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Chapter 129 The insect’s world

Chapter 129 insect’s world
Chu Yunsheng didn't plan to do anything to him from the beginning, so he didn't really care if Fang Kui ran away or not. In terms of Zeng Xingrui, he'd better not to come to look for him. Otherwise, no matter who was behind him, he would still kill him.

Ding Yan had already asked people to inquire about the ice king and Zeng Xingrui’s locations. The information he got was that they went outside the city with the GCH’s troops several days ago, they were helping the troop to loot a national grade granary, So they wouldn't be back anytime soon.

What he was worried about the most wasn't those dark warriors or the mysteries cloak man, it was those insects outside the city.

If what he saw at the granary depot was really the insect's queen, it meant that they were ready to colonize the earth!

The channel of the sky track which was the mirror wall he saw was not just one out there. Just one horror city which was Shen Cheng city already had many of them, and probably right now the city had already become the insect's hive!

Once those queen insects adapted the earth, they would start mass breeding, the number of insects would definitely increase to an unimaginable amount. Sooner or later, they would start to push the defence line again.  At that time, imagine the sky was covered with green shell and ground was spread with the red shell, even below the ground was filled with the golden shell.

At that time, would Jin Ling city’s defence line still able to withstand the attack?  Probably he would need to start to escape once again. But would they be able to escape? Even they could escape, where could they go after they escaped from Jin Ling city.  he would no longer be alone, he would have his aunties family with him.  The journey of escape would be much more difficult than before.

Zhu Lingdie had already reported the information about the queen-like insect to the GCH. so he did not need to worry too much about it. However, with the situation slowly started to get worse, the GCH sooner or later would start to gather all the dark warriors once again. After all, once the defence line was broken, everyone would be dead.

Chu Yunsheng still hoped that Jin Ling city would be able to withstand the attack. This was probably the only city that still existed. Once it fell, the consequences would be unimaginable!

However, they still got some time. Even if the breeding speed of insect was beyond the human's imagination. but They still needed some time to produce a massive army. Chu Yunsheng once again felt the time was pressing. He needed to make good use of time from now on. Whether he needed to use his power to defend the front line or use his power to run away. He needed to be fully prepared.

However, he was curious, there were already many insects out there, where did they get the food from to produce a large insect army?

Tentacle monster ate the human body, meat worm ate red eye monsters, all other monsters had their food source. But the insects only interested in the human brain. How did they survive?

He really wanted to go through the mirror wall to see the world on the other side. He wanted to see how exactly they survived.

According to the senior practitioner, this type of channel worked both ways. The insects were able to come to the earth through the channel, humans were also able to go through the channel to the insect’s world. The difference was the weaker the creatures were, the easier they could go through the channel. It would be very difficult for the powerful creatures to go through this type of channel.

This also became a problem, if they were weak, it would be useless for them to go to the other side. They might never be able to come back, let alone to explore the other side. But until they became stronger, they probably wouldn't be able to go through the mirror wall at all!

But for now, it was still too early to worry about this kind of problem. Chu Yunsheng didn't think he would ever need to go to the other side of the mirror wall. There might be 10 times more dangerous than the earth now.

“Yao Xiang try this sword.” Chu Yunsheng took out a crimson sword from his back. In the past two days, he used some insect’s legs which were left from refining the combat armour to make a tier one broadsword. Although it was less sharp than the Qian Bi sword, comparing to the metal sword made by the human, it was much better.

Although Chu Yunsheng enchanted the broadsword with fire damage effect. but he still was not sure that if Yao Xiang could use the broadsword to unleash the fire ring cut. The awakenings’ abilities were different, most of them did not require any weapon to unleash the power. For example Lu Yu, he did not need a weapon to control the wind power.

He would know if it works after Yao Xiang used it, so it was also an experiment.

“Brother Chu, what is this broadsword? It is as red as blood!” Yao Xiang was surprised to see the broadsword.

“Infuse your fire energy inside, try to unleash the fire ring cut!” Chu Yunsheng patted his shoulder and said.

