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Chapter 146 the second map

Chapter 146 the second map
:"commander Yang, I need some time to consider this.” Chu Yunsheng did not give him any promises straight away. In fact, Yang Bali’s offer was not very attractive, because the front line was already covered with the bodies of the monsters.

:”ok, I am looking forward to it!” Yang Baili nodded his head.

Suddenly, Qian Deduo hurriedly ran back from outside the security cordon. He also brought a young man with him, he seemed to be younger than Chu Yunsheng, around 20 years old. His face was filled with anxiousness.

“Quick, Brother Chu, we got a problem, a big problem, ” Qian Deduo shouted when he was still far away. He did not even notice the commander of the second division was still here.

“Hum?” Chu Yunsheng was shocked, he thought something happened to the office building. His auntie’s family was in there.

:"Miss Lin was taken away!” Qian Deduo seemed to be very worried.

"Who?!" Chu Yunsheng shouted. At the same time, he was quickly searching anyone in the office building might have the surname Lin in his mind.

:"Lin Shuiyao! Brother!” Qian Deduo shouted.

:"who!" shouted Chu Yunsheng, this time there was a slight anger in his tone. The swarm was still outside, everyone was both stress and nervous. Any bad news could cause them to have a mental break down at any moment. Chu Yunsheng also had the same feeling.

Fuck! Scared the shit out of me,  why is she got taken away has something to do with me!  Chu Yunsheng thought. He almost broke out into a cold sweat.

“I…..she….you…. Fuck… I don’t know how to explain, you explain it!” Qian Deduo was startled by Chu Yunsheng’s reaction, he finally realized that Chu Yunsheng was not interested in Lin Shuiyao at all. So he immediately pushed the young man who was with him out.

:"you two can stop there, if something happened to her, go find the government or  GCH. I have urgent things need to do in the west district. I don’t have time for her troubles!” Chu Yunsheng was not a heartless man. Although Lin Shuiyao gave him the information about the second map, the things the cloaked man did really made him nervous. He had to go back to the west district to find Ding Yan to discuss this. After that, he would still need to go back to the luxury housing estate where he detected the second map.

If Ling Shuiyao were Jing Tian then Chu Yunsheng would do whatever to take her back, unfortunately, she was not. Although Chu Yunsheng did not escort her all the way to Jin Ling, Chu Yunsheng helped her to escape from the horror city And it was also because of him, the escort team still took care of her even after he left. So he did not owe her anything.   

:"you are really Mr. Chu? Shuiyao told me that only you could save her! Can you please…..” the young man urged. But Chu Yunsheng already signalled his man to get ready to leave.

:”Mr.Chu, Shuiyao said you must save her, she said the stuff you want is in her hand right now!” said the young man.

Suddenly, Chu Yunsheng stopped, he turned around and asked the young man:"what’s your name?"

Unlike any other ordinary woman, Lin Shuiyao was smart and cunning,  although she kept saying that she was not an actual actor, and she was just a model. But Chu Yunsheng did not believe it. He needed to know more information so he could decide if this woman was lying or not.
"My name is Liang Xicheng, I am Lin Shuiyao’s friend, Fang YuSen forcibly took her away just not long ago, this bastard always wanted to have Shuiyao. Because of brother Deduo and the gun king, he did not dare to do anything…. But since the gun king was injured and brother Deduo was busy at the front line, he broke into our housing estate!.... ” Liang Xicheng gritted his teeth and said angrily

“Where do you live exactly?” Chu Yunsheng interrupted him, he suddenly remembered an important question, the place he sensed the second map was called Dì Jǐng Míngyuàn, if he was living there, then at least half of his word might be true.

“Dì Jǐng Míngyuàn” Liang Xicheng said, although he did not know why he would ask this question, he still answered.

Chu Yunsheng’s heart sank, he thought for a second then replied;”did she say what exactly I want?”

“I don’t know, but when she struggled, she pointed at the jade pendant that she was wearing. it was the jade pendant which she asked from me when she just came to Jin Ling." said Liang Xicheng, he did not know why a jade could be so important, originally when she shouted it out, he did not believe this information would save her. But now, it seemed that there was a slight chance.

Chu Yunsheng sneered,  what a sly, manipulative woman!  She had it all prepared, even she was not sure if he was still alive. She knew he was going to get the jade pendant, but she still wanted to use the jade to control him?

“Who is this Fāng Yùsēn?” Chu Yunsheng asked. The man dared to kidnap her at this time, it meant that he was not scared of the second division at all. He was definitely not an ordinary person! Chu Yunsheng thought
Liang Xicheng looked at Yang Baili and hesitated to talk.

:"his father is the third division commander Fāng Bǎi Xiāo, his grandfather is the deputy chief commander at the GCH! This fucker dare to touch the people who are under my protection, Mr. Chu, I'll send someone over right now!" Yang Baili was furious.

“Commander Yang, do you think you can get her back?” Chu Yunsheng tried to suppress his surprise and asked calmly, he did not expect this man had such powerful family background.

And Chu Yunsheng did not believe Fāng Yùsēn was an idiot. Comparing to the offsprings of the senior government officials in the TV drama, In reality, they were usually more educated. At least, they would try to do anything to avoid causing trouble for their parents.

Although Lin Shuiyao was beautiful, with Fang Yusen’s powerful family in Jin Ling, what kind of woman he could not get? there was no point to kidnap someone who was protected by the second division, Especially at this time.

Chu Yunsheng did not know what was the motivation behind this, but this guy must have done it for some other reasons. he thought.
And whatever the reason was, it was definitely big, otherwise, why would a deputy chief commander and a division commander do such stupid thing which could potentially cause a huge internal conflict at this crucial moment?

Chu Yunsheng did not think he was smarter than Yang Baili. This division commander definitely realized that as well. That was also the reason why he asked the question, because Chu Yunsheng did not think the commander's men would be able to get her back.

:"Mr.chu, I don’t really know many things about it, to be honest with you, I did not have any problem with Fang Bai Xiao before. But don’t worry, if you come with us, we’ll definitely get her back!” Yang Bali knew what Chu Yunsheng’s concern was. This incident also gave him a lot of headaches. If he could not get the person back, he would definitely lose all the support from the dark warrior regiment in his division. But he believed that if Chu Yunsheng went there with him, they would definitely get the person back.

“OK! but I need your entire security battalion to go there with me!” Chu Yunsheng had already thought of two plan, the first one was to sneak in, and use the ancient book to detect where Lin Shuiyao was kept and take her out. In that way, he would not involve in any kind of internal conflict. The second one was if he couldn't sneak in, then he would use the second division, 9th division, and GRD three parties to press them to hand her over!