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chapter 139 conscription

chapter 139 conscription

The killing never stopped in the entire night.

The air seemed to be filled with the smell of blood.

The chaos was suppressed by the military force in just one night. The city had returned to normal once again.

On the second day. Zhou Tingyun who had not registered with DWH was asked to stay in the office building, in case of another wave of chaos happened inside the city, so she would be able to protect the building until they come back. Ding Yan and Duan Danian’s weapons were not taken away. So they could still use them the crucial moment.

30 dark warriors were led by Chu Yunsheng walking towards the west district's front line. They did not have much petrol left. they were trying to save it as much as possible.

What surprised Chu Yunsheng was, when he just left the building, he bumped into the Lu Yaming who did not seem to sleep last night. His eyes were filled with blood vessels, and he was helping the soldiers to build a long counter, behind the counter, there was a big wall. On the wall, there was a banner written in big yellow colour: Emergency conscription!

Only until Chu Yunsheng asked him, did Chu Yunsheng realised that it was the third order issued by the GCH:

”Temporary emergency conscription!
Join the army, and join the fight at the front line!
You will get food,  you will get the weapon!”

Chu Yunsheng had passed a few areas already, all of them were organizing the conscription.

The 9th division and 5th division's flags were fluttered above the recruitment point in the cold wind.

The loud megaphone was constantly broadcasting the march music to give people the courage.

There were even some soldiers singing along with the music:

“Come…. come…...”

“......If you don’t carry a gun, who is going to protect our mom……...”

“.....If you don’t guard the line, who is going to guard home…..”

And that was not all of it. when Chu Yunsheng took a turn and went into a slightly bigger street. They bumped into a group of young people. With the help of police officers clearing the way at the front, they were holding the banner and shouted:

“Swear to defend Jin Ling with our life.”

“Fight the insect to death!”

“Never give up! Human will win!”

“Don’t be a coward, be a hero!”


Every time when the glasses man who looked like a student leader shouted, the group of people behind him would follow. Their high pitch voice was loud and sonorous. It resounded through the west district.

However, the starving refugees on the side of the street didn't seem to have any reaction. Comparing to those inspiring slogan, they were only interested in the food they provided.

The west district’s defence line was near the river. But no one actually dared to approach the river. It was said that a company of soldiers had been dragged into the river by the monster in the river. Their bodies had never been found.

When Chu Yunsheng arrived the assembly point, it just turned 6:00. If it weren't that he needed to give way to those students. He could've arrived earlier.

All the dark warriors stood randomly at the assembly point. Compared to them the ordinary soldiers were standing straight in a neat formation and they didn't move at all.

Chu Yunsheng simply sat on a stair and closed his eyes to rest. Last night he was trying to sort out the symbols, so he didn't sleep at all.

Originally He just planned to take a quick nap. But he didn't expect he would fell into the deep sleep. It resulted in him having missed all the division commanders and political commissar’s speech. The disciplinary patrol was trying to wake him up for several times. But every time they were scared away by Ding Yan, Yao Xiang and other people's deadly glare.

When he finally woke up, he found out the meeting was already over!

Luckily, Zhu Lingdie had briefly told him last night what the announcement was going to be. In the announcement, she was promoted to commander of the dark warrior independent regiment, and the deputy commander was given to Ding Yan. Originally Zhu Lingdie wanted Chu Yunsheng to take the position. But since Chu Yunsheng didn't have time to manage the regiment. So it was given to Ding Yan.

The funny thing was the division commander send a fair and clear-skinned scholar to be their political commissar. The man looked around 30 years old, had a buzz cut hairstyle. He always had a smile on his face, but not a single dark warrior liked to talk to him.

Most of the dark warriors were accustomed to free and relaxing life. So it was very hard for them to get used to the military rules. That was also the causes of the massive violent conflict last time.

This time, the GCH had learned the mistakes, they first tried to control those four kings, then use what happen to four kings as the example to threaten those low-level dark warriors.  They also formed an independent regiment especially for those dark warriors and removed some rules to reduce their inimical attitude.

The dark warrior independent regiment( DWIR) had a total of 360 dark warriors, all the warriors were asked to form squads, platoons and companies. They must have 10 people in a squad, 30 people in a platoon and 90 in a company.

