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chapter 136 Interrogation?

chapter 136  Interrogation?
“I'm sorry commander Shi, we have already joined the other division, and also we don't have any food left. If you don't believe me. you can search the building." said Chu Yunsheng. You want to play a game, then let's play the game. Chu Yunsheng thought.

“Then, please excuse us!” said Shi Qiying. when he waved his hand, a group of soldiers immediately ran into the office building behind Chu Yunsheng. Zeng Xing Rui told him that this man got five trucks of grain, there was no reason for him to lie about it. So he was sure he would find the grain.

He then removed his glove and said casually:” since you joined our brother's division, may I have a look at your document. I am just following the procedure to make sure there is no mistake.”

“the document was still in the process, so we haven't got any.” Chu Yunsheng replied simply. He did not even change his expression.

“Chu Yunsheng, did you know about the GCH’s new orders? Any dark warrior who refused to cooperate would be expelled from the city with their families!” Shi Qiying said sternly. But everyone could sense the hint of the threat in his tone. All the documents could be done at the scene when they agreed to join the division. So Chu Yunsheng's was obviously lying.

“thank you for reminding us, we will get it done by 6:00 tomorrow.” Chu Yunsheng didn't want to argue with him, so he just simply replied him.

Since Chu Yunsheng said he could get it done by 6:00, so Shi Qiying couldn't do anything to him at the moment, he had to wait until 6:00 and ask for the document again.

Both parties couldn't do anything to each other and both parties didn't want to talk to each other, so they all fell into an awkward silence and quietly waited for the search to finish.

30 minutes later, the search was finally completed. The group of soldiers came back with empty handed. They had almost searched all the corners they could find, including the basement, they still could not find anything.

“Nothing? How is that possible! So many people in the west district had seen it. They must have hidden it somewhere else!” said Zeng Xing Rui, he had confirmed the information with so many people. He could guarantee they had five trucks of grain!

“Chu Yunsheng, we have information that proves that you stored five trucks of grain privately. if you don't hand them in. I'll have to execute my orders!” Shi Qiying said coldly. If he could get five truck of grain, not only he could contribute it to the division, but also he did a favour for the ice king.

“Take them away for the interrogation, whoever resists, Kill!” Shi Qiying said harshly, but himself quickly moved backwards. All the dark warriors which led by Zeng Xing Rui moved forwards.

“don't you dare!” Chu Yunsheng immediately activated the armour, sword instantly appeared in his hand.  Shi Qiying was obviously going to execute them regardless there was evidence or not. Since they were trying to use the force, he didn't need to be polite with them anymore.

He wasn't scared of tanks which Shi Qiying brought here. All the family members were already transferred to the basement where was reinforced by Lu Guolong's ability. Tanks wouldn't able to destroy it.

Everyone including Zeng Xing Rui were shocked to see Chu Yunsheng's armour and sword.

However, Zeng Xing Rui was already on the move, there was no way back. If everyone knew he got scared by a strange armour, how was he going to survive in Jin Ling city in the future!

Within that split second, he gave himself a relatively reasonable judgement. The armour must be from the GRD lab. He thought. Plus Chu Yunsheng was wearing a researcher badge, it made him think that his judgement even more reliable.

“Punk, when you wiped out Yue Jin’s clan you should have thought about this day!” shouted Zeng Xing Rui while charging towards Chu Yunsheng with a ferocious expression. He was a rank three Yi class dark warrior, no one here was worth much of his attention!

In his mind, he believed that as long as he could kill this leader, all the other clan's members would surrender eventually.

“don't you dare!!” said Yao Xiang who was on the extremely high alert. He jumped out to block Zeng Xing Rui’s attack before Chu Yunsheng moved.

A half moon fire ring cut instantly flew out of his sword!


Two dark energies collided with each other and made a small shockwave. All the dark warriors who were weaker than rank 2 Bing class all got knocked away by the shockwave. Rank 3 dark warrior's attack was way beyond what they could withstand.

Shi Qiying was only an ordinary human being. Only with help from a rank two Jia class dark warrior did he finally stopped his body from moving backwards. But his stern expression didn't change at all. The years of military service had already taught him that he should always remain calm.

However Zeng Xing Rui was shocked, how could a rank 3 Bing class dark warrior blocked all his attack just with one swing of the sword, it even pushed back his attack and disrupted his fire energy movement inside his body!

