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Chapter 135 New Military Order

Chapter 135 New Military Order
Chu Yunsheng had heard about of the conflicts between two major parties inside GCH, one party was slightly moderate, and the other one was slightly more radical. It seemed like the radical party had taken over the highest control.

“Mr. Chu, commissioner Lu, Lu Yaming is here, do you want to meet him?” said Ye Qisheng who was guarding the gate:" he also brought the police with him, a lot of guns!” he paused for a second and carried on.

“let him in, it's ok.” Chu Yunsheng nodded his head. Lu Yaming was his only contact at GCH. At the moment, the swarm had already surrounded the city and the city was a mess, it also happened to be the time when the new party took control of GCH. So it was very normal that Lu Yaming had police with him.

At this moment, there was still a hazy shimmer in the sky, It wasn't completely dark yet. If the new chief commander couldn't control the situation before it went completely dark, there might be more death.

The swarm hadn't initiated the attack, but the human being had already lost their order!

Lu Yaming was very nervous, his dress was completely dishevelled, when he went past the door he was almost tripped over.

“Mr. Chu, I'm just passing by, but there is one thing you need to know. Do not go out tonight under any circumstances. GCH has already controlled the entire DWH. The kings of the dark warrior in each of four districts have been forced to sign the agreement. From now on they will need to follow the GCH’s order! The new chief commander has given the order: by 6:00 tomorrow, they will eliminate all the unstable factors which caused civil unrest completely from the city. They will use any means necessary. “Lu Yaming tried to keep his voice as low as possible.

Chu Yunsheng's heart jumped rapidly, but his face was still very calm, the balance had already broken, GCH now had power over other headquarters. How many people are going to die because of their internal power struggle? Chu Yunsheng thought.

“Not only just this. All the food will need to be hand in. All the food will need to be controlled and distributed by the military. I don't have much time left, so I can't tell you more in detail. The third division is marching towards the west district right now. Once they get here, don't resist. There were few clans in the north district tried to resist, they were all treated as rebellions and killed on the spot, and all their families were expelled from the city!” Lu Yaming swallowed very hard.

His eyes were wide open and filled with fear:”now you still got some time, but you need to hurry up doing some preparation, all the small clan’s base will be searched by the third division!”

“Thank you! commissioner Lu.” Chu Yunsheng was very grateful for what he was doing, this information was very important, and Lu Yaming took a huge risk to come by and tell him this. He owed Lu Yaming a lot.

The six-storey building behind them stored a lot of food. They got it by risking their lives. If the third division suddenly raided them and used their force to search the building, they would definitely be able to take the food away. Chu Yunsheng would have no choice but having a violent conflict with the military!

However, with his ability right now, facing the entire division was similar to commit a suicide, even he would be able to run away, but his men, his family would have no chance to escape.

“You are welcome, Mr.Chu, oh right, there is one more thing, you will need to be careful, the ice king has joined the third division, Zeng Xing Rui was probably marching towards here with the third division!” Lu Yaming once again reminded Chu Yunsheng, he knew Chu Yunsheng killed Yue Jin, so did Zeng Xing Rui.

“Oh!” Chu Yunsheng’s pupils instantly became bigger. the ice king just came back not long ago, although he had not heard anything from the ice king, he was not stupid enough to believe that they would let it go that easily.

Originally he planned to solve this matter just by himself, whether it was to have a nice discussion with them, or just fought them. He was not scared of them at all!!

But now, if they were going to get the entire third division involved, then the thing would become much more difficult to solve. If he could not solve it properly, it would become a problem between him and the entire third division.

“I need to leave now, you guys take care!” Lu Yaming hurriedly left after he finished, he still needed to wait for the third division to arrive and assist them during the search.

“Lao Ding, gather everyone in the courtyard, we need to have a meeting, tell everyone to store their food on the six floor, I'll handle the rest!” Chu Yunsheng sneered, he wouldn't give them a single grain.