Lu Yaming spent two days to get the office building done, now it became Chu Yunsheng’s base, there was an open car park next to the building, it had become their weapon test site.

They made a circle of fire torches in the car park and moved few broken cars, broken shells in the middle.

The broadsword Yao Xiang was holding was lighter than a steel sword, there were some strange symbols on the top of the blade. But Yao Xiang could not understand it, So he just followed Chu Yunsheng’s instruction to infuse the fire energy into the sword.

Instantly, the blazing fire burst out from the broadsword. Different to the Ben Ti Yuan Qi which did not contain any other element, the fire element revealed its true characteristics.

Yao Xiang was startled by the sudden change, luckily he had seen a lot of strange things since the dark age began, so he quickly adjusted his emotions and started to swing the sword.


A fire wave flew out from the tip of the broadsword after the sword was hacked down!

The broken cars were instantly lit up by the crescent-shaped fire shockwave. Even the few red shell insect’s shells were also instantly broken into half and caught on a fire.

The shock wave did not stop there, it carried on moving and moving until it reached the walls.


The sound was made by Lu Guolong who was reinforcing the concrete wall with his earth element quietly on the side. While he was unleashing his earth energy, he was disrupted by the shock wave, it caused the earth element to rush back to his body, resulted in he spat out blood.

“What…! Brother Chu?” Yao Xiang could not believe what he did. the flame on the blade gradually faded out after he stopped infusing his fire energy.

When he used his hand to unleash the fire shockwave, the power of the fire shockwave was two times less powerful than this one, And also when he swung the sword, he had never felt so easy and incisively to unleash the energy before!

“This sword is too powerful!” Yao Xiang was amazed by its power! He was a cultivation-holic. Seeing a weapon like this made him over the moon. He immediately jumped up and spun his body 360° to hack down the sword one more time.

A crescent-shaped fire shock wave slid through the ground and cut the broken cars which were still on fire in a half. The shock wave this time even made through the wall and made a huge hole in the wall.

Two sword hacks shocked all the dark warriors who were watching them testing the weapon. Apart from Ding Yan and Lu Yu, everyone gasped in surprise, especially those who had seen Yao Xiang’s fire ring cut before. They could not believe a crimson broadsword could double Yao Xiang’s power.

“Are you done or not! Why waste all my hard work! You kids give me a fucking break!.......” Lu Guolong ran over and cursed at them. He was working very hard to reinforce the wall, just when he got ⅓ of it done it was then broken by those kids. He was very pissed off, but when he saw the Chu Yunsheng he suddenly stopped swearing. He knew that he could curse everyone but not this young man!

Yao Xiang was very excited, he had never felt this good before, this sword seemed to be able to unleash his full power!

When he just about to infuse the energy once more time!

Chu Yunsheng stopped him. “You can stop now!” if he just let him carry on, then, all the wall around the office building would be destroyed by him.

He had already got the result, so there was no point to test it further.

The broadsword used insect’s legs as the raw material, it had fire element attributes. so it was suitable for the fire dark warrior, Plus Chu Yunsheng enchanted it with the additional fire damage,  The power was doubled!

“Brother Chu, this broadsword is amazing, I felt like it was part of me when I infuse the power.” Yao Xiang said with excitement.

Chu Yunsheng took over the broadsword. there was one last step he needed to do. He had tested that Yao Xiang could use the sword. now, he needed to seal the incantation, so that only Yao Xiang and he could use it.

“You want it?” Chu Yunsheng laughed, he suddenly wanted to tease him.

Yao Xiang really wanted it, but he felt embarrassed to ask for it, because he knew how important his broadsword was.

“Yes! Oh… no….” Yao Xiang was first nodded his head instinctively, then he immediately shook his head. He was torn by the internal conflict in his mind, it even made his forehead started to sweat.

“Is it possible to lend it to me for two days?” Yao Xiang suddenly thought an idea.

“No!” said Chu Yunsheng, he had already sealed the indications. He then passed the sword to Yao Xiang and said sternly: “you can have the sword, but I need you to do one thing, you need to get it done perfectly!”

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