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chapter 125 insect's queen

chapter 125 insect's queen
The insects went completely crazy,  Chu Yunsheng had never seen them act like this before!  It seemed like they were agitated by something.

There was a trace of dim light slowly appeared in the sky. With the help of the light, they could see many insects' figures were storming towards the depot from the place as far as the eyes could see.

Regardless of the “mirror wall” was the space overlapping point as the ancient book mentioned or not, this place had become extremely dangerous now.

Chu Yunsheng jumped off the truck and fired few shots to kill the insects that had rushed into the depot, the ground was already spread with green liquid.

Lu Yu, Yao Xiang closely followed behind him. Those two people really lived up to their names. Yao Xiang’s fire ring cut seemed to become more powerful now. He opened his hand with fingers closed, then swung the arm horizontally. A crescent-shaped fire shock wave instantly burst out from his hand and shot towards the swarm, many insects were instantly knocked over.

Lu Yu was closely following behind, a gust of whirlwind twirled from the button of his feet, then it was getting bigger and bigger until it wrapped him around entirely. When Yao Xiang just threw his fire attack, Lu Yu immediately waved his hand, the violent whirlwind instantly moved towards Yao Xiang’s fire attack. The Wind increased the power of the fire attack and doubled its size!

The fire whirlwind swept through the ground and killed many insects, within just a moment, it made a big gap in the swarm.

While the first fire whirlwind was moving around to kill the red shell, the second whirlwind was cast out, different to the first one, the second whirlwind brought many pieces of ice cubes and freeze all the injured red shells into ice.

Chu Yunsheng was thinking, if he should get an automatic rifle and enchanted it with the fire element or not, It might be faster to kill the red shells than using the sword.

Then when three people just started their attack, Shen Shaoze and Zhu Lingdie’s men also arrived. with the help of everyone, they made a bloody way out of the gate.

Rest of rank one and rank 2 dark warriors were escorting the truck closely behind them.

Although there were many insects, the more insects Chu Yunsheng killed, the more strange he felt. those insects did not seem to want to fight them to death, especially those monsters which got behind them, not only they did not chase them, but they formed a thick wall to block the way to prevent them from going back!

It seemed like the “mirror” was very important to them, it was so important that they had to secure the area.

Chu Yunsheng reloaded a clip, the insects at the front were less crowded now, if they continued like this, they would be able to break out from here soon!

Luckily the green shelled insects that wheeling in the sky above the granary depots did not join the fight, the golden shelled insect below the ground also did not seem to be interested in them. Less than half hour, they were able to “breakout” then encirclement.

Especially at the end,  it was more like they were expelled from the depot.

“Look at this.” said Ding Yan who was on the top of a truck that was climbing up the hill. he passed the binoculars to Chu Yunsheng and pointed at the granary depot which was still on fire

Chu Yunsheng took over the binoculars and stood up. what he saw instantly gave him a chill down his spine. Because of the raging fire at the granary depot. He was able to see everything very clearly.

A long giant light red coloured worm was trying to crawl out from the “Mirror”. Because of its huge body, It seemed to be very difficult for it to move out, But still, it was still slowly moving out bit by bit.

All other insects around it seemed to screech anxiously, but not a single one dared to approach this long giant worm.

“Their queen?” Chu Yunsheng was surprised, he had never seen this kind of monster before, even professor Sun who was working with the military did not mention about this kind of monster before.

“It looks like it is very important to all the insects, otherwise, we won’t be able to get out so easily.” said Ding Yan.

Chu Yunsheng nodded his head, no wonder why golden shelled insects did not dig their way into the granary depot,  probably they were scared that they might injure this shell-less monster.

If it was really their queen, that meant that those monsters were planning to colonize the earth?

Chu Yunsheng started to shake uncontrollably.

The trucks climbed over the hill and quickly left the place. once that monster got out of the mirror, the insects probably would be at ease. At that time, they probably would start to chase them. so they could not afford to slow down.

“This is Lady Zhu, Zhu Lingdie, from the north district, a true heroine.” Ding Yan briefly introduced and also praised her a little bit.

When they escaped from the swarm, Zhu Lingdie intentionally approached Chu Yunsheng truck.

“Brother, how can I address you.” Zhu Lingdie’s lips rose in a tender half-smile.

