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Chapter 134 Jin Ling City Is Surrounded

Chapter 134 Jin Ling City Is Surrounded
Suddenly they heard a wailing of sirens arose above the city. At the beginning, it was just blurry sound, then it became louder and louder until it became a high pitched ear piercing sound.

The people at the checking point had already lost their order. Other people who had not arrived at the checking point were all blocked at the first and second line of defence.

“ Thank….you, Mr.chu! “ Zhou Tingyun was panting, she was finally able to keep her back straight after a long and exhausting running. It almost consumed all her energies. Because She hadn't been eating for almost two days now.

“Are you alright?” Chu Yunsheng had already deactivated the armour, he was startled when he saw her face was as pale as a dead person.

“Xiao Zhou, …...Xiao Zhou……… it was because of us, she has not eaten for days, it's our fault! Our fault!” professor tang’s wife gave out a long sigh.

Chu Yunsheng was dazed for a second. no wonder why back in Dong Shen university she wanted to loot the food factory with them so badly. It was because she wanted to give those two old people something to eat. At that time, he mistook her for a greedy person, now he knew he was wrong.

Wait! Food factory? A Woman? A white dress, the intense frost? Chu Yunsheng suddenly remembered the women he saw at the food factory, it was her!?

Same person or they just look the same!

The words she said? And the cloaked man, who are they? Chu Yunsheng started to associated all those people together.

“Auntie Sun, don't say it. You see! we are here, we here! Everything will get better!” said Zhou Tingyun. But the swarm behind her made her words sound so ridiculous.

“Do you have any relatives in Jin Ling? Or any place to stay?” Chu Yunsheng stopped thinking about the cloaked man and the woman in the white dress. Since he didn't have a clue, he didn't want to waste time thinking about it. What important right now was the symbols.

“No, we don't have any.” Zhou Tingyun shook her head, then she said with full of hope:” But we still have the government right?”

“Wait until you see the refugees inside the city, then you will understand why they don't have the time for you.” Chu Yunsheng shook his head. “if you don't have anywhere to go at the moment, come to the west district, I just happened to have a spare place.” Chu Yunsheng suggested.

“Ah!? Really ?”Zhou Tingyun didn't expect Chu Yunsheng would say this, she almost didn't believe what she heard. Chu Yunsheng had already helped her once, she didn't expect Chu Yunsheng to help her again.

“I also need some help from professor Tang, I'll provide you food, we may go through this hard period together,” Chu Yunsheng nodded his head.

“Mr.chu, thank you very much!  Thank you!” Zhou Tingyun replied with emotions. to them, food was very precious, because they had not eaten for days.

“Tingyun?....” Lin Junchi’s face was twitching.

“Brother Lin, she hooked up with someone better than you, she will not remember us.” Liu Meng said sarcastically.

“No, it’s not, brother Lin, thank you for helping me all the way to here, I will never forget it! It just..... I need to take care the lecturer and his wife…..” Zhou Tingyun pressed her lips very hard.

“That’s alright, Tingyun you may go with him.” Lin Junchi forced himself to smile at them, then he faced Chu Yunsheng and said with a strange expression on his face:”Hello Mr. Chu, I hope you can take good care of Tingyun!”

Chu Yunsheng looked at him and confused, what was wrong with this guy, what did he think I am going to do to her?

But Chu Yunsheng didn't want have an argument over this trivial problem. He patted the little tiger’s head and turned around.

Lin Junchi was dazed for a second, then his face turned red, he was angry because this guy obviously ignored him.

“There is nothing to be proud of, brother Lin, let's go!” Liu Meng tried to pull him away but she failed.

At the same time, three vehicles drove past and stoop next to them, it was Lu Yu and Yao Xiang’s group.

“Brother Chu, we got a problem, the insect’s number has increased rapidly!” Yao Xiang said sternly, it was very unusual for him to show a stern face.

“Any injuries?” Chu Yunsheng nodded his head and asked.

“not yet, Lu Yu sensed something was wrong, so we pulled out in time.” Yao Xiang shook his head.

