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Chapter 161 it's name is Min

Chapter 161 its name is Min
"Based on the limited information, we suspected that the internal structure and patterns could create some kind of dark energy field. it was the direct causes of the space distortion, but we still don't know how they suppressed the power of the explosion."

Then he suddenly changed his topic:” Xiao Chu, we have to thank you. The information of the tombs is extremely important to us, only just with this amount of limited information, it is already enough for us to improve the dark energy gun. The type 2 model is currently under construction!"

Chu Yunsheng smiled and jokingly said:” if you really want to thank me, then can you give me one of those type I dark energy guns?”

He was very curious about the gun, he wanted to find out the difference between his enchanted gun and the dark energy gun. Maybe he would be able to find out the “Yuan Qi source” the book mentioned!

:"if other people ask us, we definitely won't give them, even a bullet! but you are different!” professor Sun laughed.

“I'll give you the gun later, there is a meeting you will need to attend to, follow me. By the way, if you have any suggestion or any discoveries after you got the gun, please tell us.” said professor Sun while leading Chu Yunsheng towards the meeting room.

“Oh right, Lao Fang and i also requested a “special rank ” badge for you, from now on, you can coming in and out here freely." said professor Sun before he opened the meeting room’s door.

Chu Yunsheng did not what the researcher special rank meant, but he did not want to reject it, after all, he might need a lot of help from the GRD in the future.

Professor Sun pushed the meeting’s door open. In the meeting room, there was a long meeting table, there were roughly 10 people sitting around the table, most of them were very old, only one male and one female were young.

Chu Yunsheng did not know the male, but the female he was very familiar with, she was that Miss Zhao who gave him the first map. The only difference was the appearance, her appearance looked so much better than what she looked like at the horror city.

Miss Zhao pretended she did not see him, Chu Yunsheng also did not bother to greet her. He was extremely busy nowadays, he had already forgotten what he said back in the horror city.

“Xiao Chu, i know you are a busy man, so we just cut to the chase.” professor Sun paused for a second then looked at everyone:”everyone here are the specialists in different scientific studies, and everyone has their own opinion about insect’s behaviours, their motivations and their social structures. Today, we are going to discuss here and form a final and most possible conclusions! Xiao Chu, you are the only one who had been into the swarm, you can also express your opinions."

“I think, the insects just a type of animal that could use the dark energy. Its nature is very similar to the insects exist on the earth. The reason why they could develop such skill should be the focus of our research, I suggest that we should start from there and find ways to eliminate them." just when professor Sun finished, a female scientist immediately expressed her opinion.

“I don’t agree with professor Peng, based on the insect’s sudden retreat three days ago, we can tell that they have a unified command and action, they are a creature that may even be smarter than the human being" an old man sat opposite her immediately objected.

“I don’t think Lecturer Song’s assumption is possible. My understanding of the science is all about the evidence and prove, based on the information we have on our hands, the insects indeed have three or more ways of communication, it is also true that they have a unified command and action. But it does not prove that they are smarter than us. There are many insects like ants and bees on earth have a complicated social structure." said a young man sat next to professor Peng. He also glanced at Miss Zhao secretly while talking.

"Xiao Xiao’s understanding is obvious still staying at the old scientific system. You have to understand that the old system has already been broken, there are many theories does not apply in this world. The insect is a species that something we could not use the old system to explain. Think about how they act when the stone stele appeared. That kind of unified action has already surpassed the intelligence standard we used to measure the animal" Chu Yunsheng recognized the person who objected the Xiao Xiao’s opinion, he was the professor Huo who dissected the dark warrior's body and showed it to him.

Chu Yunsheng finally understood what was happening here,  those scientists, if those two young people also counted, already knew which side they were supporting, that was why they were sitting separately on each side.

The argument right now was regarding whether the insect was an intelligent creature or not.

The result would have a significant impact on how Jin Ling city would fight the insect in the future!

Once they formed the wrong conclusion, the entire combat strategy would be wrong, then it would be very difficult to change it in the future.

The argument continued, everyone had their own data to prove their opinion was right. No one was willing to give in,

Suddenly an unexpected voice appeared in the room, “its name is “min”!” the voice was not very loud, but it was very clear.

The old man sat next to Chu Yunsheng obvious heard what he said, he instantly tugged his colleague next to him, then one by one, until the whole room went silent. Everyone was looking at him.

“Its name is “Min”” Chu Yunsheng repeated. He did not feel comfortable to be stared by dozens of eyes so he stood up and used a pen wrote down chinese pinyin “min!”

Only he knew the existence of min, and only he had a fight with it before. He had told Ding Yan about it, but the information about it still had not spread out yet.

Chu Yunsheng did not plan to hide the information, the sooner GRD knew its existence the better it would be.

“You mean their leader? They already have a consciousness?” said professor Song who was the first person came back from the shock.

“I don’t know if it is the leader, but i knew it has influence on the insect's behaviour, the influence comes from some kind of spirit or mind control.” Chu Yunsheng replied.

“it has developed an intelligence?!? ” professor Peng was knocking the table was a pen. She seemed to be suspicious about it.

“At least it has more “intelligence” than me!” Chu Yunsheng laughed at himself.

“Do you have any evidence to prove what you said?” professor Peng still believed her own opinions.

“I am sorry. I don’t have any proof. I just want to tell you, it exists, and its name is min, it is the one controlling the insects. and it is up to you to decide if you want to believe or not. I am just telling you what i know!” Chu Yunsheng said calmly.

"I am afraid that without any proof, it is very hard for us to believe it." professor Peng said.

“I believe Xiao Chu!” professor Sun stood up: "he went to the other side of the river three days ago, he opinion is the most valuable to this matter! ”

“Maybe he was too nervous at that time, and it was just his hallucination?” the young man said.

“It may happen to you, but i don’t believe it will happen to Mr.Chu, the insects he killed could stuff this entire building, it is not something you could imagine! I support Mr.Chu’s opinions” professor Huo said.

“I also believed Mr.Chu, there is no reason for him to lie about it!” professor Fang also agreed.

Originally he doubted about this kind of intelligence would exist in the swarm, that was why he sat next to professor Peng, although he had a good relationship with professor Huo personally, but the science was science. The relationship would not change his view on this matter. But Chu Yunsheng was different.

He suddenly changed his position shocked everyone.

Professor Fang was called “the father of dark energy gun”, his view had a strong influence on the decision-making. But why would he changed this view all of suddenly, everyone was shocked and confused.

Miss Zhao also glanced at the Chu Yunsheng, then quickly looked away, it seemed like she was scared to have an eye contact with Chu Yunsheng.

“If it really exists, then it will be even more dangerous for us!” professor Song was even more concerned now.

“Professor Sun, i want to have a look the stone stele! It is obvious that the insect’s attack has something to do with it, why don’t you study it?” Chu Yunsheng suddenly changed his topic.

But he did not expect, his simple suggestion made everyone change their expression.

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