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chapter 131 Dangerous breakthrough

Chapter 131 Dangerous breakthrough
Once Chu YunSheng reached the second stage of Rong Yuan Body, Chu YunSheng would be able to unleash 12 sword Qi, he would have enough Yuan Qi to support him kill a golden shell then retreat.

The journey of cultivation was tedious, difficult and boring, it required a great willpower. It was not as easy as what they mentioned in the xianxia novel.

After a long period of accumulation and precipitation, now, it was the crucial moment for him to break through the barrier. He harnessed the Ben Ti Yuan Qi inside the body to speed up the transformation process.

Time slowly passed, the sound of artillery bombardment had also stopped. All the noises seemed to have stopped and the city went back to silent.

However, what happened inside Chu YunSheng's body was completely opposite. Every single cell, every single nerve, was filled with violent and chaotic Ben Ti Yuan Qi. He seemed to have a sign of losing control.

What happened!

Chu YunSheng was shocked, something went wrong!

The transformation had become destruction!  the cells started to swell and rupture one after another and the rupture speed was getting faster and faster!

Chu YunSheng tried to suppress the panic. It was the crucial moment, he could not afford to panic!

Once all the cells ruptured, he wouldn't become a disabled person, he would be dead!

Chu YunSheng had experienced so many dangerous situations. He knew clearly that at this moment the panic would only increase the cells rupture speed. What he needed was a calm and clear mind.

The senior practitioner’s cultivation incantation could not be wrong, Yuan Tian stage two was not a high cultivation stage, the senior practitioner also said that the incantations had been tested for thousands of times, there should not have been any error.  The senior practitioner also did not specifically remind anyone needed to be careful when reached Yuan Tian stage two. All he said was to follow the incantations and do it steps by steps!

If the cultivation incantation was not wrong, then I must have misunderstood the meaning of the incantation’s symbols! Chu YunSheng immediately thought of the second possibility.

The symbols were very hard to understand, most of the time he just guessed it, there was no way he could be sure that what he understood was completely correct.

The cultivation method in Yuan Tian stage one was relatively easy, so there wasn't any obvious sign. When making a talisman, if he understood the description wrong, the talisman just simply wouldn't work. But stage two’s body’s transformation was completely different, each sub-stage built upon the previous one,  if there was the slightest mistake at the first sub-stage, it would become a disaster at the final stage!

What he experienced right now was similar to that kind of disaster, he had to find out where went wrong! he needed to stop the cells from rupturing and go back to correct cultivation method.

At the second sub-stage, Every part of the body was undergoing the transformation process at the same time. The Ben Ti Yuan Qi was distributed equally around the body. when the second sub-stage was completed, every part of the body would be able to store much more Ben Ti Yuan Qi than before.

Chu YunSheng guessed that the problem might go wrong here.  the second sub-stage still had not completed yet, the cells inside the body still remained at the first sub-stage,  but Ben Ti Yuan Qi had already started to gather and flow into the cell, that was why it caused the cell to rupture.

Since he found the possible cause of the problem, what he needed to do now was trying to move the Ben Ti Yuan Qi outside his body first. Otherwise, if he continuously letting Ben Ti Yuan Qi moving around inside his body recklessly, then he would not be far from dead.

He immediately started to harness Yuan Qi as he thought.

All the talisman which had been cast onto his body were separated from his body and floated in the air.

Even the sword and all other stuff on the roof were all lifted by the force in the air.

The Little Tiger had already sensed Chu YunSheng’s difference, it was growling anxiously on the side. As time slowly passed, Chu YunSheng started to extract more and more Yuan Qi, even the little tiger was also lifted up by the invisible force, no matter how it struggled, it was still slowly spinning around Chu YunSheng in the mid-air with other stuff on the roof.

The Yuan Qi that was extracted out of the body would only stay outside for a short period of time, if he could not complete transformation of second sub-stage on time, once Yuan Qi went back inside his body, it would instantly destroy all his cells!

Chu YunSheng did not have much time left,  he did not know how long exactly, it might be 1 minute, it might be just 30 seconds.

However, he could not be distracted by the time, he needed to stay focused. He needed to re-analyze the incantations and test it again and again and again. There was no time for him to take out the book and to see the note he took. He just blindly trying and trying.

The First try …..failed.

The second try …… failed again…


Failure after failure!