Squad leader and platoon leader were easy to select, because most of the clan just chose their own people. Small clans would choose the other clan that had more potential.

It left 4 company's leaders. Those Leaders were not only required to be powerful but also they needed to have strategic thinking skills. Otherwise, no one would willing to listen to leader's command.

However, everyone just met each other, who knows who had that kind of skill?

Even Zhu Lingdie this regiment commander didn't gain much prestige from those dark warriors. Most of the people thought that she was able to be promoted to regiment commander was because of her relationship with the division commander Fu Liaoyuan. However, if she wanted to appoint someone to a company leader, then no one would agree.

Everyone was quarrelling with each other, at the end, all of them agreed to use power to decide who should take the role. It was the fairest and the most simple solution.

Although they would select 4 out of those 300 people, it didn't mean that all 300 people would be qualified for the fight. It was only for those dark warriors at rank 3 and above.

“Yao Xiang, do you want to try it?” Chu Yunsheng tapped Yao Xiang’s shoulder and asked. He needed someone to be a company leader, so it would help Ding Yan this deputy regiment commander a little bit.

“Please, brother Chu. If want me to fight someone, I'll do it. But I don't want to be a leader. Just look at me.  How exactly you think I can be a leader" said Yao Xiang with a plaintive tone.

In Chu Yunsheng's group, only Lu Yu and Yao Xiang were qualified for a fight. Lu Yu hardly ever talked, it was already difficult for him to be a platoon leader, let alone the company leader. now Yao Xiang also didn't want to go. It seemed like he needed to do it himself.

There weren't many rank 3 dark warriors. Only 12 in total.

Chu Yunsheng already took off the rank two badges. It would only draw unnecessary attention.

“brother Chu, you don't need to compete with them, I had already reserved one place for you.” Zhu Lingdie smiled.

“On what basis? Where is the fair competition we talked about? If you want to get the place through relationship. I will be the first one to refuse to accept it.” immediately there was someone came out and said loudly.

“refuse to accept? Wu Kezhao, who do you think……”Zhu Lingdie stopped smelling and said coldly.

“It's fine, otherwise, even if I become the leader,  they will not listen to me.” Chu Yunsheng raised his hand to stop Zhu Lingdie speaking.

She paused for a second, then said:” ok. But brother Chu, you will need to be careful, don't hurt those people, we only got a few rank 3 dank warriors, they are very precious.”

Wu Kezhao was so pissed off by her words. What the fuck did she mean by that?

Chu Yunsheng also dazed for a second. So, that was the real reason why she didn't want him to join the competition.

Wu Kezhao felt he was humiliated by them. He jumped up and shouted angrily:” Zhu woman, you naive little girl, be careful what you say. I want to fight him now!”

“Wu Kezhao, this is 9th division. It is not your place to make a decision. We will decide when the competition starts. If you carry on acting this like. You will be disqualified from the competition!” Zhu Lingdie threatened.

The threat seemed to work on him. Wu Kezhao felt deflated. But he still glared at Chu Yunsheng angrily.

The competition was simplified in order to save the time. 12 people were split into 4 group by drawing lots and the winner of each group will be the leader.

“ haha, commander Zhu, I am still in the same group with that young man! What can you do this time?” Wu Kezhao was overjoyed to be in the same group with Chu Yunsheng. He was waving the piece of paper in the air and shouted loudly.

“Oh! Really, then remember to prepare the bandages!” Zhu Lingdie said lightly.

Wu kezhao’s face instantly turned livid, he snorted:”we will see!”

The competition started straight away without any delay. Within a few minutes, the first group already had a winner, it was a rank 3 Yi class dark warrior, the second group’s window was a rank 3 Bing class ice dark warrior.

When the third group’s competition just about to start.

A rank three Bing class dark warrior instantly shouted out:” Commander, I request a waiver!”

Chu Yunsheng recognized this man, he is Bai Yutang who he had a fight before.


  1. thanks for the chapter
    BTW who´s bai yutang

    1. the first clan leader chu yunsheng fought when he just came to jin ling city. it was when he tried to find out where his auntie was. chaopter 108 http://darbloodage.blogspot.co.uk/2017/08/chapter-108-back-off.html