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Chapter 114 a visitor

Chapter 114 a visitor
The meal was laid on a broken table which had an uneven leg. There was a brick underneath one of the table’s legs, it was used to stop the wobbly table from moving.  With the food laid on top of it, the table seemed like it could collapse at any time.

There were only three dishes, not a lot. one was pork with potatoes, one chicken and carrots soup. the last one was a salty vegetable. They were not large portion either. Two of dishes were in a large bowl, and the last dish was put in a box which Chu Yunsheng found it very familiar with.

If it was still in the age of light, such simple dishes wouldn't worth any. But now, it was extremely expensive.

No one could resist the delicious food, even Chu Yunsheng who was never worried about the food. His stomach was making a growling sound when he smelled the food fragrance. Since the pot of beef soup which he didn't even get to finish in Shen Cheng city. he had never had anything hot similar to this.

Before he arrived Jin Ling, all he had was biscuits and bread or some sticky congee. Chu Yunsheng suspected that if he carried on eating food like that, he might get scurvy!

Comparing to Chu Yunsheng, Duan Danian and other people were even worse, they hadn't seen pork or chicken meat for a few months now, let alone the fresh vegetables!

If it wasn't that Chu Yunsheng still hadn't sat down, they probably already started to snatch the food.

“Xiao Yi still doesn't want to eat anything?” said Chu Yunsheng after he saw Auntie still had a small bowl of soup.

“he wants to die, he doesn't want to become our burden...” after Chu Han woke up, She slightly recovered herself and went back to the woman she used to be. She touched Jing Yi’s face and her eyes filled with tender love  “mom know you are in the pain, know you would rather die. But mom can't do it… mom can't just can't see you die like this….”

Chu Han was on the verge of crying, but she held it back., she just gently and quietly spoke to her son, her tone was so soft and tender.

Tears were running down from Jing Yi’s eyes, it ran across his ear and dropped on his hair.

“Auntie, you go to eat first, let me try it!” Chu Yunsheng took over the soup. He knew Jing Yi had the same personality as his parents. Jing YI did not want to become a trouble for his family. That was why he wanted to die.

“en.... Ok,  you two were always very close, you talk to him, I'll need to speak to you later as well, you have lost weight….” Chu Han adjusted Chu Yunsheng's wrinkled collar and sighed.

“Auntie, don't worry, I'll find a way to cure him. You will need to take care of yourself as well. "said Chu Yunsheng. His auntie’s health was very poor at the moment, not only she was unhealthily skinny, she was also sick right now.

“I'm ok, just some old problem. You also eat something first, don't get hungry.” Chu Han nodded her head. She didn't seem to have heard what Chu Yunsheng said. Maybe she had already lost her hope.

“Jing Tian, help your mom to go to the table. I'll stay here,” said Chu Yunsheng.

Jing Tian nodded her head, she did not like to talk, she was always hiding a lot of thing inside her.

Father's tragic death, brother injured twice, now he was worse than death. Her mom was starving and also was very sick. The dark world, ruthless insects, it seemed like all kinds of misfortunes have happened to her. But she still did not give up.

When she sold the flat, she got to know Cheng Bingwen.  she decided to “volunteer” to participate the new food experiment in exchange for the food and medicines. Although people said that regular medicines couldn't save Jing Yi, if there was the slightest hope, she would still want to try it.

She was prepared to die when she stepped into the GRD, but her cousin Chu Yunsheng appeared out of nowhere. She was thrilled and shocked at the same time, she even forgot to take the notebook she used to keep with her all the time.

She and Jing Yi were very close to her cousin Chu Yunsheng. In her childhood memory, cousin Chu Yunsheng could do all sort of impossible things just like her father.

However, with them getting older, she gradually realized that childhood thoughts were very silly. Her father and cousin were just an ordinary man, they were not omnipotent. Father's body bent earthwards as he got older, and her cousin also had a lot of pressure from the work. The only thing didn't change was their love towards them.

She didn't expect she could see her cousin Chu Yunsheng once again. when Chu Yunsheng kicked the door open, she seemed to see the cousin who was able to do anything had returned to her.

The changes of head Lu’s attitude; a special rank researcher who took them out of the lab in person; a whole car of dark warriors that were waiting for them and a strange little tiger. strange things happened one after the other, it made her felt like she was in a dream. On the way back to her house, she still had a slight doubt, she thought what she saw might be the illusion caused by the food experiment. But if it really was a dream, she hoped that she would never wake up.

