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Chapter 162 touch the stone stele

Chapter 162 touch the stone stele 
When Chu Yunsheng saw the stone stele, his facial expression wasn't any better than other people.

The stele was about 100 meters high 10 meters thick and 30 meters wide. The stone stele was pure black. But that was not strange. The strange thing was such big piece object was levitated in the air!

Originally some part of it was still buried underneath the ground. But when GRD removed all the soil around it. They discovered that it was levitated in the air!

What was more surprising was, no matter what kind of machine they used to move it. It wouldn't even move an inch! As if it was locked there.

It just floated there as if what happened to this world has nothing to do with it. Its dark surface was very smooth, there weren't any marks, patterns or symbols on it, it just looked like an ordinary black slab stone.

:"we used all the methods we could think of to test it, no reaction from it at all! At the beginning, we were scared that we might damage it, so we were very careful when doing the test on it. Later on, we found out that no matter how we tried to break it, it won't even cause a scratch on its surface!” professor Sun sighed while touching the stone stele.

“bullet couldn't make a scratch, the bomb couldn't make a dent, even the sharpest cutting machine we have couldn't do anything to it! We tried to burn it, freeze it and use all kinds of dark warrior's abilities on it. No reactions at all!”

“This thing is definitely not created by human, Its existence has gone beyond anything we can understand, and even the new dark theory cannot explain its existence!” professor Fang raised his head and looking at the top of the stone stele. He was upset. He had been doing the research for his entire life, but he still couldn't explain what this is.

Chu Yunsheng originally thought this thing might have some connections with the ancient book. It might even be the treasure that the senior practitioner left behind. But when he stood in front of the stele, the book had no reaction at all.

"you can touch it, it's material…" said professor Sun

Chu Yunsheng opened his hand and reached out, he gently put his palm on the stele….


Chu Yunsheng was shocked! Everything around him disappeared!

He had this kind of feeling before, it just happened three days ago, when he fought with “min” over who takes control of the consciousness.

The only difference was he was not dragged into a colourful channel this time. he could see every blood vessels and every Rong Yuan cells flowing inside his body.

Then a seemingly ancient and powerful force appeared on the palm. Instantly, he was pulled into Into a even more micro world.

In the vast and empty space, floated a long string of spiral object looked like a gene.
The gene was glowing from bottom to the top when the force reached it. Then he started to see more an more gene,  soon, all of them were covered by the force

Then he was instantly "pulled up", so many genes became smaller and smaller in "his eyes" until he saw the world that was filled with them.


Chu Yunsheng had totally lost his “freedom”, he couldn't do anything but seeing the scenes changed quickly in front of him until once again he arrived at that colourful channel.

All his memories had gushed out, even including the memory of the ancient books. The force completely ignored the existence of the book.

Compare to this force, Chu Yunsheng could clearly feel that the power of “min” and “ancient book” both were so minute!

He was going through the colourful channel in a great panic. until reached its end, he saw the world once again. At that moment, his heart started to beat fast like never before

He saw the sun!

Then he discovered another “him” below his “consciousness”.

He noticed that he was at the cemetery that he was familiar with.

Another “him” was on his knee sobbing next a grave and auntie’s family was standing next to him with sadness all over their faces.

He realised where this place was now, it was the place where he buried his parents. When he wanted to get close, the space around them suddenly gets distorted!

Next moment, he was in a surgery room in a hospital, then he saw a woman looked like his mom when she was young. She was lying on the bed, and a man looked like his father when he was young, and he was waiting anxiously outside the surgery room.

Suddenly a sound of baby crying appeared.

“it's a boy!.... A boy!........”

When he wanted to take a close look. The space around him distorted once again…...

A moment later, his surrounding was changed once again, he was in an old house, and the house belonged to his grandfather.

“Father, it's all over the newspaper, the college entrance examination has been resumed(1.)! Please let me try it! Please!" said a young man in a blue shirt who looked his father, but he seemed to be even younger and very skinny.

