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Chapter 127 the man in a cloak

Chapter 127 the man in a cloak
The speed symbol instantly flashed a bright light, then its special ability was instantly activated, within a few second, Chu Yunsheng arrived at the third floor. He quickly kicked open the door and entered the room that imprisoned Jing Tian.

“don't move, don't do anything stupid!” said the dark warrior who put his left arm around Jing Tian’s neck and his right hand was holding a gun pointed at her head. He was nervously looking at the red crimson armour guy who suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

“Let her go, I'll let you live!” Chu Yunsheng said coldly. with his speed, he could try to save Jing Tian, but he still did not want to risk Jing Tian’s live.

“don't move! Don't get any closer, do you think I am going to believe you? Step back!” the dark warrior's face was twisted, in his world, there was no such thing exists.

Only when he had the hostage, then his safety would be assured,  he did not want to break out from the door which was blocked by Chu Yunsheng. He sensed extreme danger from this guy's sword.

So he gritted his teeth then broke the window and jumped off the building with the hostage from the third floor.

His plan seemed great, but he didn't know, just when he jumped off the window, two figures immediately jumped upwards.

One of them was Yao Xiang, he jumped up, stepped on the wall to increase his speed, then grabbed Jing Tian and kicked away the dark warrior.

Another one little tiger, it jumped straight up and used its wind element ability flew straight towards the dark warrior and tightly bite on its neck.

Chu Yunsheng also jumped off the window, three of them almost landed on the ground at the same time.

“Cough, cough! “ Jing Tian’s neck was strangled by the dark warrior earlier. Even she was finally free, but she still couldn't breathe easily.

Yao Xiang was a little bit shy. During the age of light, he was still a student, he also had an ordinary looking face, so he didn't have a girlfriend. Now he was holding a girl, and the girl was Chu Yunsheng's sister. when Jing Tian coughed, he subconsciously thought she was just trying to remind him that it was time to put her on the ground. So he immediately released her while his face and ears flushed with embarrassment.

Jing Tian had never seen Chu Yunsheng wore an armour before, so when she saw the armoured warrior walked towards her, she panicked.

Chu Yunsheng was so worried that he forgot to deactivate the armour, he quickly grabbed her hand and started to check if she was injured. After a while, he was finally relieved:"you made me so worried !”

“you? GeGe!?” she was surprised.

Chu Yunsheng was dazed for a second. the first thought came to his mind was Jing Tian’s head was hit when she was dragged off the window, then he realized he was still wearing the armour.

“Ge!” Jing Tian threw herself into Chu Yunsheng's arm, her body was still shivering.

“it's ok, it's ok.” Chu Yunsheng stroke her head trying to comfort her.

Yue Jin’s heart was as dead as the cold ashes, one sword attack, just one sword attack, 6 dead 4 injured! If it weren't that he dodged the attack in time,  that sword Qi already poked several holes in his body.

“I didn't touch her, I didn't touch her, If you don't believe me, you can ask her.” Yue Jin was heavily injured, although he dodged the sword attack. but he was surrounded by Ding Yan’s men.

How fucking stupid I am! Yue Jin regretted in silent.

He used to be very careful when doing things like this, but since he became associated with one of ice king's man Zeng Xingrui who was also a rank 3 dark warrior, he became more and more careless.

He didn't expect that his stupid desire would get himself killed today!

“Kill them all, don't leave a single person behind!” Ding Yan knitted his brows and said coldly.

Everyone responded and started to move immediately.

“don't you dare, I am ice king's man!” Yue Jin shouted in panic. Actually, he did not even have a chance to talk to ice king. However, at this time, what else he could do?

“Kill!” Ding Yan said sternly, even Duan Danian who stood near him, had a chill down to his spine when he heard it. When the 13th master took over his territory, he didn't slaughter his men, he just kicked him out of his territory.

“i…… fuck!!" Yue Jin saw they were determined to kill him, he instantly got up and broke out the encirclement in spite of injury and losing an arm.

Bang! bang! bang!

Chu Yunsheng fired three shots, two hit, and one missed, then Yue Jin collapsed on the ground, his body was still shaking and the dark blood slowly started to form a blood puddle on the ground from his body.

“Ye Qisheng, take some people with you, kill every single one of Yue Jin’s men. Don't let one person run away!” Ding Yan waved his hand to signal a rank two dark warrior to come out, he gave him the order immediately.

"including those people!" Ding Yan suddenly pointed at Duan Danian and said to Chu Yunsheng.