“Mr.Chu, weapons as well. although Lu Yaming did not mention about the weapons. but if I am not wrong, the GCH would definitely take this opportunity to seize everyone's weapon, they want a total control over this city!” said Ding Yan who knitted his brow.

“You are right, tell everyone to gather all the weapons and move to the six floor, the time is pressing, we need to move now, but don’t panic!” Chu Yunsheng nodded his head, no matter how urgent it was, he and his men could not panic. They needed to stay calm.

More than 30 dark warriors and more than 100 family members were all gathered in the courtyard. Ding Yan sternly and briefly told them everything that Lu Yaming said, he kept reminding them about one thing, stay calm and stay with the group.

When Ding Yan was talking to everyone in the courtyard, Chu Yunsheng hurriedly made one storage talisman and stored everything that was on the six floor.

When the hazy shimmer finally disappeared in the sky, the sound of tanks and helicopters arose in a distance.

The gunfire started to appear more and more frequently, it seemed like some groups were trying to fight back.

Then a group of fully armoured soldiers appeared in front the office building, Chu Yunsheng was standing in the courtyard while wearing both badges from DWH and GRD with all the dark warriors.

A tank was trying to crush the wall and drove into the courtyard, but no matter how it was trying, the wall just wouldn’t collapse!

Seeing the walls was not broken, the soldiers in the entire regiment started to spread out and surrounded the office building.

Zeng Xing Rui was behind this!! Chu Yunsheng and Ding Yan were having the same thought. But they were not scared, as long as they stayed calm, they wouldn’t be able to find any reason to execute them. This was a crucial moment, even the military had the power, but they still wouldn’t use force on someone who was  “clean”, otherwise, they would be in deep trouble.

Moreover, his group had one rank 3 dark warrior and more than 30 low-rank dark warriors, it was not a small clan they could mess with.

If this regiment wanted to help Zeng Xing Rui to take revenge and harm his auntie’s family, Then Chu Yunsheng would not hesitate to kill every single soldier here.

Amongst all the dark warriors, only Ding Yan and Yao Xiang knew what Chu Yunsheng would do if something happened to his auntie tonight. They still remembered how Chu Yunsheng hunted down Gān Zi Qiáng even that person was protected by the military!


Zeng Xing Rui was furious, he heard about what happened to Yue Jin when he just came back to the city.  He did not care about Yue Jin’s life, what he cared about was even though they heard his name but they still wiped out Yue Jin’s group. If he did not do anything to them, his reputation would be at risk.

But he did not have time to find Chu Yunsheng in person. When he just got back, the military scout had already detected a lot of insects trying to surround the city. He had no choice but to follow the ice king to DWH to discuss the defence strategy with the people from GCH, the chief commander had been replaced, the new one was extremely aggressive. However, the new chief commander already got support from GRD and the military had their own dark warriors. So he and other people from DWH were forced to sign the agreement.

When his leader ice king agreed to join the third division, he immediately followed the regiment commander Shi to the west district to assist him to execute the new order.

Zeng Xing Rui also heard the news that Chu Yunsheng just got five trucks of grain, it was a perfect time to take his revenge. He just needed to make some “suggestions” and third division would do everything for him!

“Are you Chu Yunsheng?” said the newly formed third regimens commander Shi Qiying Who was dazed for a second when he saw Chu Yunsheng was wearing both GCH and DWH’s badge. But he quickly returned to normal.

He actually had Chu Yunsheng's documents in his hand. But when he got the documents he just simply thought Lu Yaming gathered wrong information. After all, such young researcher was very rare.

Standing next to Shi Qiying were two men, Lu Yaming and a tall skinny middle-aged man whose face was extremely sullen.

Chu Yunsheng glanced at his badge, ranks 3 Yi class. This man must be Zeng Xing Rui.

“Yes, I am!" Chu Yunsheng nodded his head.

“I'm the third regiment commander of the third division Shi Qiying, I am now commanding you to join the army and serve your country. Hand in any grain your stored. Mr.Chu. I hope you could look at the big picture!” said Shi Qiying. Comparing to the ice king, this young man’s clan wasn't really something worth much of his attention.


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