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Chapter 148 Frozen mansion

Chapter 148 Frozen mansion
Chu Yunsheng’s speed was very fast, it was so fast that there were after-images.

There were still a few people guarding the door at the second mansion, but the all the patrol had moved to the front to defend the gate.  Chu Yunsheng took the opportunity to jump onto the roof from the dark side of the mansion.

There were two soldiers holding the submachine gun guarding the balcony. Chu Yunsheng tapped little tiger’s head and pointed at one of them.

The Little tiger had been with Chu Yunsheng for a quite some time, it slowly started to understand some basic gestures.

A moment later.

Chu Yunsheng and the little tiger jumped off the roof, each one of them took down one soldier.

The Little tiger bit on the soldier's throat and used its claw to rip off soldier's hand before the soldier could pull the trigger.

On the other side, Chu Yunsheng just simply swung the sword, the soldier's head fell on the ground.

He could just knock out those soldiers, but he didn't want to risk it. There were so many uncertainties.

After they kill those two soldiers secretly, Chu Yunsheng immediately ran downstairs. He needed to get Lin Shuiyao out before anyone noticed anything.

The mansion had three floors, he sensed the map was below him, so he followed the stairs all the way down, whenever he saw someone, he would use his sword to kill them before they could make any sound!

Chu Yunsheng couldn't find the entrance to the secret chamber under the ground. He didn’t have time to find it as well. So when he reached the dead end, he just used the sword to cut through the ground and jumped into the hole he made.

Lin ShuiYao gasped in surprise when she saw the crimson armour fell down from the ceiling.

She couldn't believe this man would come to save her like this. But Chu Yunsheng didn’t give her any time to react. Once he confirmed the person was Lin Shuiyao, he immediately held her under his armpit and was about to jump out the chamber.

Suddenly he heard a familiar angry voice come from above,:” you have no future if you follow the ice king. All the fire warrior like us, only following the cloaked man will there be…...huh? Shit! Someone broke in!”

At the same time, Chu Yunsheng threw Lin Shuiyao to the little tiger and signalled it to leave first.

In fact, the “little” tiger was not small anymore, it was as big as the adult tiger now. but in Chu Yunsheng's mind, it was always the little tiger which sleeps in the little box.

Lin Shuiyao had been staying calm since the beginning. When she saw Chu Yunsheng with a little tiger, she immediately knew that the tiger was trained by him.

She thought she would ride the tiger, But she didn't expect this tiger just picked her up using its mouth, it very embarrassing for her.

:”it's you!” said a man, when Chu Yunsheng just jumped out.

Chu Yunsheng squinted his eye to look at the man. He was the ice king’s man Zeng XingRui!

Zeng Xingrui had seen Chu Yunsheng's armour before at the office building. Although he hadn't had a fight with Chu Yunsheng personally before, he had a fight with Chu Yunsheng's man Yao Xiang. The pressure he got from Yao Xiang was beyond his prediction, So when he was facing Chu Yunsheng, his heart sank.

Chu Yunsheng immediately swung the sword, this man knew him, he had to die!

This time, Chu Yunsheng didn't reserve his power, he cast out the sword Qi straight away!

Twelve sword qi instantly burst out in a horizontal line flew toward Zeng Xingrui’s group. They were stunned by what they saw, even the sword Qi was coming towards them, they still did not move.

How does it feel to be penetrated by the 12 sword qi? Probably only Zeng Xingrui knows.

Zeng Xingrui saw the sword Qi piercing through his body, but his movement wasn't fast enough to dodge all the sword qi.

Other people were even worse. They were blasted into pieces immediately.

Run! This was all he could think of. All his men were dead, he was also heavily injured, how on earth was he going to fight this man!

If it were not that he was a rank 3 dark warrior, he'd probably be already dead like other people.

However, there was no way Chu Yunsheng would let him run away!

At the same time, people at outside had already heard the noise. They ran in through the door and it just happened to block Zeng Xingrui’s escape route.

Chu Yunsheng suddenly had an idea, he wanted to use glacier talisman to kill those people, and leave the ice element energy to confuse other people.

As he was thinking, He immediately cast out the talisman. The glacier talisman exploded inside the room, the fierce frost energy swept the entire living room and froze those people into the ice.

Crack!..... Crack…

The ice was crushing inwards and It was about to unleash its real power.

Chu Yunsheng quickly moved back to dodge the ice pieces that shot out by the explosion.

Within less than a minute the living room was destroyed and even the wall was about to collapse.

The huge cracking sound had already alerted many people. Chu Yunsheng needed to retreat as fast as he could.


:”master Fang, all the people at the front has left!” said a dark warrior.

:”left?........” Fang Yusen knit his brow. Why would they left so quick, it was very strange.

Just when he was thinking a reason why. He suddenly heard a loud explosion at back!

:”what happened?” Fang Yusen was shocked. He had thought about people would divert their attention and sneak in. That was why he arranged a rank 3 dark warrior to defend the second mansion. It should not have any problem. He thought

:”master Fang! Lin Shuiyao is gone, all our men are dead!” a soldier shouted in panic.

:”what! What did you say?” Fang Yusen’s face was twisted, he picked up the soldier by his collar and said.

“team leader Zeng is dead, they all died. The living room is filled with body parts, they are all dead!” said the soldier with his shivering voice, his eyes were wide open.

:”nonsense, how can someone kill a rank 3 warrior without making a sound!” Fang Yusen throw the soldier who was traumatized to the ground and walked towards the second mansion quickly.

However when he saw the messy living room, he was also stunned, he couldn't believe his luxury mansion had become an ice cave.

And the bodies, he couldn't find a complete one, they were all over the floor.

The first person he could think of was the ice king, only the ice king had an ability to do things like this.

But there was no reason for him to do it. He was still his father’s man, and why would he kill his own people?

If it wasn't him, then who else it could be? Who else had this kind power?

Fang Yusen's heart sank, he knitted his brows and told the soldier next to him sternly:”I'm going to GCH now, make sure no one touches anything!”

The situation had changed, he needed to inform his grandfather and the cloaked man immediately.  It seemed like some powerful people had stepped in.


West district.

“jade pendant.” Chu Yunsheng simply said to Lin Shuiyao.

Lin Shuiyao adjusted her messy hair and took the pendant off her fair-skinned neck.:”here you go!” she smiled.

Chu Yunsheng took the pendant and said sternly:” You can't go back to the south district now, I'll find a place for you to stay temporarily.”

If she went back, Fang Yusen would definitely find a way to find out who saved her. So he was thinking to arrange her to stay temporarily at Zhu Lingdie’s personal troop, which was a troop full of woman, and then when the things quiet down, she could go wherever she likes!

:”I know you are thinking I am very despicable, and I used you.” she gazed afar at the endless dark street and suddenly said:” at the age of light, no matter where I go, so many people will try to take care of me and protect me! But Now, I am like a stray dog! I have to be careful to watch where I go and the things I do. What do you think the dog would do if one day it found something that would potentially save its tiny little life?”

:”I don't care what it would do, but you have chosen the wrong way to ask for help, And I don't like to be used!” Chu Yunsheng simply turned around and left.


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