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Chapter 132 red-shelled insect’s natural enemy

Chapter 132 red-shelled insect’s natural enemy
Originally Chu Yunsheng Planned to sort out some cultivation methods from the ancient book for Lu Yu and Yao Xiang. But since last night, he realized that if he was not careful, the cultivation method he gave out not only would not help them but also it might cause someone else's death.

On the second day, Chu Yunsheng took the little tiger and went out the city right after Yao Xiang’s group. Ding Yan and rest of 5 dark warriors were staying behind to guard the office building.

The Little Tiger was his lookout, with its help, Chu Yunsheng could easily avoid having contact with the large swarm. Where he was staying right now was the place where he met Duan Danian the first time. It was the place where Duan Danian tried to rob him.

This place was surrounded by the hill, so even the swarm noticed him, he would be able to get away easily.

Monster seal talisman was powerful, but it also consumed a lot of Yuan Qi, it consumed Yuan Qi three times more than a glacier talisman

A level three offensive talisman such as glacier talisman would consume him 15 units of Yuan Qi, With his second sub stage’s ability, he was only able to store 60 units of Yuan Qi at maximum. So monster seal talisman which consumed 45 units of y
Yuan Qi was still a luxury stuff to him.

It was not really worth it If he just uses it to seal a red shell,

Sometimes, things could not simply be measured by the number. For example, Chu Yunsheng's sword fighting techniques, each time it would consume him 10 units of Yuan Qi, the power was almost the same as a level three offensive talisman, But the advantage of a level three talisman was that it could be stored for later use.

Same thing applied to the master seal talisman, as long as the monster didn't die, he would be able to use it repeatedly. The injured monster could be healed by infusing the Yuan Qi inside the talisman to feed it. the monster would slowly recover by itself.

So every option had its advantages, he would need to decide which option would be more suitable base on the situation he was facing.

Originally he stole a lot of Yuan Qi, however, He gradually used almost half of them. Now he had only 4 level two absorption talismans left. The level three absorption talismans was already empty.

At the moment, his plan was to try to absorb monster's Yuan Qi and use monster's Yuan Qi to kill more monsters.

Although one red shell could only provide him two units of Yuan Qi which was not a lot, it was still better than nothing. In order to preserve as much of energy as possible, he wore the combat armour and fight the red shell in close range most of the time.

He didn't dare to go out of green dragoon mountain's mountain range, because he didn't know what was beyond the mountain range. He still remembered the flame monster and gigantic leg monsters. There could be even more monsters that were powerful than the red shell.

He made a monster seal talisman when he killed 30 red shells,  he also froze one red shell and tortured it almost to death then seal it.

Because he didn't dare to fight with a large swarm, he spent 6 hours only sealed two red shells. He really wanted to seal a golden shell, only the golden shell could be used to surprise the enemy during the attack!

However, within 6 hours, he didn't encounter any single one of them.

At 14:00 Chu Yunsheng and the little tiger was taking the break at a mountain col. Although he was not exhausted, 6 hours of killing still hax a little bit impact on his body.

It wasn't long after the little tiger was fed, the little tiger started to show sign of danger. Chu Yunsheng instinctively thought it was a large swarm coming by, so he immediately hid into the cave he had dug earlier.

But soon, he was surprised to hear the human screams.  He knitted his brows and crawled to the higher ground. He used the night vision goggles Ding Yan gave to him and looked at the direction where the scream came from.

Through the night vision goggles, all he saw just green figures. the shimmery light in the sky wasn't bright enough, so he couldn't see them clearly. All he saw was a group of around 30 red shells were attacking a group of around 20 humans.

Then screams were made by them.

He didn't need to think, those people must have been the refugees from the other cities, and they could survive this long, it meant that most of them were the awakenings. If they were the ordinary people, they would have been dead on the way here already.

