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Chapter 149 Red Purple flame monster

Chapter 149 Red-purple flame monster (Fanart)
Chu Yunsheng knew that with Fang family's power in Jin Ling city, sooner or later, they would find out it was he who did it, So he had to be prepared.

Zeng Xingrui had also brought a bad news to him. The Cloaked man was behind this internal power struggle. But he still did not know if he could defeat the cloaked man or not.

There was also a strange thing he noticed, whether it was the fire king Qi Xuan or the gun king Han LiXiao,  they were all high ranking fire dark warriors.

Especially the word Zeng Xingrui said:” all the fire warrior like us, only follow the cloaked man, will there be….. It meant that the cloaked man had some connections with the fire element. Is he really some kind of insect? Chu Yunsheng was scared by his own thought. So far only the fire elements insect were surrounding the city! that was why he would think in this way.

Chu Yunsheng sat on the roof of the office building. He gazed afar at the tombs which were still emitting the huge black smokes on the other side of the river. He felt that the world he was familiar with was getting further and further away from him. The world was getting stranger and stranger.

He had already forgotten how the hot sunny day felt like,  how the night sky looked like when there were stars and galaxies. Every time when he woke up in panic, he would have to check if the book was there. His routine was no long washing the face and taking the bus to go to work. Every day the first thing he did was to check the insect's movement, then fight the insects like a robot.

To him, he started to feel normal to see the people got eaten by the insects, starved to death every day, and committed suicide.

When he looked at himself in the mirror. the unfamiliar feeling made his soul trembles. He was just an ordinary white-collar office worker, his daily routine was to sit in front of a computer, maybe sometimes teasing the female receptionist. But now, he had turned into a killing machine, a bloody thirty swordsman.

This kind of life might last for a very long time, it might continue until he died. It probably would never go back to the old days!

The senior practitioner said unsealed sky track would reveal the world's true face. It meant that the world he was living in was just a secluded paradise.

Seeing the world was going through the strange and mind-blowing drastic change. Chu Yunsheng didn't know if he should consider himself a lucky one or the unlucky one.

Chu Yunsheng did not find the answer, he took out a cigarette and about to lit up, but then he stopped. After he hesitated for a long time, he put the cigarette back. There were not many cigarettes inside the storage talisman. He had never thought about giving up smoking one day. But now, he had to face one reality,  he was running out of the cigarette.

The 9th division had been providing them with food. Although it was not a lot, at least he wouldn't be hungry, Chu Yunsheng had already stopped choosing what to eat, whatever they provided, he would eat it all.

He even started to try those monster's meat, in order to save the food, he used talisman of cure poison to remove the poison from the red shells, and distribute them to the family member of the office building, he also forced himself to eat those meat as well!

He told the people to take out the grain and some preserved vegetables once in three days.

Only once in three days, those people would reveal their long absence smile, the kids would keep licking their lips to wait for the food outside the kitchen, Then after they consumed the food, they would use their little finger to count how many days left until the day they receive another supply!

Ding Yan insisted that those kids need to study, as long as the city still existed, they were the future. If they didn't study, they would soon forget who they were.

But a lot of families didn't support him, they all felt it was useless. The city could fall at any time, it was ridiculous to talk about future.

However, Ding Yan still insisted. He was so stubborn to an extent that even Chu Yunsheng had to give in.

So under the Ding Yan’s pressure, all the family had stopped complaining about it. Soon, a school was established inside the office building.

What they were teaching to the kids was simple, they abandoned all useless lessons like arts, music and other foreign languages learning courses.

However, something happened in the classroom soon after the school was open. A twelve years old girl was going through the awakening process in the class all of sudden. Chu Yunsheng had to rush back from the front line to save the little girl. Before this incident and apart from the little tiger, no one had ever seen a kid awakened before.

At that night, Chu Yunsheng also invited professor Sun to come to the office building to examine the kid. Professor Sun proposed a theory that the awakening process might occur when a human kid reached 12 years old.

So after that night, Ding Yan had arranged another course in the class, he had assigned the dark warriors to teach the kids about the knowledge of the dark energy and how to use them.


The wailing of sirens woke up Chu Yunsheng once again, it meant the insects started to push again!

When he arrived at the front line, the killing had already started!