“No! Stay at the factory and focus on your job, I'll find you a wife in two years time, it is much better than going to the university! So stop thinking about it!” a middle-aged man who looked like his young grandfather said sternly.


Space was distorted once again!


"overthrow the capitalism!"

"No more capitalists, throw away those useless ideas"(2.)


“Mother(the person was actually calling the wife), did you throw away the book?” the young man who looked like his even younger grandfather asked nervously.

“Yes, don’t worry about it, no one will be able to find it, why your father kept this Fengjian material, once it was found out by other people, we will be in deep trouble!......."(3.)


Space was distorted and the scene changed again!


The city below him seemed to be the old Jin Ling city, and the city was in a chaos. There were many planes flying over the city, and all those planes had Japanese flags mark on it.(4.)


"Father(wife calls her husband) run with our kids, they are coming,  run… i can’t make it,....” Chu Yunsheng did not recognize the woman and the man. However, he had a strange feeling that they were related to his grandfather.

“Jane, i will not go without you, they are animals!” said the man while carrying the woman on his back. And it seems like the woman was dying.

"Father, why are you still carrying the book!....." a kid was running behind the man.


Space was distorted and the scene changed again!


"It is said that there is going to be a reform! How dare they defy our ancestor's rules!" said an old man who has a Queue (5.) on his back and he was sitting at the door and empty his smoke pipe.

"Zhǎng Guì(means boss in the old China), please, don’t say it that loud, do you want to get arrested?” said a man looked like an employee. Chu Yunsheng’s conscious was linked to the employee. Probably this man was his great great grandfather. He thought.

“Xiao Chu, you have been working for me for almost three years now. Next year, your apprenticeship will be completed…….”


Space was distorted and the scene changed again!


Chu Yunsheng slowly started to realize, it seemed like the times were reversed and every time he would appear at a different time with someone who had a blood relation with him…. and Those were all his ancestors!!!

he had been through several generations, and every time there was someone different.


“ enemy is coming. Run!..”
This time his ancestor was a soldier...


"I shall light the incense to tell the ancestors that we have found the book……..!" this time his ancestor seemed to be an officer in the Qing Dynasty.


 Then the book was lost for several generations….

 “Our king has passed away, it is a shame that our knowledge cannot be used to protect our country…. “ this time, his ancestor was a student….

“Master, the harvest is not good this year!”

“Sigh! Where is Er Yatou(the common nickname for the second daughter)?”

“Master!  bad news, Prince of Yan has returned to the capital, he said he will get rid of all the bad guys around the king! ”

This time his ancestors was a Landowner.


“Mongolians are also human, I do not believe that we can’t kill them!”(6.)

“But we are just regular civilians, let’s just head south….. ”

This time "he" was a refugee.


It seemed like the time was just constantly going backwards….

Song dynasty(960- 1279)…… then, tang dynasty(618 -907) ….. Sui dynasty (581-618)


"Jiutian Xuannü( the goddess of war see footnote 7)  has given us the Long Jia Shen Zhang (Heavenly Book see footnote 8) we will win!”

“From today, we will be the son of Yanhuang(9)! ”


"Tribes. Tribes, Tribes!"

Then Chu Yunsheng saw an old man in a loose silk robe standing on the top of a hill and a Tribal native who was wearing the animal's fur was kneeling down behind him.

“Cí Wú, i don’t have much time left, i am giving you a book that has all of my knowledge and skills, please keep it safe. I am also leaving my bow to you, i hope the bow will help you. But keep in mind, you can lose the bow, but you can never lose the book! I have already planted your blood inside book…..."

"I have done everything i could. You may leave now!"”  said the old man!

Although they were saying something resembles ancient language, but since Chu Yunsheng’s consciousness was linked to the tribal native, he was also able to understand what the old man said.

