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chapter 154 Detonated the bombs

Chapter 154 Detonated the bombs
Chu Yunsheng's heart was in his mouth! It was jumping rapidly!

This was the insect’s base! No matter how sharp his sword was and how powerful his sword fighting techniques was, he wouldn’t be able to kill them all.

However, the stone stele seemed to be more important than the strange behavior of a golden shell. All the insects only stopped less than a minute and then carried on rushing towards the riverside. but he did not doubt that they would immediately have him surrounded if he tried to slice open the tomb’s wall once again!

Chu Yunsheng subconsciously curled up his body inside the shell. He was thinking of the alternative solutions quickly, he could not stay here for long! He needed to move as fast as he can!

What should i do? He thought. Then he suddenly remembered the golden shell can dig a tunnel, although he could not dig into the earth when he was inside the city, now, it was outside the city, he should be able to do it!

He took a deep breath then started to order the golden shell to dig into the ground!

The way of golden shell dig a tunnel was very special, the two mandibles on its oval-shaped head were filled with fire element energy. Those two were the main tools it used for digging. Its legs would move all the dirt backward and its energy shield would push the soil sideways and compressed them to reinforce the tunnel. Within a few minutes, the golden shell dug into the ground.

Once he got into the ground, Chu Yunsheng suddenly had another idea, why not burying the bombs underneath the tombs to blow them up to the sky!

Just when he thought that was a great idea, he saw worms after worms started to appear around the golden shell. If the golden shell did not activate its shield to the maximum, those worms probably already crawled into the gaps on the golden shells back!

There were even more worms seemed to move some “stuff” from the deeper place underneath the ground to the tubes underneath the tomb. Some other worms occasionally push the “Impurities” all the way above the ground!

Chu Yunsheng heart sank, with those worms moving the stuff out, he could not plant the bombs at all!

There wasn't enough oxygen underneath the ground, so Chu Yunsheng had to get back to the ground to think of the solutions!

However, the time was ticking away!

The situation was extremely tense and Chu Yunsheng felt extremely nervous. He used his hand to hit the head armor very hard and hoped that he would come up with some solutions very quickly. Suddenly he realized that he was in the golden shell's back, he could also seal some worms and stuff the bombs inside their stomach to make a “worm bomb”.

After all, they wouldn't be able to die instantly, as long as the worm could stay alive for 20 minutes until the bombs explode!

He made up his mind instantly!

But he did not have that many monster seal talisman. he needed to make some quickly!

As he was thinking, he immediately took out some clothes to block the gaps in between the shell, then he switched on the flashlight and took out the equipment to make Yuan Fu. He used the fastest speed he could to make the most difficult level three talisman!

Monster seal Yuan Fu would cost a lot of Yuan Qi, each of them consumed him 45 units of Yuan Qi, he had to constantly stop making Yuan Fu to restore Yuan Qi from the absorption talisman. Maybe he was too nervous or too hurried, he failed to make one at the beginning. But eventually, he made 3 of monster seal talismans.

When three monster seal talismans just completed. he encountered another problem. his body started to have reactions. after he infused and restored the energy beyond his limit, the Yuan Qi inside his body started to lose control and flow everywhere inside his body. It even made him spit out blood,

He gritted his teeth and forced himself to control the golden shell to crawl under the ground once again.

The Worm’s defence ability and attack ability were very weak, but because of the problem inside Chu Yunsheng’s body, it still took him some time to seal three worms which were failed to stay in the group.

He did not have time to use Yuan Qi to heal those worms. He just quickly stuffed the bombs inside their mouth and control them to crawl into the places underneath the tombs.

Lack of oxygen plus the chaotic energy inside the body made his pain never stopped.

He was struggling when took out two bombs and tied into the red shells which he caught long time ago. He then ordered those two to crawl into the tubes. He did not dare to control those red shells to crawl too deep into the tombs because he did not know what was inside those tombs.

But there was one thing he was sure of,  the tombs had something inside which could absorb the power of the explosion.

His energy was rapidly decreasing, so he just wanted to disable those tombs!

The rest of bombs he had no choice but just placed them underneath the tombs. He hoped that those worms would not be able to discover those bombs. But whether those worms were going to take those bombs out or not, Just let fate decide it.

Until he plannted all the bombs, he was on the verge of collapse!

The excessive use of the Yuan Qi caused him to lose control of the Yuan Qi inside his body. his face has already turned white, and his body started to twitch uncontrollably.

But This was not the main reason why he felt he was on the verge of collapse. If it was just those, he could still hold on for some time!

The real reason came from the 6 monsters he hid underneath the tombs, the mysterious force constantly drove those monsters to come out,  he had to use all his strength to suppress the mysterial force.

The more monster he controlled, the more powerful the mysterious force was, it was so powerful that even if he just got slightly distracted, he would lose control to all the monsters!