“As long as there weren't any casualties…. We will talk in detail when we get back!” Chu Yunsheng then pointed at lecturer Tang and his wife and said:” get some brothers to move them to the cars! Let's go!” the weak old couple couldn't walk anymore, Chu Yunsheng had to ask his men to help them to get to the cars.

Immediately there were some low ranking dark warriors came to hold up the old couple as he was saying. Their badges were flickering under the military searchlights.

Liu Meng didn't dare to say anything anymore. No matter how a slow-react person she could be, she still realized this armoured guy was their leader, he was not a person she could mess with!

Lin Junchi’s face turned white, this time it was him who pulled Liu Meng away.

Only after Chu Yunsheng got into the city, did he realized the situation was worse than he expected. The troops which were originally supposed to get the break were all marching towards the second defence line in the wailing of sirens. The sound of footsteps was steady and heavy, the air in the city was tense and uptight, It made everyone feel that there was a great war coming.

When Chu Yunsheng went around the city and arrived in the west district,  what he saw made his heart sank, the swarm not only just appeared in the east district. Outside the West district’s defence line, there was a swarm as large as the one outside East District, and they appeared much more early.

Jin Ling was surrounded! this was his first reaction.


Meanwhile, inside the city, the rumour started to spread:


North district was under the attack!

The gigantic monsters emerged from Yangtze river!

East district’s defence line collapsed!

The first master died in the battle!

The police force had already begun to shoot and kill those people who were causing the chaos, a large number of district area’s management staff were holding speakers to call the crowds to stay calm, to have faith in GCH, have faith in GRD, have faith in DWH  and believe that Jin Ling City will never fall!

Chu Yunsheng's cars were raided by the refugees who thought they were carrying the food, again and again. No one knew what caused them to suddenly become this crazy. At the end, Chu Yunsheng had no choice but asked a fire warrior to stand on the top of the car and constantly firing the gun to warn the refugees who were approaching their cars.

When he finally broke out the massive refugee crowd and arrived at his office building, he noticed that the situation here was as bad as the outside. He could constantly hear the screaming and roaring in the darkness, some were caused by desperation, some were caused by other people… some…..…..

Luckily the building was secured by Lu Guolong’s ability. Ding Yan, other 5 dark warriors and some young and strong of dark warrior's relatives were patrolling on the top of the walls. Some of them were holding the guns and some were holding the fire torches.

Apart from Chu Yunsheng's men, Zhou Tingyun and her lectures were still in the shock. they could not believe the city they had been dreaming of, the city that kept them survived this far looked like this. How was it different than the city they came from.

“Finally you back! Mr.Chu, Zhu Lingdie came by earlier!” Ding Yan was finally relieved when he saw everyone came back.

“Why did she come here?” said Chu Yunsheng.

“ she brought a news, < the act of the second dark warrior recruitment > has approved during the highest meeting in the GCH. Now they are passing the relevant document to DWH, soon, they will enforce the act and start to recruit all the dark warrior! ”  Ding Yan said sternly.

“what does she want?” Chu Yunsheng asked directly, he doesn't think she just came here to tell them the news, she must want something.

“she wants us to join the same division with her. According to her intel, all the dark warriors will be spread into the existing divisions and assist the troops in defending the front line, it is compulsory this time!” said Ding Yan, there was actually more detailed information, but he didn't have time to sit down with Chu Yunsheng and explain it to him.

“if we all left, what about our family? It's a mess outside, what happens if they break in?” Duan Danian was very concerned.

“I think, the troops will soon start to suppress this mess, if they wanted to recruit the dark warrior, they had to solve this problem first. Otherwise, it will be even more chaotic!” said Ding Yan, he didn't even raise his head.

Suddenly the sound of gunfire arose in a distance as if it was trying to prove what Ding Yan said.

“Zhu Lingdie also disclosed a classified information to us, the chief of the general commander was sent to the central hospital today, and the new chief commander was promoted from the army. he is a tough, decisive and ruthless person.” Ding Yan sneered.