“Chu Yunsheng” Chu Yunsheng kept his reply brief. when he was discussing the Jin Ling city’s situation with Ding Yan, this woman came out of nowhere. Although Zhu Lingdie was pretty, it had nothing to do with him. The only thing that Chu Yunsheng was curious was that it seemed like the chaotic world did not have much effect on her, everyone else looked like a mess, but she still looked very clean. If it wasn’t that they just had a fight, she did not look like a woman from the apocalyptic world at all.

“Ok then, brother Chu, please duo duo guan zhao (1).” Zhu Lingdie glanced at Chu Yunsheng’s rank two badge in secret and thought: this man must be at rank 3 Yi class or above!

Chu Yunsheng smiled, he didn't say anything. He wouldn’t easily promise anything because he did not think he had the ability to do so, so he kept silent.

“13th master, do you have any plan when we get back to Jin Ling” Zhu Lingdie did not feel embarrassed at all. She seemed to have experience in this kind of awkward silence.

After they escaped from the swarm, she had thought about how naive of her to think she could recruit those people. Even a blind person could tell her that the wind and the fire master and Ding Yan were now working together with this man. But she still needed to find out if they really plan to form a clan or not. If that was the case, she would need to prepare for the changes in advance.

“It's a chaotic world, anything can happen, it is too early to talk about the plan, we will see when we get back to the Jin Ling. ”Ding Yan smiled and replied ambiguously.

“My bad, but I think, we still have many chances to work together in the future.” she suddenly said with a stern face. She took over the type I dark energy gun from her man and look at Chu Yunsheng:”I don’t know if brother Chu knows this type of gun, GRD made less than 30 of them, it is very rare. I have got information saying that recently GRD is planning to build a machine that allows them to extract some kind of substances from the monster’s body, those substances are the key material for the bullets and the gun. Once they are successful, you can imagine that whoever has more monster's body, they will have more weapon and food.  ”

Also, GRD’s Defense armour casting research project has also reached the final stage, the main material is also the shell, I am currently wearing one, however, what I have is a failed prototype." She zipped down her down jacket to reveal a dark red armour she was wearing and said frankly:”GCH has already secretly requested the military to collect all the bodies, this is the top secret. I am risking it to tell you this information is because I hope that we could work together. ”

However, Zhu Lingdie knew that she was not the only one knew this secret, there were many senior officials in GRD and GCH. because of all kinds of reasons, they more or less told their families and friends some information about this. Her family also did the same thing. her family hoped that she could use this information to expand her clan and become even more powerful.

Although Zhu Lingdie’s clan was slightly better than other small clans. however, she still did not have ability organize a large scale activity outside the city, that was why she needed help from the 13th master.

“Let’s wait until we get to Jin Ling” Chu Yunsheng did not answer her straight away.

Zhu Lingdie’s information surprised Chu Yunsheng a little bit. But he was not surprised about the armour, Even the Urban management officer in fog city also knew how to use the shell as a shield, so as the General Research department, there was no way they couldn’t think of that? But Chu Yunsheng was still curious about how they achieved the casting process.

What surprised him was the type I dark energy gun, he just heard from Ding Yan saying that it was similar to the enchanted gun he had, but it was less powerful. However, Chu Yunsheng’s enchanted gun could only be used by the dark fire warrior. But type I energy gun could be used by anyone. Of course, if the dark warrior used the type I energy gun, it would be even more powerful.

He was amazed by the those researcher’s intelligence. Within this short amount of time, they were able to invent a new type of weapon. Although the ancient book also had a method to make a weapon that allows anyone to use it. but it was required to have a Yuan Qi energy core as an energy supplement.

The same thing applied to the type I dark energy gun, the energy within the gun could be consumed over time, they were required to be recharged within a certain period of time, the bullets they were using also required to have a certain amount of dark matters, otherwise, it wouldn't have any effect.

But Chu Yunsheng was still happy to hear that human now had weapons to counter-attack the insects.

If it were not that he was afraid to lose the ancient book, he would not refuse to help GRD to develop even more powerful weapons.


Qing duo duo guan zhao means Please look out for me as much as you can.
Though the literal translation seems like an unreasonable demand, it does not have the tone of demand in Chinese. It implies that I recognize that you are an influential person, having the ability and power to take care of me, and I need you to help me. It is a compliment on your ability. It is also a humble request (and can be almost grovelling if said in the right tone of voice)


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