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Chapter 107 taken over

Chapter 107 taken over
Chu Yunsheng remembered that the building’s main entrance door should have had an electronic lock, but probably because of lacking in electricity, it was changed to a big mechanical lock.

“flat 501! Auntie, it's me Chu Yunsheng!” Chu Yunsheng pushed the metal gate to make a noise, At the same time, he raised his head and shouted.

After a while, a person's head popped out at the fifth floor, but it was very blurry. Chu Yunsheng immediately waved at that person and shouted:”it's me, Chu Yunsheng, please open the door!”

But that person was scared and immediately moved the head inside. Chu Yunsheng waited for a little while, but still, no one came down to open the door for him, even the light on the fifth floor was also suddenly switched off.

Chu Yunsheng was confused, are they that sacred? Or is it something else happened to them?

He shouted again for another few times. Even the people that were living on other floors started to peep through the windows to see what was going on. But his aunt’s flat was still very quiet.

“young man, stop shouting, no one dares to open the door at this time.” said an old refugee who was sitting on the ground next to the door. Chu Yunsheng just noticed that not only on the street, there were also many other refugees sleeping inside the building estate.

But Chu Yunsheng didn't believe that, if his aunt heard his voice, she would definitely run downstairs to open the door for him. Something must have happened.

The slight happiness he had when he just got off the van was instantly replaced by the chill. No.. He couldn't wait until tomorrow, he had to find out what happened.

He took out the sword to hack down the lock, then immediately ran upstairs.

Duan Danian was originally leaning against the van, he also sensed that something wasn't right. He Stepped on the cigarette butts and twisted his feet to put out the cigarette, at the same time, he told other people:”Sun Qian, you go with me, rest of people look after the van.”

Chu Yunsheng was extremely worried, his speed was extremely fast, even the little tiger whose speed was rapidly increased recently also could not catch up with him.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” Chu Yunsheng climbed up to the fifth floor in one breath, then he knocked on the door loudly.

“Auntie, are you inside?” Chu Yunsheng shouted, he even took out the flashlight to shine on his face against peephole. “ look, it really is me, Chu Yunsheng!” he shouted once again.

Finally, there were some movements behind the door:” Who are you? We don't know you, please leave.” it was a man's voice that Chu Yunsheng was not familiar with,

His heart sunk, he forced himself to calm down, maybe it was uncle's relative who he did not know, so he said again:” I'm Chu Han’s nephew, please open the door, or could you ask my uncle, auntie, Xiao Tian or Xiao Yi, any one of them to come out.”

The man behind the door seemed to whisper to someone, Chu Yunsheng could not hear it very clearly. After a while, the man responded “we don't know anyone of those people you just said, please leave right now!” the man said coldly.

“don't know? Then who are you, how come you are at my auntie's house!?” Chu Yunsheng said coldly, he instantly changed his tone.

The man inside simply stopped answering.

The bad feeling instantly filled up his mind, in this dark age, the things like strangers taken over houses happened all the time!

He immediately stabbed the sword inside the gaps between the door and door frame, then pushed it down heavily. The door instantly broke open.

The people inside immediately screamed in panic.

Then Chu Yunsheng held the sword and flashlight stepped inside the flat!

“you… you… what are you doing? Get out, otherwise, I'll shoot you, I'm warning you, my son is working for the general research department!” Chu Yunsheng shined the flashlight around the room, he found out that the voice came from an old man who was wearing a pair of glasses, he was pale and skinny. Although he was holding a police pistol, he still could not stop himself from trembling.

Chu Yunsheng immediately harnessed Yuan Qi inside his body. he jumped up and kicked away the pistol, his speed was so fast that the old man didn't even have time to react.

The little tiger quickly jumped up and bit the pistol then turned around while it was still in the mid-air and returned back to Chu Yunsheng.

Duan Danian was amazed by the fast and smooth cooperation between the tiger and Chu Yunsheng.

A regular handgun wouldn't do any damage to Chu Yunsheng, but he still wanted to make sure that there wouldn't be any accidents. after all, who knows if this pistol was the new type of weapon that designed by the general research department, which Duan Danian mentioned earlier.

The old man fell to the floor. But Chu Yunsheng didn't care about him, he started to use the flashlight to search the flat.

There were 5-6 males in the living room, they were holding all kinds of weapons such as kitchen knives … sticks … etc… on their hands. Everyone was on their guard and looking at Chu Yunsheng in panic.

“HELP!…. Boss Bai…. help…. Murder….!...” a man was shouting at the balcony.

“Roar!” the tiger jumped onto a table in the living room, it was constantly growling on the table, and there were even some visible wind ripples spread out from its body every time when it growled. The tiger was as big as a dog now, it was very muscular and it slowly started to show its vicious nature as it grew bigger. The living room suddenly became quiet, even the man on the balcony also leant against the railings.

“ you… you guys are dark warriors?” the old man vaguely saw the badges that Duan Danian was wearing in the moving flashlight.

Chu Yunsheng didn't answer his question, he glanced over those people in the living room, but still did not know any single one of them.
“You watch them for me!” Chu Yunsheng turned around and told Duan Danian, he then headed towards the bedroom, he was familiar with the flat's layout, he could even walk inside flat without any light.

“What are you doing? I'm warning you, my son really works for the general research department!” said the old man who staggered to his feet and tried to use his body to block the door. At the same time,  all other men were extremely agitated, they all wanted to charge toward Chu Yunsheng, but they were all stopped by Sun Qian. The power gap between the ordinary people and the dark warrior was too big, no matter how they struggled, they still couldn't do anything.

