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Chapter 111 junior researcher

Chapter 111 junior researcher
Jing Tian was sitting on a cold bench quietly. she was both familiar and unfamiliar with this place. Half year ago, she had sat on the same bench in this lab alone quietly reading the book she liked.

A half year later, she still sat here, but the difference was she was no longer waiting for the class bell to ring. She was a participant waiting here to do a test which could cause death.

“Number 5, please get ready.”

Jing Tian closed the diary, a slight yellow tint old photo accidentally slipped off the book and dropped to the ground. She bent over her skinny body to pick it up, moved her finger across the photo to touch those familiar faces as if she had gone back to those old days. She smiled when her finger stopped at a young boy's face.

She calmly put the photo back into the book, and held it in her arm, then walked straight towards that cold door, behind that door, several indifferent eyes were looking at her.

Jing Tian calmly walked through the door and said:” let's begin.”

“Bang!”  A loud bang. The waiting room’s door was kicked open.

“Jing Tian!”

Her body trembled for a split second as if it was struck by the lighting, she slowly turned around, what she saw next made her dropped the dairy.

“Ge (brother in Chinese)” doubt, shock, happy, …. All kinds of feeling started to emerge.

“What are you doing!?” Chu Yunsheng immediately ran over to get her.

On the way, He had already heard what the so-called new food experiment was. In order to solve more and more acute food shortage problem, GRD started to analyze the monster’s meat and find all kinds of way to process it, Then they would ask the research participants to try that meat. They would decide if the food passing the edible standard or not based on the participant’s reaction. If the participant died, they would open up the participant’s body to find out what caused the death and tried to reprocess the monster’s meat again until they get rid of those causes. This research was a cycle of death, participants might be lucky for the first experiment, but they might be dead for the second test.

And the scariest thing was, even though the participants might be able to survive this high death rate experiment, it would cause a long-term damage to their health!

But still, a lot of people volunteered to participate this experiments. Of course, those people were not here to sacrifice himself for the great human future as what they mentioned in the agreement, they were here mainly for the food and medicines.

“Ge, is it really you?” Jing Tian threw herself into Chu Yunsheng’s arm and held him tightly. She was scared that this was just a dream.

Chu Yunsheng slowly stroke her back, he could feel that her body was trembling, she was using her life to exchange for the food and medicine, how could he scold her? Chu Yunsheng took a deep breath:”it’s me, everything is going to ok now”

“Hey! Do you still want to do it or not?” the head of the lab said coldly.

“Shut up!” Chu Yunsheng glared at him, then held Jing Tian’s cold hand:”we are not going to do it, we have enough food! Let’s go!” then he dragged her hand and was about to leave the lab.

The head of the lab Lu pounded the table and snorted:”she signed the volunteer agreement! And she took all the stuff! She has to do it!” Chu Yunsheng did not wear any badge, that means he was not from any one of three major headquarters, that why the head Lu dared to stop Chu Yunsheng.

Chu Yunsheng ignored him, Jing Tian was still alive, this was a great news to him, but she risked her life just for some food, that meant his aunt’s situation was very bad now.

“Stop them!” Lu shouted with rage, he was the head of this lab. so many people were trying to ingratiate themselves with him nowadays. How dare this guy ignored him.

“Let them leave!” professor Sun hurriedly arrived at the scene, although he was a dark warrior, his speed was much slower than Chu Yunsheng. He was startled when He heard what the head Lu said When he just arrived at the scene. Even a flame bird could not stop this guy, how could those small time people do anything to him?  Chu Yunsheng would destroy the whole lab which he had been trying so hard to build.

The lab head Lu was dazed for a second, just when he was about to shout at the guy who said that. his face instantly changed. “Professor Sun, what made you have to come here in person.” said Lu whose face was now filled with the smile at the same time he was trotting towards professor sun

“Xiao Chu, I'm really sorry….” professor Sun didn't respond to him, instead, he apologized Chu Yunsheng.

Lu was shocked to see professor apologized to this young man. What kind of background did this young man have?  He immediately said:” Is this your friend? Haha… I'm sorry… very sorry! Xiao Wang… please get two more bags of instant noodle to compensate this lady..I'm sorry that we scared you, we didn't our job properly, later on, we will definitely talk to Cheng Bingwen, the mistake like this needed be seriously dealt with!”

His stance changed so quickly and he didn't even feel shame to blame on others. It made everyone think, how could such shameless person exist in the world.

Chu Yunsheng didn't want to waste time talking to him, he took Jing Tian out of the lab with the professor Sun. Before he left the GRD, professor Sun asked the people in the GRD to make a researcher badge for him. But because it was in a hurry, and they didn't have the time to fill in the evaluation application, so they only made him a junior researcher's badge which was the lowest level badge.

