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Chapter 143 the soul of the dark warrior

 Chapter 143 the soul of the dark warrior
“Zhu Yatou, your wind and fire master don't want to go?” said Fu Liaoyuan while rubbing his red eyes. He leaned against the chair and didn't seem to be surprised by the news.

“not them. it's their leader.” Zhu Lingdie shook her head.

 “Same thing, you can never rely on those people, they only care for themselves!” Fu Liaoyuan waved his hand and carry on:” Qin Min, select elite soldiers from every regiment to form a suicide squad. Get them ready as soon as possible!”

“Commander, let miss Zhu try one more time, even if that Chu person doesn't want to go, other people may want to help us. Our soldier just ordinary people......." said Qin Min, he then secretly gave Zhu Lingdie a look.

:"Lao Qin, we are indeed the ordinary men, but we are organized and disciplined, we have steeled determination, and we are willing to sacrifice ourselves for the greater good! But what do those dark warriors have? Only some bullshit dark energy, and nothing else!

Just some small fireballs made them lost their order and fell into chaos! these people, no matter how strong they are, they won't be able to achieve anything. Because in their mind, they are already lost.”

Fu Liaoyuan stood up from the chair and gazed afar through the window:" To them, 10 dark warriors are the same as 10 ordinary soldiers. They are too powerful, we can only hope that we will be able to sneak in.” he said slowly.

Zhu Lingdie felt embarrassed, but there was nothing good about the dark warrior she could use against Fu Liaoyuan’s comment.

“If four dark warriors' kings worked together, they could easily overthrow the GCH, but they still surrendered. This is why you can't depend on them. Zhu Yatou, the reason why the headquarters gave the regiment to you is that they want you to get them fight together. so they will not fight individually on their own. We want them to become our backbones, our main counterattack force. Of course, it needs time, and this war may last for a very long time….” Fu Liaoyuan turned around and suddenly changed his topic:" Your job is to help them to establish the determination, help them to find the soul. a brave, willing to sacrifice himself, A true dark warrior's soul!"

Dark Warrior's soul!? She had never thought about it before, she also didn't have time to think about it. All she knew was the world she lived had changed and their lives were at risk.

:"sorry, I got carried away. Lao Qin, get the men ready as soon as possible, I am a little bit tired, I need some rest. You two may leave now." since the swarm surrounded the city, he hadn't had a good sleep at all.


"Zhu Lingdie want me to cross the river to blow up those tombs." Chu Yunsheng said calmly. He had already adjusted his emotions after he left the tent.

Ding Yan’s eyelids twitched, but he didn't say anything, he turned around, looked at the tomb and then looked at Chu Yunsheng.

“I refused!” he didn't look at Ding Yan, but still said calmly:" if there weren't any river, I may try it, even if I can't blow up the tombs, I still have a chance to come back."

:"Mr.Chu, no matter what kind decisions you made, we'll always support you!” Ding Yan said sternly.

:"Later, you send someone to the office building, ask them to be extra careful…..” Chu Yunsheng nodded his head. He didn't say it clearly, but Ding Yan should be able to understand what he meant by that. He also hoped that it was just him worrying too much.

:"I'll get it done, but don't worry. I don't think the division will not do such thing. Otherwise, they will lose all the support. It is not worth for them to do it!" said Ding Yan.

:"I hope so!” said Chu Yunsheng while leaning against the stone wall.  When he saw Ning Mingxuan was busy asking soldiers to move the insect’s bodies away from the battlefield, he suddenly remembered that he forgot to absorb the energy from those bodies.

Those frozen fireballs also contain fire elements.  Most of its energy was still trapped inside the ice. Chu Yunsheng could still absorb them!

Chu Yunsheng used the empty level 2 absorption talismans which he kept for an emergency to absorb the energy from those fireballs first. Each ball filled up two of absorption talismans.

After a while, he noticed that he didn't even have enough empty absorption talisman left. So he went back to the shed to make new absorption talismans.

All the green shells were removed from the battlefield and loaded onto the trucks which would later be transported to the GRD. When he finally absorbed all the energy from all the fireballs. He quickly moved to the gaps in between the trucks to absorb the energy as fast as he could.

The soldiers would use all kind of method try to remove the shells and only kept the meat on the trucks. The shell would be left on the front line to reinforce their defence.

Green shell was very strong, it was also very effective at blocking the fire energy attack. So it was very good material to be used to reinforce for defence line.

Chu Yunsheng suddenly had an idea, he remembered that there was a level three defensive talisman in the book.

It was called Yu Tu talisman, once it was cast onto the shell, it would greatly increase their defence power. It could be used to reinforce the entire defence line.

Although, he was not familiar with this type of talisman and he also didn't know the incantation symbols. But he had enough absorption talismans to test it out.

He wanted to try his best to reinforce the defence line. so he wouldn't need to cross the river to bomb the tomb!

However, he underestimated the headquarters determination. After the hazy shimmer disappeared from the sky, a group of soldiers took the explosive and crossed the river on a boat!

Almost everyone flocked to the riverside to give 7 soldiers a send-off.

Everyone knew that this was a one-way trip. But no one stopped them.

Then a light flashed in the dark night, a huge explosion arose on the other side of the river.

The ground was shaking, it caused huge waves in the rivers.

In fire caused by the explosion, the swarm was blown up and then fell on the ground like it was raining the insects.

Then it went quiet, a dead silence. All the wind seemed to have stopped.

The friends of the suicide squad were helping the injured comrades to stand on the frontline and gazed afar at the other side river.  For a long time, They had stood there and refused to leave.


Would you know I would not be back if I say goodbye?

Would you know I would not rise up if I fall?

Would you know My heart would stop beating if my eyes are closed forever?

Don't cry comrades if I go like that,

cause' the republic's flag flutters in our blood.

Don't cry comrades if I go like that,

cause' the republic's soil is ploughed by our love


No one knew who was the first person started to it, but slowly more and more people started to join in. The Husky, but desolately song resounded by the riverside. It shook the cold, dark, bloody and ruthless night! For A long time, it could not be dispersed!

Chu Yunsheng felt a tightness in the chest, he felt discomfort and shortness of breath. But he did not know why.

The second division commander’s reinforcement requests just kept coming to Fu Liaoyuan’s desk.

3 hours ago, he sent over the security Battalions, 2 hours ago, he sent over the third regiment. Now the dark warrior regiment was getting ready to assist the second division.

Chu Yunsheng was sitting on the truck. His body was bumping up and down as the truck was heading towards the second division quickly. But his mind was still filled with that explosion.

When the truck passed the west district and went passed a Luxury housing estate in the south district. He suddenly raised his head and stood up while still inside the truck.

The ancient book which was silently sitting inside the storage talisman suddenly had a slight movement. It was exactly the same as when he encountered the first map!

Was it the second map? Chu Yunsheng thought. but The ancient book soon fell into silence again.

According to the ancient book, after each individual maps were found, the detection radius would be gradually increased. So even he could sense he was near the book, but he still would not be able to find it in a short period of time.

Especially at this time, the south district was urgently needed for reinforcement. There was no time to allow him to get off the truck and look for the map slowly. He could only try to remember this location and come back later to find it.


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