With the Yangtze River this natural barrier, the pressure in the western defence line was much smaller than the Southern and Eastern, what they were facing was only the green shells and fireballs.

But this time was different,

Red shell seemed to find a way to cross the river

The bloody coloured sticky substance seemed to be transformed into some kind of solid material on the top of the water, with the help of long tentacles those substances were pushed over to the other side of the river to transport the red shells.

Those substances were loaded with red shells, some were even standing on the top of each other.

All the soldiers were hurriedly returned to their defence position. They were all aiming the guns at those red shells in panic.

When the red shells touched the ground, the mines which were already planted there started to explode one by one. The river bank was instantly covered with fire.

However the insects were not scared of fire, apart from the damages caused by the powerful blast, they still kept jumping out of fire line.

Chu Yunsheng had already stopped using the bullet, the ammunition supply inside the city had already become a serious problem, He was standing at a higher ground at the defense line and using the energy bullets to kill the red shells.

Suddenly he heard someone was shouting his name.

The voice was very familiar, so he slowly moved backwards while his hand still kept firing the gun. Until he retreated to a safe position, he turned around to the other side to look for the person, he was instantly shocked by what he discovered. There was a huge red-purple flame monster came out of nowhere, no one had seen this type of monster before, the shell it had was different than the red shell insect,  it was scaly. Its body size was three times bigger than a red shell and its head also had a pair of 5 meters long antennas, each antenna was covered with blazing fire.

It was waving its antenna like a whip, a group of ice warriors kept casting the ice element, but they still could not stop it from killing people.

It seemed like no one was able to kill it. Suddenly it raised its head and roared loudly, the whole swarm were instantly agitated like they ate some kind drugs. They all started to charge towards the defence line while roaring loudly to respond to the red-purple flame monster.

No one could stop it from advancing! And no one dared, everyone was moving backwards quickly.

Chu Yunsheng forced himself to calm down. He quickly ran towards the monster and used his energy bullets to stop it. But the bullet did not seem to have any damage to it at all.  when the energy bullets hit its body, it only caused a few small blast of fireballs.

However, it seemed to enrage this red-purple flame monster, it raised it's antennas up high then throw them straight at Chu Yunsheng.

Chu Yunsheng instantly activated the armour and started to move left and right to dodge the antenna, at the same time, he also swung the sword horizontally tried to cut off its fire antenna.

“Bang!” The sword didn't cut through the antenna like what Chu Yunsheng expected. the blue ripple inside the sword exploded when the sword hit it. The impact was so strong that the sword almost flew out of his hand.

What was this monster! Chu Yunsheng was shocked.

At that moment, he was distracted by the shock. The sword was instantly wrapped around by the monster antenna.

:"Shit!” he cursed.

He immediately infused the energy into the sword once again and used all his strength to pull the sword out. Then he pushed the sword forward again to cast out sword Qi.

Twelve sword Qi were controlled by Chu Yunsheng flew towards the monster's head.

This time, it clearly felt pain. The flame on its head had reduced visibly.

It was completely mad!

Suddenly, there were some strange purple fire circle ring appeared around its body. Within a moment a purple flame shock wave was formed and shoot towards Chu Yunsheng.

The flame shockwave burned through the ground it travelled, it left a long fire ditch behind. Chu Yunsheng knew he couldn't block this attack, so he immediately jumped away leaving only the after-image in the fire. At the same time, he cast out the sword Qi the second time!

Since he completed the second sub-stage, the power of Qi became much stronger than the first sub-stage, so the sword fighting techniques he cast out was not two times more powerful, it was almost three times powerful than the 6 sword Qi he cast out at the first sub-stage.

However, even with this powerful sword fighting techniques, the attack only cut off a small part of the insect’s head!

It still didn't die, Chu Yunsheng heart sank. It was much more difficult than he thought was.

The sword fighting technique cost him a lot of energy. He would try it one more time. if it still didn't work. He had to use the glacier talisman instead.

But when he just landed, the monster’s antenna had already reached him. It wrapped around his leg and lift it up high, then smashed him on to the ground very hard. At the same, the purple fire ring appeared around its body once again.  The fire rings appeared one after another travelled along the antenna head straight towards Chu Yunsheng. But Chu Yunsheng's leg was still trapped by the monsters antenna.

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