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Chapter 124 the 13th master

Chapter 124 the 13th master
However, the short dark warrior did not have a chance to come out, because Zhu Lingdie stopped him.

Zhu Lingdie was not an idiot, Shen Shaoze’s man was defeated within a moment, it meant that this strange man was definitely rank 3 Yi class or above. Unlike Shen Shaoze, she did not have two rank 3 dark warriors. If she lost one, even if it was just an injury, it would have a huge impact on her clan’s strength in the north district.

She was waiting at the moment, she had already asked someone to get help from the wind and the fire master. Only them would be able to stop this guy and protect her reputations and the grain.

The challenge was ended within a moment. Chu Yunsheng had already completed Rong Yuan Ti’s first stage's transformation, his Yuan Qi control had already improved a lot, so that tall dark warrior just received the fire element's shock damage, and slight burn, but nothing serious.

Based on a person's strength to split the grain was a rule agreed by everyone. But if someone died because of this, it would only cause more trouble to Chu Yunsheng than what he originally wanted. He just wanted food, not the troubles. Although he did test the cure poison Yuan Fu, he still could not eat those monster’s meat!

The only one person who was not happy was Shen Shaoze. His man was defeated, and Zhu Lingdie got cold feet and pulled out? Although she hinted him that she was waiting for the wind and fire master, so they could put pressure on the witch's team, however, what he needed was to know this man's real strength.

Although he was impressed by this man's power, he believed that he could still get him under control. After all, he had three rank three dark warriors and a bunch of rank two Jia class dark warriors.

But when the 13th master showed up with the fire and wind master, everything was changed, it was changed so quickly that Shen Shaoze and Zhu Lingdie was still baffled.

The 13th master who did not talk often, but when he arrived at the scene, the first sentence he said was “Miss Zhu, I can't help you with this. but it would be better for you to accept his request, you might benefit from it!”

“Huh?”Zhu Lingdie was dazed for a second. before she had a chance to ask him why the 13th master wad already left her and walked towards that young man.

The Wind and fire masters didn't even greet her, they just ran straight towards the young man with the great excitement.

“Holy-----shit!!! brother Chu? It really is you !? you did not die! I know you would not die! You cleaned yourself, I almost could not recognize you!”

Chu Yunsheng did not expect the wind and fire master that Zhu woman was waiting for were Ding Yan and Yao Xiang. There was another person who he seemed to be familiar with, but he could not remember exactly where they had met before.

“You? you two are that wind and fire master?” said Chu Yunsheng, he was surprised and pointed at Ding Yan and Yao Xiang.

Yao Xiang's face instantly went red and he felt embarrassed:" that’s just what they called us…..."

Din Yan was nodding his head behind Yao Xiang, he laughed:”that’s them, I don’t have that kind of skill!”

“Nothing better than you two are still alive!” when Chu Yunsheng got out of the fog city, he encountered the swarm, and the world that filled with the body, originally he thought that Ding Yan and Yao Xiang were definitely dead, they must have been inside of those piles and piles of bodies.

Now, they met each other alive once again,  Chu Yunsheng had so many feelings.

“Brother Chu, tell me, how did you escape it? You are awesome. even the flame bird couldn’t kill you!” Yao Xiang was so excited, he wanted to hear everything happened to Chu Yunsheng.

But Chu Yunsheng did not think that those things were worth mentioning, especially about the thing which he had to play dead to get away from the flame bird’s attack, and the world of dead bodies he saw. He was still trying to forget them as much as he could.

“Let's talk about that later, there are still insects outside!” Ding Yan interrupted, he then took out a cigarette and passed it to Chu Yunsheng. AT the same time, he pointed at the other person who Chu Yunsheng still couldn't remember who he was:” Lu Yu, you met before.” Ding Yan introduced.

“met before?” Chu Yunsheng looked at this over 180cm tall muscular guy carefully again. A distinct angular face like it was carved out by a knife, long soft hair and a pair of eyes seemed to have a slight sadness. But he still couldn't remember where they met before.

Yao Xiang seemed to want to say something but then he suddenly stopped, it left Chu Yunsheng baffled.

“Mr. Chu is a great man, it is normal that he can't remember me. But I don't know if you still remember a sad man lost his wife and mother in one night. Even he was awakened, but he still couldn't save anyone of them!” Lu Yu said lightly. But his story was filled with sadness.

:” it's you.!?” Chu Yunsheng finally remembered who he was, no wonder why his long hair was so familiar. He was the man he met at the café in fog city.

:”it's me!” Lu Yu nodded his head then fell in silence.

“I remember that you have ice element, how did you become the wind master?” all the memory started to come back to his mind, he vaguely remembered that when this man broke into the cafe, his body was covered with violent ice element.

“You can ask Lu Yu to explain to you later, brother Chu, I have a feeling that the insects which are surrounding us, are not just trying to trap us here that simple. We better move out as soon as possible!” Ding Yan said calmly.

