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Chapter 116 Fu of cure poison

Chapter 116  Fu of cure poison 
When Chu Yunsheng reached Yuan Tian stage three, he would be able to help them to speed up their cultivation speed. At that time, they would not need to worry about other people. But now. If he told them the secret too early, it would only bring troubles to them.

Jing Yi was more talent than Jing Tian and his auntie. However, the dark warrior's multi-dimensional channel had already been created when they were awakened. Every dark warriors' channels were different, they could be strong and weak. This was why dark warriors have strong ability and weak ability.

Chu Yunsheng planned to translate some the ice dark warrior's cultivation methods from the ancient book. He wanted a helping hand.  He could not stay in this shanty down for every second, And Jing Yi was the only awakening he could trust. So he wanted Jing Yi to become stronger.

After the little tiger had enough meat, it started to rub its body against Chu Yunsheng, it seemed very adorable. But it still scared Chu Han and Jing Tian. Tiger was not a domestic pet, its body started to become bigger as it grows older. Apart from Chu Yunsheng, it didn't allow anyone to touch it at all.

It would only show this type of behaviour when Chu Yunsheng was around. One of Duan Danan’s man almost got his hand bit off by the little tiger when he wanted to pet it.

Chu Han’s shanty only had two small beds. There weren't many spaces. So Chu Yunsheng only had a sleeping bag on the ground. He had the sleeping bag since when he was in Shen Cheng city. At that time, he used to sleep in it when he was hunting the insect inside the city.

Little tiger couldn't sleep during the night. Guarding Chu Yunsheng had already become its habit. So it just sat quietly on the side with its ear twitched from time to time.

This night was probably the best night he had since the dark age begin. With the family members slept by the side. Never had to worry about insect could come out all of sudden. He felt like all the muscles in the body were relaxed, he could even feel Rong Yuan Ti’s transformation had sped up a little bit.

On the second day, When the hazy shimmer appeared in sky one again, Chu Yunsheng felt so refreshing after he woke up. If it weren't that there was no sun outside, he felt like he had returned to the age of light.

Jin Ling city's water system had not damaged by the monster. The water treatment plant next to the Yangtze river was currently heavily guarded by the military. Chu Han also mentioned that there were some strange monsters in the river, but they hadn't come out of the water to attack the human yet.

Chu Yunsheng used a broken furniture to boil the hot water, he then had a hot shower and shaved his face. After he changed a new cloth he felt like he relived once again.

After he did everything, he saw Lu Yaming hurriedly ran towards him. He came to tell Chu Yunsheng there was a family want to sell their house. It was an old detached house. because the area was quite old, so the city management didn't tear it down. It was very popular. It was said that there were some people already started to negotiate the price. However, the price owner gave was too high, that was why they never came to an agreement.

“what's their price?” Chu Yunsheng thought the detached house was not bad, if it was an old council flat then even the corridor might be filled with people as well.

“50kg of rice. He wouldn't talk to anyone offered a price lower than that.” said Lu Yaming.

“Show me the house first, I want to see if it's worth it or not!” Chu Yunsheng didn't give the offer straight away. He wanted to take a look at the house first then decide.

He told Chu Han where he was going, then sat on the back of Lu Yaming’s bicycle.  Lu Yaming was just in charge of a small area in the west district, his social status was even worse than a rank two dark warrior. That was why he could only get a bicycle.

The house wasn't far away from Chu Han’s shanty. There were two male and one female already standing in the courtyard,  they seemed to be there checking out the house.

The house was indeed a detached house, 4 rooms and one living room. The place was also quite big. The original owner was a dark warrior. since the owner was offered a better place to live After he was promoted to be a member of DWH, the family wanted to sell this place in exchange for some more food.

Chu Yunsheng had looked around, he didn't find any problem, he didn't want to spend much time on bargaining the price. After he bought the house he still needed to go find the witch. So his time was limited.

When he returned to the shanty he was startled, a group of people were gathered in front of his Auntie's shanty. He was scared that something would happen to his auntie again, so he quickly jumped off Lu Yaming’s bicycle. The little tiger had already sensed Chu Yunsheng’s anxiety, he jumped towards the crowd like an arrow left the bow. It was unstoppable.

A man and a tiger’s high-speed charge immediately scared the crowd away. He finally relieved when he heard from Chu Han that those neighbours just came here to ask Chu Han if Chu Yunsheng could help them to get a job in any one of those three major headquarters.

