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Chapter 123 i want five shares!

Chapter 123 I want five shares!
Chu Yunsheng had around 60 bullets, it had already counted the bullets Lu Guolong gave to him, when the first wave retreated, his bullets were reduced to 10.

Outside the wall, the insect's bodies were stacked up against the wall, it had formed a slope of insect’s body. It was such a ghastly sight!

In the dim light, they could see there were still a lot of insects outside the wall, but the number of dark warriors that were able to fight, inside the wall had reduced.

The casualties at the southern wall where Chu Yunsheng was staying had reached to 6 people dead, and 10 people injured, the death rate was almost as high as ⅕ of total number!  The situations on other three walls were even worse.

“Brother, I am begging you, just kill me!” begged a skinny rank 1 dark warrior, whose legs were cut off by the insect, the witch had already healed his wound, but she could not restore his legs.

“Gang Zi, without legs, I will still take care of you! Don't fucking give up ” said the southern wall’s team leader, he was holding the dark warrior who lost his legs and his eyes were turning red.

The dark warrior who lost his leg gave him a hollow smile, then suddenly grab a team member’s handgun and pointed the gun at his head. His was panting heavily, and his chest was moving violently up and down. there were tears running down from his face.


“Gang Zi!”

A loud and clear sound of gunshot took away his half broken life. It was like a knife stabbed into everyone’s heart. they seemed to see what was coming to them.

The death was within reach, all the dark warriors were depressed. With just one insect's rush, it could cause everyone to look like this. What about the second and third push. How could they hold the defence line?

Breakout was their only hope.

Chu Yunsheng already had a word with the witch privately. He had already seen two big groups started to move the grain. They were preparing the breakout.

“Five shares! Are you crazy!” even Shen Shaoze who was always calm, also lost his composure when he heard witch’s request. From three shares to five shares within a moment. This woman definitely lost her mind.

“That’s right, five shares, it is not what she wanted, it is what I wanted!” said Chu Yunsheng when he came out from the witch’s back.

Originally he thought those people would give up the food and start to break out straight away. Then he would have a chance to have it all!

Now he finally understood how greed could kill a man! Those people still wanted to take the food with them!

But then again, that was also the reason why they were here, they would not be rewarded unless they take the risk. They must have considered the possibility that the insect might attack them already.

More importantly, at the north of the granary depot, there was a big river, the bridge was still there, so as long as they could break out from there, and destroy the bridge in time, they would be able to slow down the insect's chase.

“Witch, it is not the time for you to play around, if you carry on messing around, don’t blame us for being unfriendly! ” Zhu Lingdie said coldly,  at this moment. she and Shen Shaoze had the same feelings.

She didn't pay much attention to this man who came out of nowhere, a rank two dark warrior, even he was a fire warrior. how powerful his attack could be! She didn't want to seek help from the 13th master and fire or wind master who was having a break in the basement, after the fight with the golden shell. If she relied on them to do everything, how would she be able to control the north district in the future?

“I said, it's me, not her! according to your rule, defeat one of your rank 3, will get 3 shares, I'm now challenging two of your rank 3. I'll take five!” said Chu Yunsheng with a determined voice. He did not have an intimidating background or powerful group. if he wanted to have five shares, he needed to show them his strength.

Although the food was very attractive. but Chu Yunsheng had not lost his mind yet, They had five rank three dark warriors in total, and many rank 2 dark warriors, they even had the wind master and the fire master. If they all started to fight him together, he might end up heavily injured, it was definitely not worth it.

Since Shen Shaoze had a bet with the witch, why not use this chance to get more food, that was his plan.

His word shocked everyone, apart from the witch who was still calm at the moment, everyone was looking at Chu Yunsheng as if Chu Yunsheng was an idiot.

Rank 2 want to challenge rank 3, and two of them? is this guy stupid or something?

But Shen Shaoze’s pupils suddenly became bigger, he was born to a senior official's family, and he was taught to not judge someone by their look. Although Chu Yunsheng did not look intimidating, he looked determined and not afraid.

The witch who was standing next to him also did not show any sign of stopping him.

He did not know why the man was so confident, the only reason he could think of was that rank two badge he had was fake!

But then he immediately turned down this judgment, higher ranking meant more power and more food! If he could easily deal with 2 rank 3 dark warriors, it meant that he was at least at rank 3 Jia class, and he was as powerful as the biggest clan's leader in the entire southern district.