While Yao Xiang was still in the air, he unleashed the second fire ring cut!

This time the power was doubled, the power of this ring cut almost reached rank 3 Jia class. The vertical half moon "ring cut" broke the time and space brought intense heat flew towards Zeng Xing Rui who just resumed control of his body.


Another collision, Zeng Xing Rui barely stopped the second attack, he felt his chest was hit by the shockwave.

“Fire! Fire!” Shi Qiying saw Zeng Xing Rui was losing, he instantly gave the order to fire.

But his order was too late!

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Just right before he said that. Lu Yu’s arrows had already shot towards the tanks!

Within a split second, the tanks were frozen into the ice sculptures!

Shi Qiying’s heart sank, within just a few seconds, they were defeated, they could not even fight back. they had underestimated the power of this small clan.

Just when he about the command his soldiers to open the fire. A shadow flashed by.

“Clunk! Clunk! Clunk!”

Rifles, rocket launchers, all sorts of firearms fell to the ground next to Chu Yunsheng. He used his speed to snatch all the weapons from the soldier's hands in the first row. The soldiers did not even realise their weapons were taken.

Within less than a minute Chu Yunsheng, Yao Xiang, and Lu Yu disabled the Shi Qiying’s first round of attack.

Although Zeng Xing Rui could still stand. but rest of them did not have any ability to fight back.

Shi Qiying immediately stopped the soldiers who were about to exchange the formation and fire the gun. He slowly started to realise this battle was wrong from the beginning. He needed to think of a solution to get out of this.

Both parties fell into silence once again.

When Shi Qiying and Zeng Xing Rui were planning to pull out. Suddenly the buzzing helicopter sounds arose in the sky. Three helicopters were searching the ground with their with their searchlights and flew towards them. On the side of the three helicopters, there were two big letters “Jun Wu” carved onto it.

It was the military dark warrior special force!

Shi Qiying’s confidence was instantly doubled.  The special force was formed and led by the “steel beast”, they had been through several bloody battles and they had established many brilliant achievements in the battle. Not only four dark warrior kings would not want to have a direct conflict with them, let alone this Chu Yunsheng.

At the same time, a flare was shot into the sky outside the wall. An entirely different troop was marching towards the building with the armour vehicles.

With this kind of battle array, even Zeng Xing Rui who had already joined the army was also very nervous. This time, he definitely would not be able to get away. Zeng Xing Rui thought.

Chu Yunsheng lifted up the sword, he did not know what happened, but from Shi Qiying’s expression and his soldier’s excitement, he could tell, they were here for them.

“Yao Xiang, Lu Yu stay with me, Ding Yan I will create a chance for you to escape, you take as many people as you can, run to Zhu Lingdie and tell her that we agreed to join her division.” Chu Yunsheng said sternly.

The helicopters had already located their place and hovering above Chu Yunsheng. A group of soldiers who were wearing the dark uniform slid down the rope from the helicopters, the first batch was a group of 10 special dark warrior soldiers who were holding the type I dark energy guns.

Then, what happened next surprised everyone. Those ten special dark warrior soldiers did not point the gun at Chu Yunsheng, they all pointed at Shi Qiying and his men.

It instantly caused an uproar in the third regiment!

“What are you doing, I am the third regiment commander Shi Qiying of the third division! I am currently executing my orders!” Shi Qiying was shouting on the top of the SUV. his face was as cold as ice.

Just when he finished, a man was using the megaphone to shout from outside the wall:”the third regiment of the third division, you are currently attacking the 9th division's dark warriors, we have already reported it to the GCH. Now, I am representing the 9th division and the GCH giving you a serious warning, retreat right now! Retreat right now!  ”

Shi Qiying almost fell off the SUV, he thought those men were here to help him, but he did not expect they were all here for Chu Yunsheng.

As if someone was trying to cause more troubles for him, when he just calmed himself down, his security guard ran towards him and whispered to him:"Commander, GRD representative is here. it is the head of GRD, he is here in person and demanding us to release those people! If we don’t, he will impeach our division commander in GCH ”

What! Shi Qiying gasped in shock!

9th division; military dark warrior special force; and GRD they all asked him to release this guy. he could not stop sweating right now. Zeng Xing Rui who was standing next to him had exactly the same feeling as him!


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