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Chapter 165 the coming storm

Chapter 165 the coming storm
Chapter 165 the coming storm

While the blood was shed in front of the office building, a black Audi car drove out of the city centre and headed towards the Western district.

“Sister Lingdie, since deputy chief commander Zhu also wanted to ask Chu Yunsheng to join his side, why did he still ask you to persuade him on that day with Zheng Weibo?  That Zheng person was Fāng Yuèhóu’s man," Su Yun was sitting on the right-hand side of the Zhu Lingdie. She asked in confusion.

"Because Chu Yunsheng would not accept it. I was there because I wanted to know what his bottom line was," Zhu Lingdie give out a charming smile and responded, but her eyes were filled with seriousness.

“Bottom line? Sister Lingdie, do you think he will join us?” Su Yun asked.

"I don’t know, maybe he will choose to be neutral, maybe he wants to see what we can offer him," she said slowly. However, her expression was not at ease at all. She still remembered what her father told her in the secret meeting. She didn't think she would be able to persuade this man to join her side.

"He is really a strange man. Many people would love to keep a beautiful celebrity with them, but he thought that she was big trouble, and gave her to us. However, he could feed a building of people that have no benefit to him at all. Moreover, he doesn't seem to be short of food. He also has a very good relationship with GRD, even better than we have. But he doesn't look like a smart man. Why would professor Sun and even professor Fang wants to help him? What exactly does he want?" Su Yun was very confused.

"safety. A strange level of safety!" Zhu Lingdie simply said. Originally, she wanted to use a freak to describe Chu Yunsheng, but then she thought it would damage her image. So she just used the word “strange” to describe him.

"safety? That is a truly strange thing, nowadays who else can harm him Jin Ling city? Even if Dark Warrior Kings..." then she suddenly stopped there. She seemed to realize something, and what she realized seemed to surprise her, “is it because of the man behind Fang Yuehou!?" she mumbled.

In the next second, the expressionless woman sat next to the driver, suddenly moved over to the back seat at an incredible speed, and pressed down Su Yun’s upper body very hard.


The bullet she fired instantly penetrated the roof of the car and flew toward a building behind them.

At the same time, a fiery bullet was fired towards them. Both bullets collide with each other and burst out a fire cloud in the air.

Immediately, the woman in the trench coat fired another two shots. This time, the bullets exploded in the building behind them, and there seemed to be a man's painful scream, appearing at the same time when the bullets exploded.

But it was not over yet. There were around 5 dark warriors, dressed in black, jumping out from a dark corner of the street and charging towards the car.

The driver immediately speeded up the car.

The woman in the trench coat quickly opened the sunroof with her cold expression and hooked a dark energy gun on top of the car. Then she began to strafe!

Zhu Lingdie was holding Su Yun, who was shaking in panic and sneered, “some people are running out of their patience!"


In a dark warrior's resident in the Western district.

Wu Kezhao was walking back and forth anxiously in the living room. A dozen of his men was also nervously waiting for his decision on the side.

“Join them? Or not join them?” Wu Kezhao was constantly mumbling about it. He often didn't need to make such a complicated decision. But he didn't have anyone smart in his clan.

"Boss, should we just wait. We all know that captain Chu just refused GCH’s offer. It is too risky for us to make a decision now." one of his men suggested.

"You are so short-sighted. Boss, I think we should join captain Chu right now. He is not an ordinary man…" another man said.

"Lao Hei has a point, I just went to the office building today. I saw their ice and fire teams. Everyone was wearing the same armours as the captain Chu. Originally, one of the guys I know was almost as powerful as me. But now, he is much stronger than me!” said one of the dark warriors, who was standing next to Lao Hei.

"I still think that we should wait, who knows what would GCH do to them!" said another man.

"Boss we shouldn't listen to Er Lengzi. I suggest that we should join them right now… If we miss this opportunity…"

"How can you be so sure that GCH won't do anything to that Chu person?"