The acute spiritual fight and chaotic energy caused him to bleed from his mouth; nose; eyes and ears. He only had one thought and one belief at the moment: he couldn’t die without hearing the sound the explosion! He wanted to hear the sound of the explosion.

He hated insect!  He wanted to know if his death worth it or not!

The golden shell followed his last order and quickly dug into the ground, it kept digging deeper and deeper…….


Jin Ling city

All The defence lines had already shrunk into a tight circle around the city. it was the last moment!

:"commander, it is less than 50 second! He….failed……..!” Qin Min looked at his watch, and sighed, originally he wanted to say he probably already died, but when the word came out of his mouth, he instantly replaced failed instead.

“No! Brother Chu can do it! Think about what happened in the fog city! He can do it!” Yao Xiang shouted, but inside his heart, he knew this was entirely different than the fog city.

No explosion, he also did not come back!

“Sigh!......” no one knows who let out the sigh.

But Fu Liaoyuan was still holding his binoculars gazing at the other side of the river.

A few minutes later………………...

"Commander, it was already passed the time we agreed, please executed the <final plan>!” Political commissar said with a stern expression.

He did not whisper, nor did he said it loudly, he just said calmly as if he was just saying a contingency plan. However, all the senior officers around them were terrified when they heard it, all their faces turned white, and their lips started twitching!

“Please wait…….” just when Fu Liaoyuan said wait! He suddenly stopped!

He saw a light, a flash of light, a light that he was so familiar with, a light that came from the other side of the river!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The violent explosion shook the ground, shook the river and shook everyone’s heart. Three giant tombs were blown up to the sky

The whole world suddenly became silent for the few seconds.

“He did it?” said an officer with a shivering voice. he could not believe what he saw.

That that moment,

All the soldiers, officers, dark warriors, refugees…… all the people at the west defence line heard the most beautiful sound in the world.

They had been waiting for this explosion for a very long time!

So many people had tried to make this explosion happen, but they all died!

The sound of cheers instantly resounded through the west defence line, through the Jin Ling city, and through the sky!

At that moment tears ran down Fu Liaoyuan’s face;

At that moment, Zhu Lingdie’s cried out loud!

At that moment, Ding Yan’s eye turned red;

At that moment, Yao Xiang kneeled down!

At that moment...

“Brothers… attack!...   attack!…”

The whole west defence lines morale increased to an unprecedented degree.

But Chu Yunsheng could not hear any sound.

After the explosion, he had completed lost the connection with the 5 insects, he even started to lose control of the last monster - the golden shell.

His consciousness seemed to be sucked into a colorful channel and “he” seemed to be “traveling” at a high speed.


The channel disappeared, in front of “him” was a dark sky, it flashed mysterious red light and lightning from time to time.

Underneath “him” was a land of sticky substances, it was vast and endless!

There were many tombs spurted out the blazing fire up to the sky, every one of them was bigger than the one outside Jin Ling city.

There were all kinds of insects crowded next to the tombs and they were all roared frantically at the sky at the same time.

He had seen some of them, but most of them he had never seen before.

“He” was falling and falling. Until “he” landed on a bloody “Insect’s cocoon”, then a worm-like creature broke out of its cocoon.

The creature was constantly swallowing in this planet's “nutrition” which brought to it by other insects. However, it didn't seem to be satisfied. Later, it started to eat other weak worm-like creatures…….

Until it had completely grown up and formed its shape: an oval-shaped head, a strong and powerful body. Then it gained special abilities. it was able to dig into the ground and it was able to spit fire!

…...Time quickly passed by…...

One day, as if the world was torn apart by something, strange gaps started to appear one after another. ‘It’ followed the swarm to travel through the gaps and arrived at a new world!

It was the “happiest” period in its life. In the new world. There were many two-legged "monsters", and they were so weak that it could easily kill them….it was killing and killing…...

Until one day it was ordered to attack the “monster’s” territory, then some strong “monsters” started to appear, and those “monsters” were able to injure it.

Eventually, it was almost killed by those “monsters”, and when it was dying, a “monster” used a strange thing to imprison it. All its memory, its consciousness were all dissipated…………..

……………..blank memories…………………..

Until the great “Mǐn”

The consciousness was cut off here, and Chu Yunsheng suddenly woke up in a panic!

He was horrified to find out the gold shell had already come out of the tunnel and brought him towards the tombs further behind!

Chu Yunsheng was shocked, he immediately tried to strengthen the control. He attempted to took back the control of the golden shell.

The golden shell’s speed started to slow down, and it seemed like that he almost regained control,

Suddenly, the mysterious powerful force once again arrived! Chu Yunsheng was hit, and he instantly spat out blood again. Then “it” took back golden shell’s control once again.

Chu Yunsheng clenched the monster seal talisman and once again infused Yuan Qi into the talisman attempted to take back the control one more time!

However, within less than a second, the mysterious and powerful force once again gained control of golden shell!

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