“what did you say? No! Lao Duan is here to help me!” Chu Yunsheng rejected, he even felt slightly annoyed by his actions, what's wrong with him? Why he suddenly became a bloodthirsty killer? In his memory, Ding Yan was always a calm and collected person.

“They have to die!” Ding Yan said it loudly as if he wanted Duan Danian to hear it.

Just when he finished, the tension in the Duan Danian’s group instantly exploded. They risked their lives to come here to rescue the girl. However, Not only they didn't say thank you, but they even wanted to kill them!

“Lao Ding, I know you two have an unpleasant past, but I owe him a lot, I always keep kindness and resentment clear from each other. so, no matter what happened between you two, I will not let you touch him. unless I died!” Chu Yunsheng pulled Jing Tian over and stood in front of Duan Danian.

The situation suddenly got complicated. But Duan Danian was deeply moved by Chu Yunsheng action.

“Brother Chu, brother Ding!? You two!?” Yao Xiang was surprised to see Ding Yan had a disagreement with Chu Yunsheng. he felt lost and did not know what to do.

“I can let them go, but they have to join us, otherwise, they have to die.” said Ding Yan with his stern face, he did not change his expression from the beginning.

“Lao Ding, I need to know why?” Chu Yunsheng reached his hand out to stop Duan Danian who was about to say something. He realized that it was not about the unpleasant past that simple, otherwise, Ding Yan would have already killed them already.

What Chu Yunsheng did earlier just tried to show Lao Duan that he was not an ungrateful man, he would not abandon them.

“Brother Chu, This is not a small matter! I need to talk to you privately, Yao Xiang is an honest man, so I did not tell him!"  Ding Yan’s expression slightly relaxed. :"Duan Danian, brother Chu was trying so hard to save you, so I give you some time to think, join us or died. think carefully!” he said again.

At the same time, the people who were searching the dormitory gradually came out of the building, all Yue Jin’s man was killed.

“Brother Chu let me have a word with you inside, privately. Yao Xiang will look after here, without your order, he won’t let them harm Duan Danian, so you don’t need to worry.” Ding Yan put back the gun and said.

Chu Yunsheng nodded his head, then tried to comfort Jing tian who was getting nervous. Ding Yan was so serious, it must be something very important. It made Chu Yunsheng also became anxious.

The Little tiger wanted to follow Chu Yunsheng, but even the little tiger, Ding Yan still wouldn’t let it follow them.  It made Chu Yunsheng wondered what kind of big secretly he wanted to tell him.


At the top floor, In a corner room where all the windows and door were closed.

Ding Yan took out a cigarette and passed one to Chu Yunsheng, he took a long drag and his pupils started to shrink. “There were too many people on the way back from the granary depot. so, I could not tell you in detail. " said Ding Yan with a strangely calm voice. “The Fire King Qí Xuān, the most powerful man in the north district who was also my old best friend for many years. he had been looking after Lu Yu, Yao Xiang and me Since we came to Jin Ling. Around half month ago, a person in a cloak came to visit him...” he suddenly stopped there and then took out a piece of pace from deep inside his cloth. He passed the paper to Chu Yunsheng and said:”you take a look this first, this is his will, he secretly passed it to him, before he died.”

The Fire king died? Chu Yunsheng was shocked, why no one seemed to talk about it!

Chu Yunsheng opened the white paper. The letter he saw, looked like someone scribbled on a piece of waste paper.

“Brother 13, since the cloaked man came to visit, my body started to show strange signs. although the negotiation was not yet completed, I have a strange feeling that I don’t have much time left. I am very worried. because I could not find out what caused it. Yesterday, I hid my son in the Bauhinia mountain, if I don’t come back to you ask for this letter in three days, it means that I am dead, if you can still see me, that person is no longer me!

You must keep it in mind, must! must!!!

The Cloak man is very powerful,  he uses a sword, and he is able to unleash the sword Qi!  Even with my rank 4 dark warrior’s ability, I could not withstand his few attacks. I guess that the cloak man’s ability is above rank 5, you must keep it in mind, don't take revenge for me!

For we have been the best friend for years, please protect my son, protect my blood.

Also, I secretly got a piece of information saying that cloaked man was looking for a cubic object, I don’t know what it was exactly! But keep it in mind, the cloaked man is not our own kind, brother 13. Must be careful!!!!!

Qi Xuan


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  2. Thank you for the chapter. so cloak man could be a culivator to?

    1. May be, may be not. Read the letter while considering this sentence from the next chapter :" After all, different people have their different understanding of the same object, they might look the same, or they might be called the same name. But actually, they might be totally different."
      The answer won't be revealed until 200 chapter.