Chu Yunsheng knew why professor Sun wanted to do this, this old man still wanted to recruit him. He still did not believe that it was a coincidence that Chu Yunsheng made that graph.  But Chu Yunsheng had completed lost trust in him. Although back in fog city, it wasn't his idea to make up a lie, he was the one made it happened. He almost lost his life there.

The reason why he could have a nice conversation with him was that he still needed to use him. he knew he was not smart, so the GRD was not a right place for him. But in Jin Ling city,  having one more identity wasn't a bad thing at all.

Chu Yunsheng just came to Jin Ling less than a day, he did not know how important this researcher badge was. He thought it was the same as dark warrior's badge which was just a symbol that allows them to easily to going in and out of the GRD.

He did not know, but everyone else around him knew. After professor Sun left, Duan Danian and other people were staring at Chu Yunsheng's badge. Comparing to the dark warrior’s badge, The badges for the formal GRD researcher were a lot less. Most of the people who work in the GRD didn't even have this badge. Having a GRD badge meant stable food supply, medical care and family's protections, it had a lot more benefit than having a dark warrior’s badge.

“holy shit, brother Chu, you just got in less than half hour, and you already got a researcher badge. I've seen people finish their dark warrior evaluation in half hour, but I've never heard of someone finish their researcher evaluation in half hour.” said Duan Danian, other people were completely speechless.

“we will talk that about that later.” said Chu Yunsheng, he urgently needed to know what happened to the auntie’s family:”Xiao Tian, where are your father and mother? Take me to find them.”

“Dad is gone, he was killed by the insect.” Jing Tian was holding back the tears:”Ge, Mom is still alive, she was always saying that we should have listened to you…...”

“Uncle died!?” Chu Yunsheng suddenly felt a wave of giddiness swept over him, although he had prepared himself for the worst news, he still could not handle it when he heard it.

“What about Xiao Yi?” he said with a shivering voice. Jing Tian and Jing Yi are twins, they used to follow Chu Yunsheng when they were young. They were always very close. He was scared that he wouldn’t be able to see Xiao Yi again...

“DiDi(brother in Chinese)...... DiDi…..” Jing Tian could not hold her tear any longer, she broke out crying.

……………..Jin ling city west district……..……………..

A large number of residents that gathered here were originally Jin Ling City's citizens. Because of various reasons they gave up their home in the city and gathered here.

Because of the unknown reason, Jin Ling city did not have the channels which were created when the earth overlap with another space. there were only some monsters that broke through the defence line and broke into the city. Comparing to the other nearby cities, Jin Ling city had the minimal loses.
And Also because of Jin Ling city’s state official did try their best to protect the local citizens, so those local people were slightly better than the refugees who were sleeping on the street. But they were only slightly better than them, there was no way for them to eat fill and get medical care.

“Meal is ready!”
“meal time!”
“Stop pushing!”
“Why are you pushing!”
“Damn fucker, do you know how to queue!”
“What’s big deal? We are all neighbour, why so violent…...”


Chu Han bowed her head down, her eyes were bleary and she was holding a chipped bowl. There was some dark material inside the bowl, it was swing from left to right while she was being pushed by the overcrowded crowd.

Her health was not always good, plus she started to cough recently, it made her strength was even weaker. Sometimes, she even coughed up phlegm with blood.  But she still wanted to squeeze into the queue, even she was pushed away by the people who were much stronger than her, she still wanted to get back into the queue.

“Sister Han, hold my hand, hold it tightly” Liu SanJie was not from local, she was married to a guy from this city. Because of the cultural difference and her forthright characteristics, when she just came to the city, she would usually offend a lot of people, and a lot of woman in the neighbourhood like to say bad things about her, she was gradually excluded from the neighbourhood at that time.

Chu Han was an amiable person, it was just because of her lovely personality, they became the best friends.

Liu Sanjia was a tall and muscular woman, sometimes she could even have a fight with a man, her original name was Liu Yi. Liu San Jie was her nickname, but since everyone called her nickname, gradually everyone forgot about her real name.

If it wasn’t her help, Chu Han who was extremely weak at the moment wouldn’t be able to get into the crowd to get any food which was distributed only once in a while.

“Young man, have mercy, please can I have one more Ladle, my son is sick, he could not get up, can I get one for him??” Chu Han was begging. Everyone could only have one ladle. It was not even enough for one person, how was it possible to be shared between two? Her Daughter went missing today, she was so worried. but she could not afford to miss the time for the food distribution.

She was sick, worried, tired and desperate. All the feeling were mixed together and it numbed her senses.The only thing she knew was that she still had a son who needs to look after.


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