Auntie didn't have much stuff to move, so with the help from those “warm-hearted” neighbours, they moved Jing Yi to the new house.

After the Auntie's family settled down. Chu Yunsheng started to plan in detail what he needed to do next.

He didn’t know how bad the situation outside Jin Ling was. But at the moment Jin Ling city was still considered as a safe place to live. At least the insect wouldn't be able to break in.

His power came from the ancient book, but he could only understand 400 words, it was not enough at all. So he needed to spend some time study those strange symbols.

Also if he needed to break through the Yuan Tian stage two to reach Yuan Tian stage three, not only he needed a lot of monsters body, he also needed their energy to replenish the Yuan Qi he lost. All his absorption Yuan Fu, armours, and weapons could not be done without the monster as raw material.

He had rough idea what he wanted to do when he was on the way to Jin Ling. Selling enchanted weapon and armour was one of them. Although food shortage was a big problem, it seemed right now, what they needed the most was the weapon, not the food.

Speaking of food, Chu Yunsheng still had a decent amount left in his storage talisman, But he couldn't rely on those foods. Anything could happen, what if he needed a large amount food, the amount he had in the storage definitely would not last long.

He took out the red-shelled insect’s meat and wondered. According to the ancient book, fire element monster contained fire type of poison, it was totally different than meat worm’s meat.

Meat worm was a wood element monster, its meat not only poisonless but also it seemed to be very beneficial to the human body. He had seen its effect happened on Lao Chui’s group after they consumed the meat he gave them.

In terms of why the little one could eat poisonous meat, he didn't really have the answer. He just assumed that it might have something to do with the rules that how elements interact with each other.

These type of rules he didn't understand at the moment, but he had the other ways to test it out.  It was the fu of cure poison. The rule of making the cure poison fu was inspired by the little tiger. He just gained insight into it recently, so he still had not tested it yet.

Fu of cure poison was a level three Yuan Fu, when making it at Yuan Tian stage two would consume him a lot of Yuan Qi, but since he just needed one to test it out. So it didn't affect him much.

It took him almost 30 minutes to complete one. The patterns on fu’s body indicated that it was used for which poison. The one he got right now had a blurry fire pattern on it.

He started to harness Yuan Qi to activate the Yuan Fu. When the Yuan Fu was activated, it was floating in the air and shot out a bright beam. The beam covered the red-shelled insect’s meat, Soon Chu Yunsheng woke up the little tiger and ask it to eat the processed meat. He wanted to see if the little tiger’s energy would react to the meat.

As he expected, when little tiger ate the meat,  he couldn't sense the energy moment inside little tigers body, as if the little tiger was eating the regular meat!

The poison was removed!

Chu Yunsheng put back the rest of meat and started to reconsider his plan. The Preliminary experiment showed that the fu of cure poison was working and the insect’s meat was consumable after it was processed.  If this method is working, it opened up a new path for him. Although he couldn't massively produce the fu of cure poison at the moment. but when he got to Yuan Tian stage three, he wouldn't have any problem.

He then made three energy shield and cast them onto his auntie and his cousins. Later on, he still needed to find the witch, And when he was not around, at least those talismans would help him to protect them.

In order to find the witch, he had to find Chui Yu Quan’s group first. The witch’s first batch of believers was from Chui Yu Quan’s group.  If Chu Yunsheng wanted to find them, he had to find Huang Renkuan who promised that he would take care of them.

Huang Renkuan was a state official, so he was most likely at GCH. so he forced the little tiger to stay in the courtyard and borrowed the bicycle from Lu Yaming then rode towards the GCH. GCH was located at the city centre, so it was not hard to find it.

GCH was heavily guarded, even Chu Yunsheng had GRD’s badge he still could not get through the security. Chu Yunsheng had gone around the GCH tried to find a possible way to get in, but he still did not succeed. He had no other choice but went to the DWH first. DWH was just right opposite GCH, Huang Renkuan and Zhao Shanhe were both dark warriors, so he hoped that he might be able to get some information from there.

The dark warrior management headquarter’s building used to be an office building, compare to GRD and GCH, the security here was very loose.

Chu Yunsheng took off his GRD’s badge then showed a guard the document he got when he checked in at the outside city. He was immediately let pass.

When he just entered the hall. A skinny tall middle-aged man who was also wearing the glasses immediately approached him:”brother. Are you here to do the rank evaluation? Do you want to join us? our clan is top notch in the east district, I can tell you, we never short of food and beautiful women. ”