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chapter 130 gather loyalty

chapter 130 gather loyalty 
“Brother Chu, just say it, even if I don't get the broadsword, I'll still get it done perfectly!” Yao Xiang didn't take the sword. When he saw Chu Yunsheng's stern face, he knew that Chu Yunsheng was serious.

In a sense, Yao Xiang and Ding Yan were saved by Chu Yunsheng twice,  The first time was when attacking the tentacle monsters, the second time was at the fog city, So he was willing to help Chu Yunsheng without any reward.

“The sword is for you, so just take it. We will talk about the thing I need you to do later.” Chu Yunsheng nodded his head. He knew that Yao Xiang wasn't a greedy man. So he trusted him.

Yao Xiang didn't refuse this time. He happily took the sword.

“Lu Yu, I'm glad that you came to this far, from now on,  we are brothers, try this bow!” in the past two days, he had prepared two weapons, one was the broadsword, the other one was this bow.

The bow was made of insects shell. because of red shell contained the fire element attribute, and Lu Yu had ice element, So Chu Yunsheng spent a lot of time to remove the fire element attribute out during the refining process.

The bowstring was made of red-eye monster’s tendons. It had pure ice element attribute which was suitable for the ice dark warrior.

He also made a batch special arrows. Those arrows were made of green fluorescent monster’s mouthparts. They had the ice element attributes the same as the bowstring. Their mouthparts were very sharp. The arrows that made of those mouthparts were in very good quality.

He had tested this bow before, its power and the penetration ability was much better than the one he got from the club in the fog city.

Lu Yu’s ability was not just the ice ability, he had also awakened wind ability as well. He was one of those rare dark warriors who was awakened twice. According to Ding Yan, his second awakening happened back in the fog city. It was right after his mother and wife died. Presumably, the terrible shock he had had something to do with it.

Chu Yunsheng did not know how to make the wind element attributes weapon, the only weapon he had and might be able to help Lu Yu was the frost arrow, and the reason why he needed to make those two weapons was that he needed them to lead the team to kill the red shells, and kill as many of red shells as possible.

Not only he needed those shells to upgrade his armour, and prepare the backup combat armour in case of the incident like the flame bird or the nuclear explosion.

But also he needed to arm his own force as well. In a long-term, his force would be able to help him to withstand the insect’s push, in the short term he needed to be prepared for the conflict between him and Zeng Xingrui and the ice king. It would be great if there would not be any fight. But if there was one, he did not want to stall the fight very long. He wanted to end it as quickly as possible.

He was planning to hunt red shell alone. He wanted to seal some of the red-shelled insects for the future use as well.

He also needed to observe Lu Yu, although Ding Yan said Lu Yu was trustworthy, Chu Yunsheng still wasn't sure. He needed to see for himself. The reason why he gave Li Yu the bow right now was to show his sincerity. Trust could not be built in the short time. But he needed to make the first step.


The sound of an arrow piercing through the air interrupted chu Yunsheng’s thoughts.

Lu Yu fired the arrow silently. He perfectly utilized two type of energy. The arrow was filled with ice energy and pushed out by the wind energy. When it flew past the broken cars, instead of putting the fire out it made it even bigger.  The arrow itself was shot into the gap between the walls. It instantly froze the gap that Yao Xiang broke earlier.

“thank you!” said Lu Yu. His reply was very direct and simple.

Chu Yunsheng nodded his head, then he saw Duan Da Nian was gazing at Chu Yunsheng, his eyes full of longing.

Chu Yunsheng just gave out two powerful weapons, especially the broadsword. He was green with envy that Yao Xiang could get the weapon. But Chu Yunsheng still didn't give him anything. Two days was not a lot of time,  it was barely enough for Chu Yunsheng to make two weapons.

Also although Duan Danian helped Chu Yunsheng a lot. however, what he did was for others purposes.

“brothers, I believed you all understand how powerful those weapons are! I don't need to waste time explaining to you guys here. You all know what to do. As long as we stay together, be loyal to each other. You will get one as well. If anyone of you leaks out any information. Then our relationship will be over!” Ding Yan raised his voice and said sternly.

What Ding Yan threatened was not just those people, it also included their family members as well. Most the dark warrior's families were allocated to the office building. The method of holding the families as the hostages was not invented by Ding Yan, most of the clans also did the same thing to restrain their people. If they were royal, then their family members would be treated nicely. If they betrayed them. Then It would become the tool of punishment.

“13th master, you can You can be rest assured that brothers will be loyal to you and Mr. Chu! ” said Ye Qisheng who was one of Ding Yan’s henchman.

“Yes, that’s right, I am also determined.” quickly said Duan Danian. He always felt like 13th master was saying those word specifically to him.

“13th master, everyone understands the rule…..”

“I’ll be the first one kill those who leaked the information…….”



“Everyone may leave now, tomorrow reassemble here at 8:00! We will move out together! ” Ding Yan waved his hand and signalled everyone to leave. Although some people were just saying those word just for the sake of saying it, loyalty could not be built in one day.

The group of people slowly dispersed, it only left Lu Guolong who was still trying to repairing and reinforcing the walls. His ability was not powerful, so all he could do now was to keep up doing his best to prove himself was useful. He had already lost his paradise. Now he moved here, he knew that he could not help Chu Yunsheng in the attack, but he could help Chu Yunsheng to build a strong and solid base. Apart from this walls that surrounded the office building, he also needed to reinforce the office building, So he might be busy for a while.

The office building has 10 floors, 9th floor and above was the forbidden zone. 9th floor belonged to Chu Yunsheng and his relatives. 10th floor was allocated to Chu Yunsheng, so he could refine armour, weapons and cultivate Yuan Qi. 8th floor belonged to Ding Yan, Yao Xiang, Lu Yu and also Qi Xuan’s son who was already got back by Ding Yan from the Bauhinia mountain, he had been hidden here since.

7th floor was used for meetings and 6th floor was for the food storage. From the fifth floor down to the basement were belongs to other dark warriors and their family members. Totally, there were around 100 people. Luckily they just got food from the granary depot, otherwise, the food supply for those people would be a big problem!

Chu Yunsheng was sitting on the roof alone, Qian Bi sword was stabbed on the ground next to him, the little tiger was also crouching next to him.

The sky was as dark as usual. There were only a few pinpricks of lights looming inside the city.

Chu Yunsheng felt difficult to breathe at the moment. because he was trying to reach the second sub-stage!