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Chapter 112 Jing Yi

Chapter 112 Jing Yi
“One each, you can not get one on behalf of someone else, it is the policy! If everyone else acts like you, we will be in huge trouble! Go, go, go, leave quickly, don’t block the queue!” Lu Yaming felt irritated, he waved his hand and told the young man who was distributing the congee to ignore her.

Lu Yaming was the person in charge of food distribution in this area. However he did not get this job from the proper channel, He got his job from his wife’s cousin who was a senior officer at the general command headquarter!

Lu Yaming was sick and tired of hearing the same excuse from this woman every time. He heard all kind of miserable reasons since he started working here. But what could those powerless people possibly do to him, if he does not give them extra portion? Sometimes he felt like he was a king, he could easily determine those people’s death. Those people were like a bunch of dogs just wagging their tail at him.

“If you got the food, then fuck off, don’t block the queue” some people were shouting at the back.

“How could you do this, her son really can’t get up…..” Liu Sanjie argued.

Chu Han was a delicate and vulnerable woman, but deep inside her heart, she was very stubborn. If it wasn’t that her son was dying, she would not beg for help. :”Commissioner Lu, please have mercy on our family, even if it is just half portion!” she begged again.

“Mercy? Which family is not difficult at this moment? There were So many people, how can I help everyone?” Lu Yaming categorically refused.

With no hope of getting the extra portion, Chu Han held her bowl wanting to get out of the crowd, but there were so many people behind her. she accidentally stepped on a big and tall man’s foot behind her. That man was already in a bad mood, because of waiting for such long time, now his foot was stepped by Chu Han, it instantly enraged him. He picked Chu Han up and threw her outside the crowd.

“Crack” Chu Han fell to the ground and the bowl flew out of her hands.

The bowl was instantly smashed into pieces, the congee was spread on the ground.

She immediately rushed toward the bowl despite the pain. She was trying to use her hand to gather all the congee back to the bowl.

Some people immediately threw themselves to the ground and tried to snatch that congee when they saw she was a weak woman. Despite the congee was very dirty, they still grabbed it and stuffed them in their mouth.

“it's mine, don't ... it's mine. …..” Chu Han was shaken up and trying to use her hand to block other people. Her hands were already cut by the by the broken bowl, and the blood was dropping down. It instantly made the congee become a blood soup.

Suddenly all the hands were disappeared.

But she was still trying to gather the blood congee. :” It's mine, mine…. “ she didn't seem to know what happened.

“Auntie!” Chu Yunsheng kneeled down and held Chu Han’s shoulder, he felt like his heart was being slashed!

“Mom!” Jing Tian also ran over.

“Don't take my congee, don't take my congee….” Chu Han didn't raise her head, she still mumbled.

“Auntie, it's me, YunSheng, it's me, big egg(nickname), look at me……!” his sight was blurred by the tear. He picked up her bloody hands and put them on his face, despite the sticky congee and blood on her hands.

Finally, Chu Han raised her head. at first, she looked at Chu Yunsheng with her glazed eyes without any expression. Soon her eyes started to become responsive and her facial expressions started to change.

“Sheng? It really is you!....” Chu Han started to touch Chu Yunsheng’s face, head.. neck then she hugged Chu Yunsheng and started to cry out loud:” Sheng…..!”

“ Don't run, that's the person who threw her.” Liu SanJie recognized the man,  his name is Jin Rui, a notorious thug in this area. Originally she had already grabbed him by his cloth. But she staggered when this thug tried to break free. when she lost him she immediately she shouted it out.

Duan Danian was following Chu Yunsheng closely earlier. When he was just about to rush out to catch the man, a shadow rushed out from behind him. Only until the shadow caught the man did he realized that it was his man - the stammer.

“you... You … you punk… wa… want…” the stammer swallowed then Said:” run!…”

“Please, boss... I didn't do it on purpose... Please forgive me….my family…… ah! “ Jin Rui was scared to death. He could not afford to mess with any single one of dark warriors, let alone the guy who was on his knee was wearing the GRD badge.

The stammer cast the fire energy, it instantly burned Jin Rui’s right hand:” whi…. Whi…. Which one??  Th...….  Th…. This one first..”

Duan Danian’s men had killed a lot of people since they became the bandit. This kind of business to them was the daily exercise.

Chu Yunsheng wrapped Chu Han’s injured hand and help to her stand on her feet. When he realized what happened, Jin Rui was already dead.

“bo bo boss... M….m.. Mr.Chu.. The … is dead…!” said the stammer.

But Duan Danian was not happy about what he did, he should be the one who came out first, but this stupid idiot got that guy first. “Fucking idiot, I really need to find a day to teach him some manner.” he cursed secretly.

Chu Yunsheng glanced at the body and nodded his head. His expression was as cold as ice. “Xiao Tian, where are you living now, take me to there first.” said Chu Yunsheng while holding Chu Han who was extremely weak at the moment.

Only until Chu Yunsheng left, did Lu Yaming finally relieved. He secretly wiped off the sweat from his forehead and started to think ‘Fucking hell. A formal GRD researcher and a group of dark warriors, they killed a man without a second thought’. Although what he did earlier was simply following the procedure. But if those people started to make trouble, he would not be able to do anything.

He sat there trying to figure out a way to solve the potential problem. Until he could not calm down and sat there any longer, He took a few Ladles of congee in person and used some boxes to pack them. Then he also took out a can of beef meat he has been hiding for a very long time…..

The place Chu Yunsheng's auntie was living was a shanty made of abandoned three-layered plywood. When Chu Yunsheng just got into the shanty, he immediately smelled a strong, irritating smell. He could not imagine that his auntie who had mysophobia could live in a place like this.

The shanty was not big, almost ten square meters, it was completely dark inside, Chu Yunsheng could not see anything. He switched on the flashlight to take a clear look of the shanty. There were piles of stuff inside the room which Chu Yunsheng did not know what they were exactly.  On each side of the shanty, there were two small and messy beds. There was a person lying on one of bed. The person was covered with a bed sheet. All Chu Yunsheng could see was the person’s head.

“Xiao Yi?” Chu Yunsheng helped auntie to sit on the bed on the other side. then immediately walked towards other side and try to wake up Jing Yi. He already heard Jing Yi’s situation from Jing Tian. It did not look very good.

Jing Yi was a dark warrior, this surprised Chu Yunsheng a lot. But his power was not very strong. He was also injured twice. The first time was before he awakened. At that time, Jin Ling city was very chaotic. In order to get more food, he had a fight with a chaotic crowd. At the end, he was injured.  The reason why Auntie sold her house was that they wanted to save his life.

He had spent two months to recover and surprisingly he was awakened at that time. During that time when the military just removed the insects inside the city with the help of the dark warriors,  All the dark warriors started to group up and fight for their territories inside the city. Due to the lack of food supply. Eventually, Jing Yi joined one of the dark warrior’s clan.

It was around half month ago, Jing Yi’s clan was having a conflict with another clan. Almost everyone in his clan died.  He managed to run away. but he was heavily injured. On the night he returned, he started to have a high fever, then he passed out two days. Until the third day, he became like a living dead. He could only move his eyes, all other parts of his body were completely lost their functions. if it wasn’t that slight ice element inside his body. He was probably already dead.

He was a very stubborn man. Since the day he woke up, he started to stop eating and drinking. He wanted to kill himself.

According to the doctor lived nearby, the damage had something to do with his ice energy. With the medical technology they had right now, they could not cure him.

But Chu Yunsheng had other methods. As long as he could make a healing talisman. He would definitely be able to cure him.


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