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chapter 110 new food experiments

chapter 110 new food experiments
“Xiao Chu?!” said professor Sun, he could not believe that he could see Chu Yunsheng here:”You are alive? That’s great, that is really great!” his body even started to shake.

Speaking of professor Sun this old man, since day one Chu Yunsheng kicked him until they met again at the fog city. Overall, Chu Yunsheng did not have a bad impression of this old man. But until later when they made up the lie about the fog walls and deceived everyone in the fog city. Chu Yunsheng started to change his opinion about his old man. Chu Yunsheng had lost all the trust in this old man.

But now is different, Chu Yunsheng needed a help from him, he also saw the special rank badges. He did not need Duan Danian to explain how important that badge was, he knew that professor Sun had an important position in this research department. There wouldn’t be any problem for this old man to take him to find a person.

“I need a help from you!” Chu Yunsheng said it straight away. He could not find anything good about his old man anymore, so he did not need to say anything nice to him. Although he needed his help, Chu Yunsheng felt that those people owed him.

“Xiao Chu, as long as I can help you, I will definitely help!” professor Sun could feel the difference in Chu Yunsheng’s tone:" I know you hate us, but if we did not …….” he was ashamed to admit it. But then he was immediately interrupted by Chu Yunsheng.

“What’s past is past, we are even if you help me this time.” said Chu Yunsheng.

Duan Danian was standing next to them. When he heard everything they said, His mind went completely blank. What fucking happened, was this how the special rank people talk? Did he heard it wrong!  Why would this special rank man want to swallow his pride and apologize to Chu Yunsheng? It should be opposite right!?

Duan Danian didn't know how to react, he didn't even dare to curse what the fuck is wrong with you people. He shifted his eyes and stared at Sun Qian. ‘This guy definitely knew something that I don't! Fuck! who the hell is this man? Can someone tell me! this is fucking crazy!’

It was not just him who was surprised, all the high ranking officers who were with the professor Sun were also shocked. Professor Sun was not an ordinary person, he had a dark warrior and a GRD-special rank two identities.  he was one of the most important people in the research department who also happens to be the key person of several major new weapon research, Even the general commander also had a huge respect for him.

Although professor Sun had a good temper. but they had never seen him such apologetic towards someone, So everyone was curious who this guy was.

As for the old man Cheng, he still had not come back from the initial shock.

“Thank you, I just need to find a person, he is working your GRD, his name is Cheng Bingwen, an information collector who is working under the new food research department, I have something urgent need to ask him!” Chu Yunsheng said quickly, with professor’s help, everything was going to be very smooth.

“OK, Xiao Chu, follow me, I'll take you there.” professor Sun was a smart man. since Chu Yunsheng did not want to talk about the past. Of course, he would not mention it either.

Chu Yunsheng was worried about leaving the little tiger with Duan Danian those bandits. he still could not trust those people. so he ignored the professor Sun who was surprised to see the little tiger and picked it up then got into the SUV. As long as the little tiger was not using its metal element bility and wind element ability, it was just an ordinary tiger, And also since he was with the professor Sun, no one would dare to say anything.

The SUV once again started and drove into GRH where was originally Jin Ling university’s main campus.

The SUV stopped next to a biochemical Lab building. with professor’s help, they did not have any trouble to find the Cheng Bingwen. A Few of his colleagues saw the dark warrior's badges and fully armed soldiers were looking for Cheng Bingwen, they all thought Cheng Bingwen was in a big trouble. Some people who used to have a very good relationship with him, all stood very far from him to avoid getting into the trouble.

“Sun…. professor Sun…. Are you looking for me?” Cheng Bingwen was a thirty years old skinny man, he had a short hair and pale skin. He was very scared. With this kind of situation, who would not be? But they specifically asked for his name. So he had no choice but to stand out.

“It’s not me, it is him” professor pointed Chu Yunsheng and said:”don’t be nervous, my friend just wants to ask you something.”

“Oh, ok, mister, you can ask me anything. If I know, I'll definitely tell you, ” he said respectfully. he was finally relieved after he heard what professor Sun said. This man was brought here by the professor Sun, he definitely was not as simple as he looked.

Chu Yunsheng took out his aunt’s family photo from his cloth and asked while his eyes were staring at Cheng Bingwen:"this is the original owner of the house you are living in right now, where are they right now?”

“Ah! You have been to my house? You are?” it was not easy for Cheng Bingwen to stay calm in this kind of situation. he was not relieved for long, then he was startled once again by Chu Yunsheng’s question.

“Is that your house!? That is my relative’s, just tell me where they are!” Chu Yunsheng said it directly and his eyes did not leave the man’s face for a second, he wanted to see if this guy was lying or not.

“I’m sorry, I said it wrong” Cheng Bingwen immediately apologized:”I have signed a selling agreement with a girl called Jǐng tián, we both put thumbprints on the documents at that time, and I did not force her to sell the flat, she was begging me because she said he urgently in need of food and medicines. It is true, if I am lying, you can kill me straight away. ” Cheng Bingwen explained.

“I am asking where they are now?” Chu Yunsheng was glaring at him, Jǐng tián was his cousin's name.

“I don’t  know, they had moved out after the agreement was signed. but they are from here, probably they have other relatives.” Cheng Bingwen was so scared that he moved back one step, then he suddenly seemed to remember something:”oh right… she came to look for me yesterday, she said…. Said….” Cheng Bingwen started to mumble after he seemed to realise something.

“What did she say! And where is she now?” Chu Yunsheng picked him up by the collar and Said urgently. if She came here to look for him, that meant she was still alive!

Cheng Bingwen did not resist, he looked at the professor Sun then gritted his teeth and said:”she… she said she wanted me to arrange her to join in the new food experiment!”

“What new food experiment?” Chu Yunsheng turned around and look at the professor Sun, he did not have a good feeling about this, anything that was slightly related to the Biological "experiment" was not a good thing at all.

Professor Sun’s face was filled with embarrassment, he hesitated for a long time but still had not given Chu Yunsheng an explanation. At the same time, a female worker carefully walked over to greet professor Sun and glanced at Chu Yunsheng. Then she turned around facing Cheng Bingwen:“ Cheng, we have been looking for you for some time, 3 out of 10 volunteers that joined the experiment were recommended by you, so the lab need you to sign the document to confirm, the machine has already started running, we need to start the experiment as soon as possible.” she said in a very awkward tone.

This female worker also did not have a choice. normally the situation like this, she would never come out to interrupt them. But the machine had already started running at the lab and the head of the experiment was waiting for the signature, that was why she had to come out.

The Probability of death in this kind of experiment is 50%, if The participants did not come from the proper channel, their lab would never dare to use it. They had a major incident before, it almost caused a huge conflict between three major headquarters. That was why the new food experiment research team especially formed a team to collect all the information about the participants. only when they had confirmed everything was properly handled, would they start the experiment.

Chu Yunsheng glanced over the forms that female worker handled towards Cheng Bingwen, he was shocked to see Jǐng Tián’s name was on the first form.

He immediately released Cheng Bingwen, then snatched the form:”where is she right now, take me there!”

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