“Stop! Stop! All of you!...” Wu Kezhao’s thought was instantly disrupted by their argument.

Nowadays, the insects had retreated. But the storm was not over. Everyone was trying to join the side that was able to stand to the end.

If they chose the wrong side,  the answer would be very obvious!

"Let me talk to him first, I'll decide later!" Wu Kezhao gritted his teeth and said.

Meanwhile, the same thing was happening in all other small clans over the Western district.

Tonight was bound to be a sleepless night.


The office building in the Western district.

“I think this means tree!” Lecturer Tang suggested.

“I think that looks like grass…” said another old man.

“No, you are all wrong! It should be….” a slightly young woman said.

“Let me have a look!” after Chu Yunsheng made armours for his men, he spent the most time with those researchers.

Everyone gave their draft to Chu Yunsheng. But no one knew how exactly Chu Yunsheng was going to make his conclusion.

All of them had gathered privately and tried to discuss what kind of secrets were behind those texts before. But none of them had any answers.

Just when Chu Yunsheng got the document, he heard people shouting and screaming outside the building.

Since he wiped out Yue Jin’s clan, no one dared to create any troubles around the office building, so he was confused.

He knitted his brows and roughly glanced through the documents. Then he heard some noises appearing on the ground floor.

Closing the document, he walked out the “research room” and walked down the stairs. Then he bumped into Ye Qisheng, who was with a kid.

A kid? No, two kids?

At first, Chu Yunsheng thought that it was just one kid, and the kid was covered with blood. Then he saw an infant in the kid’s arms.

“what happened?” said Chu Yunsheng.

"Some ruthless bastards trying to kill this kid. Oh right, this kid was just recruited by brother Ding. He has a special wood elemental ability." Ye Qisheng paused for a second and carried on, “but I have heard from Duan Danian saying that his ability is very weak, and his power didn't seem to improve."

"Wood elemental ability?" Chu Yunsheng looked at Mo Wuluo again from top to bottom with curiosity.

An abnormally skinny kid that was covered with blood. There was a big wound on his arms. But he still used the injured arms to hold the infant tightly. The kid bowed his head down from the beginning, he didn't dare to look at Chu Yunsheng.

"Warped him up and give him some medicines." Chu Yunsheng said casually, “why did they want to kill him?" he asked.

"Those animals wanted the infant... They are not human!" Ye Qisheng said coldly.

"You guys have enough food to eat. Of course, you will say that! Take Xiao Mo to his room and give him some treatment. I need to talk to Mr. Chu," said Ding Yan who just came from downstairs.

Chu Yunsheng was shocked. ‘Is the food problem this severe now!?’ But he still had no idea how he could improve the GRD’s food processing machine…

"I… I don't need medicine, it will recover itself…. I just need something to eat…. Just little bit…” Mo Wuluo was very scared. His voice was getting lower and lower.

He still didn't dare to look at Chu Yunsheng. All the people he saw were talking to the man in front of him in a very careful and respectful tone, even those people in the red armour.

Mo Wuluo had joined so many clans, he knew this man was a very important man in this building. Even if this man was not a leader, this man was definitely someone from the top of this clan.

He was worried that Chu Yunsheng would kick him out because of injury. After all, medicine was almost as important as food. But if he could get some food, he would recover very soon.

However, Chu Yunsheng suddenly changed his facial expression. His face was filled with shock and fear.

"Lao Ding, quick take all the people to the basement! Ye Qisheng, you go upstairs to escort my family to the basement, quick!” Chu Yunsheng shouted. As he was shouting the armour also appeared around him. It instantly scared Mo Wuluo away.

"Without my signal, don't come out! Tell Yao Xiang and Lu Yu as well!" then Chu Yunsheng suddenly disappeared in front of them.

Just now, he noticed a white shadow flashed by the windows. He could clearly feel that the shadow was heading to the office building’s roof.

Moreover, he was also very familiar with that Shadow. It was the woman in the white dress, who he had also encountered twice.

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