“fuck off!” Chu Yunsheng picked him up by the collar, and pushed him aside, the old man was very skinny, he was not a dark warrior either, so Chu Yunsheng didn't use much force to pick the old man up.

Chu Yunsheng was extremely irritable at the moment, he did not like those strangers staying at aunt’s house at all, he even wanted to kill all of them. He was worried those people might have done something to auntie.

“Bang” Chu Yunsheng kicked the door open, it instantly caused a few women screamed loudly inside the room.

“Da Niu(nickname for the older daughter), run, go find your brother!” said the old man who was still on the ground but his both arms were holding Chu Yunsheng's legs tightly despite the blood on his face. “I'll give you food, give you everything, please leave them alone.”

“Who are you all people, why are you here, where is the owner of this flat? Tell me now!”  with help of the flashlight, Chu Yunsheng glanced over the bedroom, there are only a few women and kids inside, and he didn't know anyone of them. After he confirmed that there wasn't any sign of his aunt's family living here, he gradually calmed down. But he still needed to ask them how did they get into this flat.

“ah? I don't know, I seriously don't know, this flat was exchanged using food and medicines by my son, we never saw the original owner.” the old man was dazed for a second. “are you really just here to find your relatives? Not here to kill and kidnap people?“ the old man sensed the hope.

“Answer my question or they'll get hurt, where is the original owner, what happens to them?” Chu Yunsheng didn't want to waste time here, he wanted to know more information about his aunt as soon as possible.

“ I seriously don't know,  or....can you wait for my son to come back. You can ask him. I've heard him talked about it before. But I can't remember now.” the old man quickly replied.

“Where is your son, take me to see him now.” said Chu Yunsheng.

“ok, ok, ok, I'll take you there, but that's general research department, we can't get in.” the old man first nodded his head, then shook his head immediately.

“ You don't need to worry about this, I'll find a way when we get there. You just need to think about how to find your son.” Chu Yunsheng didn't think too much, he just wanted his aunt's information. If it was really difficult for them to get in, he would just use food to bribe the worker to pass the message.

Chu Yunsheng picked up the old man and started to walk outside.

“Dad! You! Let go of my dad!”

“Uncle! uncle!”

The old man was dragged away, he tried his best to turned around and said:” go back inside and lock the door, I'm going to your brother's workplace……”

Chu Yunsheng ran downstairs with him before he had a chance finish his sentence. Little Tiger, Duan Danian, Sun Qian followed him close behind.

When they just got out of the building, They saw a group of people coming towards the van and started to surround them, at the same time, they were using the flashlight to shine on them.

“Lao Duan, you know whose territory is this right? And you are still making troubles here!?” said a short man who had a dark skin, he was wearing an old-fashioned military coat. His hand was holding a big broadsword. There were dozens of people following him, some were wearing the police officer's uniforms and some brought guns with them as well.

“Lao Bai, it's a misunderstanding, we are just here to find someone.” said Duan Danian who didn't have any sign of overbearing manner,  it meant that the other group was much stronger than his.

“Lao Duan, everyone minded their own business when 13th master took your territories, we did not try to hit you when you were down. But what you did today, it's not much of respect, is it?” Xiang Shan housing estate was a type of old housing estate that didn't have concrete fences. Boss Bai was the one who was in charge of the security in this area. when his men were patrolling inside the housing estate with the ordinary police officers who were assigned to them by the three major headquarters, they saw Duan Danian’s group. They were alerted by such large number of dark warriors, so they immediately reported it to the boss Bai.

Bai Yu Tang was shocked when he heard it, who would dare to make troubles in his territory? Originally he was worried that the person might be the 13th master, whose clan was growing stronger recently. But When he saw the person was Duan Danian, he was instantly relieved. He pointed at the building and said coldly:”even if you don't want to respect me, but do you know, how many people live here are related to the staff who work for the three major headquarters? They are not someone you can mess around with. If you can’t give me a reasonable answer, I won’t be able to give them a reasonable answer, so it's up to you if you want to get out here alive or not.    ”

Duan Danian’s pupils suddenly became bigger, originally he just wanted to do Chu Yunsheng a favour to help him find the person, but he did not expect it would get out of hand. So he was struggling at the moment.

He could just blame Chu Yunsheng and convinced them he had nothing to do with him. It might save him, but he would lose the opportunity to take back his territory.

Should he take all the responsibilities? But even if he did want to take the responsibilities, it was not something he could easily get away with. Let alone if Chu Yunsheng was going to thank him later or not. So he was struggling to make the decision.

Chu Yunsheng pushed the old man into the van, and walked towards them:”fuck off!”

“Go fuck yourself, you motherfucker” a tall muscular guy who was behind Boss Bai earlier instantly charged out while cursing. He threw a punch at Chu Yunsheng while his fist was surrounded by fire.

Originally They thought Chu Yunsheng was Duan Danian’s man, and this man interrupted their conversation. To them, This man had no respect for them, and an undisciplined man should have been put to death, so they thought Chu Yunsheng was a dead meat.

However, Chu Yunsheng snorted. He did not even dodge the attack. He just simply flick the sword upwards, it instantly made a light arc in the air, then the blood burst out, it belonged to the muscular guy, he lost his entire arm!


  1. Ayyyy dark times, tooo much dispute, government realy does not do a good job with easing the worries of civilain awakened ones. MC did not even show 1/5 of his ability to get good treatment cause of anxiety.