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Chapter 122 the grain depot was surrounded

Chapter 122 the grain depot was surrounded
Just when the witch was about to say something, the man on the watch tower shouted:” insect! Insects! We are surrounded!”

All the dark warriors immediately rushed to the top of the wall to see how bad the situation was. It was too dark, they couldn't see it very clearly Until one fire warrior “shot” a fire torch outside the wall. The fire torch was burned by the fire energy, it was unusually bright while flying outside the wall. Insects.... Insects.... More insects.... The further the fire torch went, the more insects they discovered! Until the torch drop on the ground. The swarm stopped for a second then all the insects suddenly roared frantically altogether!

It was a trap! This was the first thought came to Chu Yunsheng’s mind. He had always suspected the insect had some kind of intelligence. This kind of intelligence was not the same as what we used to describe a human, it was more like the Predator’s “instinct” or other things that he didn't know how to describe it.

Since the first time he encountered the insect, they had already shown their incredible intelligence, they were able to perform the split attack, one from the outside building, one from the corridor inside the building.

Later on, he had experienced more and more bizarre monsters, the tentacle monster which was able to control the human body, flame bird which was able to see through his "play dead" trick, green fluorescent monster were even able to perform a formation attack…..every single one of those incidents clearly showed that they had intelligence.

Chu Yunsheng suspected that the insect had already discovered the grain depot, and while two large groups were busy discussing the share, they already sent out the signal to call for a large swarm to surround the depot.

Luckily, the insects did not seem to be as smart as humans. Otherwise, if they waited until all the group were transporting the food back to Jin Ling city and attacked them while they were on the road, it would be much more effective than surrounding the depot.

Of course. People had to thank Lu Guolong as well. He had been staying in this depot for quite some time, with his strange earth element's help, he had built the wall around the depot, there was even a watch tower as well.

The wall was very strong, Chu Yunsheng had tried it before, it was very hard to use insect’s leg to penetrate the wall, so as long as there wasn't any green shelled insect or golden shelled insect, they should be able to defend for a short period a time.

Red shelled insects were slowly gathered outside the wall. They still had not initiate attack yet. No one knew why they were waiting.

Since they were already exposed. So, many people started to light up the torches and stuck them onto the wall. the place was immediately lit up, and they were able to see how crowded the insects outside the wall were.

Two big group’s leader quickly gathered all small team leaders again to discuss the defence plan. Based on experiences in the past, the insect’s first wave of attack usually was not a probing attack, it often was their strongest push.

Chu Yunsheng was sitting on the wall and roughly estimated the situation. 5 teams, roughly 60 people, two big group had roughly 50 people, plus some people originally from the depot. So in total, they had almost 120 people.

The situation right now reminded Chu Yunsheng what happened in the fog city, it seemed like there were more people at that time than now. But at that time, they were dealing with the flame birds, so no matter how many people they had, all they could do was just run.

Chu Yunsheng also got some bullets from Lu Guolong, when he took those bullets from Lu Guolong, he also saw a few familiar figures next to a woman. However, because everyone was walking too fast, and he was concerned about the insects outside. The intense pressure made him believed that it was just a hallucination.

The Witch’s team was assigned to the southern wall. Apart from them, there was another team and a few people original from Lu gGuolong's group, so in total, they had around 30 dark warriors.

Chu Yunsheng heard from witch said that the west wall’s defence was led by one of big group's leader called Shen Shaoze, North wall’s defence was led by a woman. The rest of people were defending the east wall.

The walls were not thick, it had two layers, the outer layer was higher and the inner layer was lower, Chu Yunsheng was sitting on the outer layer and quietly waited for the insects to attack. He suspected that if the first wave was very strong, then the people inside the depot would probably prepare for the breakout later on.

“Hum? It's you? ”

Chu Yunsheng raised his head, the voice came from a man who he met at outside the evaluation room. If he remembered it correctly the man’s was Xie Yuan and the girl behind him was called Zhou Yena, they were both with Hong Kun who received a rank 3 evaluation that day, however, he did not see that rank 3 dark warrior Hong Kun.

“You joined them?” Xie Yuan pointed at the witch, He seemed to feel pity for Chu Yunsheng.

Chu Yunsheng smiled, but he did not answer her, instead, he asked her:”what about you?”

“Did not expect you can be this relaxed, we got into the first clan in the south district, because of Hong Kun. now we are working for brother Shen.” Xie Yuan pointed at the west wall and said:”I am assigned to pass the information between walls, everyone needs to work together in case of monsters breaking in.”

“Insects are coming!” suddenly a man shouted.

All the dark warriors on the wall instantly started to move, the pressure was getting more and more intense, even the ground started to shake because of insect’s movement!

Finally, they started to rush.

The insect’s screech did not stop at single second,  clouds of dust were kicked up as the insects rushed towards the wall.

