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Chapter 163 stone stele flew away

Chapter 163 stone stele flew away
Chu Yunsheng was looking at the black stone stele, but his mind was filled with the images of his ancestors, all the scenes seemed to be marked into this memory, it was very clear.

That old man in the white robe was probably the senior practitioner. and it seemed like the senior practitioner had noticed him.

Why a long sigh? What was he trying to say? Chu Yunsheng was baffled.

However, the scene was instantly changed to the vast and boundless space. Then his “time travel” was ended without any sign.

During the whole time travel journey, he was like an observer. he couldn't talk, couldn't interact with them. The stone stele also didn't give him a second chance.

For a long time Chu Yunsheng still could not recover from this “retrospection”, no matter how good a person could manage their emotions, they still could not calm down after they had experienced entire 5000 years of history and realised that the reality did not change at all.

Professor Sun did not tell him anything about this “retrospection” would happen, it meant that no one else apart from him had experienced it.

But why, he thought. He did not think he was some special people, whatever happened to him would eventually happen to other people as well. Unless it had something to do with the ancient book.

The senior practitioner must have written down some information about the stele. Why he was injured? What exactly happened! Chu Yunsheng was baffled.

Before the insects initiate attack once again, i needed to hurry up decipher the symbols! He told himself again.

What exactly happened 5000 years ago? What did senior practitioner discover?

Maybe all the answers are in the book.

Chu Yunsheng could not wait any longer, he wanted to get back to the office building as soon as possible.


All of sudden, An ear-piercing frequency started to ripple through the entire Jin Ling City from the stone stele,  The vibration was so severe to the extent where the city and everything around was shaking.

It was the most disturbing sound that everyone on earth would not want to hear it. It was like a piercing shrillness of the metal-scratching-metal sound, but 100 times worse.

Everyone including Chu Yunsheng all covered their ears trying to block the sound. But it didn't seem to work.

A soldier couldn't stand the vibration collapsed on the ground and rolling around in pain.

Then more and more people started to fall on the ground like a domino effect!

Chu Yunsheng also didn't hold on for very long. The sound made him feel like his head was about to explode!

He was on his knee and using his hands to cover his ears. He tried so hard that the blood vessels started to swell on his face.

The sonic wave was constantly rippling through the city. Men; women, kids, soldiers, refugees, Everyone in the city was either on their knees or rolling on the ground.

The beeping sound did not seem to stop after it reached the defence lines. It even rippled through the river and reached the swarm.


The tombs that human was trying so hard to destroy started to swell up and burst one after another!

The swarm was retreating as fast as they could, it was like they knew the vibration was going to wipe them out if they don't run away.

The beeping sound lasted for almost 10 minutes, but Chu Yunsheng felt like it was even longer than 5000 years.


The world suddenly went quiet. Then everyone inside the city started to vomit.

The food Chu Yunsheng just had not long ago was all over the ground. He couldn't feel his strength, all he could do was raise his head to look at the stone stele in a great shock.

At the same time, the stele suddenly moved a little bit. The sky above it started to have a visible turbulence,  then the turbulence became stronger and stronger until it formed a giant whirlwind.

In the centre of the whirlwind, a beam of sunlight that had been disappeared from earth for a very long time shed on the dark stone stele. it made the stone stele looked sacred and solemn.

The stone stele was being slowly lifted up higher and higher until it reached the centre of vertex and disappeared in everyone's eyesight.

"I understand it now! I understand it now!" professor Fang jumped up from the ground and suddenly grasped professor Sun's arm:" Lao Sun, I understand it now! We were wrong! All wrong! I understand it now! So that's how it should be!......” he shouted.

Professor Fang was so excited that he totally forget he should stay calm at this moment.

“Lao Fang, are you alright!?” professor Sun was worried that the high pitch frequently might damage his brain.

“of course, quick! Lao Sun, let's go back! This time I need you to assist me. I need to start experiment right now!” professor Fang did not want to wait any longer, he was scared that his inspiration would disappear all of sudden.

“xiao Chu, come with us, let me get you a gun, then we will ask people to send you back." professor Sun was holding the professor Fang who was constantly mumbling about something, he sounded extremely worried.


After Chu Yunsheng got back from the GRD, he checked the progress of deciphering the symbols. Then around 50 new words were added to his personal dictionary.

Jin Ling city was very quiet in the past few days, all the defence line were very quiet, even all the dark fogs on the river were also disappeared.

When the stone stele lifted off, it almost destroyed half of tombs.

And during this quiet days, the only thing that made him happy was he finally completely deciphered the Yuan Tian stage two's cultivation method. He was finally able to cultivate Yuan Qi once again. When he recited the cultivation incantations, he noticed that his cultivation speed slightly increased a little bit, although it was just a little bit, but he could still clearly feel it.

He was not sure if it had something to do with the beeping sound or not. But professor Fang seemed to be affected by it. He also heard that their lab had a huge breakthrough.

Ding Yan still couldn't find anyone who had a special ability other than the ice and fire. So at the moment he just left it aside.

But he already selected 12 people, although Chu Yunsheng told him that they did not have to be very powerful, Ding Yan still only selected people that were rank 2 and above.

Then Chu Yunsheng split 12 people into two groups, Yao Xiang led the fire team and Lu Yu led ice team.

Those two teams were going to be the backbone of his force. Chu Yunsheng had prepared the tier one armour and weapons for every single one of them.

After he studied the new symbols, he realized that the tier one armour also had two levels. Level two was almost three times powerful than level one. But it also required a lot of raw material, time and energy to make it.  However, Chu Yunsheng was busy deciphering the symbol and increasing his own strength. His time was also limited, so he only made two level-two armours, one for each team leaders, and every team members only have level one  armour.

Not only he needed to prepare for the insect’s attack, he also needed to prepare for deputy chief commander Fang’s action.

Although both of them were very quiet at the moment, Chu Yunsheng didn't think both of them would let it go that easily.

So he needed to hurry up!


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