The tribal native “Ci Wu” took over the book which looked exactly like the one he had and a bow and arrows from the old man. He kept kowtowing very hard regardless his head was bleeding!

Suddenly the old man raised his head and stared at “Chu Yunsheng”

After a while, he let out a long sigh!


In the deep and vast galaxy, many gigantic space warships slowly “emerged” from the dark space…...


And that was the last scene he saw. After that, the space around him suddenly shrunk in and compressed into a single line.

Chu Yunsheng’s body suddenly shook violently, then he regained control of his consciousness, he had returned to the real world.

The Professor Sun did not seem to finish his word:" its material… is very unique, nothing else on the earth is like it”

Chu Yunsheng’s hand instantly pulled back like he had an electric shock. Then he looked at his hand, did not find anything strange.

What was that? He wondered. He felt like he had experienced the entire 5000 years of his ancestor's lives, but in the reality, the time did not even move for a single second!

The stone stele was still there, and it was still silent.

But when Chu Yunsheng tried to touch it one more time, there is nothing happened.

Footnote 1
In the early 1970s, Mao Zedong realized that internal political struggle had taken too big a toll on him as well as the nation and decided to resume the operation of universities. However, the students were selected based on political and family backgrounds rather than academic achievements. This practice continued until the death of Mao in September 1976. In late 1977, Deng Xiaoping, then under Hua Guofeng, the heir apparent of Mao, officially resumed the traditional examination based on academics, the National Higher Education Entrance Examination, which has continued to the present day.

Footnote 2
The famous slogan that people used during the chinese cultural revolution

Footnote 3
During chairman Mao’s era, anyone was found with Fengjian material with them or in their house, would be publicly punished/executed.
more about fengjian can be read here.

Footnote 4
The time during the japanese invasion

Footnote 5
The time was during qing dynasty(1636 - 1912)

 Footnote 6
It happened during the Mongol conquest of China

Footnote 7
In Chinese mythology, Jiutian Xuannü is the goddess of war, sexuality, and longevity. More at

Footnote 8
a Heavenly Book

The Origin of Qi Men Dun Jia (奇门遁甲)

4600 years ago, Yellow Emperor (黃帝) - 2697 BC to 2597 BC) was fighting against a war with Chi-You (蚩尤), who had the capability to summon the wind and rain. It was said that his head was as strong as copper and arms are like iron (铜头铁臂) and able to win any wars.

During the battle, Yellow Emperor knew he did not have the capability to defeat him. In desperation, Goddess Jiu Tian Xian Nu (九天玄女) sent him a Heavenly Book - Long Jia Shen Zhang (龙甲神章).

In addition to the method of building and making weapons, Long Jia Shen Zhang (龙甲神章) also documented the strategies of war and movement and deployment of soldiers.

At the same time, Feng Hou (风后) - The Prime Minister (宰相) Of Yellow Emperor, invented the the South Pointing Charot (指南车) and devised the Ba Zheng Tu (八阵图) - 8 Battle Arrays .

With the knowledge of Long Jia Shen Zhang (龙甲神章), the South Pointing Charot (指南车)  and  the battle formation of  Ba Zheng Tu (八阵图), Yellow Emperor was able to win the war against Chi-You (蚩尤).

Later on, Yellow Emperor put Feng Hou (风后) to task to reorganize Long Jia Shen Zhang (龙甲神章) into 13 Chapters Of Art of War (兵法十三章) , 12 Chapters of Solitary Virtual  Methods (孤虚法十二章) and 1080 Configurations of Qi Men Dun Jia (奇门遁甲一千零八十局).
More relevant story can be read

Footnote 9
Yan Huang was the name of an ethnic group of ancient China who inhabited the Yellow River basin area. They claimed their descent from the two tribes led by the Yan and Yellow Emperors.Their main achievement was to join together to strengthen the basis of the two tribes and their civilized community. The Yanhuang were the founders of the Chinese people and the initiators of Chinese culture.
More can be read here.


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