When she helped her mom to walk towards the table, she saw that all those domineering dark warriors did not even dare to sit down and touch the chopsticks!

Even that chubby leader who was a rank two dark warrior was still the same. Jing Tian remembered Jing Yi said that the leader he used to follow was a rank two dark warrior as well!

“Is GeGe(brother) a GRD researcher? Or is he a dark warrior? What rank is he?” Jing Tian wandered.

“Jing Yi, Ge(brother) knows you are upset, we are brothers, so I am not going to lie to you. Ge(brother) will only tell you three things.” Chu Yunsheng put the soup down on the edge of the bed. Jing Yi had lost his hope, if Chu Yunsheng could not get his hope back, he wouldn't eat anything.

“The first thing is about your injury. Ge promise, it will be cured, it is just a matter of time. Give me some time, maximum three months. I promise! you will be able to jump up and down like you used to.

The second thing is, I am still alive,  I can't remember how many times I almost died. But I still survived and find you.  I am not going to lecture you some big philosophies or whatnot. The only thing I know is to stay alive, only when you are alive, there will be future, if you are dead, everything is over.”

Chu Yunsheng paused for a second, he was worried that if he said it too quickly, Jing Yi wouldn't have time to carefully consider what he said. :” the last thing is, I am here, so you don't need to worry about the food problem. I'll make you eat until you have a healthy body shape, not only just you, auntie and your sister as well.”

Chu Yunsheng smiled, it was old days when he tried to tell funny jokes to them.

Jing Yi could not talk, but he heard everything. After Chu Yunsheng finished, there was a slight glimmer appeared in Jing Yi’s eyes. Although it wasn't very clear. but when Chu Yunsheng started to feed him once again, he didn't resist. Chu Yunsheng didn't feed him a lot. because he was worried about if his body couldn't handle too much food after stopped eating for such long time.

Chu Han and Jing Tian both burst into tears after they saw he started to eat once again.

“let's eat, eat!” Chu Yunsheng quickly changed the subject and picked up a bowl of rice.

The table was very small, not many people could fit around the table. So other people expect Duan Danian all got their rice and a small share of those dishes squeezed on the side. they hadn't had any good meal for a very long time. And there was still some rice left in the pot. So everyone tried to wolf down the food as quickly as they could, so they could get a refill.

“May I ask, is this Chu Han’s home?” a gentle voice came from outside the shanty.

Because there was only a flashlight inside the shanty, and there wasn't any light source outside. So Everyone was confused who would come to this place at this time.

“Who are you? Please come in!” Chu Han was dazed for a second, then she asked the person to come inside. If it was In the past, she would not dare to ask someone to come in at this time. But now, her house was filled with the dark warriors, so she was not scared at all.

“Chu SaoZi(1) I'm Lu Yaming!” said Lu Yaming who was holding the box which had congee in there, and on the top of congee, there was a tin of beef.

Before he came here, he had already asked the people in the neighbourhood about Chu Han’s situation.

“Oh, Lu commissioner, please come in, have a seat, my place is quite small. I hope you don't mind. “ Chu Han immediately stood up in a panic after she saw the person. Lu Yaming was in control of their food supply, he was a king in this shanty town. So Chu Han didn't dare to sit down. The panic even made her forget about what kind of people were in her small shanty.

The shanty was very small. it had already fit in so many people, how could they get a spare chair for Lu Yaming. Even Duan Danian was sitting on the bricks. Apart from Jing Tian who stood up quietly, Lao Duan and Chu Yunsheng just sat there, didn't move at all.

“No need, no need. Chu Sao I, I just came to visit you. You guy's carry on.” said Lu Yaming while waving his hands, he didn't dare to ask a rank two dark warrior and a GRD researcher to give up their seats for him.

“Commissioner Lu, is there anything urgent that you have to come here at this time?” asked Chu Yunsheng.

He saw this man earlier, and he knew this man was working for GCH in charge of this area,  but he did not know what happened between this man and his auntie. he only saw Jin Rui was making a trouble for his auntie. but What happened before, that his auntie hadn't told him yet.

So Chu Yunsheng was baffled when he saw Lu Yaming had some stuff in his hands. After all, he was in charge of this area. Duan Danian killed Jin Rui in front of him and a group of police.

Did he come here to ask for an explanation? Chu Yunsheng wondered.

1. SaoZi(in China, Sao Zi can be used to call a married woman who is slightly older than you, to show that you are friendly.)