Through the night vision goggles, Chu Yunsheng Could tell there must have been at least 8 dark warriors, of course, they had not entered Jin Ling, it seemed to be inappropriate to call them dark warriors.

Chu Yunsheng Could tell that they were exhausted, it didn't seem like they could hold much longer. Chu Yunsheng used the goggles to glance over areas, he didn't seem to find any other red shells.  then He made up his mind quickly and said to the little tiger:” go!”

He was a cautious man, but it didn't mean that he would watch those people die. As long as he was sure that he could win, and even if he couldn't win, if he would be able to run away,  he would still try to save other people.

It could be a tough task to kill 30 red shells, but Chu Yunsheng believed that with 8 dark warriors, he was still able to do it.

After Chu Yunsheng got close, he noticed that there was someone in the group he was familiar with. She was Zhou Tingyun, the girl who was on the same escort team with him and Qian Deduo back when he was helping the Dong Shen university!

Red shell’s reaction was very fast, but Chu Yunsheng’s speed was even faster after he wore the combat armour, within a split second he hacked the sword deep into a red shell’s body, the red shell only had a chance to turn around and then it was cut into the half.

Chu Yunsheng did not stop there, he jumped up and pulled the sword back, once again he used the sword chop form to kill a second red shell which charged towards him!.

Then he swung the sword horizontally to use the Sword Slice Form to slice the red shell’s claw which was attacking from his right, the little tiger immediately jumped up used its claws which were filled with the metal element to ripped the insect’s head and bit on its head.

Chu Yunsheng and the little tiger’s sneak attack instantly killed three red shells, at first it shocked everyone on the scene, then everyone was excited and invigorated!

Although Chu Yunsheng Was wearing the combat armour, and no one knew who he was, but he was killing the insects, that meant he was with them.

Only Zhou Tingyun suddenly felt his combat armour was so familiar.

When Chu Yunsheng was just about to attack the rest of red shells, the situation suddenly changed.

More than 20 red shells suddenly stopped the attack for a second, then they scattered and ran away in panic.

They scattered and ran away in panic!!

Chu Yunsheng was sure that he was not hallucinating, he had seen the red shell retreated before, but he had never seen a group of red shells ran away in different directions in such panicky way.

He did not think it was him that scared those insects away, it must be some other reasons.

The little tiger was as confused as him!


When facing the unknown, Chu Yunsheng’s first thought was to run!

At the same time, a strange monster was running towards him at an incredible speed from the direction which Chu Yunsheng was about to run to,  the monster had a huge head and a long tail, its body was a dozen times bigger than the red shell, and it was running on its two feet.

Once it approached a red shell, its head instantly split into two parts, several tentacles shot out from its head and wrapped the insect which attempted to escape, then it lifted the insect and pulled it back to its “mouth”. after a few cracking sounds, it spat out a red shell on the ground!

It did not seem to be interested in the humans, although its tentacles could completely wrap around everyone here, none of its tentacles was shooting towards a single human.

Within a few minutes, it had already “ate” 6 red shells!

Chu Yunsheng picked up the little tiger,  he did not dare to run away. This monster’s speed was not slower than him, it also had many tentacles which could easily catch the little tiger and him. Since it was not interested in any human,  so he just slowly moved backwards. Once the strange monster started to attack him, he would immediately use all his strength to unleash the sword fighting techniques!

However, the strange thing happened once again, after the monster ate all the red shells that did not run away in time, all its tentacles quickly shrunk back to its heads, then the two parts of the head slowly merged until there were not any gaps between them, as if the head did not split into half earlier!

Only when the monster turned around and was about to leave, did Chu Yunsheng noticed that there was a woman who dressed in white standing on the back of the monster, the woman was surrounded with fierce frost. and Chu Yunsheng felt like he had seen her somewhere before.

“How pathetic! The only descendant of the human being!” said the woman dressed in white, she then left with quickly the monster. It was so inexplicable that Chu Yunsheng didn't even know if she was mocking them or she was just lamenting.


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