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Chapter 166 the battle on the roof

Chapter 166 the battle on the roof
Whenever the hazy shimmer disappeared from the sky and when the world resumed its darkness, All kinds of strange things could happen in Jin Ling city.

For example, right now, a strange thing was happening on the roof of the office building. One man and one woman were quietly standing on each side of the roof. The man was wearing the armour and had the sword in his hand; the woman just had a simple white a dress, and both of them were staring at each other.

Chu Yunsheng wasn't wrong, the white shadow  indeed stopped at the office building’s roof and she was indeed the woman he met twice before,  she didn't even seem to change her dress at all.

He didn't know if this woman was an enemy or a friend. In reality, there was no such thing as killing intent he could detect.

He also didn't know if he could defeat this woman or not because there was not much information he could use to compare.

She just a cold and expressionless strange visitor. She didn't seem to be afraid of Chu Yunsheng's armour at all.

Chu Yunsheng didn't dare to move. Because he wasn't sure. The first time he encountered her, he was shocked, but he could feel that the woman was very powerful, the second time when she appeared on the top of a monster which head could be split into several parts, he could clearly feel that she was stronger than him.

Both times, she didn't attack him, especially the second time, she also saved some humans.

So Chu Yunsheng wasn't sure about her intentions. But there was one thing he was sure of. She wasn't here to take a break or to enjoy the views on the roof.

So he was on a high alert, he didn't dare to let his guard down.

The woman seemed like she was thinking something, then she slowly raised her right hand and casually draw a line in the mid-air. The tip of her index finger was filled with powerful ice energy.

At the same time, Chu Yunsheng also started to wave the sword. This woman started using her ability without even talk to him first. No matter what her intention was, it was definitely not a friendly one.

Luckily he had prepared, he wanted to cast out his sword fighting technique straightway to gain advantages.

However, the woman was faster than Chu Yunsheng expected.


The highly dense energy shot out from the tip of the woman's finger and flew towards Chu Yunsheng at an incredible speed. While The energy was still travelling in the air, it expanded to a strange vicious monster shape that Chu Yunsheng had never seen before.


Chu Yunsheng tried his best to break the ice monster's head. Despite the sharp pain in both hands caused by the impact, he still charged towards the woman in the white dress. In his mind, he had to protect the building and defeat this woman.

With the tier two sword, he didn't believe the word could not make a hole on her body.

But when he just broke the ice monster's head, the woman's second attack arrived. His feet were trapped by the ice and locked onto the roof. The frozen area quickly spread to his legs until it froze his whole body.

He was frozen into an ice sculpture!


He infused the Yuan Qi into the sword and drilled out of the ice!

It might look like he was able to withstand the attack. But his body still remembered the freezing temperature when he was inside the ice. Even he got out of the ice very quickly, but his body still couldn't stop shaking.

The power of her ice energy attack and the speed the ice spread across his body was even more powerful than the ice dark warriors’ in his entire company combined.

But the woman didn't seem to want to give him a break. The third wave of attack closely followed. It was a cloud of bayonet made of ice. Each one of the bayonets contained deadly ice energy.

Only now did Chu Yunsheng realized that he couldn't defeat this woman, she cast out three attacks, but he couldn't even unleash a sword fighting techniques. She was stronger and faster than him.

She was even stronger than a flame bird.

Since the tier two armour was completed, even the purple flame monster couldn't damage his armour, but those bayonets could create scratches and even deep dents on his combat armour!

He couldn't afford to let her carry on casting out the ability like this anymore. If he couldn't counterattack anytime soon, his energy would all be wasted on defending.

Chu Yunsheng gritted his teeth and ignored the cloud of bayonets. He roared and break out the cloud of bayonets then cast out his sword fighting technique!

Twelve sword Qi instantly burst out from the sword, the sword Qi was formed in a straight horizontal line to destroy rest of the bayonets in front of him and shot towards the woman.

However, the sword didn't penetrate woman or blast woman into pieces like what he expected. There were two beams of light shot out from the woman’s eyes and collide with 12 sword Qi.

The tip of the sword Qi was instantly frozen in the collision, then it started to slowly freeze the entire sword Qi, at the end the sword Qi lost its energy and drop on the ground and smashed into pieces.

Chu Yunsheng was shocked, although he knew  that he should not lose concentration during the fight, he had never fought with someone could easily block the sword Qi.

He could not retreat, he could not be defeated and he could not die. Because his family was in the basement of the building underneath him. He did not know what this woman would do after she killed him? But the was sure that what cloaked man would do, otherwise the fire king Qi Xuan would not ask Ding Yan to take care of his son.

Chu Yunsheng’s armour was constantly attacked by the cloud of the bayonets. It was severely damaged,  Chu Yunsheng immediately took out one of the level three talismans he had - “Li Huo Fu”!

He clenched Li Huo Fu on his hand and started to infuse Yuan Qi into the talisman. Instantly all the fire element in the space around them was converged to his left hand. In the cloud of ice bayonets, the violent fire energy was very dazzling.

A moment later, a beam of red light shot out from Chu Yunsheng’s left hand and exploded in the mid-air. Instantly the space around them started to rain fire.

Li Huo Fu was a level three talisman, even Chu Yunsheng was at Yuan Tian stage two, he still could not unleash its full power. However, it was still very powerful.

Within a minute the cloud of ice bayonets was melted and disappeared.

At the same time.

“Huh?” the woman seemed to be surprised.

She was distracted, it was a great chance! Chu Yunsheng noticed the woman was distracted by the fire, he immediately took the opportunity to cast out the sword fighting technique the second time.

This time he merged twelve sword Qi together to form a single bright beam and cast out at the woman.

At the same time, he also leapt forward, raised the sword up high, attempted to hack the woman.

Frozen, and destroyed, then frozen again, and destroyed again.

The single beam of the sword Qi was trying so hard to push towards the woman in the white dress. The woman knitted her beautiful brows then she casually moved her left hand to pinch the sword Qi.

Chu Yunsheng was not far from the woman, he could clearly hear high pitched frequency caused by the energy inside sword Qi vibrating rapidly. 

Then! crack!

The sword Qi was once again broken and disappeared.

While Chu Yunsheng was still in the air, the woman reached his right hand out, a weapon made of ice instantly formed in her palm. Then she waved the ice weapon to knock away Chu Yunsheng Qian Bi sword.

Chu Yunsheng was hit and flew backwards until he fell on the ground.

Qian Bi sword only made a crack on the ice weapon, then the woman casually threw it away, it instantly became snowflakes and then dissipated in the air.

“You have been qualified to go to the “Anti-world” with us.” surprisingly the woman did not carry on attacking him. She just said lightly.

“Us? Anti-world” then Chu Yunsheng suddenly realised what she was talking about:”you? You are with the cloaked man!?”  Chu Yunsheng clenched the sword.

“You are very scared of him?” the white woman looked at the Chu Yunsheng.

Chu Yunsheng just stared at her, did not say anything.

“You knew his existence, but you can’t tell the difference between us. All you have just little bit power. A foolish human!” the woman seemed to lose her interested and said:”That Zhu Yatou has arrived, she is on my side! Remember, if you don’t want to be the cloaked man’s puppet, this is your only choice. Otherwise, even I don't kill you, he will….”

“What is the anti-world? Are you looking for a cubic object?” Chu Yunsheng ignored her comment about his intelligence, He just wanted to know what was going on.

“Not bad, you still know something. When you made your decision, and if you are still alive, then come to me.” the woman just stopped there and flew away….


  1. uewwwww, realy hate this kind of people, think they are above everyone moraly/existence wise. Do not give me the bullshit that she needed to test his strength.