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Chapter 150 a new king

chapter 150 a new king
The fire antenna was extremely hard, it tightly wrapped Chu Yunsheng’s right leg, no matter how he used the sword to cut it, he still couldn't cut it off. But the fire rings were still coming towards him.

Chu Yunsheng could felt the power of this monster was not less than the flame monster he encountered in the fog city.

Chu Yunsheng quickly got up to a half kneeling position. He stabbed the sword deep into the ground and clinging onto the sword to prevent the monster from lifting him up and smashing him down once again.

All the dark warriors, all the soldiers, even the military officers in the area had stopped running. They all looked at this armoured man with their hearts in their mouth. Once he was defeated the entire west district defence line would collapse!

Just when the fire rings were about to reach to Chu Yunsheng!

He used all his strength to pull out the sword and jump up once again.

The jump was so powerful that the monsters antenna was instantly stretched to its limit, even the monster’s head was also pulled upwards.

He raised the sword up high and hack down.

At that moment, the time seemed to have slowed down, The sword cut through its own after-images, and each time the sword merged with its own shadows the sword became brighter and the swing became quicker. Until the 12 sword shadows merged, The whole world seemed to be dimmed under the sword’s extremely bright dazzling aurora.

“Crack” The long antenna was cut in half.

The purple flame monster was shaking its head violently and screaming in pain loudly. All the red shells instantly topped pushing at that moment.

After its antenna was broken, the fire ring ripples were cast everywhere when it shook its head.

Lu Yu and other ice dark warriors were trying to help Chu Yunsheng, but all their attacks were melted by the scattered fire ring ripples!

Chu Yunsheng was falling, and underneath him was not ground, it was the monster's mouth.

Comparing to the golden shell, this monster didn't seem to have an ability to use its mouth to spit out the fire, So it's mouth was closed most of the time, it only opens when it roars.

Now the pain caused it to open its mouth wide to its limit.

This was the only chance to kill it!

Chu Yunsheng flipped his body, turned his head down while holding the sword aiming at the monster’s mouth. He flew straight into the monster's body through the mouth like a bullet

Next second, he disappeared in everyone's sight!

:”brother Chu!” Yao Xiang was shocked, he immediately jumped up, but then he was dragged down by the people next to him.

He was stopped, but no one seemed to notice the little tiger.

It charged out like a thunder straight towards the monster!

The Little Tiger had completed lost its mind.

But it was too weak compared to the red-purple flame monster. It didn't even get close to it, then the little tiger was knocked away by monsters another antenna.

The little tiger struggle to its feet, it raised its head to let out a loud cry, then it charged toward the monster once again. The track it travelled was covered with its blood.

On the other side, the dark warriors still constantly cast their abilities at the monster, but it didn't seem to cause any damage to the monster at all!

Suddenly the monster's body was swelling up, it seemed to be in a great pain and it was twisting its body!

A moment later a bright beam shot out of its mouth with a lot of sticky liquid and organs pieces.

Then a crimson armour spun its way out of monster's mouth. While it was still in the air, it flipped it body and fall on the top of the monster.

The monster was dead! And all other insects started to retreat like a tide.

:” insects are retreating!”

:”!Insects are retreating!” soldiers in the defence line were bursting into cheers!

Fu Liaoyuan slowly put down the binoculars at the west district defence headquarters. He let out a long sigh and said:” Lao Qin, we have found him!”

:”is it him?” Qin Min couldn't believe what he saw.

Chu Yunsheng saw the crowd flocked towards him and he also noticed the little tiger at the front was still bleeding

He wanted to get off, but he suddenly lost his strength and kneeled down!

Fuck! monster's fire poison! Chu Yunsheng was holding onto the sword and immediately assumed that he was probably infected the poison when he was inside the monster’s body.

This monster's fire ability was much stronger than the red shell, its poison was definitely much stronger than the red shell as well.

However, the only way to kill this type of monster was to get inside of its body. Only when he unleashed the sword fighting technique three times inside the monster's body, did he finally kill the monster

It might have other weakness, but he didn't have time to find it out, he had to kill it as soon as possible.

:”Mr.Chu are you alright?” everyone was shocked to see Chu Yunsheng fell down on his kneel.

:”get the medic to check Hu Zai’s injury. And move me to the shed we have been before. Quick!” Chu Yunsheng urged whilst He was trying to suppress the poison from spreading inside his body.

He couldn't rely on the military medic to cure his poison, only the Fu of cure poison would be able to heal him. Luckily he knew how to make one. Otherwise, he would have to go through the book to find a cure.

Ding Yan didn't dare to treat Chu Yunsheng's request lightly. He immediately asked Lu Yu and Yao Xiang to move Chu Yunsheng to the shed.

However, Ding Yan couldn't do anything to the little tiger. The medic couldn't touch it at all. Luckily the tiger’s self-recovery ability was quite impressive. Although the wound was still visible, it had already stopped bleeding.

After Chu Yunsheng was sent into the shed, the little tiger was sitting outside and facing the door. It looked so anxious.

Fu of cure poison was a level three talisman, it meant that making it would consume a lot of Yuan Qi, but Chu Yunsheng was exhausted with Yuan Qi right now, so he had to use absorption talisman to replenish Yuan Qi first.

An hour later, After Chu Yunsheng used a total of three Fu of cure poison, did he finally removed all the poison inside his body completed.

Chu Yunsheng felt lucky the poison only existed inside the monster’s body, if its attack had this kind of poison, then they would have huge troubles!

Although the poison had been removed, and the monster had been killed, but Chu Yunsheng’s Rong Yuan body had been damaged by the poison, so he needed some time to recover it.

  He also had another problem, Since he had revealed his “sword Qi” to everyone in the west district, so there was no need for him to hide anymore. But from now on he would need to be extra careful with the cloaked man.

It was a shame that he did not have any ability to seal this kind of monster now, otherwise he could totally use it to fight against the cloaked man!

Thinking of the strange monster, Chu Yunsheng immediately got up. He needed to have the monster’s body. He needed to study it, study its shells, its antennas and its weakness.

When Chu Yunsheng just walked out of the shed, the little tiger immediately jumped onto him. Chu Yunsheng still had not fully recovered yet, with little tiger’s body size now, it almost pushed him onto the ground.

:”brother Chu, I got the medic here, do you want to let them check you??” Zhu Lingdie was waiting outside the shed with other people. When they saw Chu Yunsheng could walk out of the shed by himself, they finally relieved.

Chu Yunsheng killed that monster, he saved a lot of people’s lives. No one could guarantee that there wouldn’t be another monster like this one. There was not any dark warrior’s king in the west district, so Chu Yunsheng was their only hope.

At the moment, His social status in the entire west district had reached an unshakeable level.

:”it’s fine, I am alright!” Chu Yunsheng shook his head. Then he saw a group of soldiers tried to use ropes to tie up the strange monster and attempted to pull it away by using the trucks.  He immediately told  Zhu Lingdie:”I need the monster’s body, ask them not to take it away!”

“No problem, you killed it, it is yours, I'll go talk to them!” Zhu Lingdie smiled. Zhu Lingdie still had a hard time to process what she saw, what Chu Yunsheng used only existed in the fantasy novel. How powerful exactly is this man!

But there was one thing she was certain. After the report was sent to the GCH, Jin Ling city would have a new king And this new king belonged to the 9th division, and belonged to her regiment!

Zhu Lingdie’s body was trembling with excitement. she had been leading a new king for the whole time!

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