However, it was just Shen Shaoze being cautious to the stranger. Deep inside his mind, he still tended to look at Chu Yunsheng as a stupid young man who didn't know any better. If he wanted a challenge, then he just needed to arrange someone to teach him a lesson. If this man really hid his power, then they would be able to get an answer very soon. But if he wanted to do it, he definitely would drag Zhu Lingdie down with him.

“Lady Zhu, since he insisted, why don’t we send one of our guys to play with him!” Shen Shaoze said leisurely. As the member of a big clan in the south district, of course, he wouldn't back off from the challenge, otherwise, their reputation would be at risk.

“This is exactly what I have in mind!” she smiled,  she had seen Shen Shaoze changed his expression, so she knew what exactly he wanted to do. but since they were in the same boat, so she did not mind his little silly plan. She did not believe a rank 2 dark warrior would defeat two rank 3 dark warriors, even the man hid his power.

The crowd immediately scattered and formed a big circle, rank three dark warrior’s attack was very powerful, once they were injured, they got nowhere to complain.

“Time is limited, there are still insects outside, you two can fight together! ” Chu Yunsheng drew the gun and said to a short dark warrior and tall dark warrior who were sent out by Shen Shaoze and Zhu Lingdie.

“Punk, don’t get cocky!” the tall dark warrior who had dark skin, small eyes, and sharp voice. He already felt humiliated when Shen Shaoze asked him to come out. and now Chu Yunsheng’s word made him feel even more humiliated.

He jumped forward instantly, his fist was punched forward to cast out a blast of fire!

Although they were not at the same rank, in this world, the first attack was usually the strongest. No one was stupid enough to reserve their strength to give the opponent a chance to counterattack, because everyone understood one thing, even a lion tried to catch a rabbit, it would use all its strength(1).

A Rank three dark warrior's mighty blow could total kill a full-grown red shelled insect!

Also, this tall dark warrior’s ability belonged to the strongest element, so the power would only be stronger, not weaker!

Chu Yunsheng wanted to finish this battle as quick as possible, so he did not dodge the attack, instead, he walked towards the tall dark warrior, a step by step.

At the same time, he fired the shot!


The bullet hit the fire blast, the impact instantly caused a cloud of fire, then all the flames were scattered around!

After the first impact, the dragon-shaped fire blast still carried on pushing towards Chu Yunsheng.

Then a strange thing happened, it made everyone gasped in surprise.

Chu Yunsheng was not knocked back by the fire blast as everyone expected, he did not even get burned, he was still making a big step walking towards the tall dark warrior as if no one could stop his steps!

“It is not possible! How come a rank 2 dark warrior could stop this kind of attack!” a man shouted.

“He is not rank 2! Definitely not!” Shen Shaoze’s face instantly fell.

The tall dark warrior was also stunned, he did not expect Chu Yunsheng would survive the fire blast, Chu Yunsheng was not even injured!


Another gunshot!

A small fire cloud burst out at the dark warrior’s chest, he immediately moved back for several steps, at the same time, he quickly gathered energy to stop the bullet which was still spinning on his chest.

“Bang” another gunshot, the tall dark warrior did not even have time to react, he staggered back few steps again.

“Bang!” another shot, one after another closely pressing towards the tall dark warrior.

The tall dark warrior did not have time to dodge the attack, he was hit and knocked over on the ground, his mouth was filled with blood, and the bullets had already burned his skin, it almost went into his body.

All the dark warriors around them had a chill down to their spine, a rank 3 dark warrior was continuously pushed back by a rank 2 dark warrior who was just using a gun, who was not even injured during the fight, and The rank three dark warrior did not even have a chance to fight back!

“Firing the gun continuously! And the power of each bullet did not even reduce, how did he do that!! ” Shen Shaoze was shocked. When he saw Chu Yunsheng was still pressing forward. He immediately turned around and said coldly to Zhu Lingdie:”what is wrong with your man?”

Shao Shenze gritted his teeth, he wanted to see how strong this man was!

The short dark warrior who was originally being modest and standing on the side of the circle. Now, he did not even need anyone to urge him. He could not hold his patience anymore.

Originally he thought this tall dark warrior would deal with this young man just by himself. The tall dark warrior did not need his assistance. Otherwise, If two rank three bullied a rank 2, even they won the fight, it was still an embarrassment.

And now, if they lost the fight, it would be even more humiliating.

1. A Lion tries to catch a rabbit, it will use all its strength.
It is a Chinese idiom used to express that no matter how trivial the matter is, do the best of you can.


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