Some people who had never joined such large fight before were so scared that their face turned pale, and their legs couldn't stop shaking. There were people even turned around and ran back to the basement!

Insects were getting closer and closer, under the torchlight, they could see the fire patterns on the insect's back and the sticky substance in their mouth.

“Ready............!  engage!…..engage!…. Engage!"

Instantly many blasts of fire, icicles and bullets were all flew towards the insect’s crowd.

Chu Yunsheng did not aim his gun, there were so many insects outside the wall, he did not need to, He was assigned to a team that was specialized in the long-range attack, they were the first team engaged with the insect, once the insect got to the wall, they would pull back and help the second team which was specialized in the close combat during the fight.

Thanks to Lu Guolong’s hard work, the wall was almost 8 meters high. Otherwise, the insect could easily jump in and attack from inside.

Luckily the depot was not big, and the walls were not thick. otherwise, even though Lu Guolong had earth element ability, he still could not complete the wall.

The insects in the first batch of attack died almost half before they could even get to the wall.

Everyone was happy to see the result, and their confidence was doubled.

But soon, the second batch of push arrived, those monsters did not scared of dying, they crawled on top of their dead partners and tied to reach the top of the wall.  The situation was getting worse.

As he expected, the first wave of attack was the strongest, the insects did not stop the attack at all, even they suffer from the heavy losses. The piles and piles of insect’s body almost reach the top of the wall.

There were already some insects crawled on top of the wall!

Chu Yunsheng already pulled back, the close combat team had taken over the defence position started to engage in melee combat. A Few insects that escaped from the close combat were killed instantly by the first range-attack team.

Witch’s healing ability became very useful at the moment. When the dark warriors on the other walls screamed in pain before they died, the place where Chu Yunsheng was staying, only had one person severely injured.

Of course, Chu Yunsheng’s high-speed shooting also played important role in this defence.

Zhou Yenan who was staying on the side gasped in surprise, She knew that the fire dark warrior who uses a gun could perform a high-speed attack, but she had never seen someone as fast as Chu Yunsheng, Not only his speed, he that needed to use two bullets to kill one red shelled insect, not a single bullet more!

Suddenly, the ground started to shake again, Chu Yunsheng was already familiar with this kind of feeling:”fuck, golden shelled insect! ” he cursed. No wonder why the red-shelled insect did not move earlier. They were probably waiting for the golden shelled insect.

The golden shelled insect was giving Shen Shaoze a headache, three Rank three dark warriors had already jumped off the wall and started to fight it outside wall, he could not afford to have a golden shell reach the wall. Once the wall was broken, the consequence would be unthinkable.

Now he finally understood why Zhu Lingdie would dare to ask for four shares, it was not because of type I dark energy gun. It was the wind and fire master, although one of them was only evaluated rank two dark, the person’s actual combat skill lived up to his name!

Two people combined with another rank three dark warriors she got already restrained the other golden shell’s movement.  Wind and fire master were mainly focusing on attacking the golden shell, and the other Rank three dark warrior was just guarding their back to prevent other insect attacking them.

But looking at his side, he had to send out two Rank two dark warriors to assist. So in total, he had to deploy five dark warriors to just barely restrain the golden shell’s movement.

With the help from this powerful group, No wonder why Zhu Lingdie was so confident!

But he did not know that, at the moment, Zhu Lingdie’s envy for the 13th master had almost reached the top!

Chu Yunsheng’s side did not have any golden shell, but there was one thing he felt very strange, those monster could dig all the way into the depot, but they didn't. why did they just dig out at outside the wall?

Maybe they just wanted to break the wall, so it would be easier for the red shells to attack, Chu Yunsheng suspected.

Slowly, the group on the southern wall stated to have casualties, two dead and several heavily injured.

Chu Yunsheng decided to move to the other side and help other groups to kill the golden shell, if they let that thing get inside the depot, its fire attack would definitely burn the granary down.

The reason why they came here was that of the food, if they could not protect the food, why the hell they were here for.

Chu Yunsheng had all kind of talisman, he had not even activated his Er Pin combat armour yet. His body still haD decent amount of Yuan Qi, so to assist them to kill two golden shelled insects was not a big problem

However, before he moved, he suddenly heard north wall’s group burst into cheers:” Fire master! Wind master! Fire master! wind master!!!!”

Xie Yuan was running from the west wall,:”fuck! The golden shell on the east side was finally killed! It was too fucking powerful! Can you spare some people to support the west wall, there was still one more golden shell over there! ”  he was out of breath.

Chu Yunsheng was not very concerned right now, if it was just one left, they could ask that fire and wind master to deal with it. It was better for him to stay on this side of the wall. if there was one suddenly appeared from here, he would be able to kill it on time.

At the end, It left Xie Yuan baffled when Zhou Yena was trying to ask Chu Yunsheng to help. but Chu Yunsheng did not move at all. Because he had already made up his mind.