Chu Yunsheng nodded his head. Just now, when he had the fight with the rank three dark warrior, he seemed to have felt the world original Qi inside the granary depot slightly fluctuated a little bit, he had this kind of feeling only when the ancient book glowed.

“Brother Chu, I have heard that you want five shares. I support you! At worst, we just fight them! ”Yao Xiang laughed.

Ding Yan glared at him and said:”brother Chu, I don’t know how long you have arrived at Jin Ling, but the clans inside city are not as simple as they look, those fire king, ice king and gun king, they all have someone behind them, I will tell you in detail when we get back, but it is better not to offend them right now.”

Chu Yunsheng knitted his brow, he did not know he meant.

“You need to believe me, don’t do anything now, I will deal with it, there won’t be any problem with five shares.” Ding Yan smiled.

Chu Yunsheng nodded his head. Ding Yan could be considered as a man of his word. At least. since the first day he knew Ding Yan, Ding Yan had never broken his promises.

Zhu Lingdie felt a little melancholy when she looked at the 13th master, fire and wind master were having a pleasant conversation together with that rank two dark warrior. Even that “wind master” who was as cold as ice, also talked, since she grouped up with the 13th master, she had never seen the wind master open his mouth.

But at this moment, no matter Zhu Lingdie or Shen Shaoze, they all knew that, this rank 2 dark warrior was the someone the 13th master knew, and also they were very close. Just look at how excited that “fire master” was!

“Including us, we need five shares!” said Ding Yan when he returned to Zhu Lingdie, just a simple reply, it told them what kinds ground he hold.

Zhu Lingdie was both angry and upset, but she could not do anything, she had used all kind of method trying to recruit wind and fire master,  she even tried to use a honeytrap to get them to join her clan, but it still did not work.

Three party's balance was instantly broken, Chu Yunsheng, witch and 13th master instantly became the most powerful group in this granary depot, Shen Shaoze became second, and Zhu Lingdie fell into third.

“13th master, we had an agreement, what you are asking is inappropriate” Zhu Lingdie said coldly.

“That’s right, we had an agreement, I take two shares as we agreed. you saw his ability already, it worth at least two shares, plus witch’s one share, it’s five, we did not ask more, so it is within the agreement! ” Ding Yan said calmly.

“I agree, I am happy to take one share less, I'll just take three!” Shen Shaoze smiled, right now, considering the 13th master’s group had become more powerful,  it was not wise to go against the 13th master’s request. If they couldn’t compete with them, why not do them a favour.

“You win, but I still want to know who he is, how can he make you - the 13th master support him in such way?" Zhu Lingdie knew she couldn’t change the decision, what she did earlier was just trying to avoid the humiliation.

“A friend.” Ding Yan said casually.

Friend? Zhu Lingdie did not believe it at all.  Then she suddenly had an idea, if there was no way to recruit the wind and the fire master, also if there was no way to recruit the 13th master, what about this guy? 

The food was re-divided, Chu Yunsheng took 5 shares, Shen Shaoze 3 and Zhu Lingdie 1 the last one was split between the small teams.

Unfortunately, the witch did not have enough truck, so, Chu Yunsheng gave out some food to hire other people to help them to transfer the food.

Chu Yunsheng took the little tiger out from the truck’s front seat and sat with Ding Yan on top of the truck which was loaded with the grain.

Before the challenge, he had locked the tiger inside the truck. After all, the little tiger was an animal, it did not know the difference between challenge and killing. What if it wanted to protect Chu Yunsheng and jump out, with its ability right now, it could be easily injured by a rank 3 dark warrior.

“Brother Chu, since when you had a pet tiger?” Yao Xiang wanted to pet it, but he was instantly roared back by the little tiger. Apart from Chu Yunsheng, it did not allow anyone to touch it.

“Found it on the road, it was a Foodie.” said Chu Yunsheng while he was petting little tiger’s chin.

“Brother Chu, when the gate opened, as we discussed, all the rank 3 dark warrior including you are responsible for clearing the way, I suggest that you just use a gun. unless it is necessary, don’t use your sword. I’ll tell you more in detail when we get back to Jin Ling city. I also get you some bullets. ” Ding Yan passed him few clips and said quietly.

Chu Yunsheng took the bullets, he had the same idea as Ding Yan. suddenly, he felt the Yuan Qi fluctuated violently inside the depot once again, a moment later, The sky above Lu Guolong’s basement shined a bright silver light, the space around Chu Yunsheng seemed to be compressed together that it made them hard to breathe.

Then, the place where the silver light was glowing formed a water ripple-like vertical mirror, its diameter was more than ten meters long.

The insects outside the wall started to move frantically,  the violent sound of insect’s legs trampling on the ground did not stop a single second. There were even green shelled insects started to appear in the sky.

Everyone including Chu Yunsheng was stunned: is this the space overlapping channel which the rumour has been talking about!?

“Quick, leave now!” no one knew who shouted that sentence, then the gate was pushed open.