reminded him several times that do not let Big cannon Wang’s man know anything about this.

The register was very thick, there was no way he could go through the names on the register one by one in a short amount of time. :”you did a good job soldier, thank you for the hard work!” said Qin min after he gave back the register to the inspector Zhang.

“Sigh… Commander will be disappointed ” Qin Min let out a sigh. He shook his head and got into the military SUV.


“Brother Chu, where do you want to go? I can take you there!” said Duan Danian who drove past him and stopped near him. Chu Yunsheng looked at Duan Danian and puzzled, he did not know where this man got a white van in such short period of time.

Chu Yunsheng looked at the map, it was still quite far from the place he was standing to his aunt’s house, and he was also not familiar with the road. Although he knew what this guy was thinking, the desire to find out how his aunt as soon as possible made him got into the van.

After he got into the van, he noticed that Duan Danian was wearing something on his chest, and he did not seem to have it at the checkpoint.  It was a badge with a shape of earth carved on it. Below the earth, it was written “Dark warrior” and “Rank two”

“This is issued by the dark warrior headquarter, come, brother chu, take a seat here.” Duan Danian moved aside to make a space for Chu Yunsheng. He explained:”you can go to the dark warrior headquarter at city central and test your ability there. after you passed the test, they will formally issue you this badge and card. You wear this badge in the city area can save you a lot of troubles. ”

“Dark warrior headquarter?” Chu Yunsheng heard this name when he was at the checkpoint.

“That’s right, nowadays, there are three major headquarters in Jin Ling city, the first one was the fucking general command headquarters, it controls all the military forces, which has 10 military divisions and all the food, energy ….etc, all kind of supplies are controlled by this general command headquarters.

the second one was the useless general research department, it was formed by a group of arrogant and opinionated scientists. they are mainly doing nothing but research on the new weapons and some stupid theory on how to use dark energy and shit.

The third one is our dark warrior management headquarter, it is responsible for managing and testing all the dark warrior inside Jin Ling city.”

“Boss, Mr. Chu, where do we want to go?” Sun Qian was the person driving the van. He looked in the back mirror and interrupted Duan Danian.
“Brother Chu, let me drop you off at your place first, the van is quick, it won’t take long.” Duan Danian said

Chu Yunsheng did not decline the offer, he said straight away: “Guan Xi road, Xiang Shan village.”

It was just past 20:00, and there were not many cars on the road, so the van was fairly fast on the road at the moment.

When the van drove into the main city, the refugees that living on the street started to get more and more. They were cuddling each other under the street light and constantly exhaling the white cloud. Chu Yunsheng could constantly hear the moaning sounds that people make because of the hunger and cold.

“Jin Ling still has electricity?” Chu Yunsheng asked. if they were using the fire to power the electricity, the coal was probably already finished by now, also there was nowhere near Jin Ling city could produce coal. How come they still have electricity.

“I’ve heard that the general research department managed to disassemble a nuclear power plant unit and moved back to Jin Ling. With the help of some kind of latest dark energy research, they built a mini dark energy power plant underneath the ground, fuck this stupid thing,  it is not stable at all,  we often have power outages, apart from the major transportation link and some important area, all other areas are limited to use the electricity. other than that, your fath…. Oh … i .. I don’t know as well.” Duan Danian almost said “your father i”(1). he immediately took out a pack of cigarette and passed one to Chu Yunsheng to distract him.

Looking at the light glimmered at outside, Chu Yunsheng started to wonder, this city did not simply rely on the food, and the military force outside the city, it also relied on the electricity which could bring them light and power.

“Are general research department and dark warrior headquarter not supposed to be controlled by the general command headquarters?” Chu Yunsheng was curious, normally, a party which controlled the military force and food supply, should have the control over everything.

“Sigh, who knows what kind of dirty deal they have at the top level. I am just a simple man, i do not know why either. Just take the thing that happened to you as an example, original the general command headquarters did not agree on that stupid《 earth species protection plan》. so many people were dying in the city, how do they even have the resources and time to take care of those animals. But those stupid scientists were not giving it up, they spent several days to argue about the importance of the protection plan until the argument was getting increasingly acute and even the people inside the general command headquarters started to have different opinions. Soon the plan was passed, but rumours said it has something to do with the new weapons that designed by the research department.”

Lao Duan took a drag on a cigarette and carry on:”our dark warrior headquarter was formed by the awakenings ourselves. But the general command headquarters was always trying to get their hands on it.  You just came to jin ling city, so you don’t know about it. Since the insects appeared, the conflict between dark warrior and troops never stopped.

you did not see the troops trying to recruit dark warrior at the checkpoint right? But they used to be there before. At that time, the troops will force dark warriors to join them, but those warriors are just regular civilians, they never received a proper training or get told what to do, many people did not like the military’s attitude and started to have conflict with the troops, from the small dispute until the big conflict later. Many people died at that time, even the people at the top level. the insects also took the opportunity started to pushing defence line!

After that incident, and under the pressure from the dark warrior headquarter's protest. The general command headquarters had a meeting for several days, finally, they prohibit the military from recruiting dark warriors by force. But often those troops will still find a way to recruit people.  Since the meeting finished, dark warriors headquarters starts to grow bigger, until it becomes what it looks like now. "

Chu Yunsheng finally understood after Duan Danian explained everything. Amongst the three headquarters, the general command headquarters had the most power. then the second one was the general research department and the dark warrior headquarters at last.  They were working together, but also they were restricting each other from having too much power.

But this was just at the top level, there were also many groups in the lower level as well. Jin Ling city was not a big city, but when it suddenly became the place where all the survivors in the east China wanted to stay, the city instantly became crowded just over a night. That was why all kinds of conflicts constantly happened, it was either because of the territory, weapons, the food or….. Other things.

Chu Yunsheng used his time on the van to ask Duan Danian all kinds of information about the city, he even got some information about Duan Danian’s background. He finally understood why Duan Danian was trying to help him so much, But Chu Yunsheng did not plan to get involved. He was not interested in this kind of conflict, at the most, he would pay them food in return, and that was all.

What he wanted to do now was to find aunt’s family first, then find a secure place to study the book, he hoped that he would be able to understand the entire book soon!

Chu Yunsheng noticed There were not many cars inside city either. But later on, Duan Danian told him that three major headquarters had prohibited ordinary people using cars. Because of lacking in petrol, it was already listed as military goods. Dark warriors could use cars, but they needed to find petrol outside city themselves.

When the van took a turn and drove into the Guan Xi road where Chu Yunsheng was familiar with. Chu Yunsheng’s  heart started to jump rapidly.

When he was young, he used to be sent over to aunt's house every year, when he joined the workforce, he also came to visit his aunt once a year, that was why he was familiar with every building on this street.

The housing estate did not have any security guard. The van took several turns under Chu Yunsheng instruction and finally arrived at the building number 12.  He was surprised to see the fifth floor’s windows which belonged to his aunt had light on.

At that moment, he felt that he found the home.

1.  "your father i"  is a term used to insult other people, the easiest way to understand this is: I am your father, so I fuck your mother..... (sorry for the profanity)


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