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Chapter 158 Refused to become a god!

Chapter 158 Refused to become a god!
Chapter 158 Refused to become a god!

"Brother Chu, Brother Ding, GCH’s people are here!” Ye Qisheng knocked on the meeting room’s door and said quietly.

"Ask them to wait outside the meeting room, I will see them in a minute,” Chu Yunsheng raised his head, and simply poured the soup into his mouth. He then stood up and asked, “Lao Ding, how many brothers have we lost?”

This was the question he wanted to ask since the beginning, but every time when he wanted to ask it, the words just would not come out of his mouth. He was afraid to hear the numbers.

“8! 8 brothers...” Ding Yan sighed...

Chu Yunsheng’s heart twitched. He clenched his fists, and let out a deep sigh, after a long period of silence.

“found 5 of them, 3 were still missing,” said Ding Yan. He did not look at Chu Yunsheng in the eyes when he said it.

“Bury them for me, from now on, their family members will be considered as the first priority in receiving the food supplies!” those brothers fought with him side by side, he could never forget them, and he could never let their bodies just exposed outside like stray dogs.

This was probably the last thing he was able to do for them.

“Don’t worry, it has already been dealt with,” Ding Yan nodded his head.

……A few minutes later…….

“Brother Chu, let me introduce, The GCH’s Secretary Mr. Zheng Weibo!” said Zhu Lingdie while pointing at a skinny and tall middle-aged man.

“Mr.Chu, it is my honour to meet you!” he smiled.

“I don’t know what made a busy man like you to come here so early? Secretary Zheng,” Chu Yunsheng lit up a cigarette and sat on the opposite side of the meeting table.

“Mr.Chu, I am representing GCH to come here just for one thing,” he looked at Zhu Lingdie and then sat down and said sternly.

“What is it?” Chu Yunsheng leant against the chair and asked.

“Creating a god!” Zheng Weibo said sternly and then took out a document that had a top-secret red stamp on it.

“Creating a god?!” Chu Yunsheng was confused. He didn't know what he was talking about.

“Yes, creating a god! Mr.Chu, do you know what the people in Jin Ling city want the most right now?” Zheng Weibo asked. He also glanced around the people in the meeting room. It seemed like he was asking everyone in the meeting room, not just Chu Yunsheng.

Chu Yunsheng did not like to play this game. A game that only the people who asked the question had the answer, and they would lead the people who answered the question to a dead end. When he was a white collar, he used to play this game to fool his clients a lot, so he did not reply.

Ding Yan and Zhu Lingdie were not stupid either, so the room instantly fell silent.

Zheng Weibo did not felt embarrassed, he just let out a hollow laugh and continued, “we are short of food, weapons, ammunition, and dark warriors, those are the facts, but those are not important!”

He paused for a second and then pointed his index finger at his head and said, “it is the belief. Believing that the insect is not invincible, believing that humans will eventually win this war. We can speed up the research to find out the new type of food, we can still develop new weapons, we can wait for the next generation of dark warriors! But if the belief is gone, our defence line will collapse instantly. You probably already knew that many people including many soldiers have committed suicides that day. The insects did not even move but we were already dead!”

"That’s why you are here?" Chu Yunsheng roughly knew what he meant by creating a god now.

“Yes, Mr. Chu we suffered heavy losses from the battle three days ago, Our morale is extremely low at the moment. More and more people starting to believe that we can’t defeat those insects. They believe that the insects are the soldiers that God sent to Earth to punish us!

So we need to establish our belief, a belief of victory! But we need someone to help us, a hero, a person, who can kill all kinds of insects, a person, who can make miracles happen!  And Mr. Chu, based on the information we have about you, you are the perfect candidate, you killed the purple flaming insect, you completed an impossible mission. Everyone was talking about you! So, no one is more suitable than you! This is the copy of the plan, you can have a look!” Zheng Weibo pushed the document forward to Chu Yunsheng after he finished.

But Chu Yunsheng did not open the documents. It was a classified document, if he opened it, he would never able to get away with it. It would only bring him a lot of troubles.

Also, Zheng Weibo had already told him enough information. Inside his mind, he did not want to participate in some kind of "god creation plan", how could a god be easily created?

If he agreed, they would definitely add a lot of requirements, conditions, and rules later on. He might be watched every second. He would simply become their puppet.

Yes, that's right, they were creating a god. But they want a puppet god. They wanted a tool that allowed them to manipulate people's beliefs. Chu Yunsheng thought.

Seeing Chu Yunsheng did not talk nor did he wanted to open the document, Zheng Weibo directly said, “Mr.Chu, let me explain how it works, GCH will gather all the information about you and give it the special agents. We will process that information and spread it throughout the entire city to make you a well-known hero.

Not only will you gain the greatest honour, but your family will also receive special treatments from GCH. They will be reallocated to live in a heavily guarded central protection area. They will also be listed on <the final plan> and entitled to enter the strongest underground anti-nuclear bunker. They will have rights to participate in the highest decision-making meeting. They will also be listed as the first priority in receiving all kinds of benefits.

But, GCH has listed out some preconditions, based on the information we gathered, Mr. Chu has the ability to make special armours and weapons, GCH wishes that when the plan started, Mr.Chu will need to obey the order and…”

“You can stop now, I will not participate in this plan!” Chu Yunsheng put out the cigarettes and refused directly. They had already listed out the preconditions, and they had gathered too much information about him, he needed to stop them from gathering more of his secrets.

Zheng Weibo was dazed for a second, he did not understand why Chu Yunsheng would refuse this kind of offer.

However, he also did not know that Chu Yunsheng would not want to take any kinds of risks to reveal his ancient book.

*Mr.Chu I hope you could reconsider this, it is not just about you, it is about the entire city.” Zheng Weibo said sternly once again.

“Stop wasting your time on me, there are many people powerful than me in Jin Ling city. As far as I know, there are at least two, so it does not have to be me!” Chu Yunsheng meant the cloaked man and the woman in the white dress. Those two people were definitely more powerful than him. He did not know whether the cloaked man was a human or not, but the woman in the white dress looked completely like a human.

Also, the biggest flaw in his words was the word “make”. Since it was to “make”, it meant that it did not have to be real. They could offer the plan to anyone. They didn't have to come to him.

“Mr. Chu are you talking about the steel beast? His reputation in the military may be higher than Mr. Chu, but in the entire city…” Zheng Weibo knitted his brows and said.

“Secretary Zheng, you may stop there. Let's just finish this meeting here, I am fine working with the 9th division. As a dark warrior, I will not avoid my responsibility, my mission is to protect the Western defence line! So I am sorry! Now I still have other businesses needed to handle, please excuse me! ” he interrupted Zheng Weibo and stood up to refuse him once again.

“Mr. Chu, to be honest, GCH has already pointed you as the only candidate for this plan, so please don’t decline the offer, this is the crucial time. If we don’t have the agreement today. GCH will...” Zheng Weibo also stood up and said sternly.

“Are you threatening me right now?” Chu Yunsheng raised his voice and said with a cold stone voice. So he was playing with him from the beginning. The so-called discussion was non-existence.

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