The Yuan Qi outside the body started to slowly flow back to his body, Chu YunSheng’s heart sunk. He could not hold it much longer. he started to panic. His hands started to tremble!

He was dying, but he still did not give up. He gritted his teeth and did the last try. All he thought was, he did his best, now just let faith decide if he could live or not!

All the Yuan Qi and talismans had gone back to his body, all the floating objects had fallen on the ground. Everything had gone back to normal as if nothing had happened on the roof.


Chu Han was anxiously looking at his nephew who was still unconsciously lying on the bed. She was scared. The same thing happened to Jing Yi before, She could no longer bear if the same thing happened to Chu YunSheng again.

Since Chu YunSheng came to Jin Ling, her family’s living condition changed dramatically. From the small and dirty shanty to this building, from eating congee once in three days to eating the fresh vegetables once in a while. she knew that only those people at the top of three major quarters were entitled to what they were having right now.

She knew that that was all because of his nephew Chu YunSheng, he risked his life for them. However, if she could choose, she would rather go back to living in the small and dirty shanty in exchange for Chu YunSheng’s life.

To her, nothing was more important than Chu YunSheng’s life!

“Mom, did Ge wake up?” Jing Tian came into the room while holding the food, Chu YunSheng had been in the coma for 1 day now. Yesterday, the little tiger suddenly ran downstairs from the roof, it bit Jing Tian’s cloth and dragged her to the roof, then she discovered that Chu YunSheng was laying on the floor unconsciously. She was almost scared to death at that moment.

Luckily, she found out that Chu YunSheng still had a pulse, so she immediately called her mom, then they both moved Chu YunSheng downstairs. He had been in the coma since.

“I need to find witch!” Ding Yan said calmly, he was the only person knew what happened apart from Chu Han’s family. When he came upstairs, he immediately told Chu Han’s family member to not to mention this to anyone.

Originally he decided to wait for Chu YunSheng to wake up. However, it had been a day now, Chu YunSheng still did not have any sign of waking up. Ding Yan could no longer sit there and wait. Right now, probably only the witch who had special healing ability would be able to wake up Chu YunSheng!

Just when he about to walked out of the room, Chu YunSheng suddenly opened his eye, what he saw first was a big monster's head, then his face was licked by the monster’s tongue. He instinctively jumped up and wanted to draw the sword, but he could not find his sword.

Then he slowly realized it was the little tiger. He suddenly laughed it out.

The Little Tiger just an animal, it did not know Chu YunSheng was in the coma. so no matter how Chu Han tried to move it away from Chu YunSheng, it still did not give up licking Chu YunSheng’s face. Because in its world, The only way to wake up Chu YunSheng was to lick his face. However, this time, no matter how many times it licked, Chu YunSheng just would not wake up. At the end, Chu Han’s had no choice but constantly cleaned little tiger’s saliva on Chu YunSheng's face.

“Yun Sheng, you are awake!” Chu Han broke into tears.

“Ge, you finally awake, you scared the hell out of us,” said Jing Tian and Jing Yi.

“I am ok, just something went wrong with my ability, I am sorry to make you all worried. oh right, how long was I in the coma.” Chu YunSheng felt hungry, so he guessed that he lost his consciousness for a quite long time. He was still scared to this moment. It was lucky that the last try saved his life! The coma was nothing but his body’s self-protection mechanism. After he reached the second sub-stage, the Yuan Qi started to heal all the broken cells rapidly until now, so he just fully recovered.

He did not have any big problem now, all he felt was just a little bit hungry.

“Almost a day, you are ok. that’s great!” Ding Yan was finally relieved.

Chu YunSheng nodded his head, he felt so hungry right now. He did not even mind other people were watching, he just sat there eating the food while talking to them.

Originally he planned to hunt the red shell outside city alone today. but he did not expect the cultivation method went wrong last night. Luckily he survived.

But Chu YunSheng did not dare to guess the indications anymore, he was lucky this time, but luck was not something that happens all the time. Next time if he had the same problem, he could be dead.

He had to understand incantation's every symbol before he used it, otherwise, the cultivation would only become more and more dangerous.

Apart from this, when he was going outside the city tomorrow, he would need to seal some red shells, it would be the best if he could encounter an individual golden shell.  With his ability right now, seal one golden shell wasn't impossible to him.

He needed something that would surprise the enemy during the attack, seal monster talisman was of the options.

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